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Sevastyan Yeshevsky [ Professor ]
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[BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
« on: February 11, 2019, 05:35:47 AM »
This was quite possibly the greatest thing that Sevastyan had ever done, and he was proud.  He had been elected Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute with one goal in mind—bring Durmstrang back to its days of former glory, after the devastating merge with Koldovstoretz. Though appointed by the Russian Minister of Magic, a muggleborn-biased Koldovstoretz graduate—Sevastyan knew that there was only so much he could do while still in Russia, especially after the Ministry allowed the Order of the Dragon to audit the school  and make a fool of them. He was tired of Russia’s progressive policies, tired of the bias, tired of the country moving away from the Durmstrang ideal… so, he had partnered with a real politician, Nils Nyström from Sweden, who had reminded Sevastyan that Durmstrang had originally be housed in Sweden. With Nils’ conservative policies, Durmstrang in Sweden just made sense. It had taken a lot of work to move everything out of the old school and into the new. It had taken months of restorations, but he was proud of what he had done.
The grand hall was decorated in cream, blood red, and gold with floating orbs of light illuminating the hall ethereally. Like the year before, when he attempted to win the favor of the students, he had planned a massive gala, a grand re-opening. Alumni from across the world would be in attendance, including a few famous faces and political figures. He knew for a fact that Nils would be in attendance, and he was looking forward to speaking with him once again. He was a little nervous about how the students would take to the change, but all-in-all he thought this was the best thing for the school, and he was ready for the potential backlash. After all, they would be continuing their studies in Russian this year, so the students would not have much of a change except the new campus. He wanted this to be seamless, and so he tried his best to cover all of his bases.
When the students had arrived and the new first years had been sorted, Sevastyan stood in front of the crowd, looking forward to their smiling faces. The long tables in the grand hall had been replaced with smaller, round tables, and there was a dance floor just in front of the staff table and podium. While there was not a live band this year, like there was the year before, there would be music and dancing once the announcements were completed. “Welcome, friends, back to Durmstrang Institute of Magic.” He began, smiling widely at the students and feeling a rush of excitement. “As you have noticed, we have relocated—back to Durmstrang’s original location in Sweden, with great thanks to the Swedish Minister of Magic, Nils Nyström. I welcome you to take a look around the refurbished campus, explore, and find comfort in your new home.” He offered. “This year, lessons will continue in Russian, for your convenience, but we have added a new mandatory course to the curriculum, Swedish language, in preparation for an official change in the upcoming school year.”
He was nervous about that, knowing that the students would likely not like begin forced to take a new class, especially a cram-style course. Who could really become fluent in a language after only one year? “Congratulations to Klyk Vampira for winning the Chip contest for last year. As a reward for the Klyk Vampiras, and a punishment for the Drakonya Krovs, the use of the Dragon Stables will only be permitted for a Drakonya Krov student when a Klyk Vampira is not present for the first three months of term.” He was proud of his former house for winning the chip contest, though he tried to remain unbiased.
“Tonight is a very special night, a grand re-opening. Underclassmen will be expected to retire to their rooms at 11pm, but there will be no curfew for the older students this evening. However, remember classes begin tomorrow.” He warned. He didn’t want them partying all night and then missing class. He waved his wand and food appeared, buffet-style, on a long table at the end of the hall. “Please enjoy this evening, take a chance to network with alumni, enjoy yourself, and celebrate Durmstrang’s return to glory.”
With that, he moved away from the podium, and waved his wand again, turning the music back on. He was excited for this, and hoped the students loved it as well.

Walter Hackl [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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There was nothing about this that he was enjoying. Not their stupid headmaster, so satisfied with their new Swedish overlords and how they were going to return to glory or whatever the fuck. Not the buffet on the other side of the room that he was too lazy to walk over to. Certainly not the music and the dancing. Maybe some of his fellow students could look cool dancing but Walter rather suspected that he’d just flail around until he was sweaty and had to sit down. Ugh.

Tucked in a back corner, where he was certain nobody would pay him attention, Walter gave their headmaster a surreptitious, hideous glare. Then he ducked his head back down and hunched his shoulders up to his ears, because he wasn’t stupid enough to get caught doing that. He was going to have a shitty enough year, the way it was looking, and he just didn’t need to worsen that yet.

Swedish! Fucking Swedish! He’d had enough trouble learning Russian and its entire other alphabet and he’d had years to do that! He was going to be expelled! That was all there was to it! He’d be expelled within the year and then what was left for him? He’d go work for his stupid father in the stupid factory and he’d have to spend his last months of freedom learning to speak fucking Swedish, which he wasn't even going to get to use!

With luck he’d be ignored all night. With more luck somebody he knew would come over and be nice to him. With still more luck he’d wake up and Durmstrang would still be in stupid Russia where it belonged and the stupid year wouldn’t have started yet. With the best luck ever, it’d move to Austria, and they’d all need to learn to speak German, and who’d be laughing then? And with his luck, he’d fall asleep here in the corner and wake up late to his first class tomorrow. With this happy thought Walter pressed hard on his temples with the heels of his palms-- he had a headache and was tired already, even though it wasn’t even that late-- and said “Aaahagh” in a quiet monotone.

Some of the hotshot alumni were shaking hands with the students at the table next to him. There were just so, so many people here-- it was just a stupid school, for Merlin’s sake, and its first day of term didn’t need to be a gala. And they’d already had so many of these things-- was this going to be how Yeshevsky ran things from now on? Ugh.

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Kęstutis Astrauskas [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Kes couldn’t help but let out an audible sigh at the events that seemed to transpire for Durmstrang. The school was back in Sweden and they would have to learn Swedish to adjust to the new required language of choice. What was wrong with not just keeping it Russian? Frankly speaking Kes wondered if he would even try learn the language as he was already a sixth year so it’s not like he would be using it much anymore. Then there was the decoration that was supposed to be a celebration type event for the new school year. This was not something Kes would enjoy and he knew it and the fact there were no longer any house tables meant everyone was encouraged to mingle with each other. After the events of the summer he knew he wanted to avoid a certain little girl. With the tables the way they were this was going to be difficult.

Kes took to the shadows of the room trying to keep an eye out for Valda to avoid her gaze for as long as he could. He knew she would eventually find him especially since they were part of the same friend group and he even was made co-captain of the quidditch team. He didn’t want to find him right away though so here he was slipping through crowds of people trying to blend in and looking for a place to hide from the fellow klyk. He could only hope Lev hadn’t told her yet and maybe he could avoid her that way too, but he knew people were gossip mongers in the school so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise for the rumors of him being on the team to already be flying. He kept looking back and forth for her or any site of the fellow red head.

He finally found a secluded spot in a corner where the light wasn’t as bright he found a table to sit at. Still frantically looking around for any sign of the girl he didn’t even realize he was sitting at a table with a fellow student. It wasn’t until her heard the boy groan did he realize he was in the presence of another. Kes glared at the guy with a furrowed brow and exclaimed, “Hiding out too huh?” He didn’t know the other male by name, but he knew he was a Krov so there was a possibility of animosity between the two boys not that he really cared what the other guy felt about him. Kes looked back at the party as some people were heading to the dance floor and made a disgusted face. “How could anyone enjoy this?” he questioned aloud without much thought. He didn’t really want to be here and any chance he could get to escape he would, but he needed a scape goat just in case he ran into Valda. Kes decided he would use this random Krov to his advantage and asked, “Lets ditch the party and have our own fun.” He didn’t think much about what he said, but was rather thinking of just straight up leaving instead of really doing anything in the castle.

Nils Nyström [ Swedish Ministry ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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When Sevastyan informed him that this year’s beginning of term would be a gala as to celebrate Durmstrang’s move back home, everyone at the Swedish Ministry of Magic had understood that it was mandatory for the Minister to attend. His schedule was exhaustingly busy; not only that he was preparing for the W9 conference in Nigeria, but he had also attended earlier that day the Quidditch gala organised by his Japanese counterpart. His presence there had been brief, nonetheless Nils had done his duty and not only paid respects to his dear old friend, Reina, but also properly represented Sweden at the event. In the end, with Krum quitting the world of Quidditch, it could be an opportunity for Swedish players to outshine everyone else; his presence there had been mostly to further encourage their competitiveness.

Jessica, his spokesperson, had accompanied him throughout his entire day, and now the two of them were at Durmstrang; they had been greeted by Sevastyan, who was as amiable and diplomatic as always. The partnership between the two of them had been nothing but fruitful, and Nils, while finding slight irony that with his money there had been a statue built in his honour on the school’s grounds, had indeed thought of it as rather touching. He would be remembered always as the Minister for Magic who brought back Durmstrang to Sweden, where it belonged, and encouraged its practices as a superior school, who accepted students of only the highest quality and rank, unlike its Russian counterpart.

He’d taken a seat at a table especially prepared for him and his delegation from the Ministry of Magic; in the end, they had contributed quite heavily, so a lot of the Department Heads deserved the honour to be there as well, witnessing this historic moment. As soon as the first years had been sorted, Sevastyan stood in front of the crowd, and delivered his speech. Nils glanced in his friend’s direction as he spoke, carefully taking in each and every word; it had been a perfect speech, something tailored to both their politics regarding the elite school. As Sevastyan mentioned his name, Nils elegantly rose from his chair for a moment, and waved at the applauding crowd, as he offered them a charming smile. There was no need for him to speak; his actions in aiding the school move back to Sweden had said it all, and he needn’t steal Sevastyan’s spotlight. At least for that night.

As the Headmaster’s speech continued, Jessica, who was sitting right by his side, coughed softly at the mention that Swedish had been added as a mandatory course in the curriculum this school year, for it would become the official language only the following year. Nils had been aware his spokesperson had not agreed to this delay, nonetheless, it had been for the best; in the end, stressing out the students wasn’t the correct choice; they had to make sure the young ones would love Sweden, and take their time learning how to appreciate it by choice. Ultimately, returning home was the message; they had to begin to love Sweden as Durmstrang's home on their own. And they will.

He picked up his glass of champagne, and took a sip, as Nils tried to hide his delight that Klyk Vampira, his own former house, had won the chip contest last year, and now the rival house would suffer the consequences of their shameful loss. That evening, Nils had done his best in remaining impartial, for his actions in encouraging and aiding with the move had been for the best of Durmstrang, not just a certain part of it, and, accordingly, he wore dark red and black robes, the nuances similar to the colours of the students’ uniforms; equality, he wanted to reveal. He once had been one of them; all great wizards, in the end, started out as students. In Sweden, they would all achieve only great accomplishments.

Once Sevastyan finished his speech, Nils enthusiastically applauded his friend. A new beginning for Durmstrang, for the Headmaster, for him, for Sweden. He rose once more from his seat, and approached the Headmaster, to congratulate him for the exquisite speech. Afterwards, Nils spent the rest of the evening talking to students, mostly upperclassmen curious regarding the Swedish Ministry, and, of course, enjoying the gala himself, inviting Jessica several times to dance with him.

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Hanaoka Tsubaki [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Durmstrang was not what Tsubaki had expected… not that she expected much in the first place. She was told that Durmstrang was one of the strictest schools but to her, it seemed mild. But then again, she was not one hundred percent familiar with the culture nor language so she probably missed some nuances here and there. Not only that, she was used to her home’s and Mahoutokoro’s strictness and rigidity so perhaps that was why Durmstrang seemed relaxed to her – so far. It was only the beginning feast and Tsubaki was already judging the school based on that alone but it was hard not to considering how their feasts were already different with such lavish decorations and rather important-looking people who were obviously not students in attendance (and there was a dance floor too!!). She wasn’t sure where to sit so she went to the table closest to her when she entered the hall, throwing her other tablemates a bright smile before letting her eyes roam the magnificent hall. For some odd reason, the floating orbs reminded her of the mischievous shiro uneri during the previous end of term feast even though they were completely different in nature.

Tsubaki watched the sorting with fascination, recalling her own before her attention was stolen by the headmaster and his speech. She applauded herself internally when she understood his welcome in entirety but that was it because after that, she only managed to catch snippets of words here and there. What she understood was they had moved back to Sweden thanks to Sweden’s Minister of Magic and that they were required to learn Swedish. The rest of his words blurred into one… at least it sounded that way to her. Listening to a native (or someone who was fluent in the language) talk was very different from the way her trainer talked. Sure, she wanted to be a polyglot one fine day but not at the expense of her studies and frankly, she was getting a little worried. “I'm done for,” she murmured in Japanese and hoped that they would be a little lenient on her because she was an exchange student.

When she heard the headmaster say her current house's name, she straightened in her seat and paid full attention to him, only to realize that it was nothing of importance – at least to her it didn’t seem that way. The music resumed and some of the people around her started moving, either chatting with each other, dancing, or eating. Tsubaki was actually at a lost about what to do. On one hand, she could try to mingle with the students but on the other hand, she didn’t want to embarrass herself and smear her family’s name in the process. The last thing she wanted was to receive a howler on her first day at this new school. So for now, she just sat and ate at her table, throwing a bright smile whenever anyone accidentally made eye contact with her. Since her family had heard that students in Durmstrang were mostly from affluent families, Tsubaki hoped that they would not try to befriend her just because of her family's wealth (though she had to befriend them for family connections and other ridiculous things her family had tasked her to do while she was here). She also hoped that she could avoid befriending future Herbologists and Herbology maniacs enthusiasts alike but her gut feeling was telling her that that would be something difficult for her to avoid.
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Sabina Sarkova [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Sabina was sitting amidst her school mates and tried to smile.

While it was hardly her vocation to be an actor, the seventh year did not intend to let anyone see her true feelings. She would play her role just perfectly fine. She could do it. She could be dignified and composed. The ambitious girl knew that she could do about anything so why not this? Why not pretend that she was fine with everything going on in her life?

Her summer could best be described as intense - the student had worked as an intern at the Czech Ministry for Magic and had not allowed herself a single week of true holidays. She wanted to be ideally prepared for her life after graduation. The internship, while certainly informative, had been rather a pool of frustration. She had felt like the slave of lazy and low ranked Minsitry Officials and had not got the opportunity to speak to the 'right' people to advertise herself for a future career at the Ministry. Not even her father had been able to push her enough to get her some worthwhile tasks. However, the girl had not given up, had not lessened her efforts. On the contrary, she had worked as hard as her tasks allowed her and when she had not been at the Ministry, she had studied for school.

When the letter from Durmstrang had arrived, asking her if she wanted to be the new student librarian, Sabina had lost her self control entirely though. The disappointment came as a blow. She felt like she had been demoted and she wondered what she could have done better, where she had not given one hundred percent. She cried all evening after reading the letter, feeling overwhelmed with frustration and tiredness. Her parents both tried to talk to her, tried to make her see sense. They told her that she had to leave all these negative feelings behind and move ahead. They advertised the position of a student librarian in a way that actually sounded convincing although deep inside she still felt hurt.

The position as a student librarian, while not quite as prestigious as being a tsaritza, could be useful at least. Sabina's parents had achieved that she saw it as beneficial for her goal to receive top grades. As a tsaritza Sabina had often patrolled the corridors of the school instead of focusing on her studies. Working at the library she might manage to do both - live up to her position and be perfectly prepared for her exams. Besides they had also indicated that, maybe, she had been asked to have this position because, due to the move of the school, there was a lot of responsible work to be done there.

Then the move from Durmstrang Institute to Sweden had come as another unwelcome surprise. It was not really a problem - the most thing was that Durmstrang was back to being an elite school with strict staff and an ambitious curriculum. However, it was rather inconvenient that they'd be in Sweden. Without any doubt they'd have to get used to the language and Sabina felt anxious about this. It was not that she had no talent for languages or feared a learning challenge - it was just that, in order to get only top grades in her last year at school she had to be fluent in the language in which the classes were held and so this was just a factor that made it harder.

Nonetheless she was determined to behave exemplary. Hence, when she sat in the Grand Hall and listened to the headmaster's speech, she opted for a smile. Everything was fine. Maybe the badge on her chest was not the one she wanted. Maybe she was scared of how the year would go for her... She could still achieve all her set goals. However, when she learned that she would not have to attend classes in Swedish this year, Sabina could not deny that she was relieved . The language course itself was definitely nothing that worried her. She didn't mind taking on this extra class even if she would not benefit from it in the same way the younger students would.

When the headmaster's speech came to an end, Sabina realised that her smile had faded. She did not want to party tonight. She did not see any use in no curfew for the night. This was a school, after all. She was not here to have fun. She was here to prepare for a hopefully successful future. She renewed her smile anyway and decided to focus on the alumni present. Maybe there was someone present that was worth her attention. Making the acquaintance of some of the people present might come in handy one day. Maybe she could even have a word with the Swedish Minister for Magic. He definitely had achieved all she wished for for her own future.

Edyta Ciesynska [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Her final year of school, and Durmstrang had suddenly upped sticks and moved to Sweden over the summer.

Edyta was highly unimpressed, even more so that when she'd discovered she was no longer Quidditch Captain. She'd been either Captain or Vice Captain since her third year, and the day she'd learned she would no longer be in charge of the Drakonya Krov Quidditch team had not been a pleasant one. She supposed it was a combination of her team losing last year and the fact she'd broken her wrist and been unable to play in the final match against the professors. It didn't make the rejection any easier, but somehow the fact that they were in a new country made it feel less shameful. It seemed likely that everyone would be so irritable over the new school location that they would forget to ask her why she was no longer the Krov Captain.

After that first day though, Edyta had forced herself to see things in a more positive light. It was her final year; as much as she loved playing, it would be sensible to take a back seat and let someone else organise the team while she concentrated on her studies. Oh, she would try out for the team again, and would be ...well, disappointed would be putting it mildly if she didn't get beater, but she had just about convinced herself that not being in charge was a good thing.

She still didn't feel much like talking about it though, which was why she'd chosen a seat at a table where she knew nobody well, where she could sit quietly and consider the new school. The grand hall looked much the same; the decorations were resplendent in their reds and golds, and there were a lot of adult faces she didn't recognise, or barely knew. Ministers and the like, she thought. Ministers who would go back to their jobs and talk about the school. Edyta resolved to stay here quietly until she'd decided whether she had the courage to talk to any of them, because if she did, she would need to sound enthusiastic about the move; just in case there was someone who wanted to give her a job, she needed to make a good impression...

The headmaster began his speech, and Edyta forced herself to listen. Well, they weren't quite as far North any more, she supposed, so it wouldn't be quite so dark in the winter, or so cold...and she had to admit that looking round entirely new grounds would be interesting. But...Swedish?! She had to learn to speak Swedish?! The seventh year was suddenly very glad indeed that this was her final year at Durmstrang. Oh, she'd take the classes, it wasn't in her nature to avoid lessons, or to do anything other than her best. But it wouldn't have been her first choice of a new language to learn. Edyta would much rather have learned English, or perhaps French. Something that would expand her horizons. Not some language that hardly anyone spoke and she would have no need for! But worse was to come. No visits to the dragon stables unless no Klyks were present? That was...and then her lips twitched. She'd managed to get 'punishment duty' before when she otherwise wouldn't be allowed in the stables. Even cleaning out the Welsh greens was time spent with the dragons. And it was only for three months. It'd be okay.

The speech finished, and people started milling around, but Edyta remained seated. Across the table was a girl a little younger than herself, who she was sure she'd never seen before.

"That was unexpected" she said with a wry smile "I suppose they think it's sensible if we're living in Sweden, but its not a language I would have chosen..." She almost mentioned her frustration about the dragon stables, but quickly held her tongue. After six years of hard study her Russian was now all but fluent, though her Polish accent was still noticeable if she spoke more than a couple of words. She sat back as she waited for a response. Without a curfew, she had all evening, after all.

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Valda Pavlycheva [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Were the Swedish Minister and Durmstrang's headmaster serious? Clearly, they were. Otherwise, Valda wouldn't have found herself sitting in a new location for her school. Her blood boiled when she first discovered that the students were not on their usual route to Durmstrang, but were taking a different scenic route than what they had grown accustomed to. Immediately, she had suspicions as to why the school had moved. Once the transportation had stopped, she wrote to @Aleksandr Kozlov and expressed her concern and many lists of questions. She was still waiting to get his letter back, but she had concluded that Durmstrang left Russia simply because of blood status. Her suspicions were confirmed as the headmaster droned on, trying to paint the move in the murderous colors of reds and blacks and golds. It was all for show and immediately, she felt somewhat betrayed by the school's leader whom she had grown to trust and appreciate over the last term. This no longer felt like a move to benefit the students, but benefit himself and how he was viewed to the public, blow up @Nils Nyström 's ego just a little bit more as if the ungodly statue of him on the school grounds hadn't been enough, and to help put Pureblood elitists back up on a pedestal to be worshipped from. When her eyes met Nils' as he stood to acknowledge the student body, she scoffed in disgust and rolled her eyes. Her head shook disapprovingly, but that was all she did to protest against the matter.

She was absolutely repulsed by it all.

Now, this wasn't to say she hated purebloods and those who saw themselves as better than anyone of lesser status. Her own guardian had a mindset like that that proved to be challenging, but they somehow managed to look past their differences. Her boyfriend and best of friends were all purebloods too. She just hated when people made a display about their views, almost like they were oppressing others to feel and think the same way. She felt singled out, targeted like a sheep amongst wolves being of her half-blood status. Everyone knew who she was. Word seemed to travel too fast amongst her peers. She was the half-blood orphan girl who had repeated a year of school, finally doing her last term this school year, and had been titled as Klyk Vampira's biggest disappointment, embarrassment, disgrace. Not all of those words were said, but the one muttered to her by @Aphrodisia Xydakis at the celebration held last year was enough to get under her skin. Valda had believed she'd done well for herself so far. She'd aced her classes, her studying throughout the years proved to be just what she needed to feel confident that her OWL exam grades had been exemplary well. She'd come a long way from when she first began attending Durmstrang eight years ago. There was much improvement shown not only in her ability to perform and her knowledge of magic but her confidence in herself, her courage, how she learned to trust others and not only love them but let them love her too besides feeding into her fear of having everyone she loves to leave her.

Thinking about all of her friends made her think of @Kęstutis Astrauskas and the brief interaction they had over the summer. When she entered the great hall, her eyes scanned the crowd for the other redheaded freckled faced student. She saw him, and she felt her stomach do flips. The orphan couldn't help but wonder why he had run away from her in India, why he'd been avoiding her, and if they were friends. SHe liked him and wanted to get to know him more. When she saw him though, they made eye contact and she immediately tried to greet him in a friendly manner across the hall. He ignored her instead of returning the gesture. Had she been that much of a nuisance to him? Did he dislike her so much? It was like a stab to her chest when she saw him clearly turn his attention away as if he hadn't even seen her there. She knew very well that he had, which was what made it hurt more.

She frowned and put her attention back on the friends she found herself sitting with. All throughout the night, her gaze would peel in Kes's direction in a hope that she would catch his eye or work up the courage to get up and talk to him. Both of those seemed to be rather unrealistic as the night progressed. She sat with her head on @Gio Gambino 's shoulder and her hand in his. They'd spent the remaining of summer together and she was relieved they'd come to school together too. They had one more year before she would graduate and he would stay behind to go on to his seventh year. A thought she would much rather ignore for the time. That was far ahead in the future and though she wasn't sure what she'd do with herself once she did graduate, she knew she had time to figure it out. No good would come of fretting over matters she had no control over. Her future, their future, the school's move, her mother's passing.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as Headmaster @Sevastyan Yeshevsky went on about how proud he was of the students and the school, and the new punishments and rewards being gifted to them. When she opened her eyes, she couldn't help but laugh quietly at herself at @Mihaela Lupesco 's loud wardrobe. She loved it and believed that her wardrobe was both fitting to her personality, and always stylish. Miha knew how to dress and she loved it. @Lev Leskov, her other best friend and Miha's boyfriend, sat with them. Though the school, rules, and curriculum were changing, she was glad to see that some things -some people- in her life would never change and drift away from where they lost touch. These three around her made her feel at home. The school year was going to be slightly overwhelming and stressful, but with them here, she knew it was going to be just a little bit better.

Her eyes scanned over the tables that the alumni, professors, and other persons of important statuses were seated at. She frowned when she saw that Professor @Erik Fisker was nowhere in sight. Had they really not found him yet? She shifted uncomfortably in her seat at the uneasy feeling. He was her favorite professor and she'd feel awful if they didn't look for him. Valda even considered getting some students together to go find him if the school wouldn't take action. He was like her father-figure as well away from home. The professor was always caring and had a charm about him that made Valda feel comfortable in confiding about her grieving and her life's current situation too. If he could be there for her last year, it would seem to make everything worth it. Valda always wanted to make him proud, and would show off her accomplishments to him years prior. She secretly wished to herself that he would appear soon before their classes begun the next day.
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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This was going to be an excellent year.

Linnéa sat with impeccable posture, as though her spine were made from steel, her attention fixed on Headmaster Yeshevsky as he addressed the group. A ripple of smug satisfaction flooded through her whenever he said things like like ‘original location’, ‘Sweden’, and ‘return to glory’; she could hardly believe it, that Durmstrang had managed to slide right out from under the Russian Ministry’s nose in a maneuver so adroitly executed that they hadn’t suspected a thing. Linnéa was certain that her eldest brother had known for ages, but even he had largely kept the ordeal under-wraps.

From time to time, though, her gaze drifted over to Minister Nyström, who had helped orchestrate the whole ordeal. She’d need to fraternize with him at some point tonight and express her gratitude for his efforts, certainly… it would reflect well on her family, and on her brother especially. Anything she could do to benefit him, she would. Per the Headmaster’s request in the letter that had detailed the move, she had dressed formally in a gold gown for the gala to follow that evening. She smoothed it unnecessarily on her lap at the mention of networking, shaking out her skirt slightly so it wouldn’t wrinkle as the Hall broke into applause. Predictably, the Minister was quickly enveloped by a throng of people. Linnéa frowned prettily; it wouldn’t do to appear too eager and merely augment the mob. No, she would wait for a more opportune moment, perhaps within the next hour once the initial excitement had abated.

For the first time that evening, the Swedish witch surveyed her peers. There were several people seated at her table that she knew, and several that she didn’t. She spotted Edyta – the long-time Krov Quidditch Captain – at the table to her immediate right, conversing with a girl about her age that Linnéa did not recognize. Perhaps one of the students on exchange from Mahoutokoro? Linnéa brightened at the thought. She had initially been apprehensive about introducing another crowd of outsiders, but she’d heard only good things about the Japanese school. Perhaps it would be worth getting to know some of them. Two tables to her left she caught sight of Valda, her head on Gio’s shoulder. Valda had been appointed the students’ Captain (and Linnéa the Co-Captain) during the End-of-Term Quidditch match against the professors last year, which they had thankfully won. The Sixth Year was still irrationally bitter about not having been made Co-Captain of the team this year, in light of that success, but she was slowly coming around. Linnéa was often a jealous girl and didn’t let go of disappointments particularly easily; at least, inwardly.

Her back and abs had begun to ache dully from their forced contribution to her posture. Shifting slightly she drummed her polished fingers lightly on the table, trying to decide which of the food she wanted first.
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Marja Kirkkomäki [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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It was quite possibly the best turn of events that could have ever happened. Though Marja Kirkkomäki was Finnish through and through, her Father's native tongue of Swedish was always the language that she'd kept closest to her heart. It was the language she conversed in with her father, her siblings and the odd comments she made to herself out loud, so Marja was more than pleased that she no longer had to fear getting in trouble for speaking it within school grounds. Sweden was a wonderful country, with a great Minister, who had values that matched up with the pure-blood witch's own ideals. The Drakonya Krov couldn't have been happier, for Durmstrang truly was restored, and things were finally coming together the way she wished it to.

The stress of becoming student librarian last year had now vanished, knowing that she'd gotten it down to a perfect science in her role, so a second year would be no trouble at all. Even if she was studying for her OWLs, Marja knew she could handle it. As she sat in their new Grand Hall, the Finn briefly wondered who the new Klyk Vampira counterpart to herself would be. Having spent a fair amount of time with the former student librarian during the Summer holidays, Marja was aware that it was no longer her dear friend. She could only hope her new companion would be as efficient as @Aphrodisia Xydakis. As her thoughts naturally followed the chain she'd been forging in her mind, Marja slipped her plait off her shoulder as she searched for where Aphra could have been sitting, giving her a bright smile and a wave as she found her. The Drakonya Krov had felt even closer to the Klyk Vampira than ever before, and a hand sneakily placed itself on the tattoo that Marja had acquired over the Summer during her incredible initiation into the Order of the Dragon. She was still a little unused to having it there, and sometimes Marja thought the event had just been an ethereal dream that she'd one day wake up from. It really had been a dream come true.

Listening to the announcements as attentively as ever, Marja couldn't help but smile at everything the Headmaster was saying though her eyes wandered every so often to where the Swedish Minister of Magic sat. Though it was annoying, not even the punishment to her house was enough to burst her bubble. The Finnish witch didn't think it could possibly get any better; she could speak Swedish whenever and had an advantage over the majority of the school in that department too, she was finally going to help make a difference in the lives of her precious dragon species, and pure-bloods were finally going to reign supreme again just as they were supposed to. Marja was positively glowing.

Turning to those she sat next to, firstly @Daniil Krylov, Marja beamed at him. "Isn't this exciting! Look at all those alumni! We should definitely try to speak to them all, don't you think?" Then, Marja realised that she was sat very near to her dormmate and good friend @Linnéa Holmström, whom also seemed very pleased with the changes. Marja easily slipped out of her accented Russian and smoothly into her native Swedish, happy that she could finally do so. She'd always spoken Swedish to Linnéa in their dormitory but this was different. "Hi Linnéa!" Marja grinned. "Isn't this amazing? I'm so happy we've finally been able to escape Russia and come back to where we belong." The Finn sighed and let her shoulders drop dramatically, as she titled her head to the side. "It is so nice to be able to finally be able to speak Swedish whenever we want!"

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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Tsubaki had not expected anyone to talk to her – and she was soo engrossed in looking at the other students’ pretty outfits – so she jumped in surprise and turned to look at the source of the voice with a confused ‘huh’. “I apologize! I was distracted because everyone’s clothes looked pretty,” she quickly apologized when she realized how rude it must have seem. Sure, she didn’t need to explain herself but it had became something like a habit to her. First impressions were important after all and she hoped that she had not bombed it.

… but then again, why did she care in the first place? Oh right, her family’s globalization plans and she did not want to receive a howler when the semester just started. She really couldn’t wait for the day when she can truly be independent from her family. Regardless of whether they’d let her or not, as soon as she becomes legal, she planned on leaving them and it didn’t matter if she had the funds to do so or not. Shaking her head, Tsubaki focused on the other girl – who she assumed was older than her despite how young she looked – and tried her best to catch the girl’s words. It was easier to understand her compared to the headmaster and she wondered if Russian was not her native language since the way she spoke it sounded slightly different compared to the headmaster. However, there was a word that she didn’t know but judging from the context, she could assume what she was saying. Hopefully she assumed correctly.

“I did not expect the move. But to be fair, I actually do not know much about the other schools,” she began after sorting the words into a proper sentence in her mind. She hoped that her Japanese accent wasn’t too thick because she was 100% certain that she butchered the words’ gender. Why was gender even important in the language? It made something that should have been straightforward unnecessarily complicated! “I am hoping that it would not be too difficult to learn. I like languages but learning two at once is rather… burdensome,” Tsubaki finished with a sighed, the task of doing so too heavy for her but she knew that she would do it. However, at least in this foreign land she could complain a little and didn’t have to maintain the flawlessly perfect image though she still had to make sure that she didn’t embarrass her family.

Her right hand patted her left chest in hopes of calming her rapidly beating heart. She was surprised to find that conversing with a tutor was vastly different to conversing with her peers. Not wanting the conversation to die just like that, she threw a smile at the other girl. “Did you have a language in mind that could be used instead?”

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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Pretty clothes? That sounded like a lame sort of excuse, but Edyta quickly realised that the girl was probably feeling nervous. Just hearing a couple of words was enough to confirm that the reason she looked unfamiliar was because she was. The seventh year had heard that there would be a few older students transferring this year, evidently this was one of them.

Edyta did know about other schools. She counted herself very fortunate indeed, having received a scholarship on two previous occasions to attend the international summer school in Greece, once at the end of her second year and more recently at the end of her fifth. So she knew a little about Hogwarts and Beauxbatons, and a little less about Ilvermorny, but had at least spoken with students from all of those schools. Having to move to any one of them would be uncomfortable, to say the least. She was just trying to work out how to respond to the girl's admittedly valid concerns when she was asked a question – though it took a moment to realise because of sorting through her new companion's rather thick and unusual accent.

“I'm – I am not certain. I plan to learn English when I finish school, because I think it will be most useful” she began, deliberately speaking a little more slowly than usual to help the other girl understand her, and then backtracked. “Forgive me. My name is Ciesynska, Edyta Ciesynska. I am from Poland, and this is my seventh year, so maybe I could skip the Swedish lessons, but... it will be useful, I suppose. Just not something I expected...” she smiled, and then, realising she was actually hungry, added “excuse me for one moment...”

She returned quickly with a plate piled high with enough food to satisfy a grown man “Sorry about that. I thought I wasn't hungry, but when I saw everyone else eating I couldn't resist!” She paused long enough to take several mouthfuls of unfamiliar but delicious fish laid across thin crispbreads, washing it down with an equally unfamiliar drink that seemed to be some sort of sparkling water flavoured with mountain berries. Then she addressed the other girl again.

“What is your name? I see you're in Klyk Vampira, but I'm happy to help if you have any questions. When I started at Durmstrang I spoke little Russian. It was very hard at first, but there was a girl in Klyk...she helped me.” Nikola Meer, Edyta recalled,though they had lost touch a few years earlier. She wondered where the girl – no, woman – was now, and hoped she was doing well. Edyta fell silent as she began devouring the contents of her plate in earnest, allowing the other girl time to reply.

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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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A familiar voice speaking an even more familiar language quickly caught her attention. Linnéa turned to Marja, a satisfied smile already spreading across her features.

“Amazing, indeed,” she agreed readily. “And long overdue.” It was true that, once again, Linnéa would need to navigate her way through a new school; but, unlike First Year, she now had a native advantage. Under the current leadership and directionality of the Ministry, the Sixth Year had no doubt that things were about to get much sweeter for her and for others in her similar position. All things considered, Linnéa was less about suppressing or belittling others and more about elevating herself and her own status. She liked favoritism – when it benefited her, of course.

“Had a good summer?” she asked her friend politely, raising her eyebrows in invitation as she took a sip of water from her goblet.
In the meantime, she wondered vaguely if she and other Swedes might be allowed in the Dragon Stables anyways, despite the Chip Contest rule…
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Hanaoka Tsubaki [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
« Reply #13 on: April 23, 2019, 11:40:11 AM »
Why was her experience at Castelobruxo different from Durmstrang since she was less nervous and more confident? Was it because it was only a short exchange at Castelobruxo? Or was it because she was more familiar with English compared to Russian? Wait, were they even speaking in English or did they used a charm so that everyone could understand each other? The Castelobruxo Winter Exchange seemed like it happened a long, long time ago and she could barely remember anything other than cramming Russian almost every night and that… pleasant experience with the girl in the temple. What was her name again? Esmoray? Esmeera? Ismirnay?
Tsubaki gestured to the girl with her hand to say ‘please help yourself’ and belatedly hoped that it did not mean anything offensive in this part of the world. The last thing she wanted to do was accidentally offending people with something that was considered as normal or insignificant in her part of the world. “You do not have to apologize. I should probably get something myself too,” she gave her a quick bow before making her way to the buffet table. Being Japanese, it was natural that she gravitated more towards seafood and took only a bit of meat dishes just to try it out. She lamented the absence of tofu and wondered if she could get her family to send her some… but how would she cook it then? Maybe some mochi then… she’d find a way to grill it, yes!

Tsubaki headed back to the table and sat slightly closer to the older girl so that she could hear her better. While the music wasn’t that loud, it was loud enough that she had to lean in slightly to properly hear what the other girl had to say. “Nice to meet you, Edyta-san. I am Hana—I mean, Tsubaki Hanaoka,” she managed to catch herself before introducing herself the Japanese way. Usually, she would only offer her first name but since Edyta introduced herself with her full name, Tsubaki decided that it was only polite to do the same. She wondered how to properly pronounce Edyta’s family name. Ki-yes-sin-ka? Syes-in-ska? Oh well, she could just ask the other girl how pronounce it later. “It is rather fortunate that you can skip the Swedish lessons. But I do agree with you, I feel like English is more useful in the long run,” she crossed her arms and nodded, wondering if there were any reasons why the school refused to use English.

But then again, perhaps the same argument could be used with Mahoutokoro? The same way how the other Asian students who attended Mahoutokoro were forced to learn Japanese, the same could be said with Durmstrang and any other schools that were not located in an English-speaking community. “Thank you for the offer. I will impose on you every now and then then,” she smiled while bowing slightly at her. “Speaking of which, did I hear right when the headmaster said dragons? The short and stout kind?”

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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
« Reply #14 on: May 01, 2019, 07:54:17 PM »
Edyta knew very little of Japanese culture, but it struck her that this girl was exceptionally polite. That was...actually rather nice. For all it's advantages - and really, the Polish girl had no desire to be educated anywhere else - Durmstrang had a rather harsh environment, and while students were generally respectful, Edyta had felt concerned in the past that she was unwittingly causing offence or in someone's way. She resolved not to make this girl feel uncomfortable so her experience of Durmstrang was as positive as possible...and then wondered why it should matter.

"Tsubaki" she repeated slowly, her face slightly questioning as she tried to get the correct pronunciation "It's nice to meet you." She took a few more bites of food, eating quickly as was her usual way. Edyta enjoyed her food, but she always had the feeling that she was missing out on something more useful or interesting while she was sitting in the Grand Hall. It would take more than the knowledge that nothing was happening elsewhere to make her slow down this evening. It was nice to have someone else agree about her preferred choice of next language to learn, as well. "There are probably books in the library if you are interested in learning some English phrases" she began, and then shook her head "I'm sorry. Of course not, you'll be busy with your new classes. I guess our subjects are different to what you studied at..." she suddenly realised she wasn't sure where her new acquaintance had been previously, and disguised her momentary confusion with another piece of the fish-and-crispbread combination.

Thankfully there was something else to talk about. "Yes, the dragon stables is just about my favourite place in school. Well, that and the port. And the Quidditch pitch. Well, in my top three" she continued, wondering why on earth she was talking so much this evening. She paused, and took a surreptitious sniff of her drink. During her second year Edyta and several classmates had discovered a stash of water at a time when the Krovs were under punishment for losing the chip contest. Two months of eating only after the Klyks had finished meant the fresh water had looked particularly tempting, and only after she had downed half a bottle had the girl discovered it was, in fact, vodka. Apparently the students had been punished, but Edyta had absolutely no recollection of that, just of the month afterwards when students who had not partaken had regaled her and her other drunk companions with tales of the crazy things they'd done and said that afternoon...

No, her sparkling drink seemed fine. So that meant there was no reason for her to feel nervous or (nervous? Where had THAT come from?) to do anything rather than talk normally. "Anyway, we have several species of dragons. I've got my solo flying license, so I know them pretty well. My favourites for flying are the Swedish short-snouts, but the Welsh greens are less dangerous than some of the others." she decided to stop there before she started babbling again. What was the matter with her this evening?

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