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Sevastyan Yeshevsky [ Professor ]
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[BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
« on: February 11, 2019, 05:35:47 AM »
This was quite possibly the greatest thing that Sevastyan had ever done, and he was proud.  He had been elected Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute with one goal in mind—bring Durmstrang back to its days of former glory, after the devastating merge with Koldovstoretz. Though appointed by the Russian Minister of Magic, a muggleborn-biased Koldovstoretz graduate—Sevastyan knew that there was only so much he could do while still in Russia, especially after the Ministry allowed the Order of the Dragon to audit the school  and make a fool of them. He was tired of Russia’s progressive policies, tired of the bias, tired of the country moving away from the Durmstrang ideal… so, he had partnered with a real politician, Nils Nyström from Sweden, who had reminded Sevastyan that Durmstrang had originally be housed in Sweden. With Nils’ conservative policies, Durmstrang in Sweden just made sense. It had taken a lot of work to move everything out of the old school and into the new. It had taken months of restorations, but he was proud of what he had done.
The grand hall was decorated in cream, blood red, and gold with floating orbs of light illuminating the hall ethereally. Like the year before, when he attempted to win the favor of the students, he had planned a massive gala, a grand re-opening. Alumni from across the world would be in attendance, including a few famous faces and political figures. He knew for a fact that Nils would be in attendance, and he was looking forward to speaking with him once again. He was a little nervous about how the students would take to the change, but all-in-all he thought this was the best thing for the school, and he was ready for the potential backlash. After all, they would be continuing their studies in Russian this year, so the students would not have much of a change except the new campus. He wanted this to be seamless, and so he tried his best to cover all of his bases.
When the students had arrived and the new first years had been sorted, Sevastyan stood in front of the crowd, looking forward to their smiling faces. The long tables in the grand hall had been replaced with smaller, round tables, and there was a dance floor just in front of the staff table and podium. While there was not a live band this year, like there was the year before, there would be music and dancing once the announcements were completed. “Welcome, friends, back to Durmstrang Institute of Magic.” He began, smiling widely at the students and feeling a rush of excitement. “As you have noticed, we have relocated—back to Durmstrang’s original location in Sweden, with great thanks to the Swedish Minister of Magic, Nils Nyström. I welcome you to take a look around the refurbished campus, explore, and find comfort in your new home.” He offered. “This year, lessons will continue in Russian, for your convenience, but we have added a new mandatory course to the curriculum, Swedish language, in preparation for an official change in the upcoming school year.”
He was nervous about that, knowing that the students would likely not like begin forced to take a new class, especially a cram-style course. Who could really become fluent in a language after only one year? “Congratulations to Klyk Vampira for winning the Chip contest for last year. As a reward for the Klyk Vampiras, and a punishment for the Drakonya Krovs, the use of the Dragon Stables will only be permitted for a Drakonya Krov student when a Klyk Vampira is not present for the first three months of term.” He was proud of his former house for winning the chip contest, though he tried to remain unbiased.
“Tonight is a very special night, a grand re-opening. Underclassmen will be expected to retire to their rooms at 11pm, but there will be no curfew for the older students this evening. However, remember classes begin tomorrow.” He warned. He didn’t want them partying all night and then missing class. He waved his wand and food appeared, buffet-style, on a long table at the end of the hall. “Please enjoy this evening, take a chance to network with alumni, enjoy yourself, and celebrate Durmstrang’s return to glory.”
With that, he moved away from the podium, and waved his wand again, turning the music back on. He was excited for this, and hoped the students loved it as well.

Walter Hackl [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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There was nothing about this that he was enjoying. Not their stupid headmaster, so satisfied with their new Swedish overlords and how they were going to return to glory or whatever the fuck. Not the buffet on the other side of the room that he was too lazy to walk over to. Certainly not the music and the dancing. Maybe some of his fellow students could look cool dancing but Walter rather suspected that he’d just flail around until he was sweaty and had to sit down. Ugh.

Tucked in a back corner, where he was certain nobody would pay him attention, Walter gave their headmaster a surreptitious, hideous glare. Then he ducked his head back down and hunched his shoulders up to his ears, because he wasn’t stupid enough to get caught doing that. He was going to have a shitty enough year, the way it was looking, and he just didn’t need to worsen that yet.

Swedish! Fucking Swedish! He’d had enough trouble learning Russian and its entire other alphabet and he’d had years to do that! He was going to be expelled! That was all there was to it! He’d be expelled within the year and then what was left for him? He’d go work for his stupid father in the stupid factory and he’d have to spend his last months of freedom learning to speak fucking Swedish, which he wasn't even going to get to use!

With luck he’d be ignored all night. With more luck somebody he knew would come over and be nice to him. With still more luck he’d wake up and Durmstrang would still be in stupid Russia where it belonged and the stupid year wouldn’t have started yet. With the best luck ever, it’d move to Austria, and they’d all need to learn to speak German, and who’d be laughing then? And with his luck, he’d fall asleep here in the corner and wake up late to his first class tomorrow. With this happy thought Walter pressed hard on his temples with the heels of his palms-- he had a headache and was tired already, even though it wasn’t even that late-- and said “Aaahagh” in a quiet monotone.

Some of the hotshot alumni were shaking hands with the students at the table next to him. There were just so, so many people here-- it was just a stupid school, for Merlin’s sake, and its first day of term didn’t need to be a gala. And they’d already had so many of these things-- was this going to be how Yeshevsky ran things from now on? Ugh.

even a worm will turn

Kęstutis Astrauskas [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2019, 04:12:56 PM »
Kes couldn’t help but let out an audible sigh at the events that seemed to transpire for Durmstrang. The school was back in Sweden and they would have to learn Swedish to adjust to the new required language of choice. What was wrong with not just keeping it Russian? Frankly speaking Kes wondered if he would even try learn the language as he was already a sixth year so it’s not like he would be using it much anymore. Then there was the decoration that was supposed to be a celebration type event for the new school year. This was not something Kes would enjoy and he knew it and the fact there were no longer any house tables meant everyone was encouraged to mingle with each other. After the events of the summer he knew he wanted to avoid a certain little girl. With the tables the way they were this was going to be difficult.

Kes took to the shadows of the room trying to keep an eye out for Valda to avoid her gaze for as long as he could. He knew she would eventually find him especially since they were part of the same friend group and he even was made co-captain of the quidditch team. He didn’t want to find him right away though so here he was slipping through crowds of people trying to blend in and looking for a place to hide from the fellow klyk. He could only hope Lev hadn’t told her yet and maybe he could avoid her that way too, but he knew people were gossip mongers in the school so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise for the rumors of him being on the team to already be flying. He kept looking back and forth for her or any site of the fellow red head.

He finally found a secluded spot in a corner where the light wasn’t as bright he found a table to sit at. Still frantically looking around for any sign of the girl he didn’t even realize he was sitting at a table with a fellow student. It wasn’t until her heard the boy groan did he realize he was in the presence of another. Kes glared at the guy with a furrowed brow and exclaimed, “Hiding out too huh?” He didn’t know the other male by name, but he knew he was a Krov so there was a possibility of animosity between the two boys not that he really cared what the other guy felt about him. Kes looked back at the party as some people were heading to the dance floor and made a disgusted face. “How could anyone enjoy this?” he questioned aloud without much thought. He didn’t really want to be here and any chance he could get to escape he would, but he needed a scape goat just in case he ran into Valda. Kes decided he would use this random Krov to his advantage and asked, “Lets ditch the party and have our own fun.” He didn’t think much about what he said, but was rather thinking of just straight up leaving instead of really doing anything in the castle.


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