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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Tsubaki merely smiled at the way she said her name. Not many had gotten it right since she first arrived in Switzerland but she hadn’t talked to many people yet. She hadn’t gotten anyone’s name right either – now and in the future. Watching Edyta eat as she placed her hands together and muttered a low “itadakimasu”, she couldn’t help but to think how she looked like a savage. But then again, most people looked like savages to her and it was not because of them but it was because how her family had wired her to think that way. The Hanaokas were the epitome of class, culture and refinement; and frankly, Tsubaki had to stop herself from rolling her eyes whenever she received the annual ‘we are better than everyone’ speech. She wondered if her father had to sit through one of those speeches growing up.

“Mahoutokoro,” she managed to finish off for Edyta as she stared at the piece of fish on her plate and decided to throw caution to the wind and stabbed her fork into it, lifting the whole piece up and taking a big bite out of it. When you enter a village, obey the custom of the village was what they said back in Japan. Yeah, she could use that an excuse for that and any other things that she wished to try in future. “And it is fine, I can make some time and we can check it out together someday? If you are not busy that is,” Tsubaki offered with a smile before finishing off her fish in another big bite, her cheeks round like a hamster’s now as she tried her best to chew her food. Now, that was a stupid move.

She covered her mouth with her hand, occasionally nodding to Edyta’s words before her eyes widened in surprise. “Hontou?” Tsubaki cried in surprised through her full mouth. Realizing that she had reverted to Japanese in surprise, she quickly chewed and swallowed her food so that she could reply properly to her. “I meant, really? That is amazing! You can ride the dragons?” She turned in her seat to face the older girl properly, her eyes almost sparkling in amazement. Never in her life had she imagined that a person can ride a dragon! How would it feel? Wouldn’t it feel rather scary considering how big they were? And didn’t they breathe out fire? What if they accidentally burn the rider? “You can really ride them?” She repeated, a hand lightly touching Edyta’s shoulder out of habit when she talked to the others back in Mahoutokoro.

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Re: [BoT 2002] New Beginnings [open]
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Mahoutokoro, that was it. Edyta wondered how many students had transferred to Durmstrang; aside from the few in her immediate vicinity she hadn't spoken to many people since arriving back at school. She supposed she would find out tomorrow. And right now, she was just delighted that she hadn't managed to say or do anything that was unwittingly offensive to another culture, and that Tsubaki had agreed that they should meet up again after today. Though why that should matter when she had plenty of friends already, Edyta didn't know. But it did; she really wanted to be friends with this girl who she'd only just met.

Oh thank goodness, she'd said the right thing and looked interesting. Now, don't just go on and on about the dragons she told herself.

“Yes, I obtained my dragon flying permit at the beginning of last year -” the other girl touched her on the shoulder as if amazed at what she was hearing, and Edyta felt her heart jump, actually jump as if it wanted to climb up out of her throat and take a look to see what was going on. She blinked twice, took a breath, and after a shaky pause, continued as if nothing had happened.

“I wanted to learn to fly ever since I started at Durmstrang, but it took several years of training before the dragon flying professor allowed me to take my test. Also, I wanted my own flying leathers, and I don't have much...I mean, it took me some time to save enough money to purchase my own protective gear, so I didn't have to borrow leathers from the school...” Another sigh of relief, as the seventh year managed to not admit how little money she had, even to this day. She wasn't sure how students at Mahoutokoro felt about muggles, and she didn't talk much about her family even with her close friends.  "Anyway, I can fly solo. It's really not so dangerous as one might think because you sit close to the dragon's neck, so it can't reach you even if it turns it's head to breathe fire" she said in a cheerful, reassuring tone.

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