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Author Topic:  [BoT 2002] Not to be outdone [open]  (Read 58 times)

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Camile Demir [ Professor ]
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[BoT 2002] Not to be outdone [open]
« on: February 11, 2019, 05:36:47 AM »
Camile was not about to let Secastyan Yeshevsky out-do her. After hearing about the grand re-opening gala at Durmstrang, and the move from Russia to Sweden, Camile decided that it was time for a celebration. Now Koldovstoretz was the only Russian school, as it should be. Good riddance, Durmstrang.  In celebration, she had  planned a dance for the students, and had even arranged for a special guest to show up and greet the school—Russian Minister of Magic, and Koldovstoretz alumnus, Kasimir Krupin. She knew Kasimir well enough. He had personally selected her to be Koldovstoretz headmisstress, and they had a good rapport. She was a strong supporter of his progressive policies and, as a muggleborn, appreciated the work he did for her kind. She hoped the students would be excited to see him speak for them.
The hall was decorated in silvers and rich purples. There were hundreds of candles lit to give the room a intimate kind of glow. Outside, in the courtyard, there were more candles burning, a dance floor set up, and a live band to play for the students. They were still setting up, but it was okay, because there would be a feast before the dance began.
Once the first year students were sorted and had returned to their appropriate tables, she stood and smiled at the students. “Welcome back to another fantastic year at Koldovstoretz.” Camile began. “This is a time for celebration! As many of you may have heard, our rival school has fled the country of Russia, making us the official Russian school of magic.” She said proudly. “As a celebration, once dinner is concluded, we will be having a dance outside in the courtyard. This is a time for fun and friendship, as we look forard to a new year here. Before we begin, however, I have one final treat for you. We have a special guest joining us tonight, Russian Minister of Magic, Kasmir Krupin….” She introduced him, and he came out to greet the students.
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Kasimir Krupin [ Russian Ministry ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] Not to be outdone [open]
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Kasmir was excited about the prospect of returning to his alma mater, to speak, for the first time, as Russian Minister of magic. He was happy about Durmstrang’s move to Sweden. He no-longer needed to worry about the school and it’s backwards policies. He could now focus on Koldovstoretz alone, and that made him very excited. He was somewhat nervous about speaking in front of the school, but he was always nervous before a speech. It was what kept him going. When he was introduced by the headmisstress Demir, he came out to the stage and smiled widely at the students.
“Thank you for the introduction, Miss Demir.” He said cordially, before turning to greet the students. “It certainly feels great to be back at my alma mater at this celebratory time.” He smiled. “I hope all of you had fantastic summers, and are ready for a new school year.” He liked to be personable when he was speaking. “Koldocstoretz has always been close to my heart, ever since I was a first year student, coming in from my muggle upbringing, and having no idea what was going on. Koldovstoretz took care of me, showed me a whole new world, made me feel safe. I look forward to focusing the ministry’s resources on a school that makes students of all backgrounds feel safe and secure, able to learn and grow into the fine witches and wizards that I’m certain you all will.”
After his summer in London, it felt nice to be back in a place where he felt secure as a muggleborn. He truly hoped that Koldovstoretz would continue to grow into a progressive place where students are treated with respect regardless of their upbringing. That was one of the things he was most proud of the school for. It really changed with the times, unlike Durmstrang. He knew he was saying it too much, but he was glad Durmstrang was gone, really. He was glad it was no-longer his problem. Durmstrang had always treated Kasmir with contempt, for obvious reasons, and Kasimir didn’t have a very good opinion of the school either.
“I’d like to raise a toast.” He said, picking up the glass of water on the podium. “To new beginnings, to progress, and to success…”
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Zhen Xiang Wu [ Rayasov ]
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Re: [BoT 2002] Not to be outdone [open]
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Xiang Wu had never been so excited for a start of term since the merge between Durmstrang and Koldovstoretz. Not only had he had a very uneventful summer, but this year he had been named Snezhny and he was very proud of his successes. He had always been a decent student and relatively good role-model, he thought. He got mostly good grades and tried his best to help people when they needed it. Even so, he was surprised. Surely there was an older student better suited for the role, yes? Either way, he was feeling a little haughty as he walked into the dining hall for the beginning of term feast. He had heard good things about what was going to happen tonight. Apparently, there was a celebration of sorts going on, for what, he didn’t really know.
As the headmistress began talking, Xiang Wu started to zone out a bit. So, this was about Durmstrang again? He didn’t understand the animosity between the schools, really. Durmstrang had been fine to him, save a few unsavory people. He’d met lots of pretty girls there and had really enjoyed spending time with them. Double the student body meant double the pickings, right? As someone who went through lots of girlfriends, this was a good thing for him. He hadn’t had that hard of a time there, either. Sorted into Klyk Vampira—the superior house—he had met a lot of interesting people and counted some of them among his friends, still. He had been a rich pureblood, though, and failed to take that into account. His muggleborn friends had a much harder time there, but that didn’t affect Xiang Wu, and so he didn’t think about it. He was blinded by his privilege. He perked up a bit when he heard about the dance. That sounded like fun.
Despite everything, Xiang Wu felt a little honored that the Russian minister himself came to speak to the school. Xiang Wu didn’t really follow politics—he was more interested in business, and only looked at things that might affect business—but he liked Kasimir good enough. While some of his fiscal policies rubbed Xiang Wu the wrong way, he appreciated him for being the first muggleborn minister in Russia, and he understood what a big deal that really was. He liked Koldo’s more progressive policies and thought they were more fair than Durmstrang’s strict rules, and he supposed he could get behind this celebration if everyone else was. He didn’t care, really, but he was happy that lots of people were happy.
He looked over at the Tigrova table, looking for Xue Zhi. He had seen her briefly over the summer, but she was as much of a spitfire as ever. She was playing hard to get, and while he loved that, it was also a little frustrating. He had been trying hard, and usually he got rewarded for his hard work. He had sent her six dozen white roses to her home at the beginning of summer, and a small trinket near the end—a ruby-encrusted tennis bracelet that he thought she might like. She seemed a ruby kind of girl, really. Red was the color of fire, and that’s what she was on the inside—all fire.
It was also her house color, so he thought she might be able to get away with wearing it at school. He had to plead with his father to let him buy it, as it was more expensive than his usual gifts, but he explained that she was his intended and that was enough for make Xiang Wu’s father agree. He supported the idea of Xiang Wu and Xue Zhi. After-all, he had been involved in making the match. He seemed encouraged that Xiang Wu had not given up on their failed engagement. Also, it was a reward for his shiny new school position. He wondered if Xue Zhi knew, or if she cared about it. Of course, she’d care. It gave him status. She seemed the ambitious type, so his status was probably something she considered when she rejected him. Maybe it was time he got un-rejected. Would she accept if he asked her to dance? He wondered, and waited.
He supposed there would be plenty of other girls to dance with, should she decline.


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