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[quidditch gala, singapore] a night with the stars [information]
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:57:06 AM »
”Kawaii~” the bubbly shriek in the corner of the room turned a few heads in the direction of the young woman as she looked onto the table of desserts, particularly at some delectable confections in the shape of Quidditch gear and national flags. She giggled at the crowd, bowing her head lightly in apology before turning her attention back to the treats on the table. Leaning in a little closer, she admired their shape, thinking for several moments before leaning in to pick up a chocolate in the shape of the golden snitch, biting into the gold foiled chocolate with delight. Her secretary moved her along with a smile, but Reina did not leave before taking another piece of chocolate, it was her favorite after all. “This is delightful,” she complimented one of the staff members at the hotel, a pleased expression on her face as she took in the décor of the room. “They’ve really outdone themselves, make sure that the staff is tipped generously,” she said to her secretary, who nodded and took notes, keeping it to relay it to the appropriate person later.

The Golden Orchard Hotel had truly surpassed her expectations; they had managed to turn her vision of A Night with the Stars into a reality of deep navy and golden place settings, each golden plate accompanied by its deep blue companion, decorated by hand-painted constellations. The ceiling of the reception banquet had been charmed to reflect a night sky, an occasional shooting star and the twinkling of stars adding to the exquisiteness of the event. Each circular table was decorated with bright pink, deep burgundy and turquoise flowers, along with themed dessert. Minister Murakami was a shameless dessert fiend, and had made sure to request several of her favorite treats, mostly chocolate, for the enjoyment of the crowd. As everyone had been required to RSVP in advance, place holders had been enchanted to lead each guest to their seat, many pleasantly surprised to be sitting next or close to friends, acquaintances, and even some of the star Quidditch players being honored that evening.

Reina turned her eyes to the door that had been decorated with cascading crystals and Japanese wisteria, watching in delight as the flowers and crystals parted as each guests entered and exited onto the patio at will. Even though it was September and at night, the air was pleasantly warm, allowing for good conversation overlooking the hotel’s vast gardens. Waiters passed by with purpose as they served small desserts and champagne, some trays floating over tables in an effort to gently encourage guests to take something without disturbing the conversation. Dinner had been a celebration of the fusion of cultures on the island, featuring a delectable selection of dim sum, chilli crab, laksa, and satay among other gourmet takes on some of Singapore’s signature dishes. To accompany the dishes, the Singapore Sling was presented to guests at the bar along with other reinvented cocktails and of course, the usual favorites.

After dinner had been served and introductory speeches had been given, detailing what lie in store for the rest of the night, a band was entrusted with entertaining the guests with a bit of swing music, a mixture of some nostalgic hits along with a few upbeat pop for the younger crowd. One of Singapore’s best singers, Wang Yiyun, a favorite in Asia’s Wizarding Wireless Network had been invited to perform live. After a bit more conversation and dancing, Minister Murakami would take the lead in introducing this year’s winners for Most Valuable Player and Most Impressive Plays at the Quidditch World Cup. Reina’s secretary led her away from a talkative man over to another guest, leaning in to remind her boss of who they were as she did. There were many people whom Reina was responsible for talking to, in the end, and one could not expect even one of the most distinguished members of the long line of Japanese Ministers of Magic to remember everything.

“Kawaii,” she said to herself in excitement, bringing her hands together in delight and smiling, taking another look at the sizable hall and searching for familiar faces, this was truly a breathtaking venue, she was happy that she had decided on it in the end. When it had been decided that the Ministry of Japan would take charge at this year’s Quidditch Gala, Minister Murakami could not help but to feel immediately compelled to draw out her vision, sparing no expense in making it a night to remember. More than simply pay for a luxurious event, Reina wanted to demonstrate her own passion for the sport by putting her own personal touches to the event. “Make sure that things are moving along as scheduled, we haven’t any room for mistakes,” she told to her secretary. Even though Reina said it with politeness, the authoritativeness was ever present in her voice.

After speeches were delivers and awards were distributed, the crowd would be moved outdoors onto the patio for a spectacular performance showcasing some of the national treasures of Asia, including dancing performances, fireworks, trivia with games, music, and dancing well into the early hours of the morning . Reina could only hope that everyone would leave talking about the event for months to come.

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