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Theodore Berkeley [ Board Mod ]
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[ooc] Divination Info & Gradebook
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The art of Divination is vast at Ilvermorny. Theodore Berkeley teaches two subjects out of the seven that are offered, and students must be able to pass three of them in order to graduate at the North American school. Divination can assist witches and wizards with decisions that may be complex in nature, though divination doesn't always provide direct answers to solve one's problems. Students will be tasked with a number of assignments and lessons to learn how to properly receive and give readings through a variety of outlets.

Played Subjects 2002/2003:
   Candle Magic: September - December. The art of making and using candles as well as candle flames to see into the past, present, and future. Students may even ask the universe questions and may receive an answer.
   Xylomancy: January - May. The art of divination through twigs. Students will learn about wood, their symbolism, and how they can be used to decipher the world around them. Wood is a powerful element of nature that isn't just used for wands!

Some things about Theodore: Professor Berkeley is a loud mouth, not afraid to tell it like it is, and will likely make your student cry on a number of occasions. He takes divination quite seriously, and as such can be rather harsh towards those who think it's okay to slack off in his classes. HOWEVER, he isn't out to destroy a student's world or reputation or grade, he would like students to succeed, and will push them. He sees all of the potential in everyone, and will work hard to pull that potential outward. He uses his class time to determine vulnerabilities in students, their weaknesses, and wants them to be aware of them so they can improve. He is available 24/7 to talk about Divination or life. He is determined to get everyone to pass his classes, as participation is only a minor bit of grading - they actually have to do stuff in order to get good grades. He wants his students to succeed in life, not just in classes.

Professor Berkeley does not have office times, students can talk to him whenever they would like.

- Please follow rules of MH.
- No colors in your text in IC threads, sometimes it makes it hard to read when viewing on different screens and screen brightness's.
- Don't feel Professor Berkeley is out to get your student or that I dislike your character for his actions. I promise I adore every character on here! xD
- If you participate you will earn house points for your character(s) house(s), regardless of what Prof. Berkeley does. He may take points away, but don't be offended, often times participating will make up for it.
- If your student is studying divination outside of class, they will receive points as well (send me a note about it), though any student under 4th year who is producing fire and is caught will have points deducted, just because he takes safety seriously.
- Unless they're a first year, your student will know Professor Berkeley, and have a variety of feelings about him, as he's been teaching for a few years.
Cassidy MeadowsPukwudgie2nd---Final

Sign Ups: Please sign up so I can keep track of your student's participation for current and future points.

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[b]Divination Proficiency:[/b] <1 through 10, for me to ensure he's appropriate>
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Kita [ OOC Account ]
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Re: [ooc] Divination Info & Gradebook
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Name: Alohilani Ku'umomimakamae
House: Pukwudgie
Year: 5th
Divination Proficiency: 4 or 5

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [ooc] Divination Info & Gradebook
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Name: @Sylvia Crowne
House: Horned Serpent
Year: 2
Divination Proficiency: 3

Gilbert Lightwood [ Guest ]
Re: [ooc] Divination Info & Gradebook
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Name: @Gilbert Lightwood
House: Wampus
Year: 7
Divination Proficiency: 8-9 (acts as minus infinity)

Pimchan Suwannarat [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [ooc] Divination Info & Gradebook
« Reply #4 on: May 13, 2019, 08:56:18 AM »
Name: @Pimchan Suwannarat
House: Horned Serpent
Year: 6th
Divination Proficiency: 1

Leah Miller [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [ooc] Divination Info & Gradebook
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Name: Leah Miller
House: Horned Serpent
Year: First
Divination Proficiency: 1 (literally has no experience with Divination)


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