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Author Topic:  [Lesson 1] All the eyes on me in the center of the ring [Open]  (Read 419 times)

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[Lesson 1] All the eyes on me in the center of the ring [Open]
« on: February 15, 2019, 01:03:21 PM »
Defense against the dark arts was a fun subject as it encompassed quite a wide variety of magic. This made things interesting when planning lesson plans for Monty as he could do something practical or theoretical. He could also teach subject matters that melded into other subjects such as magical creatures or even charms that can be used for dueling purposes. It was always a fun time for Monty to decide what he would teach the fresh young minds who would find themselves his students. This year would be no different and despite the media being a bit of a fit about his family and his teaching he wouldn’t let their hate and comments affect his teaching.

It wasn’t that long before the school year started when he decided they would dive right into things. This of course would prove a bit more difficult for the younger students so he decided to make this an opportunity for every student to shine. He just hoped they were ok with going over such a subject so early on in the year. So he prepped his classroom as usual, but this time it was going to look barren and empty. There were no desks just lines drawn in the ground with chalk in a circular shape and a chalkboard int he back. They would be doing things that would be very practical this class period so they needed the room to do so. Monty wrote a few spells upon a chalkboard in the back of the classroom and waited for his students to arrive.

As they each trickled in, some with confused faces and others with excited faces, he cleared his throat to silence the dim of the chatter. “Hello welcome to Defense against the Dark Arts I am your professor Monty Franklin. To my older students welcome back to another year at Ilvermorny and to the newly arrived first years welcome to the first of many exciting years of your lives,” Monty beamed at the children with a great smile. He let a few seconds pass before continuing, “Today we are going to be splitting this class into three parts. Now I know that might sound tedious to some of you, but I will explain in due time.” Monty took his wand out and conjured wooden dummies out of nowhere and waved them around to different parts of the classroom. “The class will be split based upon the caster’s preference. You students will get to decide how you wish to take today’s lesson. As you can see the room has been split into different zones.” Monty pointed to the first area where the majority of the dummies stood, “These are for those who wish to learn how to cast spells, hexes, or jinxes without any worry of hurting anyone else in the classroom. Around it is a magic circle that will allow anyone to enter its premise, but no spell can escape it so you have no fear of hurting anyone while practicing.” This was to help those who had confidence issues with their spell work and for the younger students who might not know any of the spells they would be practicing today.

Monty then pointed to the next area where the chalkboard stood, “This area is where you will all learn how to cast the magic will be learning and studying over today. I would suggest you all start there at first to either brush up on what you may have forgotten over the break or to learn the spells. You will each be able to take it at your own pace as the chalkboard is enchanted to show you the pronunciation of the incantations used and the wand movement. It will also give some tips and tricks to make them really effective so be sure to give it your full attention.” Monty gave a small wink to the students and flourished his wand and the chalk board began to write the spells they would be learning today; The Binding Spell- Incarcerous, The Full Body Bind - Petrificus Totalus, The Leg Lock Curse - Locomotor Mortis, The Tickling Charm – Rictusempra, The Stunning Spell – Stupefy, The Trip Jinx, The Disarming Charm – Expelliarmus, The Impediment Curse – Impedimenta, and The Shield Charm – Protego,

Monty then directed to the third area where giant circles of chalk were located, “The final area will be the dueling area. I expect the majority of students who end up in this area will be upperclassmen, but any young witches and wizards who wish to try their hand at it are welcome. Once again you will have no worry about hurting any students outside of the circle and only two students are allowed into that area at a time.” He then gave a quick glare to the class before giving out a warning, “If I find anyone using any spell not listed on the board in the back or even attempting to injury another student they will be given detention and points deducted from their house. Yes this will also include those of my own house. I will not tolerate any rule breakers this term so be on your best behavior.” Monty then returned to his normal cheerful and smiley face and continued, “For those who already know these spells and can demonstrate the use of them in a duel I will award them points for their house and a special reward to either skip one of the required assignments this year or a special one on one lesson with me.” He looked across the students faces and quickly added, “Exams don’t count to the assignment skip.” Monty then pocketed his wand and clapped his hands together before asking, “Alright any question? If not you are free to go about your choices. Remember to have fun though and don’t be afraid to learn something new. I will be patrolling the whole class as everyone practices and will give advice and help as needed."

[ooc: This is pretty open ended for anyone and you are welcome to duel an NPC student if you wish.]

Sylvia Crowne [ Horned Serpent ]
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Re: [Lesson 1] All the eyes on me in the center of the ring [Open]
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2019, 09:36:44 AM »
The Horned Serpent skipped down the hall to her next class. It was not that Defense Against the Dark Arts was her favorite class, in fact she took a related subject over summer and it turned out to be quite a horrifying experience that she never wanted to repeat. Instead it was more to the fact of who was teaching it that really put the skip to her step.

She of course thought her Grandpa Franklin was the best. Still the second year could not believe how rude older students could be as they bad mouth all their professors. She knew she really should not listen in on them talking, besides most upperclassman never had anything positive to say about anything anyways. It is as if their all part of a game to see who is most unhappy with their life. Still she couldn’t help but to pay attention when they talk about the Franklin’s and especially her Grandfather. One group she passed in the halls just before she reached her Grandpa’s classroom refer to her Grandfather as the 'Professor Nutty-Monty' and ask the other what new crazy class lesson they thought he had in store. 

Sylvia was vibrating with frustration when she entered the classroom. She was determined to make to most of the class and have the best of time ever… as long as there were no ghouls or ghosts… or spiders. or snakes. Oh, she developed quite a bit of a phobia list since she got back from Brazil.

Sylvia let out a sigh as she saw an empty classroom with nothing, but a chalk board in it. She gave her Grandfather the biggest smile even though she was a little bummed there was no desks. She was quite fond of books and would not mind taking notes form one of her grandfathers lessons.  Still as long as his class was not being held in the Amazon rainforest, she was happy. She missed her grandfather she wished she could give him a hug, but she had grown accustomed to them taking on a “professor-student” role in the classroom. Maybe she will visit him for tea again this year in his office. He usually let her examine his muggle collection there.

Before she knew it, class began, and he addressed all the first years. Sylvia being a Senator turned and try to find they eyes and give a warm smile. Yet her smile did not last, for with the sudden appearance of wooden dummies, Sylvia gave a mild shreak and ducked her face. Time in the cursed temple in Brazil had made her freak out any time a human form just appeared out from nothing. Her face turned red as other student found her reaction amusing. Thankfully her Grandfather continued his lecture, for she would have been more mortified if she interrupted it.

While taking slow calming breaths, Sylvia tried to pay attention to the rest of the directions of the lesson. The dummies just stood there… like dolls or statues. They freaked Sylvia out. She instead tried to focus on the chalkboard. Getting out her note book, Sylvia dutifully copies the spells, the pronunciations, the wand movements and the results down even though she already had half of them memorized. She said the words and practiced the wand movements separately until about all of them were memorized. She knew she should move on to where the dummies were… but she was hoping the period would be over. Checking her watch, she realized it wasn’t. She nervously walked over to the circle. The dummies were their all lined up facing her. Other students were practicing. She picked one in the corner stood as close as she dared and cast Incarcerous.

The spell hit to low and the dummy fell forward. Sylvia let out another scream and fell back dropping her wand. She could imagine it crawling after her like the ghouls did, with that crazy mad look in its eye after being trapped in a temple for so long. Sylvia quickly sat up and looked at the dummy with wide eyes. It was righting itself as the spell faded. Through her fear she could see it was not a ghoul or ghost and it was not coming after her. She got up shakily and reached for her wand. She chastised herself for gaining the unwanted attention of other students and likely freaking out the first years in the process.
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Carrie Marshall [ Wampus ]
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Re: [Lesson 1] All the eyes on me in the center of the ring [Open]
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2019, 03:47:18 PM »
Making her way down the familiar corridors, Carrie was looking forward to the first DADA lesson of term. It wasn’t her best class, but it was important content to know and to be comfortable performing. As she entered the room and found it completely barren, save for a few lines of chalk on the ground, she allowed herself a small smile of satisfaction. She always seemed to take away more from practical lessons, and this seemed like a setup for one.

She gave the ruse of listening attentively, but in all honesty zoned out for Professor Franklin’s first few sentences (he said the same thing almost every year, anyways); however she tuned back in when his body language shifted and he changed gears. Her eyebrows came together thoughtfully as he explained the setup. They would get to choose what they wanted to work on? Sounded great to her.
Carrie flinched as a loud shriek tore from one of the underclassmen whom, on second glance, she recognized to be one of the younger students who had joined in on the bonfire in May. Fortunately the girl seemed to recover herself quickly enough, and Professor Franklin continued.

At the mention of the dueling area, Carrie sat up a bit straighter. She definitely wanted more practice there. It was simple enough to just cast spells – but adding in the need for planning and reflexes and anticipation was something she hadn’t had quite as much experience with. She was graduating in just a few short months, for Merlin’s sake.
The Wampus Student Senator nodded obediently as Professor Franklin explained what was not allowed. She really didn’t anticipate any problems, but there was always someone who might find such things amusing…
Her ears pricked again at the possibility of being able to skip a required assignment or have a one-on-one lesson as a reward: if she were being perfectly honest, both were appealing prospects. She’d have to think on it.

Once Professor Franklin gave the cue to disband, Carrie made her way to the dueling area at the back, wand already out and held loosely in her hand. She was familiar with all of the spells mentioned but shot a cursory glance at the chalkboard all the same on her way, skimming it quickly for reassurance. Certainly she wasn’t the most practiced duelist and the first couple of minutes would likely be on the ugly side as she got her feet under her, but in any case she was confident she’d at least be able to hold her own in the end.

Stepping into one of the giant circles, the Seventh Year surveyed her classmates with a grin.
“Anyone up for a go with me?”
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Re: [Lesson 1] All the eyes on me in the center of the ring [Open]
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The young, blue-green eyed, blonde walked into her class, Defense Against the Dark Arts, with her books and supplies in hand. Upon walking into the room, she noticed there was a stark lack of desks. There was only empty space, what seemed to be chalk-drawn lines, and a chalkboard. Leah looked at the board and noticed there were a few spells written upon it. She set her books down on the ground in order to open her notebook to write down the spell information on the board. She didn't want to seem like the "see information and have to rush to write it down like an idiot" type, but she was here to learn and the spells were part of that.

Suddenly, a shriek emanated from somewhere in the room and Leah jumped, dropping her notebook and pen, not used to the sudden loud noise. She looked around for the source of the shriek and noticed her friend, Sylvia, looking a bit scared. Based off Sylvia's appearance and the shriek, Leah surmised that Sylvia was the one who made the shrieking sound. Leah quickly picked up her notebook and pen off the floor and hurried over to the station where the chalkboard was, as she'd decided that that was where she'd begin. Leah also decided that she'd wait until the end of class to ask Sylvia if she was alright and if there was anything she could do.

Just when she thought she had calmed her racing heart, another scream echoed through the classroom, making Leah jump again. She had no idea how many more scares she could take. If there were many more, she was afraid she might break down and start crying, and she didn't really want that. For now, she decided, it was best to focus on classwork and the objective at hand, getting as much information from the board and practicing as many of the spells as possible. She pulled her wand out of its holster and turned it over and over in her hands. She just hoped this class period would pass by quickly.


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