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Author Topic:  [Lesson 1] As day is to a sword, night is to a shield [OPEN - All Years]  (Read 1236 times)

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Murray Cowan [ Hufflepuff ]
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Murray smiled down at Pixie's exclamation about his use of non-verbal magic. Non-verbal spells came easily to the badger. First, he was an ace at performing spells and charms when he put his mind to it. Second, his ability to multi-task was basically nonexistent, making it easy to focus hard on a single task. Murray learned very quickly how focused he needed to be on the spell when performing non-verbal magic that he was able to forget about everything else and keep his one-track mind on the right track. The badger listened to Pixie's string of questions with a visible grin on his face. The little students were always so interested in learning more, and he never turned down an opportunity to help when he was able to. Murray didn't claim to be good at all subjects (lord knows he struggled with Potions and Herbology), but Charms were one of his specialties.

"I'm Murray," he began with a light chuckle, choosing to answer the young Gryffindor's last question first. "You have to concentrate really hard on the spell you want to cast in your head," Murray explained. "But I can't do non-verbal magic unless I've mastered the spell out loud first," he admitted, which was true. Murray had learned that the hard way after attempting to use non-verbal magic in his fourth year on a summoning charm. It'd taken him longer than usual to master the summoning charm and he was less than proficient when he attempted it wordlessly. The textbook he was trying to summon somehow caught fire on the table top in the Hufflepuff common room and he had to rush over and put it out with a stream of water from the tip of his wand. "Arresto Momentum is the incantation for the slowing charm, and maybe you will learn it this year if you haven't yet." Murray tried to remember when he was taught that charm and was positive it was during his second year.

He watched Pixie as she prepared herself and then cast the shield charm. "Hold your focus!" Murray said. Her shield looked strong enough, and Murray hoped it was as he threw the pillow towards the young Gryffindor. He didn't throw it as hard as he could, of course, but he put enough force into the throw that it should rebound off the shield a fair distance if her charm held up. All he could think about as the pillow flew towards Pixie was how he hoped she could hold her focus long enough for it to rebound and not knock her over.

Pixie Clarke-Trickett [ Gryffindor ]
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Awesome! It was nothing new for Pixie to have a dozen questions, but often she had them appear in her hear at precisely the wrong time, like when she was trying to get to sleep. It was rare for her to think if sensible things to ask during a lesson, but to actually get answers as well was even more exciting. Murray - that was his name, she remembered seeing him around school now she thought about it - actually explained about non-verbal magic and how she could do it and... Oh.

It didn't look like she was going to be able to actually cast spells silently for a while yet. That was disappointing, but rather than losing all interest in the lesson, she instead continued to listen to what he was telling her. If she got really good at a spell, maybe she could try and cast it without speaking then. That would be really useful if she could summon something without saying it out loud. Not that she could actually do an accurate summoning charm yet, but it was the first thing that came into her head. "Okay. That's cool. I wasn't going to try or anything, I just wondered how it worked" she said, just in case he thought she was planning to get up to mischief with her newfound knowledge.

"Arresto momentum...okay" Pixie did remember a class where that had been taught. She also remembered having been right at the back of the room with two friends drawing rude pictures of the professors when they should have been practising, so that wasn't one she was sure she could manage. Maybe today would be a good time to try - it didn't sound as if Murray was expecting her to do great anyway, so if she messed up she could just have another go. As it was, she was concentrating very hard indeed on her shield and managing not to think about how cool it would be to master the other spell so the pillow successfully bounced right off the shield. But then, before it could stop moving she pointed her wand again and yelled "Arresto momentum!".

Nothing appeared to happen. Oh, well. At least she'd got the shield charm right. "Can I have another go with the shield?" she asked, darting forward to grab the pillow and holding it out for the older boy.

Murray Cowan [ Hufflepuff ]
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"You should try," Murray said to Pixie with a hearty wink, hoping to keep her spirits up.  "Just, you know, make sure you're outside. And definitely not by yourself just in case something goes wrong."  The badger felt like he should add that wordless magic probably wouldn't work for the young Gryffindor on the first try.  It might not even work on her hundredth try.  But as long as she was able to focus singularly on the spell she wanted to cast, she'd get it eventually.  Even though Murray struggled with certain classes, his persistence never waned when he wanted to master a spell.

Murray couldn't help but let the smallest of chuckles escape his lips as Pixie attempted the slowing charm.  Of course it worked much better if the object was in considerable motion, and when the pillow bounced off the girl it fell quickly to a stop on the floor.  He took the pillow from Pixie, beaming at how excited she seemed to be.  Truth be told, Murray was enjoying this lesson more than he thought he would.  He had to hand it to Professor Becker, the man sure knew how to excite a classroom.  Murray took a quick peek around the room and saw many successful shield charms, and a few that weren't quite as successful.  He had to fight back laughter when he spotted a sixth year Slytherin boy knocked off his feet by a much younger students' throw.

He waited until Pixie was back in position and held the pillow tightly.  "I'll throw it a bit harder this time.  Try to see if you can bounce it in a specific direction?" he suggested, hoping he was right in trusting Pixie's shield. When Pixie was ready, Murray poised himself to throw, tossing the pillow considerably harder than the last time, aiming it directly at her chest.  As soon as the pillow was released from his hands he felt that familiar dread of not wanting to hurt the young girl.  At least it was just a pillow, after all.

Reina Satou [ Slytherin ]
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Reina bounced on the spot as she happily clapped for him. But her cheery mood was short-lived and was replaced with irritation when the Gryffindor re-enacted his success complete with commentary. How much more embarrassing could one person get? The second hand embarrassment that she was feeling made her want to leave class and never return until he was gone. With a new pillow in her hand, she gave him one of her infamous deadpan stare, hoping that he would interpret it as Reina telling him to stop being an embarrassment. She could unapologetically say it to his face but he seemed like the kind of guy who wouldn’t relent until he had the final say… even if he was wrong.

So, pass. She would deal with this embarrassment personified and hoped that she wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore in the future.

He wanted it at his face, huh? She could give him that. Reina compacted the pillow in her hand as much as she could. It wasn’t much considering her small hands but it would do. She took a few steps back before she pulled her right arm back, her left hand supporting the pillow. She skipped forward a little before throwing the pillow in his direction with all her might. While being misjudged for her words was something pretty common to her, some people tended to misjudge her based on her appearance and interests too. She may look like a walking twig and have zero interest in quidditch (because it involved flying) but she was actually a rather athletic girl who enjoyed moving around and keeping herself fit.

@Carey Baisley
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Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Carey was to consume with in his own revelry to acknowledge his partners discontentment. He thought he was the coolest wizard in the room (at the moment) and felt invincible now that he did the shield spell correctly. Although he did ask for another pillow, he was still in the mist of with his revelry and so he was surprised how ready and quickly did his partner met his demand.   

To Carey’s amazement, Reina’s throw could have been submitted into the history books… and it likely would have if they were quidditch players at playing against each other during a league game. Needless to say the bolstering Gryffindor jaw was still slacked with amazement at a white streak moving at a quite of exceptional speed when it made contact with his face. He neck snapped back enough to throw him off balance. To Carey, everything after the impact happened in slow motion as he felt his body tilt backwards, he saw a number of other students turned after hearing the SMACK sound.

Carey landed on a stack of pillows his wand still in his hand but nowhere near ready. He lied there blinking a few times before he slowly moved his jaw. Eventually he proclaims “OUCH…,” as he sits up, still shifting he jaw back and forth with his free hand. He found his partner and announced with amazement. “Dam Reina, Bloody h*** you got arm on you!”

He struggled to get up grabbing a pillow she just through. It was only natural to want to attempt a throw like that. Although he did not know where the girl got such a skill, he knew it certainly was not on the quidditch field. The only warning was him shouting, “Reina!” Before he chucked the squished pillow strait at her torso. He tried to copy her throw and body moments but he slightly disappointed for it did not exhibit the same speed.

@Reina Satou
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Pixie Clarke-Trickett [ Gryffindor ]
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Wait...someone older was actually encouraging her to try something instead of saying 'no' or 'wait til you're older'? Pixie was surprised and pleased, and that was enough encouragement that she decided she was definitely going to try the non-verbal thing later. Maybe Carey would want to try too - or Shea, or... She wouldn't try with a difficult spell, either. She'd try it with the levitation charm or something she knew really well. An easy spell was the best to start with, right? And at least that way yo were totally sure it worked or didn't work, not like a summoning charm which you were never quite sure if it didn't work because you got it wrong or because the object you were summoning had got confused and thought you were summoning some other blue book or whatever. "Okay. I will. I'll get my friends to try too" she said, because trying to do a spell and having someone just watch to make sure nothing went wrong was just weird, right?

A pillow whizzed past within a couple of inches of her back and Pixie ducked forward, giggling as her head whipped round to see what was happening. This was definitely one of the best lessons she could remember. "Okay, I'm ready...wait! I'm not ready..." she had spoken automatically, just turning back without even yet casting the shield charm, let alone thinking about the other spell she was supposed to be trying. Right. Cast shield charm...this time she could actually feel it as she cast the spell, though she wasn't about to try anything fancy like extending it in different directions like the older kids were doing. Just...make it a bit thicker one side than the other, and see if that had any effect... "Ready now she clarified, waiting with her wand held out in front of her, eyes wide as she stared straight at the pillow.

He threw it harder this time. Harder, and faster - she almost hadn't got time to react once it was flying towards her. "Arresto momentum!" she yelled, even louder this time (Pixie hadn't yet quite grasped the fact that yelling a spell louder doesn't necessarily make it more effective, which suggested her attempts at non verbal spellcasting were doomed to utter failure), though as the pillow had already hit the shield as she spoke, it was another futile effort. However, instead of bouncing straight off, her deliberately lopsided shield meant it bounced off slightly to the left, looking rather more impressive than she'd intended. "Did you see that?" she asked excitedly.

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Re: [Lesson 1] As day is to a sword, night is to a shield [OPEN - All Years]
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[OOC: I have restored all missing posts from this thread!  (Although formatting may have been lost.)  New lessons are up so this one will be closing very shortly.  I am happy for you to post once more to conclude if you like.  Thank you <333]

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