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[BoT] You can dance, you can jive [Lev]
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:11:20 AM »
Her hand rested on Gio's shoulder while the other rested in his opposite hand. Even if his hand wasn't holding her close to him resting on her waist, she would have danced as close as they were now. The song was slow so they were simply able to step side to side to the music, though, Valda knew how to Waltz and even taught him over the summer. She knew a variety of social dances, but just being here with him was enough. She had come in some of her finest dress robes, though she knew that no matter how expensive her outfits were, she wasn't going to please everyone. That was just fine with her. The Klyk simply wanted to dress appropriately for the event and enough to get a flattering reaction out of Gio.

Dinner had been wonderful. The decorations were astounding. Though Valda wasn't quite sure how she felt about the causes behind the move, she found the new location to be exciting. It was yet another culture she could explore like she had in India over the summer. Moving simply because the Russian minister was a muggleborn felt wrong. He had done his best for the school, she had thought, and leaving simply because of his status seemed like a slap in the face. Her own mother was a muggle. Surely, intermingled and probably hidden under lies and deceit in the purebloods lineages, there had to have been a muggle or two. The school had other halfbloods like herself there. Valda just couldn't believe it. Despite the circumstances, she decided not to think about that and enjoy the night. The dance was entertaining with its variety of slow and fast-paced songs. Many of which, she danced with Gio. They would sometimes run into Lev and Miha and dance with them during the faster ones, only to be pulled away again when a slow song was played.

Giorgio had said something that made her laugh much louder than she meant to, but she didn't care. He'd been making her laugh frequently during the past few months and she found it to be therapeutic. Slowly, with time, she was healing. It wouldn't happen as quickly as she'd like, but the holes left in her heart were beginning to close. She'd never stop missing her mom, but she hoped that one day, she'd be able to think about her without getting teary-eyed or suddenly depressed at the thought of Zoya's presence no longer being around.

As the song faded out, cuing that it was over, Valda allowed Gio to spin her around before she stepped closer, placing her hands on his shoulders and a gentle kiss on his lips. She spun on her heels when a familiar voice came up behind her. Her red copper hair, which had taken on a new appearance of chin-length rather than the waist-length she had before, bounced as her head turned to see who it was, though she knew before she acknowledged him just by hearing his voice. She looked at Gio and after a short exchange of words, she followed Lev onto the dance floor as the music picked up its pace for a much faster tune, not one that required them to be intimately close.

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Re: [BoT] You can dance, you can jive [Lev]
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Dances made Lev itchy for some unknown reason. Perhaps it was the slightly-too-tight dress robes that he had been forced to don. He preferred the fancy uniform to dress robes, but had been told that he needed to dress ‘properly’ this time because there was to be someone of import in attendance. It was as if he hadn’t already met the Swedish minister last year! He knew of him well enough. He wasn’t familiar with Swedish politics much, but he knew it was better than Krupin in Russia. The new Russian minister was soft, way too soft, and way too liberal. He thought it was good that they moved, all things considered. Even so, the clothes were constraining. He didn’t like being ‘proper,’ in any sense of the word. He had a feeling his own wedding they’d be wearing armor and boots, not this frilly garbage. That seemed likely, too, considering the imagined bride.

He had spent much of the evening dancing with Mihaela, picking on girls who seemed too uptight, and repeatedly trying to spike the punch. He loved her. She didn’t take herself too seriously, and she wasn’t afraid of having a little fun. He thought that he ought to whisk her away for his own kind of celebration with her, but he didn’t quite know the way around the new school yet. He didn’t know which classrooms were abandoned and which hallways would be empty most of the time. He would have to find out. While he would happily make love to his girl in front of the entire Durmstrang class, he had a feeling that her parents would rather them be a bit more modest (especially since he doubted Mihaela would care who saw, either).

They had parted ways for a bit, so Mihaela could talk to her friends and Lev could get pats from the other Klyk Vampiras about his new quidditch position. He was wary about Kes as his co-captain, but he would make a good quidditch player out of him yet. He had cornered him in the dark and threatened to pop out his eyes if he didn’t get himself together, which didn’t necessarily make them friendly, but it was better than Lev could’ve done. If he didn’t at least respect the boy a little, he might have beat him up instead of making a threat that he honestly hoped he wouldn’t have to go through with. Usually Lev liked making good on his threats. This one was mostly for show of dominance.

He eyed his ex-girlfriend dancing with her new beau and smiled a bit. Gio and Valda were a cute couple. He approved. He had originally not liked Gio very much, but the two of them had become friends after a bout of fisticuffs. Lev respected him and enjoyed him. Gio was strong, quiet, but definitely more involved in things than he seemed. Of course Valda was like the sun, sparking light and joy into everything she went near. He appreciated her presence in his life, and in Gio’s. That sullen-looking boy needed the sun more than any of them, Lev thought. Lev needed a warrior, but Gio needed some light at the end of the tunnel. It was good they had matched that way.

Lev heard the music chancing from a soft sow tune to something more upbeat, and he went up behind them. “Can I cut in?” He asked both of them. He knew Valda had been going through a tough time since her mother passed, and wanted to make sure she knew he was still there for her, however she needed him. He worried that she worried about Mihaela taking him away from her. While they weren’t going to be romantic again, he and Valda, she always kept a spot in his heart. He cared for her, and wanted to do right by her. He was glad everyone had become such good friends. Even Valda and Mihaela had grown to like each other.

When Gio stepped aside and Lev took his place next to Valda, he grinned at her. “New haircut looks cute on you. Makes your face look younger.” He complimented. “I forget you’re an old maid now.” He teased. “But we’ll all be graduating the end of this year, going off to new and better things.” He sighed. “What’re you planning now? Settling down in Scoarta and becoming Mrs. Gambino?” He  bit his tongue. “Did you hear that the captain of the Moscow Metalmen said she’d want me next year?” He bragged a bit, but kept it quiet. He didn’t want to jinx himself too much. It would be hard for him to find something better than that, and he was worried that he might not be able to make it on a professional team. He was good and he knew it, but he’d never really considered himself that good until she’d pulled him aside and told him so.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t around much this summer. I went to that quidditch camp on a scholarship, and learned a lot. Then I was in Scoarta for the rest of it. Mihaela’s father caught us fooling around and made me do night shifts for a week.” He laughed. It hadn’t been funny at the time, but it was funny now that he had made it out alive. “What about you? I heard you and Gio got to spend some time getting close.” He raised his brows and wiggled them suggestively. He and Valda had never gotten that far, but he knew she couldn’t stay pure forever. He certainly hadn’t.


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