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[Class] Get Back to Basics (open)
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FRIDAY, 6 SEPTEMBER 2002, 10:30 AM

“The only way you can stay on top is to remember to touch bottom and get back to basics.”
Shane Black

Returning students were very familiar with the Transfiguration teacher's strict adherence to discipline, and knew from the course syllabus and class roster that they were to enter quietly and stand by their assigned seat until he gave them permission to be seated. Which he did immediately. "Welcome back, everyone, and welcome to our first-years," Gauvain began. "I will ask the former group. to please be patient as I go over a few things with the latter group.

"My name is Monsieur Améliore, not Professor Améliore. I am not an academic and will not accept the title of such, as I personally feel it would insult my peers here at Beauxbatons who studied for many years before becoming teachers. My experience is hands-on and in the real world, and it is in this manner that I will instruct you in the art of Metamorphosis, or Transfiguration. I am not cruel, but I am particularly no-nonsense and I expect nearly the same level of responsibility and professionalism out of you all that I would expect out of an employee. Pay attention, study hard, work diligently, and we will have no problems.

"Now then, for all of you whether new or not. As this is our first lesson of the school year, I would like to start with a simple building block lesson to refresh our minds on how the art of Metamorphosis works." He gestured to the chalkboard with his wand, which began writing three questions simultaneously.

"Firstly, I would like to know what Metamorphosis actually is," he turned back around and informed the class. "Secondly, what the difference is between Metamorphosis and Charms. And thirdly, what the four primary categories of Metamorphosis are. Please raise your hands and I will call on you one at a time, to answer any of the questions that you believe you know the answer to. First-years may use their textbook but I would prefer anyone else to try and answer based on their recollections alone."
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Re: [Class] Get Back to Basics (open)
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It was his last year of magical education and Bruno felt rather conflicted about this. There was still a lot he did not yet know; admittedly he wasn't sure he wanted or needed to fill these gaps but there were only a few more months left to so anyway. He hoped to make the most of this last year at Beauxbatons.

When he made his way towards the Métamorphose classroom, Bruno was not too excited. While he respected Monsieur Améliore as a good teacher, transfiguration just wasn't his thing. He could naturally by now do the basic transfiguration spells successfully but as soon as things got more advanced he struggled a lot and that was frustrating.

As he stood next to his seat, waiting for Monsieur Améliore to begin the lesson he felt a little awkward. He was a seventh year, there were also younger students who probably expected him to do well when he wasn't sure he would. However, as the lesson began Bruno was relieved. This was not going to get embarrassing. A theoretical lesson to refresh their knowledge on this branch of magic sounded like a perfect start into the new school year.

He listened carefully as Monsieur Améliore spoke and hesitated briefly – should he use his experience to his advantage and answer one of the questions or should he just sit back and give more ambitious students the chance to shine? He decided he could give a brief answer to the very first question and raised his hand to indicate that he wanted to contribute to the lesson.

„With Métamorphose we can change the physical nature of an item or creature.“ He leaned back on his chair, indicating that he was not going to say more right now.

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Re: [Class] Get Back to Basics (open)
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"Monsieur Baumann," the instructor called on the student with his hand raised, and was not disappointed in his answer. In fact if Gauvain had to pick a favourite student that was not in the House he had (until recently) been the Head of, it would be Bruno Baumann, who was always polite and respectful and helpful to his peers of all years.

"Absolutely correct, Monsieur Baumann. 20 points to Bellefeuille for your spot-on answer." He addressed the rest of the class. "It is with Metamorphosis that we physically change the item we are spellcasting. Whether it is its shape, its colour, its composition, the truth of the target has become different. This leads into the following question that I have on the board...?"

Hopefully he looked around the room, and had no problem allowing the silence extend into an awkward length of time, until at last his brow furrowed. "I see. Let me make very clear that in this classroom, you are expected to contribute. I cannot assume you are understanding the material that I teach if you are not providing me with feedback of one kind or another. You older students know this. The first years, perhaps, are afraid of giving me an erroneous answer. Let me assure you now that I do not expect you to already know the material that I teach; if you did, Beauxbatons would have no reason to keep me employed. Being wrong is not something to fear, because you can learn a correction to your misunderstanding. But you must let me know what that misunderstanding is first.

"Since it appears we are not in a contributing mood today, we will spend the period reading from our textbooks in silence. You will open your copies of Devenir Maître du le Changement and turn to the Introductory section on page 3, and review the four categories of Metamorphosis. Then if you believe you have understood, or perhaps recalled, what they are, you may then get an early start on your homework which will address my second question on the board. I want a single length of parchment which explains the difference between Metamorphosis and Charms, with at least two examples that contrast the two subjects. You may begin."

Sighing very quietly to himself, he waited until everyone had opened their books as instructed, and then went behind his own desk and sat down in his chair, conjuring up a quill and inkwell so that he could begin his own student records for the year. The Headmistress would also need to be informed of the lackluster attitude of this year's batch of first years. Perhaps he would ask her to sit in on a class in the next few weeks and see for herself.

☙ ad finem ❧

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Re: [Class] Get Back to Basics (open)
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That was a very good answer.  Baumann was definitely a great student.  A Bellefeuille. 

And the fact he earned his house 20 points.  Transfiguration was a complex topic to learn about.

Ameliore continued on.  She agreed to contribute when possible.

Did she have to read her textbook?  She quickly turned to page 3 and started reading.

She occasionally looked up at Ameliore and saw him transcribing his own notes.  The first years were definitely a rowdy bunch.

Constance Paquet


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