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in the undertow [viktor]
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5 september 2002

At this point, Honey was sure they were ending things the mature way: never talking again until one of them got drunk and showed up on the others’ doorstep unannounced. They had gone ten days without a word; ten days of someone not talking to her was a pretty clear sign that things were over, at least as far as she could tell.

The World Cup hadn’t turned out as planned -- not to Viktor’s plan, but certainly not to Honey’s either -- and that mess of a press conference hadn’t done anyone any favors. But she had gone to Brazil specifically to be supportive; she had waited for him back at his tent; after he was a no-show for a couple hours she had found the next portkey back to the UK, dragging her inebriated brother with her.

She had come close to writing him. They had made plans to go to Singapore a few days later -- Honey had to arrange to prep the trolley for the Hogwarts Express in advance and trust her employees wouldn’t mess anything up last minute -- but Viktor seemed like the type to formally cancel plans in advance. He didn’t, of course, which was why now, on the tenth day post-Cup, Honey was surprised he was still bothering. She had already been mostly over him before, but she was sure she was done by the time she had received his invitation.

He had been courteous enough to invite her over -- which she only agreed to because it was Honeydukes’ day off anyway -- so she supposed she could be courteous enough to break up with him in person. She wasn’t overly concerned with his opinion of her like she had been with Will when she had ended things with him, but it was the least she could do, considering how considerate she had been about the sanctity of their relationship.

It had been a good idea for a while, she was sure. He was fun enough and then there was the very noticeable increase in sales she had seen since their relationship had been made public. Of course, that made the timing of it all even better. She could make up for whatever losses the shop would see by padding it with the new sales from returning students. If her parents did their ‘courtesy check’ of the books, she didn’t think anything would look too suspicious. She could hope, at least.

She knocked on Viktor’s front door, just a minute later than the invited time, taking a step back and shifting hair out of her face -- she would certainly not miss the seabreeze she was subjected to whenever she was here.

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