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Nazreen Ajay [ Professor ]
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[mp] [greenhouse four] tea time. [fflur]
« on: March 06, 2019, 03:17:05 AM »
The first night of the new term was always an adventure. It was magical and exciting, rejuvenating and literally full of new life. There was an energy in the air, an electricity that made Nazreen smile as she watched the students shuffle out of the Great Hall and to their respective houses. She wondered how many of the little ones would wander off and get lost tonight, usually it was between two and seven. She knew they would find their way back, they were home now, and she knew this year was going to be even better than the last. She had faith in the castle once more and it was a good feeling. As the last of them mosied out of the large room, treats and cakes in hand, the plates on the table began to disappear but not before she was able to magically scoop any last scraps into a large enchanted bag. With a few flicks of her wand she collected the bits of food so that later she could leave it at the edge of the forest for the creatures and then exited the castle.

The night sky was dark but full of stars and wonder, like always, and like always Nazreen's gaze was pinned to. She took the all to familiar steps down the path to her Greenhouses and nearly tripped a few times on the way. She was given quarters in the castle but she never used them, she liked it better out in the wilderness, out in nature. She was fairly certain her room and office in the castle had been taken over by a group of students doing whatever it was teenagers did in their free time but she didn't mind one bit. It was good for them to have a place of their own, a place to relax and enjoy. When she got to the Greenhouses she entered the last one, furthest from the castle, that had been closed to students after the dome incident some years ago. It was wrapped in strange dark vines and there was still a bit of a sulfuric smell but it was mostly cleaned out now, with a few rather large exceptions. A large plant was growing in the corner and it was one that Nazreen had yet to be able to identify and there was a table in the center of the room with remnants of last year's 'after dinner tea' sessions. Half a deck of cards were scattered about, most stained from some kind of alcoholic beverage and others bent on the corners (probably because Fflur liked to cheat, but Nazreen hadn't suspected a thing....) and far too many cups and plates with what used to be something that was safe for witches to consume. Nazreen was a lot of things, but a tidier she was not.

Setting the bag down in the corner Nazreen removed her way too heavy cloak and left it hanging half on a stool half on the muddy floor before she "Betcha' the elves find four of them tonight." She said with a kind heart and warm smile as she placed bets on how many first years would find themselves lost before the morning came. She applauded them for it, honestly, because it meant they were little adventurers. They had gone off the beaten path and gotten lost and they would be stronger for it in the morning. She knew this. Nazreen frequently got lost, and she wore it like a badge of honor. As she righted an overturned stool and took a seat the newly appointed Deputy Head had a realization. One that should have impacted whether or not she continued to summon a bit of something that could easily be mistaken for varnish onto the table between them.

"Wait... do you think they will ask me to help them get back to their houses?"

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Fflur Blevins [ Professor ]
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Re: [mp] [greenhouse four] tea time. [fflur]
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2019, 06:59:41 PM »
“Four of what?” Naz wasted no time helping Fflur feel like things were just as they always were; she had no idea what she was talking about, and had no real interest in finding out the answer to her question. She followed the other professor into the greenhouse, two fingers applying pressure to her temple as she willed her headache to subside. This wasn’t just a hangover; there must have been some more sinister reason at play, here, like the too tight, too sprayed, too pinned hairdo she had sported yesterday. Yes, definitely the hair rather than the alcohol, that made sense.

Fflur shrugged, zipping her jacket up about halfway, adding the weather to her always growing list of reasons she didn’t want to be at Hogwarts. She had ditched her robes ages ago, shortly after ditching the beginning of term feast in favor of the quiet of her pretty bare room. It hadn’t felt right to stay at Robin’s house again without him (or the dog) and she had resigned herself to staying at the school, but she hadn’t had the chance to move anything back up from the house, either. She was full of good decisions.

She had headed down to the greenhouses after the corridors seemed clear enough, lighting a cigarette before she had cleared the entrance hall. Naz took her time, though, and Fflur had resumed her last year pastime of loitering outside the farthest greenhouse, working through two more cigarettes before the other woman had showed.

Fflur righted her own stool, brushing a bit of dirt off before planting herself on it. “Who?” She still wasn’t following along, and she didn’t much care to, especially as she took the bottle that Naz had summoned. “Why would you have to help?” Fflur had been filled in — finally — about the boat situation after she had arrived quite late to the feast, but she didn’t see what that had to do with anything. “You’d be the last person I’d ask, really.” She opened the bottle and took a sniff; it simultaneously made her head pound and feel immensely better. Considering it for only a couple seconds, she took a healthy sip before setting the bottle back down between them.

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Re: [mp] [greenhouse four] tea time. [fflur]
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Mock surprise flashed across her face before she shook her head at Fflur. "Well that's just mean." She replied, completely assuming Fflur had meant it was a joke and didn't really think that. Of course, she was a terrible pick for Deputy head if it meant doing things like that. If it meant helping them with their homework, reminding them to be kind to each other, and teaching them to explore the world around them then she could absolutely help. But if it meant keeping track of them or herself for that matter... well it was going to be a bumpy year.

Nazreen settled into her seat and took a sip from the glass, pulling a face that didn't last long, before finishing the sip. "Oh, I'd forgotten just how bad this stuff was." She coughed a few times, rubbing at her throat before sniffing at the top of the bottle. "Did I leave this out in the sun.....?" She asked allowed, not really to Fflur but also not really to herself either. Shrugging her shoulders she looked at the other woman.

"Alright so tell me what happened?" She took another drink, the burning sensation still hadn't gone away and she coughed again. Clearing her throat she finished. "What made you so late?"

Fflur Blevins [ Professor ]
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Re: [mp] [greenhouse four] tea time. [fflur]
« Reply #3 on: September 19, 2019, 10:49:45 PM »
Fflur shrugged, but she wasn’t kidding. How often did Naz go inside? And when she did, how many times had she made it past the entrance hall for anything other than mealtime? Fflur was only vaguely aware of where the entrances to the non-Gryffindor houses were, never mind that she had been told multiple times since becoming a professor. She supposed that Naz was one of the friendlier looking teachers, so maybe that’s why they’d ask? In all reality, Fflur didn’t have enough mental space to devote to thinking about it any further.

“It’s not that bad,” she insisted, but her voice was strained after her own sip. Of course, she’d prefer not to get ill from drinking things and she would have appreciated Naz making a fresh batch, but she had been in this situation -- beggars can’t be choosers -- enough times to know she shouldn’t care too much.

She shrugged again, shifting on her stool to make herself a bit more comfortable. “Nothing happened.” She waved her hand in front of her, to wave off any worry. “Went to a wedding last night that went late, and then had to take three portkeys back.” Just mentioning the portkey made her stomach lurch again. “It was in California,” she clarified, not wanting to get into any other aspects of the trip -- that she had reached her stopping point for drinking and then blew right past it, that she had left Robin in America -- quite yet. She reached for the bottle again and took another sip, rather pleased with the liquid’s medicinal qualities.

“What’s up with this boat thing?” Hearing about it at all was pretty much the extent of her knowledge.

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Re: [mp] [greenhouse four] tea time. [fflur]
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"California like the United States?" She asked incredulously, like some how there was some other version of California that the witch must of been talking about. Nazreen was no stranger to travelling but something about the USA had always seemed off to her. They had weird traditions, they ate a lot of fried food, and honestly what was going on with their politics anyway? The Gryffindor wasn't much into current events but some things were hard to avoid. She took another sip and tried to pretend like it wasn't nearly as bad as it actually was and much to her glee the more she drank the less terrible it was. Probably because the alcohol was literally killing her senses but that was a problem for tomorrow morning.

The boats.

"Honestly not sure." She said, staring out the window in the general direction of the boat house even though it was impossible to see from here. It was odd the way they had behaved tonight but Nazreen had learned a long time ago to embrace the strange things about Hogwarts. It wasn't like they were ever going to stop happening. "So long as another bloody dome doesn't show up we'll figure it out." She shivered at the thought and pointed up at the ceiling. "Still can't get the stains out." Creatures that had come out of the alarm system that had malfunctioned terms ago had left quite the mess. One of the Greenhouses were still out of limits, even still.

Nazreen took a moment to let the drink settle while she pondered, that glossy look coming over her face that was a tell tale sign that she was about to go off on some kind of inane rambling tangent. "Thing is, it wasn't all bad." She said, as always half saying her words aloud. "Students and teachers came together to protect the school right. The worst things often create the best witches...."

She took another sip.

"Then again.... I don't want any of them to be hurt again.

"Fflur do you think it's a bad omen that the boats were wrong tonight?

"Do you think something bad is coming?

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Re: [mp] [greenhouse four] tea time. [fflur]
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“Think so.” She didn’t know of any other California, but she hoped Naz wouldn’t want more specifics. Fflur knew where she went, but she’d never be able to give directions to anyone else wanting to go, more than ‘go west’. Not that she’d need to give directions to anyone who could travel by magic, but why was she even thinking about giving directions to Naz at all? She took another sip, immediately regretted it, appreciated it after a few more seconds.

She followed Naz’s gaze, not sure what she was supposed to be looking at. “Oh, okay.” It seemed a bit ominous, like the start of a slasher flick or something, but she wasn’t going to ask for more details. “Hmm,” she said instead, looking back to Naz as she spoke again, then following up to where she was pointing. “Christ.” She didn’t think about the dome if she didn’t have to, which was almost always considering she hadn’t been involved, had never been directly involved in any sort of wizard conflict. “As long as they leave my stool alone,” she said, unhelpfully, before taking another sip.

It got quiet, and Fflur just took the opportunity to have a little more tea, preparing herself for whatever Nazreen was going to say next. Something deep and introspective, something to make Fflur uncomfortable, no doubt. “It wasn’t?” She hadn’t meant to respond -- usually didn’t bother interrupting because Naz usually wasn’t listening, anyway -- but she had anyway, like an idiot. “Right, good teamwork.” It sounded like a bunch of crap, really, that anything good could have come from it, not after everything she had heard about it, but Fflur shrugged anyway.

Her face fell, her brows scrunched together. She was pretty sure the boats were just… gone. No one had been hurt. “Nah,” she said quickly, not sure if she agreed with what she was saying (though it would be stupid to think of boats as omens, she thought). “Just boats being boats, y’know. Magic boats.” She was making a lot of sense. “It’ll be fine.”

She nodded, took another sip. “I probably need to figure out a lesson for tomorrow,” she said with another nod and a shrug. “Hope they aren’t keen on flying.”
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