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tallygarunga || it's harry potter like never before
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Reject fandom boredom: be part of the Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay
actively expanding  JK Rowling's lore.
F E A T U R I N G:
  • unique classes (such as Musiciary, and Cruel & Unusual Geography),
  • a wizarding university and an elementary school,
  • additional playable races (including fae!),
  • adoptable characters to get your plotting in the fast lane,
  • active and welcoming community - we need you to complete our family!
  • flexible application that is as complicated or simple as you make it,
  • add to the canon with us! If it makes sense for the world, we'll make it lore. Get creative with your characters outside of the commonly accepted Potterverse.
  • relaxed approach to activity. Post at the pace that works for you and your thread partners.
  • stress-free, drama-free, one year old and here to stay.
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