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Jasmine Williams [ Ravenclaw ]
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Ravenclaw Quidditch
« on: March 12, 2019, 07:33:45 AM »

Ravenclaws UNITE! We've been overlooked for far too long, and it's time to show the rest of the school what we're made of. Caw caw, mothercluckers.

M A I N   T E A M
Chaser: Amelia Hollingberry
Keeper: Jasmine Williams
Seeker: Alvar Trickett

R E S E R V E   T E A M

To try out, fill out the form below with your first/second choice positions as well as a sample showing how you'd play the position. NPCs are welcome but played characters will be given priority. Jazz is also looking for a co-captain to do her dirty work help her with logistics and such. Interested parties please indicate if you'd like to be considered as co-captain anywhere in the form.

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[rav]First-choice position:[/rav]
[rav]Second-choice position:[/rav]
[rav]RP sample:[/rav]
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Alvar Trickett [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: Ravenclaw Quidditch
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2019, 03:41:04 AM »
Name / Year: @Alvar Trickett / 5
First-choice position: Seeker (slash would gladly help out as cocaptain)
Second-choice position: Chaser
RP sample:

As he soared high over the pitch in a gradual upward spiral, Alvar tucked his hair more securely behind his ears. If he moved the wrong way it’d get right back in his eyes again. Assuming he got on the team and wanted to know what was going on ever, he’d have to start tying it back. Ugh. He scanned the air below him with a sour scowl. Not like anyone could see him well enough out here to notice he looked like an idiot, and not like he didn’t usually sort of look like an idiot already... Didn’t matter anyway. He’d look a lot dumber if he missed the Snitch because he couldn’t see his own stupid hand.

He’d been sat there watching morons try out with Donna when it got too bothersome to ignore: the state of Ravenclaw Quidditch was just pathetic. Gryffindor was looking strong as usual, Hufflepuff was training a team that might just make up for their wimpiness with enthusiam. Whatever Slytherin was doing was a secret, which could have been nothing, but just the same couldn’t be discounted. This year in Ravenclaw, though, nobody seemed to care, least of all the captain. If nobody else was going to care, then Alvar felt like he had to.

It felt sort of weird that he cared about that now. That was probably the point of houses in the first place, he thought whenever he noticed how attached to Ravenclaw he’d gotten. Give you something to work for, a collective reputation that mattered—people to be let down if you sucked. Well, Alvar already had a family. He didn’t want to be beholden to some other bunch of losers he apparently had more in common with. He’d spent a great deal of time laughing with Raf about how his house was a bunch of pretentious little nerds, and telling him the best stories to prove it. He wasn’t one of them, that wasn’t his problem. This was different, though. Alvar imagined his friends cracking jokes about their pitiful team full of people who didn’t even try and like... Shit, he wasn’t going to help them be right.

The Snitch caught his eye speeding along the right side of the field. Alvar tensed, but restrained himself and began drifting around in the other direction. There was no way he could try to chase it down on this school broom. (He’d have to figure out how to get a fast enough broom soon that he could. Maybe Flitwick would cough up for the sake of the house? No, wait, it was Winchester in charge now. Ugh, Alvar didn’t know him from Adam.)

Nobody else seemed to have eyes, thank goodness. Alvar increased his speed a little, smoothly streaking over and down. He kept his gaze locked on the little golden glint. Judging its trajectory, judging his own... And zipping forward at just the right second with a burst of speed, snatching it right out of its arc.

He brushed his stupid hair out of his face with the back of his fist, the little wings stuck out of either side batting frantically against his forehead. “Williams?” he called. She’d better have seen that.

Amelia Hollingberry [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: Ravenclaw Quidditch
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2019, 07:23:01 AM »
Name / Year: Amelia Hollingberry / 6th Year (Probably wouldn't want to be Co-Captain)
First-choice position: Keeper
Second-choice position: Chaser
RP sample:

It had been so long since she had been on the team, in fact, hadn't it been like four years? She couldn't really remember, but at the time she hated herself for playing and soon quit the team afterward. Yet here she was again trying out for the team once more. Amelia had built up her esteem over the years and was doing her best to build herself up as a person and why not try to overcome an obstacle she had a long time ago? She still looked up to her brother despite him not contacting her in quite a while. Amelia was doing this for him more than she was for herself over anything.

Yet when she found herself on the pitch she was reminded about the horror she had to partake when she was on the team. The fact her sister practically targetted her only made things terrible for the young witch. She tried to suppress a shiver of fear trickle down her spine but was meet with a chill breeze from the cold air that made it impossible to do so. Still, this was a strong first step as she was on the pitch at least. Had she not been bettering herself over the years mentally she probably would have never returned to this death trap of a sport. Shaking off her nerves she mounted her broom and kicked off the ground. Her hair billowed in the wind as she rose up into the air and she remembered this feeling. it was nice and it felt like her woes and cares had stayed rooted to the ground she was used to trodding.  This was nice why had she stopped participating over the years? She felt free.

Amelia took her place at the goal posts as it was the position she was the most familiar with. Having been a keeper when she did play years ago she figured it would be the best position for her to try out for again. She would, of course, try out for other positions later, but for now, she would stick to what she knew she could do. She glided in one spot watching the quaffle change hands back and forth and much like her classes she would memorize the patterns of the players around her. Everyone had a pattern or reflex they would repeat without any thought while others relied on muscle memory and if she could analyze these patterns she knew she would do well enough.

Back and forth her eyes would dart as the quaffle got closer and closer to her goal posts. Her broom would sway with the rocking motion her body made with her zooming eyes. Left or right? Maybe Center? Who knew which way they were going to be tossing the quaffle towards, but she was ready. She watched the current chaser lift their arms and she knew this was the moment to make a choice. She had a third of a chance to figure out which way they were going to throw the ball. thirty-three percent of getting it correct wasn't very good odds to Amelia.

That's when she noticed it a subtle shift in their body one that might give a clue as to where they chucking the quaffle. Their shoulder was too far back for them to be tossing it into her left hoop so they had to be heading for the right hoop as their back wasn't arched to shoot for the highest post. She waited till the last second when the ball left their hand when she leaned into her broom to head to her right hoop. She rushed for the ball and stretched out her arms to catch it. Amelia didn't catch the ball as she had underestimated her arm length and her arms went past the ball causing it to hit her side. "Agghhh!" Amelia yelled in pain, but it wasn't like getting hit by a bludger and even if she hadn't caught the quaffle she blocked it from going into the goal posts which was something. Another chaser picked up the quaffle and headed towards the other end of the pitch. Amelia took this time to take a quick breather. "Next time," she paused, "I will catch it." She was determined to be useful for once and this was how she was going to do it.


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