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I ran into you like a crash of thunder [Barbie]
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:16:11 PM »
Owain was on a mission. He had decided, absolutely no excuses, that he was going to try and work out if Barbie felt anything for him. It was hard because she had given no indication of liking him more than friends and he was terrified of losing their friendship. But, he knew deep down, and thanks to several incredibly helpful Witch Weekly articles, that he had to try or he would be wondering forever. His mission was just, well, not very successful…

He had chickened out upon seeing her at the Sorting Feast, and then while hanging out together in the library. And then he began to ask her down at the lake, but when she turned her head up to look at him with her brilliant blue eyes he lost what he was going to say, and asked her to watch him at Quidditch try outs instead. And he could feel Nell rolling her eyes at him behind his back. After all, he had injured someone with a bludger last year, who wanted to watch a repeat of that?! Not that a repeat would be happening, Owain assured himself. He had worked very hard all summer to actually concentrate on more than just whacking a bludger with as much force as he could.

So anyway, here he was, awaiting Barbie so that they could hang out after dance class. Owain would have been happy to just go straight from class to hanging out but apparently he needed to change out of his smelly workout clothes. Owain did not really notice the smell, but he was not the type to argue, especially on such a trivial issue. And Witch Weekly said that girls like men who smell good. He presumed she had gone to change as well, not that Barbie needed to. She did not smell or look bad in any way. Though apparently that was just something that he would never understand, according to his mum, who often took ages getting ready before leaving the house.

It was a grey, drizzly afternoon, the kind that happens frequently in Scotland in September, but Owain had already spent most of the day cooped up inside and was not about to let the weather prevent him from fresh air. So, like he had informed Barbie before they parted ways, he was in their alcove just off one of the secondary courtyards. A small covered space with a stone bench that Owain had found during his first year and immediately shared with Barbie upon her arrival to Hogwarts. It was accessed by cloisters but open in that if he stretched his hand far enough out, he could feel the moisture start to gather on his fingers. He could run out into the rain if he so desired. They could hang out here, usually, without interruption and just be themselves. Barbie and Owain, best friends. Not students or playing any other kind of role.

Owain struggled to keep still as he waited and instead ran over what he had learned in class before Barbie arrived. He had again not been partnered up with her and, while his current partner was great, she just wasn’t as great as Barbie. Performing his routine, Owain focused on the parts he enjoyed most, leaping from side to side completing pas de basques. Resting his hand on the cold stone wall as he turned to start in the other direction, he saw Barbie approaching and smiled. As suspected, she looked great, even not in ballet clothes.

“Hey Barbie,” he called as she got closer, “whatcha wanna do?” Owain was never one to call the shots in their relationship, always letting her decide what they were going to do and when. Without waiting for a reply, he spun towards her and grabbed her hand to pull her into a loose twirl before releasing her towards the bench. The grey atmosphere seemed to lift in her presence and Owain was reminded about his mission. He at least had to try.

Smiling down at her, he asked softly, “did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?” Flying Firebolts, he hoped his palms were less sweaty than he thought they were, and that his heart would stop beating so loudly. The line had come from a letter writer in Witch Weekly, and although his friends had fake gagged when they had heard it, Owain was convinced it applied to Barbie. After all, she made everything brighter. He just hoped that she would give him some indication that it had worked.

@Barbara Gibson

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Barbara Gibson [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: I ran into you like a crash of thunder [Barbie]
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2019, 07:36:45 PM »
Outside it was raining, and she had put her hood up and giggled all the way back from Hogsmeade after ballet, and giggled through her rushed reassurance that she’d go find him once she’d gotten out of her sweaty clothes and let her hair down. Barbara loved the rain in Hogsmeade but did not like her soaked socks and the mud on her shoes, and either way she’d just danced for hours and looked and smelled rightly disgusting. It didn’t take long at all to shower and get dressed, but it did take her a bit of time to comb her hair out and to play with it in the mirror, trying to gauge whether it was pretty when wet.

It would have to do. Owain was waiting, probably. Boys got changed so much faster than girls did, and she doubted he’d spent five minutes trying to primp his wet hair. Barbara, up in Ravenclaw Tower, was seven stories above his alcove—he liked to call it theirs but she doubted somewhat that he didn’t bring Nell or Alvar there, too—and even walking and skipping quickly down it took her some time to get there. There was a way to get in without having to run through the rain, going around the courtyard, but that wasn’t any fun. The only thing stopping her was that she’d only just changed into dry robes.

She could just take them off once she was under the roof, right? She’d be chilly, bare-legged under her dress, but it wasn’t like she’d die. Having made her choice, she scooped her hood back over her head and ran for it. Owain called out to her just before she got inside, asking what did she want to do— Barbara hadn’t really thought of that, and was grateful when he went to spin her, though the wet robes whipped unpleasantly around her ankles. “Oh, I don’t know,” she said. “Catch cold, probably,” she said, and gave him a grimace-y smile, mildly embarrassed at not having a better answer for him. “We could just sit. Talk about— I don’t know, divination. Herbology.”

He didn’t respond to that though, instead saying softly what had to be the sweetest thing any boy had said to anybody in the history of ever. Barbara stammered up at him for a moment, utterly flustered, and got out, “No, it’s still raining.” She pointed out at the courtyard, for illustration, as though either of them needed it pointed out. He must have been looking for a good answer to that question, and Barbie knew she hadn’t at all given him one, so she looked down and added sheepishly, “I think it’s lovely though. The rain.”

She could never shut herself up, so she shifted her weight back and forth on her toes and added, “D’you know, it rained like this when my parents got married? They used to talk about it all the time— they wanted it outdoors and had to move it inside the morning of.”

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Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: I ran into you like a crash of thunder [Barbie]
« Reply #2 on: March 18, 2019, 10:49:31 PM »
Owain was disappointed. Of course it was still raining, he had not meant it like that after all. Even knowing that the courtyard behind him was still wet, Owain turned with Barbie’s extended finger, simple human nature to look where someone was pointing. His eyes confirmed what his brain knew, and he turned back to Barbie. She clearly had not understood what he had meant, maybe the phrase had not been as good as he had thought? He was going to have to be more direct. I think you are lovely he thought as he gathered his courage. Putting what he hoped was a “I’m going to say something serious but it’s really not bad serious” smile on his face, but probably came across more as a soft expression that looked like he was attempting to talk his way out of trouble, Owain gently grasped Barbie’s left hand in his right, looking down at the connection between them.

“Barbie,” he began quietly, slowly. He had slightly cut off her information on her parents’ wedding, but he already knew that. Even if he didn’t spend a lot of attention to Barbie’s mum, she spent enough time with his own mum that he had definitely heard her complaining about it before. He gripped her hand slightly, a little pressure reassuring him of their link. Still staring down at her delicate hand in his larger one, he continued, “I was wondering, you know, if,” Owain paused, his confidence faltering.

He glanced up into her expectant face. What if she didn’t feel the same way? No matter what, Owain could not ruin their friendship over this. It didn’t matter about all the reassurances his friends kept trying to give him that Barbie did in fact like like him, Owain could not risk it. His resolve shattered, his sincere expression changed into a mischievous grin. His grip on her hand tightened as he pulled her, walking backwards into the courtyard. “Dance with me,” he declared, not loosening his hold on her as he tugged her firmly towards him.

Once Barbie’s body had come crashing gently into his, Owain blinked away the drops of moisture that had started to pool on his lashes, before clasping his hands firmly around her back and holding them steady in the drizzle for a second, gazing down at her. Almost as if the seriousness building was suddenly too much for him to handle, Owain used his grip to lift the shorter student up at her waist, hoisting her up so Barbie’s feet were no longer on the wet ground. Her face against his shoulder, his buried in her light brown hair, he spun them round rapidly, allowing the force of the lower half of her body flying free to increase the speed. He happily waltzed around the courtyard, Barbie still in his arms as Owain allowed the tension that he felt inside of him to dissipate.

Eventually stopping, he lowered her back onto her feet, withdrawing his head to look at her again with a slightly flushed face from the display of exuberance. Despite the dampness permeating through his robes, Owain was happy in the little bubble he had created with the girl in his arms. This was how their friendship was. Close and survived storms. Continuing to move, this time turning in slow circles, he went back to the suggested topic that Barbie had come up with earlier. “So Madam Gibson,” he started formally, as if he was talking to a seer rather than his friend. “What do you see in our future?” He asked half jokingly, half suggestively. “Did your dreams predict doom or death?” Professor Trelawney always gave out higher marks to predictions of catastrophe rather than joy. And Owain was always happy to come up with something to get the extra marks.

Barbara Gibson [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: I ran into you like a crash of thunder [Barbie]
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 06:31:52 AM »
He was holding her hand.

Barbara was surprised enough that she didn’t drop it immediately, just looked up at him to see if she could gauge what he meant by that. He said her name quietly; she said, a little too quickly, “Yes?”

He was holding her hand. And she couldn’t catch his gaze, which meant he was actively trying not to make eye contact with her. Barbie felt his hand tighten slightly around hers; she squeezed back, as a half-baked gesture of encouragement. It didn’t help much, Owain seemed reluctant to say anything to her once he’d finally looked at her. Feeling inexplicably disappointed, Barbie bit her lip.

Not one to dwell in their uncomfortable almost moment, Owain grinned and pulled her out to the courtyard. It was still raining hard; Barbie squinted upwards and then shook her head, letting little drops fly out around her. “We’ll get all wet,” she protested, allowing him to tug her closer. He picked her up easily and she shrieked with laughter for the few seconds he spun her around.

Owain didn’t seem like he was about to let her go, either, even though he’d set her back down. Barbie gently brushed him off and made a little show of brushing off her robes, though it was hopeless now: they were soaked through. Owain was still dancing in front of her, in a little circle; politely, Barbara turned around herself to stay facing him, and shook out her robes. “Soaked through,” she told him. “Oh, my hair’s a mess now, isn’t it?” To illustrate this, she brushed her hands hard through her hair, combing drops of water out of her curls.

She faltered at his question, though— surely he wasn’t going to make her ask him out. What did she see in their future? It took all of her willpower not to blurt out that she kind of wanted to marry him. That was stupid. And they weren’t old enough. And— oh, he’d meant in Divination. “Well, Sir Hughes,” she said, adopting a posh tone to mimic his. “My dreams haven’t predicted much of anything, lately. I think the textbook’s sort of rubbish for this purpose. I can never decide if the Quidditch one is a flying dream or a falling dream or a chasing dream, and they mean exactly opposite things anyway. And I don’t even play Quidditch!”

She already knew what his answer would be, but she asked anyway: “What’re you saying you see in our future?”

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Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: I ran into you like a crash of thunder [Barbie]
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 11:49:27 AM »
“No, you look gorgeous,” Owain was quick to assure his companion. And despite the curls sticking to her face, and all the other problems he was sure Barbie was currently assessing, what Owain said was the truth. He had known her for years and she had always been pretty. Standing together in the rain, her earlier laughter still visible on her face, she looked beautiful. He always failed to see how she couldn’t recognise that herself but Witch Weekly said some were insecure like that. His mum said that beauty was in the eye of the beholder or something like that, but Owain knew that Barbie was ‘gorgeous’ beautiful and not only pretty to him.

He couldn’t help but grin pathetically at her. Barbie’s Quidditch rant was adorable, and Owain was reminded of his vow that one day he was going to get Barbie into flying with him. She would love it if she just gave it a chance! “Well Madam,” he began, grasping her hand again so that he could bow over it, as if they were meeting at a courtly ball about 200 years ago, “if you’re dreaming of Quidditch then I think that’s a sign that,” he paused and his tone changed as Owain used his grip to pull her back into his movement, “you actually want to go flying!” The formal attitude over, Owain had shifted back into eager teenage boy. “Come flying with me Barbie,” he wheedled, “you get to fly, fall, chase and soar all at once. That’s what makes it so brilliant!” He tried to think of some way to explain it to her, “a stuffy textbook will never be able to sum up that feeling. Complete freedom!”

Consciously stepping back his enthusiasm for, as much as Owain wanted it, he doubted Barbie would go flying with him anytime soon, he threw her a line that he knew would wind her up. “Just make it up,” his philosophy for divination and the source of their many disagreements on the subject for Barbie was much too studious to simply make things up. Grinning cheekily, he backed out of reach of her reaction, holding his hands up in mock surrender. Even as a joke it was still scary when Barbie was annoyed at him.

Our future?” He parroted back, stepping closer to her once again. There was many things he wanted for their future. Some in the distant future, some in the immediate. Most involved clarifying their relationship status and the positive consequences of that. And Owain had already decided that this was no longer the time to try bring these things up. Instead he decided that it was exactly the right time to drag Barbie into a loose version of the Gay Gordons around the courtyard with no music. Being Welsh himself, it was actually the Gibson family that had taught him Scottish country dancing and the sheer hilarity and joy that was a ceilidh. Twirling her under his arm before polka-ing in a wide circle, Owain considered his answer.

“I see,” he smiled mischievously, “you and me on a broom. Soaring through the air! And for once you’re not hitting me until we land!” Forward two three, back two three. Keeping the dance moves going as they talked. “But like, obviously, for Trelawney’s benefit we must suffer some horrific fate and crash into the Whomping Willow and die in a fiery explosion. I want to get a good mark after all.” Owain was nonchalant in talking about their potential deaths, having now had two years of divination in which to predict the best kind of accident. His brain maybe did not acknowledge that being glib about dying with the girl he liked may not be the best plan.

[[OOC: okay, alright, I couldn’t resist… y’all don’t know what you’re missing out on. Scottish dancing is the best]]

Barbara Gibson [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: I ran into you like a crash of thunder [Barbie]
« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 10:54:12 PM »
As Barbie saw it, having a recurring dream about falling off a broom was not a sign that her subconscious wanted her to play Quidditch, but it was hard to say no to Owain when he was so excited about it. “Oh maybe,” she said instead, rolling her eyes and grinning in a way that she hoped would communicate that she meant no. Barbara Gibson was not, Merlin forbid, a Quidditch-playing sort.

He must have said his next bit— just make it up— specifically because it’d annoy her. “I wouldn’t,” she swore, and she let her voice take on a scolding tone as she went on, “And you shouldn’t, either. What’re you even taking divination for, if you’re making things up? It’s serious business!”

She let him pull her along in a little polka. Owain felt very eager right now to dance with her, and a fantastical, ridiculous, romantic part of her brain wondered if he didn’t just want an excuse not to let go of her hands. It was a silly thing to imagine— but she liked the thought. Liked it enough that she didn’t resist, even though it felt pretty foolish to prance around the courtyard in the rain like this. And, a moment later, she didn’t even need to fake the discomfort she felt at his nonchalant description of their fiery deaths. “Let me just— catch my breath,” she said, letting go of his hands. 

Owain hadn’t grown up like Barbie had, she always had to remind herself. Owain hadn’t spent as much time as she had around the dead, or the grieving. That was why he was this way.

“No point in killing the Willow too,” she said, after a moment, not looking directly at him. “But I guess it’s only a prediction, right? No chance I’m getting on a broom with you, anyway.”

She cupped her hands in front of her and watched water collect in them; “It’s so cold,” she remarked, then— “Come on, I’m soaked through— we should get out of the rain.” With that she hurried back into their little alcove, and busied herself fussing with her hair and stripping off her robes, stamping her feet and shaking out her arms as though it’d help her dry off faster, finally looking back up at her friend. She’d cut their conversation off abruptly, and though she didn’t feel bad about it— she hadn’t wanted to talk about dying— she hoped he wasn’t sour.

But, for the moment, she couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say, so she wrung her hair out and said instead, “Ew.”

i'm like a bitter old man except i'm a teenage girl

Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: I ran into you like a crash of thunder [Barbie]
« Reply #6 on: Today at 12:22:36 AM »
Owain let her go as Barbie withdrew, although part of him wanted to reach out and pull her back. He always felt more comfortable with physical proximity than she did though, relying on actions rather than words. He just always seemed to mess up with words. Like right now. Owain could tell he had upset her, but he didn’t understand how or why. She knew Professor Trelawney’s fondness for death and destruction as much as the rest of the divination class did. It wasn’t as if he was actually suggesting that dying in a giant fireball was how he wanted to go. In fact, Owain was sure that actually rated pretty low on ways to die.

He just nodded in response to her though, unwilling to contradict her although disappointed with her words. Confirming his doubts and fears. She didn’t like him like that. No chance, as if it was just ridiculous to even think about. Why would she ever want to spend time with him in that way? Barbie clearly just saw them as friends and nothing more. As much as he thought Nell was highly intelligent and normally always right, this was a case that she was wrong. Barbie did not like him the same way he liked her.

Owain followed her back into their alcove, downhearted but unwilling to leave. He would take their friendship over nothing any day. Staring, what he assumed was pathetically, at her as she struggled to get dry and warm, Owain suddenly realised he could do something about that. “Oh,” he said dumbly, fishing his wand out of his own soaked robe, “we learned the hot-air spell in Charms this week. I think I can dry us both off?” Slightly questioning, especially since while he hadn’t caused anything to explode while attempting the charm, it hadn’t exactly been a success. Now, what had been the silly wand action? Owain always thought he should be able to pick them up easier than he did. After all, he could pick up complex dance moves, and surely wand movements were just dancing with his hands?

“I’ll do it to myself first,” he said, looking at her affectionately, “don’t want to hurt you or anything.” With a complicated little wave that involved two specific flicks and a wrist rotation, Owain murmured, “ventus calidus,” and watched delightedly as a ripple in the air at the tip of his wand indicated that he had done something right. Pointing it at himself, he felt the hot air gush at him, the steam rising from where it hit his damp clothing. The stream of air was probably a little more direct than he had been shown in class, and Owain felt like he was being battered by the force of it. Nonetheless, it managed to dry him off as planned, leaving him surrounded by the slight frying sound of the steam being expelled from his robes.

“Em, it’s a big stronger than I expected,” Owain called over the sound of the whoosh of air. “Brace yourself,” he said warningly as he turned his wand towards her. Very careful not to point it at her face, he held his wand low, directed at her stomach. Now that she had rid herself of robes, Barbie was only clad in a dress, and Owain did not think he would be in her good books if the gust of wind caused her skirts to blow up. Once satisfied that she looked a lot drier, and hopefully warmer, than when he had started, Owain dropped the spell. He hadn’t touched her hair, knowing that blasting a girl’s hair with uncontrolled hot air was never a good idea.

Smiling sheepishly at her. After all, it was kind of his fault she was wet in the first place, Owain sat himself on the bench. If he sat down then he would not be tempted to repeat the move of dragging her out to dance with him. He sat sideways, his back against the wall and his feet on the bench with knees bent. Hugging his legs with his arms, head bent to rest on them, he gazed at her curiously wondering if she was still annoyed at him. “I need to make it up Barbie,” he said eventually, referencing their previous conversation. “She wouldn’t give me any grade if I just wrote that I don’t have dreams at all. I can’t fail everything. I’m not as smart as you or Nell.” He may be trying desperately to avoid both the conversation and the thoughts but Owain was actually worried about his OWLs. What would happen if he got none?


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