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Author Topic:  [lesson 1] Have you gone mad! Are you a witch or not! [all years]  (Read 400 times)

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Maryana was eager for today's lesson. The past couple of days, the students of the History of Magic class had been studying about witch hunts and trials all over the world during different eras. As their unit was coming to a close, Maryana had an exciting project that resulted as their final grade. "As many of you will recall, I assigned each of you a name to research and write a three-page essay about these people who were involved in witch trials around the world during different eras. Some of you researched those who were charged and found guilty. Others were blamed and found innocent. One of you researched a judge. Because in many cases, the court was made up of the townsfolk, the accusers usually also served as the accused.  Today..."

She smiled at the class with a glimmer of mischief twinkling in her eyes. If her students hadn't guessed by now, they were soon about to find out why they had researched these individuals. The desks were to the side. There was one classroom chair in the center of the room. "The one on trial will sit here," she motioned to the stiff wooden chair. Across from it was a table with a bigger, cushioned chair that had come down from Maryana's office for the event. On this table, there was nothing more but an hourglass in the center of it. "This is where our Honorable judge will sit. Behind the accuser, the rest of you will take your seats." Professor Nikolaeva had set up her own courtroom within her classroom. "We'll reenact some of those stories, every person playing the part they researched and having our own witch trials!" Her voice rang with excitement as she watched the students connect the pieces and were hopefully able to easily follow along with the information she had given so far.

"The rules are simple. There will be one judge. Then his court, or jury, if you will. As being victims who are placed on trial, you will each take turns. The rest of you will watch from your seats," she motioned to where they sat now behind the accused's chair. "And you will help decide if this person is guilty or not guilty. Put yourself in the days of old. Think of how your person felt about these trials. What would your character do if they were next on trial? Would they defend one person and cry guilty for another? There will be order kept in the court. I will play the neutral ground. All of you, please turn in a slip of paper with your person's name, status, occupation, and what they have been charged with. As you take your position, evaluate what may have brought your person to the stand. Why are they accused of being a witch? You can each reference your papers so that you can identify any important evidence that may help your defense. Your essays will be turned in at the end of class. If you sell your innocence well enough, you can have a different -or very similar- sentence to what your character was given. Those who are found guilty will be given a red ribbon to pin to your robes. Those who are found innocent will pin white ribbons to their robes. Be sure to take notes about tactics people use, what stories the judge is more sympathetic to, and which they find appalling. These can help you if you haven't gone on trial and may potentially be of aide with future quizzes and exams. Everyone, turn in your slips of paper, take your places promptly, record notes, and we will begin."

What better way to engage the students in history than to have them act it out? Maryana was thrilled with the idea she had been able to work through with some help from another Koldovstoretz professor. She took her seat off to the side so she could watch her students as they took their seats. "The order will go as follows. I will draw one of the papers you have turned in and read the information. Name. Status. Occupation. Accusation. The judge will then turn over the hourglass sitting on their table. The accused will have two minutes to defend themselves before the sand runs out from the top. You may speak, plead guilty, distract the judge, sit in silence, whatever you want to say or do as you make an attempt to prove yourself innocent. The judge may then ask you a maximum of five questions. When the judge is done asking questions, he will address the rest of you. You will then discuss with each other if the defendant's evidence is enough. When you feel as if you've reached a consensus, you will then vote Witch or Non-Witch lead by the judge. Points will be rewarded to houses for having full participation."

Once the judge, his court, and the audience had seated, she reached her hand into a bag the pieces of paper had been put into and pulled out a slip of paper of one of the victim's names. She read the information and the accusations against him before stepping back and allowing her students to lead the discussion, defending themselves and blaming others, and then deciding what the final sentence would be.


>>OOC NOTE: NPCs are allowed. First come, first serve. Whoever wants to be the judge, can. There will be only one judge for the class. This also applies to the first one being called. Just provide the information on the slip of paper and go from there. Everyone else will play as the accusers and be put on trial. Even those who have gone "on trial" can still actively participate in the discussion and help the judge decide if the "witch" is guilty or not guilty or being a witch. You can make up the name of the subject your character researched as well as their status and accusations against them. To help with the time-telling process, the first reply for the accused can be that your character's post is them defending themselves for two minutes before the questions are asked and the class decides their fate. Anya will post who is called next after each trial is completed. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me, make a post in the HoM board (label it questions for class), or post in my shipper!

Edit: @Esmeray Aysoy has claimed judge. Everyone else, feel free to make up any character and have fun! Your character can be of any race and nationality. Just be sure to play true to their area of origin.

SLIP OF PAPER CODE (please copy and paste in all posts for this lesson):
Code: [Select]
[b]Status:[/b] rich (influential)/middle/lower
[b]Occupation:[/b] Ex: farmer/healer/nurse/child/law enforcement/housewife/etc. you choose
[b]Accusation:[/b] Ex: John Doe was blamed for being a man of evil after the quick recovery of a young girl from a terrible illness. The girl wasn't getting well until she drank some concoction he had put together claiming to be using secret ingredients and not ones healers would usually have accessible to them.
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Re: [lesson 1] Have you gone mad! Are you a witch or not! [all years]
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Name: Ivan Semenov
Status: rich / influential
Occupation: Judge
Accusation: He is a muggle that has been known to be quite harsh on his verdicts. Although he has excepted a bribe or two, if he does believe your area witch almost no amount of money would turn his head, so it is better to imperious him before you are on trial.

Esmeray was quite disappointed at the time she was been assigned a muggle judge for her research project. She wanted to get that crazy witch that loved when they tried to set fire to her or one that willing remained locked up so she could curse the whole court room at once, before untying herself and walking away.  Instead all that was known about Judge Ivan Semenov, was that he was quite the idiot. He would most often convict wrongly accused Muggles. The records also showed that most actual Wizards and Witches that were brought to him either seceded in imperiusing him or others to claim their innocence or bribed him. He ended up being put on trial for being a sorcerer himself when his memory was wiped one to many times.

Still when the day came to act out their assigned people in the courtroom, Esmeray started to get excited about her lame little Muggle Judge. It might be fun to play the idiot that keeps on alternating between getting zapped and lining his pocket, (although often with cursed gold.) After the Professor started the class Esmeray stood up, approaching the front desk and took her time with putting on the white wig and black robe. Once she got it all situated, she and added a silly flourish with her robe before she sat down. She gracefully picked up the mallet before she bagged it heavily on the table.

While adding with a fake deep authoritarian voice, which she attempted to make carry across the room saying,  “Here-he here-he, I am the honorable Judge Ivan….um Semenov, presiding over this courtroom. I don’t have all day so please bring forth the first accused witch or wizard!” 

Esmeray smiled and gave a nod to the Professor and waited for her to call the first name. She wondered just how silly she was allowed to get if she was mind controlled or just how much she would hold out for a bribe.


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