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Author Topic:  [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]  (Read 319 times)

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Bérénice Bonaccord [ Board Mod ]
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[lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
« on: March 21, 2019, 08:23:34 AM »
Bérénice sat on the edge of her desk, hands folded in her lap and holding her wand loosely. Her dark hair was up in a classic chignon, and her robes were a pale, baby blue, so she almost blended in with her students. Her students. It was official now, wasn’t it? She was a substitute no longer. In fact, she’d quickly been bumped straight up not only to Head of Ombrelune House, but also Deputy Headmistress. She knew why, though she would never admit to it publicly – they wanted someone they could trust, and they thought she was it. Was she? She wasn’t sure where she stood, right now.

Bérénice got to her feet, heels clacking quietly on the tiled floor, and smiled warmly at the faces peering at her. If she gave off the aura of being calm and composed, perhaps they wouldn’t be concerned about anything other than the lesson at hand. That would be preferable, at least. “Good afternoon,” she greeted them softly. It was the end of summer and a warm breeze was blowing through the open windows of the classroom, the sheer drapes billowing lightly every few minutes. Desks were arranged in pairs, with the anticipation that those who sat together could work together once the practical part of the lesson began.

“Welcome to Hypnosis, I am Professor Bonaccord. A little about me for our new faces; I am a trained hypnotist, and worked as a hypnotherapist at the magical hospital in Paris.” Best not to name-drop that particular institution – she didn’t want to bolster any rumours of her family name being anything to do with her success here or in her previous career. “Today we will be covering some basics of hypnosis. As you should all know, hypnosis is a trancelike state in which the subject – or subjects – enter a heightened level of awareness, and reduced interest in the periphery. In this state they are more susceptible, and we, as the hypnotist, are able to suggest to them.”

“Can anyone tell me the two forms of hypnosis, the difference between them, and how they might be utilised?” She paused, "And for extra points, what skill would be particularly useful for someone hoping to entertain with hypnosis?"
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Sabrina Sasseville [ Papillonlisse ]
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Re: [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2019, 07:31:20 PM »
Sabrina was, uncharacteristically, a little unsettled for this class. It wasn't the subject itself that bothered her, it was the fact that things were changing again. Was it too much to ask for a little consistency in her education? The Papillonlisse wasn't quite used to the new Deputy Headmistress being as such yet, especially since she was still getting used to the idea of her being the permanent Hypnosis professor. Sabbie wanted to like her, she wanted to perform well in front of the older witch. Particularly since it was her final year at the school, so her thoughts were already starting to turn to the exams that she'd have to take. Though studying was important, of course, the ballerina's main focus remained on her dance. However, since she no longer needed to spend ridiculous amounts of hours in the library searching for clues to her mystery illness that was no longer a mystery... well, the French witch had suddenly come across a lot of free time.

The sickly witch had chosen a seat near to one of the windows, appreciating the warm breeze that washed over her every so often. Her eyes lifted towards Professor Bonaccord as she heard the quiet clack of the other witch's heels, smiling back at the professor. The Papillonlisse studied her carefully, noticing the calmness and the warm way she comported herself and likening it to herself. Her smile grew slightly, feeling much more at ease already.

The ballerina listened carefully, frowning a little as she thought about the questions being asked. Sabs hated to admit it, but she still often struggled with the subject even if she was a seventh year student. She did enjoy Hypnosis though, and found it very interesting so she kept trying as hard as she could. Sabrina hated the idea of people being entertained by hypnosis, however, so before her face could even move to scowl she'd moved on to Professor Bonaccord's original questions. There was no way she'd get extra points, and the ballerina was okay with that. After a few seconds, the French hesitantly raised her hand in the air. She wasn't too sure how to deal with the third question, but she fairly sure she was right for the first two. "The two forms are stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy and uh..." Sabbie paused, lowering her eyes to the ground and twisting a strand of hair while her thoughts caught up with her. "Hypnotherapy is designed to help the subject and the other controls the subject for the sake of entertaining other people." Her distaste for the latter was obvious, as her thin lips drew into a line and her tone tightened. She didn't think forcing other people to embarrass themselves was very fun at all.

Louis Proulx [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
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Hypnosis was not Louis' favourite subject, nor was he particularly good at it. He wasn't sure if it was because, in his mind, he saw it as unethical -- or at the very least unpleasant: the prospect of controlling someone else. He knew that hypnosis could be used for good, too, but more often than not the potential bad uses came to mind. Being on the receiving end of some of these over the years in this class probably hadn't helped him to feel good about it.

He entered the room and took a seat at an empty desk, not wanting to push his luck by sitting next to anyone he wasn't certain was on good terms with him -- he'd arrived a bit too early to have much choice. He watched Professor Bonaccord with quiet suspicion. He'd read the papers and heard other students talking about how strange it was that she'd gone from substitute, to professor, to Head of House and Deputy Headmistress so quickly. He had to agree... it was a bit... odd. As Louis continued to gaze at the Professor, however, he found himself questioning his own opinions: she didn't look suspicious. She actually seemed very nice. Kind, friendly. Not like most Ombrelunes.

She began the lesson once the last person took their seat and Louis was already propping his head up with his hand. His eyes flicked sideways to Sabrina as she answered, and he found himself nodding along, mimicking her expression as the idea of stage hypnosis was brought up. Louis' light brown eyes glanced back to their Professor and his brow furrowed; he wanted to be able to answer her bonus question, but he couldn't think of what it might be. A wand seemed an obvious tool, but not what she was referring to. A skill...

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Adèle Appel [ Bellefeuille ]
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Re: [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
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As usual, Adèle felt slightly apprehensive as she crossed the threshold of Professor Bonaccord’s classroom. The Sixth Year was not terribly gifted with wand magic, unfortunately; she could perform basic charms and spells reasonably well, but she struggled with added complexity. She had no trouble focusing and clearly seeing what she needed in her mind’s eye… but more often than not it just wouldn’t work, and she had no idea why. It was immensely frustrating, and what Adèle struggled the most with in Hypnosis. Which was a shame, because she rather enjoyed the class otherwise.

Adèle was a bit later in her arrival than usual, and consequently there were fewer open seats. Not wanting to linger at the front for too long, she scanned the pairs of desks for a familiar face with an opening. After her usual warm smile in greeting, she mouthed ‘Can I sit with you?’ before sliding into the open seat next to Louis.

The windows were open, to her delight; the Bellefeuille took a slow deep breath of the late-summer air and sighed quietly, blissfully. She was always happier when she could feel the tickle of a breeze or the warmth of the sun on her skin. One of the things she liked most about Professor Bonaccord – now Deputy Headmistress Bonaccord – was that the older woman frequently ‘let the outside in’ in this regard.

“Good afternoon,” she murmured back with some of the class in reply. Adèle listened quietly, making a few notes as Sabrina answered the first two questions, noting Louis nodding along in her periphery. She mulled over the third question – the bonus question – in her mind a bit. A useful skill for Hypnosis? She thought she could provide a reasonable answer for that…

When Sabrina was done speaking, the curly-haired brunette raised her own hand.
“I imagine charisma would be a useful skill. And a good sense of imagination and attention to detail, to build the imagery and set the stage for… suggestion.”
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Ludwig Baumann [ Ombrelune ]
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Re: [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
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He hardly wanted to call her Professor Bonaccord, never mind Deputy Headmistress Bonaccord. Ludo Hypnosis substitute from last year was now his permanent professor; his Head of House. He hadn’t cared about inpressing her before — who would bother for the short-term? — though he hadn’t slacked off by any means. There were still other students to be better than, of course. But this professor. It didn’t surprise him that this woman with all these new titles happened to be a part of a very important (ha!), very French (HA!) family; that sort of thing seemed to be the norm these days. He had dropped metaphysics for just that sort of reason, but he couldn’t drop Hypnosis. He just couldn’t.

Ludo tugged at his collar as he entered the classroom and took a seat at the front of the room, next to no one, just how he liked it. The lesson started and though he was passed over for the first question, he kept his hand high in the air, determined to add to 1) the lackluster answer from the Papillonlisse and 2) the incorrect answer from the Bellefeuille. At least they tried, thought no one ever.

Barely refraining from rolling his eyes, Ludo lowered his hand as he sighed alongside his answer. “Mentalism.” Obviously. “Psychic entertainment,” he amended, for those in the back. “Most entertainers aren’t actual hypnotists, though. They read body language, tics, the like.” He had tried it many times, but he was still as horrible at reading people as he had ever been.

Constance Paquet [ Bellefeuille ]
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Re: [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
« Reply #5 on: May 30, 2019, 05:55:57 PM »
Constance watched Berenice sitting at her desk.  She thought that her clothes and hair looked good together.  She was happy to be a Bellefeuille.  And the lecture started.  She was ready to learn more about hypnosis.  It was a core class.  Bonaccord was a trained hypnotist.  She loved that she had experience in the hospital.  She however did not understand anything about hypnosis.
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Bérénice Bonaccord [ Board Mod ]
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Re: [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
« Reply #6 on: June 17, 2019, 03:48:32 AM »
Bérénice waited patiently for the students to answer, and she did not have to wait long. She smiled warmly at the Papillonlisse near the window. “Yes?” she encouraged the girl to answer, and nodded softly as she spoke. “Correct, ten points to Papillonlisse.” She waited another few moments, and another girl raise their hand. Bérénice tilted her chin down with a smile, a signal to proceed. Ah, not quite. “While you are correct, not quite the answer I was looking for. Still, take five points for Bellefueille because they are indeed skills we need to be successful in hypnotism.”

She lifted her head and looked out at the room, but then Ludwig Baumann – who was right in front of her – caught her attention. She had to at least pretend not to be biased towards her own house. “Yes?” She tried to smother a grin and only half-succeeded. He was such a serious young man. “Correct, mentalism. And you’re right, we suspect that the moldu who perform as ‘hypnotists’ are in fact simply very talented at mentalism as they do not actually possess any magical abilities. Ten points, Monsieur Baumann.”

“Hypnotism relies heavily on the mental state of both the hypnotist and the subject. If the subject is receptive it is always easier – in the medical profession this is often the case. Trying to hypnotise someone against their will, however, can be extremely difficult – not to mention illegal.” She pressed her lips together and surveyed the room, wondering how many of her students would ever wish to use hypnosis for darker reasons.

“Today we can start with some more lighthearted stage hypnosis – I am going to attempt to hypnotise some, or all, of you, depending on how many volunteers we get! I want you to stand if you would like to participate, those of you who do not wish to take part please make notes on the reactions of your classmates so that we may all share your learnings at the end.”

She waited for the students to get to their feet, then took her necklace from her neck, holding by the chain it in one hand and producing her wand in her other hand. “I’d like you to all focus on this pendulum,” she flicked her wrist lightly and it began swinging side-to-side, increasing in speed without any visible assistance from her. “Insomnio,” she said softly with a subtle flourish of her wand, and several students’ eyes glazed over.

“Let’s make some room,” she said, and with another flick of her wand her desk shunted up against the wall, leaving some space at the front of the classroom. Her voice became calmer as she began instructing them, “I want you all to dance, as if listening to your very favourite song or piece of music. Let it fill you with joy,” she smiled, a little mischievously at the students who had elected not to participate, and watched as the hypnotised students began moving.

There was laughter – and no music, which only served to make it all look funnier. Bérénice aimed her wand at the gramophone in the corner and the needle swung over, playing an up-tempo number that might be used in ballroom dancing. A few students seemed to try and resist the spell, pausing here and there, but there were others so caught up in the moment they had no idea. To the students watching she said, "Look, how they don't see us? They are focused only on the instruction I have given them. Who is moving smoothly and who is appearing to stall? What else do you notice? Write it down."

After a few minutes had passed, she jabbed her wand towards them and spoke the incantation “Surgere,” loudly, bringing them back. “Now,” she placed one hand on her chest to stifle her giggles, “ten points to each of you who volunteered. You may retake your seats.”

“Those of you who took notes, if you would please share what you observed?” she asked.

Elisabeth Sturm [ Ombrelune ]
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Re: [lesson one] the closer you look the less you see [open]
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Elsa tilted her head left, then right, clicking it softly as she walked the corridor to the Hypnosis classroom. She wasn’t sure if she’d slept funny, or if she just hadn’t cooled down properly after Quidditch practice last night. She slipped into the room and glanced at their professor – no, her Head of House. Elsa took a seat near the middle and waited for the rest of the class to enter; Adèle came and sat beside her and the German girl shifted to sit more straight in her chair, where she had been slumping slightly before. It was a warm, sunny afternoon. Not stuffy, but warm. Elsa was thankful for the breeze flowing in through the open windows, or else she thought she might nod off. She did drift, somewhat, daydreaming about the upcoming match and about what homework she still had to get done – that was what she would blame her slowness to answer on, at least.

Ten points to Papillonlisse? And five to Bellefuille for what wasn’t even the right answer? Ugh. Elsa chewed on the inside of her cheek, making notes with her quill and ink that began in earnest but quickly morphed into her doodling. She was frowning softly as she tried to focus, to think of the answer Professor Bonaccord did want.

Mentalism. Of course! Elsa rolled her eyes at herself. How could she have forgotten that? And to be beaten by Ludo of all people – at least he would earn them some house points. Wait, hypnotising people against their will was illegal, but she was going to hypnotise them? Elsa turned to look at Adèle with her eyes a little wide. The German girl bit her lip softly. They needed all the points they could get. Elsa knew Séverin wouldn’t be brave enough to do it, so she got to her feet slowly, keeping her head facing forward towards the professor and clenching her jaw softly.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to the pendulum, her brow furrowing as she tried to make sense of how it could gain such momentum with such a small wrist motion. And then nothing. Nothing mattered but the pendant, swinging with an impossible force. Dance – she had to dance. Yes, of course. And to her favourite song. What was her favourite song? She only listened to classical – her grandmother didn’t believe in radio, so it was her old records or nothing. Swan Lake was the first and only thing that popped into her head, she started doing her best novice impression of ballet dancing, her arms floating out and around her head as she tiptoed about the room, spinning here and there—

And then she caught sight of Ludo and Séverin and Adèle and something twigged, what was she doing? She stopped spinning, but she had to keep dancing! Her arms made a circle out in front of her and then went out to her sides as she sort of skipped around in a small loop, slipping between her classmates until she heard their professor speak again.

She stopped abruptly and looked around her, her cheeks flushed and breathing hard from the exertion. She looked down immediately, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone as she quickly made her way back to her desk and sat down. Ten points? Only ten?

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