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dreaming of a time and place [séverin]
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When Elsa had signed up for school beautification service she had been rather obvious about doing so. The conversation of services often came up within the first day or so of being back at Beauxbatons; everyone wanted to work with their friends, so they would sign up for the same services, and people had to be quick or else a service would get full and then you’d have to do something you really rather wouldn’t, potentially with someone you really rather wouldn’t. Sometimes it was easy for friends to agree on a service, other times it came down to bartering (“I’ll do your creatures homework for a month if you take Stable Service with me”).

Elsa had avoided such an issue, or she thought she had. She had understood something Séverin had said to her in Brazil to be a veiled invitation; she knew that catering to his whims was opening her up to setting a precedent, but it also – in her mind – made logical sense to take the same service so that they could work out things for the Quidditch team, if nothing else.

So far, nothing else.

“Knight to E-five,” she grunted out as she lifted a box of old equipment onto the bench to sort through. They were in the Quidditch changing rooms, figuring they might as well start by ‘beautifying’ an area they actually used – or would use – regularly. They’d been here for some time already, and had made a surprisingly decent effort thus far. She hadn’t thought they would genuinely be doing their service, but either she had misconstrued Séverin’s suggestion (or lack of), or neither of them was willing to be the first to ‘give in’, so to speak.

“Why do they keep all of this junk?” she asked, not particularly to Séverin. She paused and turned, hands on the edge of the bench and her back to it, and hoisted herself up to sit next to her box of disused bats and balls; punctured quaffles, bludgers that had lost their magic and were now just humming threateningly, practice snitches that had broken and bent wings. She reached her hands up above her head and stretched, elongating out her torso until she felt a satisfying click.

The German sighed and plucked one of the dysfunctional bludgers out of the box, spinning it between her fingers slowly. The conversation had been polite, so far, somewhat strained. They hadn’t really talked since Quidditch Camp. Not that they had ever really talked. “Have you thought about when you want our sessions to be?” she asked, shooting a cautious glance in his direction; she didn’t want to talk about Quidditch, or English lessons (actual English lessons), but she also didn’t want to be the first to talk about anything else.

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Re: dreaming of a time and place [séverin]
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Things had been interesting between himself and Elsa since camp., but things were always interesting between them. He never really knew what to say to her, in all honesty. He never knew when they were being serious, when they were fighting, or when they were getting along. He just knew that he liked her, perhaps more than he should, and that it bothered him to no end. Things had been tense between them at camp. He’d made an ass of himself within the first few days and got the cold shoulder for most of the rest of the camp, until they finally (sort of) reconciled at the end. Well, enough that they were talking now, anyway. He had taken the hint when she was loud about her student service, and was happy enough hat they ended up together. While they were doing something rather boring, cleaning out the quidditch supply cabinet, they would be able to be alone. All things considered, he missed lone time with her during the summer. Even if they’d only had a few stolen moments the year before, he wanted more of that. Of course, he couldn’t just ask. He had to wait for it to be offered. Right? He wouldn’t be the first to crack. She would need to crack first.

“Queen to E-5. Check.” He smiled, knowing that she would take his queen more likely than not, but that was the plan. Sometimes you needed to make sacrifices in chess. He had a hard time playing chess and talking about other things. Keeping the pieces all in his mind was complicated, but they both did it—and he wasn’t about to let her out do him. He kept a board in his room to keep track of their longer-term games, but this one was just to pass the time while they waited for descend upon each other. He could see it in her eyes. She wanted him to make a move on her, and he was certain she could tell the same from him. But, for now, they were both too stubborn.

“They ought to just throw this rubbish away. They think they’ll fix these broken bludgers, but they really won’t. I say just toss everything that doesn’t work. No one’s cleaned out these store rooms in ages.” He shrugged. He looked over at her, eyeing her full lips for a moment. “I was planning on posting an announcement for tryouts this coming week, and then we’ll practice Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I think. Maybe sneak in some land practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” He suggested. “In a perfect world, they’d be working out every day of the week, but I can’t exactly hold them to weekends.” He shrugged.

He eyed her again, coming over to sit next to her. He picked up a punctured quaffle, rolled it around in his hands, and then put it back down. “Junk, really. I think it’d make it all easier if we just trashed everything that we don’t use. If they have a problem with it, my father can just buy new ones.” He liked to show off his wealth. He thought that it made him special, especially because he knew Elsa wasn’t from a financially well-off family in comparison. It wasn’t that he was making fun of her per-say, but more that he thought his money would impress her, for some unknown reason

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Re: dreaming of a time and place [séverin]
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Elisabeth scowled, turning her head away from him to think about the placement of her pieces on the board in her mind. “Bishop to E-five,” she replied hastily, seeing the chance to rid him of his most powerful piece and momentarily forgetting that it was, regretfully, the King who was most valued on a chessboard.

She nodded half-heartedly at his comment about how often these storage rooms were cleared out. She could understand not throwing things away just because they were broken and in need of repair; her grandmother had taught her to be thrifty and not wasteful. Elsa also happened to like to tinker and fix things, and if she wasn’t otherwise busy with studying and Quidditch practice she might take the time to try and mend some of the equipment – but when she wasn’t occupied with her schoolwork or her extra-curricular activities, she now found herself actually spending time with people, and she didn’t hate it as much as she’d originally thought.

“You really think anyone else will practice five times a week?” she asked with a sleek raised eyebrow. “And you realise this is OWL year?” she reminded him. Elsa wasn’t too worried about her grades – she was smart and competent, and good at getting her assignments done on time. However, they were only a few weeks into the year and already their workload felt like double what it had been last year. She didn’t want to admit to being worried about it, but she wasn’t in the same position as Séverin, where if all else failed she could just work in the family business (although, she supposed, technically she could, but she knew absolutely nothing about fishing).

She watched with mild suspicion as he drew closer and perched on the bench beside her. “Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays sound good, though,” she conceded, wary of being un-Co-captainly by disagreeing with his very first idea as Captain.

Elsa bit her lip and avoided his gaze until he spoke again. She was nodding along with him until— she lifted her head and glared at him, all thoughts of being cooperative pushed out by that niggling voice she’d heard back in Brazil – the one that said Séverin had gotten Captain because of his family’s name and wealth, rather than on talent or suitability for the position. “How nice for you, to be able to just buy new things the second something is a little worn out.” She wasn’t entirely sure she was still talking about Quidditch equipment. “Have you ever had to earn anything in your life, Séverin?”

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