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Author Topic:  the past is another land {Jürgen}  (Read 406 times)

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Maja Dörfler [ Ministry of Magic ]
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the past is another land {Jürgen}
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Maja had always loved the water.

Closing her eyes, she took a slow, deep breath in through her nose. She’d very much missed the distinct smell of saltwater and brine, and hadn’t realized just how much so until she’d arrived in the coastal town. The late September breeze was chilly off of the Lule River – known to the locals as Luleälven, as she’d learned just a few minutes previously. It gently lifted a few loose auburn tendrils from her bun, and Maja brushed them behind her ear absently.

The almost-twenty-one-year-old drew her cloak more snugly around her, looking out over the river’s choppy surface. The sights and smells hit her with a wave of nostalgia; she remembered the countless hours she had spent at the port, soothed by the roar of the waterfall. It was a strange thought that that castle now stood empty in the wake of Durmstrang’s rather abrupt relocation to Sweden. Well, back to it, she supposed, given that Luleå had been the school’s original location years ago. While Sweden was almost undoubtedly a more appropriate location, Maja herself was fond of familiarity. It felt odd to visit the ‘official’ village of Durmstrang, and not recognize a single shop. To Maja, it almost felt as though something had been lost.
It was true that Durmstrang had moved locations in January of her fourth year, just over five-and-a-half years ago… but her memories of the castle in Kaliningrad during those early years were marred by the invasion of the Russian Ministry: of bed checks, interrogations, and restrictions. Moving to Novaya Zemlya to escape the scrutiny of the Ministry felt like freedom, like starting over.

Though she hadn’t forgotten two years ago, when she and Elias had gotten word that the school was under attack by its own Headmistress during the year that Koldovstoretz had merged with Durmstrang. Then, too, were students subjected to interrogations and restrictions. Perhaps this recent move was rooted in some of the same reasons. To start over.

She was pulled from her musings by the unmistakable form of her youngest brother, walking up the path towards her; Maja raised a hand in greeting in case he hadn’t seen her. After all, he was the whole reason she was here in Luleå today. When the letter announcing the relocation had arrived at the Dörfler home shortly before the start-of-term (she’d retuned home for the last few days in August to see Jürgen off), Maja was intrigued. The youngest two Dörflers had agreed that Maja would come by for a visit during the first village weekend, and as soon as it had been announced Jürgen had owled her. She’d marked her calendar – and here she was.

Maja reached out for a brief hug as he approached. She was quite tall for a girl, but even so he had a good three inches on her.
“How are you? Settling in to the new… ambience?” Maja smirked, then dropped her voice to a whisper. “Seen any sirens yet?”
The German witch had heard that the town was quite close to a siren clan, and that it was not uncommon to see its members roaming about. She knew better than to be openly rude and stare, but she couldn’t deny her fascination all the same.
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Re: the past is another land {Jürgen}
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“Great to see you, too,” she replied sincerely with a flash of white teeth.

Maja nodded absently as he mentioned Tsar responsibilities (during her time at school she’d been upset that she hadn’t been made Tsaritza; in hindsight, though, she did not envy him but was certainly proud) as well as, simply, ‘girls’ – and the witch’s manicured brows went up as Jürgen hurriedly changed the subject. Merlin, he was that age now…
The Klyk alumna was intensely curious, of course, but she held her tongue; while her eldest brother Elias certainly needed a healthy amount of goading to bare his soul, her youngest brother rarely struggled with that. And then, of course, there was Lea who would tell a complete stranger exactly what was on her mind at any given moment… Between the four of them, they had quite the emotional expression spectrum.
In any case, Jürgen would likely voluntarily offer what was on his mind if she simply bided her time.

“A walk sounds wonderful. Shall we check out the wharf?” she asked, taking his gentlemanly-proffered arm with one hand and with the other gesturing rather unnecessarily to the water. “I could go for some fresh seafood… maybe there’s a market. Did they give you any information about the town layout?” By ‘they’ she meant the administration, but she supposed there were at least a small handful of students from the area that might be of some help.

Maja smirked as he said the words ‘not too busy’; with the current political goings-on, it was difficult to find a day that wasn’t busy. It was even exhausting to think about, most days. She waved her free hand in vague dismissal.
“Eh, much of the same for the past few weeks. Lots of disparaging remarks and dissenting opinions popping up left and right… it’s a madhouse more often than not, really.” Germany wasn’t directly involved in the majority of the proceedings, but it was becoming increasingly evident that their home country would need to take a stand at some point in the near future. On more than one occasion, she wondered how her eldest brother was faring in London.

Eager to be rid of work-related discussion, she turned the question back on him, her blue-green eyes briefly finding his face.
“Any new classes or changes in professors? How does this new castle compare?” She paused briefly, grinned, and continued. “Given any detentions yet? And— wait, how was the Beginning of Term Ball?!” Somehow Maja had nearly forgotten about the event.
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