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Melissa Knox [ Death Eater ]
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Volume 08. October 2002.

The German Ministry of Magic cordially invites Europe (and further afield!) to the 144th official Wizarding Oktoberfest!. On the 6th of October, join Minister for Magic Henning Blumenthal as he will tap the first keg of Oktoberfest beer, loudly proclaim ”O'zapft is!”, and celebrate the beginning of the week-long festival. Wizarding Oktoberfest, which traditionally each year moves to a new location in Bavaria, will for its 2002 incarnation take place in the picturesque alpine town of Bad Tölz.

Several large Zelte (tents) have been constructed in the Wies’n (meadows) on the west side of the Isar river, where hundreds of guests are expected to drink a few Maß of Weißbier, eat a lot of Wiesnhendl and enjoy the dulcet tones of traditional Bavarian Blasmusik. And of course, after dark things are surely to get a little more rowdy (reminder to parents! night time is not the best idea for children . . .) when things kick up a notch, the beer flows a little more freely and the “Schlager” ear worms are played again and again. And again. Dancing upon the tables with complete strangers is a must.

Those more culturally-inclined visitors can of course imbibe of the late-Gothic architecture and perhaps have a relaxing dip in the Wizarding spa, on the banks of the river Isar. Revellers are reminded that, although not mandatory, traditional Bavarian attire is highly recommended. Dirndl-fittings are already under way in the town, for those in need.

Do You Dare to be Scared this Hallowe'en? The Dairaku Hotel, located in the heart of New York City, would like to extend an invitation to all magical folk for a night of ghoulish fun and murder mysteries. Celebrating its fourth year since opening in NYC, the trendy luxury boutique hotel has become one of this year’s most popular spots for cocktail parties, big-scale events, and business conferences.

This Hallowe’en, the Dairaku Hotel has taken its dedication to décor and celebration to the next level by transforming its basement floor into a haunted house taking inspiration from urban legends and mythological creatures straight out of your worst nightmares. The floor-level bar will be hosting a murder mystery from 8pm, those interested in participation should be sure to register upon arrival as spots are limited on a first come, first serve basis. Though the party is open to the general wizarding population, the hotel's world-renowned Sky Garden Lounge, a rooftop pool bar and lounge on the fifty-first floor boasting enviable views of the skyline, will be exclusively open to visitors who check into the hotel for the night.

Dancing, live music, and unlimited cocktails are only some of the many events planned for the evening. Bringing children along? The fun is not only reserved for the adults! Childcare service will be complimentary provided for overnight visitors on the fifth floor of the hotel [The Kid Zone] where children will also have the opportunity to participate in some Hallowe’en celebrations of their own including but not limited to themed treats, costumes, face painting, pumpkin carving, and more.

The Draugr of Sweden are growing restless... Returning from their endless voyage a few of the undead creatures have been spotted gathering on the icy stone beaches of Durmstrang's hidden port. Before death, they were legendary pirates known to sail faraway waters looking for riches and making port only once a year. As ghosts they continue their venture, amassing riches and hiding them in coastal caves annually. Classified as dangerous and highly intelligent, the beasts will protect their treasures at all costs. Students are advised to avoid the cove after dusk and to not provoke the ancient creatures.

Hogsmeade has always been a magical place to visit around Hallowe'en, and this year is no different. Gigantic cobwebs stretch between buildings, the cobbled streets are lit by floating, carved pumpkins and turnips, street vendors are selling toffee apples and soul cakes, buskers play music, and almost all of the shops in the village have extended trading hours.

In the lead up to Hallowe'en, the Heads of Houses have contacted the parents and/or guardians of every student who has not previously been permitted to visit Hogsmeade, asking for special, one-off permission so that ALL students may visit the Scottish village on the evening of Thursday thirty-first of October. The surprise was revealed to the students on the preceding Friday (the twenty-fifth) in the last lessons of the day.

All afternoon classes on Thursday thirty-first have been cancelled, and students may dress up in trick-or-treating costumes for the trip to Hogsmeade (or they can wear casual clothes, if preferred). To give students time to get ready, the escort to Hogsmeade starts from one p.m. At the end of the trip, students will return to the Great Hall for the Hallowe'en Feast at eight p.m. sharp. Shop Keepers and residents of the village are welcome to participate in the event.

Back at the castle later in the evening, at the Hallowe’en Feast, it is discovered that The Grey Lady has gone missing - The Bloody Baron is hunting high and low, using the Headless Horsemen and any other ghosts and portraits at his disposal to find her. Professors attempt to seem unconcerned and encourage students to enjoy the feast.

OOC: The Feast thread will be posted in the Great Hall, the Hogsmeade trip is driver-led so please start your own threads! Shop keepers and other adults are welcome to join the Hogsmeade festivities!
The annual Pumpkin Festival at Beauxbatons is this year being held outdoors in the formal gardens. Students are invited to select a pumpkin from the patch and carve or decorate it as part of the festivities. There will also be competitions for those who chose to grow a pumpkin for the festival, with the categories of moldu-grown and magically-enhanced, and subcategories for each: largest, heaviest, lightest, and best in show. Picnic blankets and hot chocolate are provided for the earlier part of the evening, before students will move inside for the Feast and announcement of the winners.

OOC: The Feast thread will be posted in the Dining Hall, Pumpkin Carving is driver-led so please start your own threads! Winners to be announced in the next issue of The Daily Prophet!

This year, the SGA and other volunteer committee students have put together a big event for October. The last week of the month is Ilvermorny's harvest festival. To start off the week, the carnival with a corn maze, apple bobbing, fair food, pumpkin carving, hay rides and thrill rides will commence on the grounds. It will be open in the evenings for students of all ages' enjoyment. At the end of the week, there will be a homecoming game with all Quodpot teams battling for the trophy.

On the last few days of the event, for Halloween and the Day of the Dead, there will be attractions involving this special holiday and to celebrate Ilvermorny's students' homecoming. Students will be invited to dress up in costume for relaxed dancing, a costume contest, talent performances by the theatre class and SGA, food, and general socialization. Many of the attractions in the carnival will adopt a darker theme for this well-loved holiday including a haunted corn maze, sugar skull painting, a haunted scavenger hunt and traditional Mexican cuisine.

Martiro's Magical Beasts and Marvellous Circus of Illusions visit Merirosvot Lahti for the final Harvest festival. Fall’s bounty of foods, floating bubbles rides, an enchanted castle maze, and great displays of beasts and creatures from the four corners of the world will only be topped by the illusionary highlight of a pirate battle on the lake. Special admittance is given to Koldovstoretz students in the form of enchanted wreaths made from the stalks from the last grains of the town's Dożynkiare harvest. When worn, the wreaths will turn the student’s face into animals and magical beasts, further elaborating the illusionary-beast theme!

NOTE: Not all the beasts in the Circus are illusions, and hence many of them were quite disturbed by the animal-faced humans walking around, resulting in a few breaking loose and causing general mayhem!

Russian activists continue protests
Peaceful protests supporting equal rights and liberties for muggleborns and halfbloods have now spread throughout all of Russia. Activists are stating that a reform is needed at a governmental level, and that wizengamots must accept their petition for developing a new platform of governance which allows the Minister for Magic more freedom in his executive duties. The petition in question has already gathered over a million signatures, but requires three million before it can enter into discussion the Chamber.

Minister for Magic Kasimir Lazarevich Krupin has yet to deliver a declaration regarding the protests; a follower stated that “his silence means not only approval of our actions, but implies that the system is filled with purebloods to the extent that the Minister cannot even voice his opinion”. An opposition supporter however replied that Minister Krupin is simply “a coward who cannot face the fact that he will never live up to the people’s expectations”.

SPECIAL MINI PLOT: The Night He Came Home
Darker corners of the wizarding world have been haunted by strange whispers regarding Mr. Gaius Purcell's presence at the Ó Síoda Manor. Whether his reappearance is simply an expression of a godfather's pure love, or something altogether more sinister regarding the next steps for his former illegal organisation, we are yet to discover...

As a result of the W9 negotiations between Japan and Sweden in Ibadan last month, it was yesterday announced by the Swedish Ministry of Magic in Stockholm that a new Economic and Cultural partnership has been agreed between the two countries. Spokesperson for the Swedish Minister, Jessica Jonasson, described the future cooperation as “a freeing of constrictive limitations upon Swedish and Japanese business, which should help to develop strong economic bonds and growth for both counties in the coming years.” It is also believed that the partnership will involve further student exchanges between Durmstrang and Mahoutokoro, the creation of Tokyo-based forums for local artists from both nations to experiment together and collaborate, and the possibility of joined sporting competitions in the future. The spokesperson for the Japanese Minister, Ishida Isamu, agreed that the partnership will help to strengthen the already firm bonds between the two nations, and referred to Sweden as a “beacon of hope for Europe, and a model for all others to follow.”

The Daily Prophet’s Melissa Knox has accomplished the impossible — capturing the first post-wedding interview of Banshee’s one and only Charlie Baker! In this interview, the famous musician and composer discusses not only the band’s upcoming album, but goes in depth about his muse(s) and his former adventures as a free man. We hope you enjoy the interview and please don’t forget to send your fan-mail to our redaction, to show your support and love for one of the wizarding world’s most popular and talented artists! 

Melissa Knox >> “The fabulous and irresistible leader of Banshee, Mr. Charlie Baker. What a delight to finally meet you in person. As a lover of the arts, I cannot but be in complete and absolute awe in your presence, you are truly as magnetic as they say. Thank you very much for making some time for us today, I know you are especially busy these days.”
Charlie Baker >> “Lovely to meet you too, Melissa… That's very kind of you to say.” [stifling a yawn] “Not a problem, delighted to be here.”

MK >> “Regarding your busy schedule, Banshee’s tour is quite the success. Your fans, while delighted by your dedication to your music and enraptured by their love and admiration for your work, are quite worried you and the boys aren’t getting enough rest. I know you had a break with your recent honeymoon in Mexico, but a few words to ease your supporters regardless?”
CB >> “We're getting plenty of rest, I just look like this,” [smirking] “We're fine. We got a nice break over the summer. We work hard for a few months then get a lot of time to ourselves, so it all balances out. We count ourselves very fortunate that we do what we do.”

MK >> “You are so funny.” [giggles] “Among the lines of relaxation and delight, you are now officially a taken man — such a loss for a lot of women.” [Melissa smirks teasingly] “The wedding has been one of the events of the year, with so many famous guests attending. I assume however that the focus was more on the cherishing of you and your bride's — Kate Duenas, now Baker — love. We all know a lot of your songs are inspired by Kate, and that she is also your main muse. So please share with us, how was it having an entire day, an entire event dedicated for your mutual respect and appreciation for one another?”
CB >> “I am.” [fiddling with his wedding band] “She is my muse, you're right.” [He pauses to take a drink, water] “I… yeah, it was great. Her family were all there, we had a lot of friends come over from England. It was a nice, private event. I feel very lucky to have met her, for her to be my wife.”

MK >> “As a writer myself, and coming from a long line from famous artists and public figures, I know how hard it must have been to deal with unnecessary and false rumours throughout your relationship with Kate. I would like us to address some of them, just so our readers and your fans know that they are just that — unfounded rumours.” [Melissa pauses for a moment] “More ardent fans of Electricity have deemed that Kate is not your only muse. According to them, a majority of the songs are about Beatrix Honey Flume, and imply that you cheated on your then bride-to-be. However, if my sources state correctly, you have ditched the witch in question long ago, around January 2000, for fellow skinny dipping lover, Fflur Blevins. Are the songs regarding Ms. Flume a late apology for depriving her of your exuberant self?”
CB >> “I don’t regret writing those songs, but Honey was written when we were still together, couple of years ago – it just got tidied up and added to this album. It's not an apology, or a lament. It's how I felt at the time, but, if anything, it has… firmly sealed that chapter, so to speak. If there's some other songs in there about her, they're not the complimentary ones.” [He nervously runs a hand through his slicked-back hair] “Fflur is one of my oldest mates, aside from the boys [in the band]. She’s been around before and after most of my relationships, so it’s no surprise the press are still getting that wrong.”

MK >> “No worries, I think we all agree your best woman is nothing but a friend.” [Melissa laughs sweetly] “However, Honey has also been deprived of a wedding invitation, it seems.” [Melissa smirks] “Is it because she was again the centre of all your attention, two years later, in January 2002?”
CB >> “I-- no. The only person who’s been the centre of my attention this year is my wife. I can’t imagine many people invite their exes to their wedding.”

MK >> “If that helps you sleep better at night.” [Melissa teasingly arches an eyebrow] “It seems that Ms. Flume is not your only other muse however. A Ms. Perdita Bloom has also been rumoured to have inspired a track on Electricity. Has she also been deprived of a wedding invitation because of that?”
CB >> “Who?” [takes another drink] “Sorry, dunno. Your sources must’ve got that wrong.”

MK >> “My poor unfortunate sources, being discredited like this.” [she pauses for a moment] “A little curiosity on my part — had Aurors Chantal Garnier and Ariana Laurier been invited to your wedding to prevent those obsessed and delusional former lovers — the ones you seemingly do not know — from ruining the event?”
CB >>  “Ariana is one of Kate's closest friends, not that I doubt her abilities as an Auror. Same with Chantal. I wouldn’t wanna get on the wrong side of either of them. But they were invited as friends, not for their professional skillset.”

MK >> “I am not denying that you have had quite a few insane former lady friends.” [Melissa giggles] “Talking about the famous guests, Kate’s close friend and famous Quidditch player, Mr. Hefin Howell, has also been one of the most enchanting celebrities at your wedding. In a previous interview with our newspaper, Mr. Howell has declared that the two of your are on friendly terms, despite having a fight earlier in May. Sources say that a certain track on Electricity is dedicated to the Australian fallen from heaven. Considering he must occupy your mind so much that you write songs about him, I figure a new fanbase should be born, dedicated to your lovely and beautiful platonic friendship?”
CB >> [laughs] “You call that a fight?” [he shrugs] “Nothing on the album is dedicated to Hefin Howell. People like him might have… inspired a line or two. Not something I’d be proud of if people were drawing comparisons between myself and the fictional character of that song.” [funny little smile] “Oh, it’s a very chaste friendship.”

MK >> “Is your best friend, Mr. Robin Byrne-Davidson, not jealous of your one-of-a-kind friendship with Mr. Howell? Hefin got a line or two in your songs before Robin, too.”
CB >> “I expect when he reads this I’ll get an urgent owl, if he’s not too busy with his adoring American fans,” [Byrne-Davidson is currently starring in Cauldron Ridge, showing in New York] “or his girlfriend, I hear she's a dead-ringer for me in a wig though.”

MK >> “Enough about past muses though, please do tell us a few words about your upcoming album. Banshee’s fans are very excited about the promise of more of your work to be released in 2003.”
CB >> “I’m glad we can talk about the music, Melissa." [fake smile] "We’re hoping that, yeah, we can get something out a little quicker than last time. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be the same sound, been experimenting with something a little different. We realised over the last few months how much we enjoy touring, playing to people, and… I suppose that’s just helped. Made it easier to write. We were able to jam a little during rehearsals and soundchecks, and I for one am excited about what the boys have been doing.”

MK >> “Should we expect songs about the delusional Layla Fitzroy? You’ve had a lot of trouble with the certain groupie.”
CB >> “I— no.” [he appears to look around for his manager, and wife, before remembering she is elsewhere] “I…  wouldn’t like to encourage that sort of behaviour by… rewarding it, as such.”

MK >> “A lot of our readers have also inquired whether or not you’d be more inclusive of muggle culture and way of life in your next album. Your status allows a new expression of art in the wizarding world and, as such, could have the potential of being illuminating for some, and could therefore lead to further fame and success. Do you embrace your image as a famous icon for muggleborns?”
CB >> “I don’t see myself that way, as an icon or whatever. I don’t know why people think this sh*te still matters. The only disadvantage muggleborns have is the antiquated opinions forced upon them. I don’t consider myself political, but this comes up in every interview and I usually avoid talking about it. My parents are muggles, I grew up as a muggle, of course that’s going to feature in my lyrics. The album we just released is called Electricity, but it’s no different to someone who grew up with magic writing a song about brooms or cauldrons. It’s what you’re familiar with. But yeah, to focus on what the fans are asking, the next album will probably feature more of the same.”

MK >> “A last message for your fans?”
CB >> “The support we’ve had for this album and tour has been incredible. Hopefully it won’t be long before we’re back with some new music. We’d love to do a longer tour next time, maybe go some places we haven’t been before if we can.”

MK >> “Thank you very much for your time, Charlie.” [Melissa kisses him on both cheeks] “It has been absolutely fabulous meeting you and I cannot wait until every girl out there is jealous I got the privilege of being in your presence for so long.” [She laughs softly] “I look forward to your upcoming album, and I hope Banshee’s fame and success will continue to grow. Best of luck, especially with the crazy ex-girlfriends.”
CB >> “Thanks, appreciate it.”

The third of her name to become Japan’s Minister for Magic, Murakami Reina has been a pillar of stability for her country, her avant-garde and progressive politics being her greatest forte and advantage. The forty-two year old politician has been serving as the country’s lead executive for almost five years, since winning the elections in 1998.

Murakami Reina was born in Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō, Japan, and is the eldest child of Murakami Natsume, a famous former professional kendo player, and Murakami Mio, a renowned former sports journalist. Her youngest sibling is Murakami Osamu, a thirty-five year old professional shōgi player, famous for being one of the best in his line of work. As all members of her family, Ms. Murakami is a Mahoutokoro alumna, having been sorted in the house of Tsuchi, in her final year also serving as Zero Rank, and having graduated with the highest marks in her promotion and generation.

The Murakami family is famous for its great kendo players and over time became active in the Department of Magical Games and Sports, mostly as inspectors. Their thorough yet liberal methods and ideology has made those of them who had pursued a career in the Ministry great politicians; Ms. Murakami was motivated by her ancestors’ success in the political field and, upon graduation, in 1978, the eighteen year old ambitious witch decided to abandon her great potential as a kendo player and work for the Ministry of Magic, as an Official in the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

By 1985, at the age of twenty-five, Reina became one of the best sports negotiators in the Department, and was promoted to Lead Counsellor of the Department’s Head. In 1990, at the age of thirty and with the retirement of the Magical Games and Sports Department’s Head, Ms. Murakami was unanimously voted for overtaking the then-vacant position. As Department Head, Ms. Murakami reorganised and modernised the system, and started to build her political platform. She had been portrayed as a visionary with an open mind, believing that Japanese society needed to become more open to change and advancement, as they had what she considered the greatest potential in the world. In 1998 elections for Minister took place, and Murakami Reina won with exactly seventy-five percent of the Wizengamot votes, thus becoming Japan’s youngest Minister for Magic, at the age of thirty-eight.

Ms. Murakami’s platform as Minister for Magic, while acclaimed by the majority of the Japanese wizarding society, has also been vastly criticised, having been labelled as ‘radical’. Nonetheless, the vast endorsement of the people ensures Ms. Murakami’s popularity, her success acclaimed in particular due to the following reforms:

1. Research has been prioritised, being granted thirty percent of the budget, as to encourage and sponsor young and innovative minds;
2. The minimum wage has been tripled, better health benefits have been awarded, and maternity and paternity leaves are mandatory by law, in line with Ms. Murakami promotion of a healthy family life;
3. Japan Wizard's Code is not applied to researchers whose research is sponsored by the Ministry of Magic;
4. A team of Special Forces was established to eradicate all illegal and dark arts related activities and to put an end to all yakuza-related activities;
5. Wizarding technology — Japan is the first country to successfully combine muggle and wizarding science;
6. Creating a special budget for yōkai exorcism, along with the promotion of the idea of co-existing in peace with spirits, creatures and other peaceful yōkai;
7. Witches’ rights promotion, and a thorough inclusion of witches in wizarding sports;
8. The introduction of unisex work robes for all Japanese Ministry of Magic workers, as to promote equality regardless of rank, social status, or blood status;
9. Restorations of old temples.

Minister for Magic Murakami Reina is known to have been quite a controversial figure throughout the years, due to her diplomatic, yet particularly pleasant personality. She is known to have had a relationship with Swedish Minister for Magic Nils Nyström, but the two have separated due to their ‘busy schedules’ and ‘slight political differences’. Later it had been rumoured that Ms. Murakami had been involved with a yakuza, and that had served as motive for the distancing between her and Mr. Nyström. The news proved false, and Ms. Murakami’s reputation had been restored as she married a Quidditch player she had met during her time as Department Head. Ms. Murakami’s husband is the current coach of the Japanese National Quidditch team. Minister Murakami has been heavily criticised in the past for being a ‘drastic witch’, as she had conditioned her husband to take on her surname, and not vice-versa. Mr. Murakami however often declares in interviews that he had no issue with the matter, and is pleased to have caught his half’s attention in the first place. The couple are the parents of two children, a girl aged four and a boy aged six. 

Ms. Murakami is also widely known for her admiration towards muggle culture; as a conservative pureblood, she had not been familiar with the world as much as others, but has formed an interest throughout the years, in particular since promoting the advancement of wizarding technology. She is famous for having exquisite yet exuberant fashion, a diplomatic yet sometimes sharp mind, and while Ms. Murakami is endeared by the Japanese wizarding folk, she is often criticised and ridiculed for her verbal habit of overusing the word ‘kawaii’. Following the 2002 W9 Conference, Minister of Magic Murakami’s popularity within Japan has risen to its highest yet, the politician ranking at an approval rate of ninety-two percent.

Who IS Beatrix “Honey” Flume? The mysterious, beautiful redhead who is working her way through our best and brightest men and bringing them down one-by-one? In this special by yours truly, Rita Skeeter, I will reveal to you all the juicy details about this vexing vixen and how every man she touches is cursed and tossed aside when their fame is eclipsed by someone more enticing. 

Ministry of Magic records identify her as one half owner of Honeydukes sweetshop, a favourite in Hogsmeade village, along with her brother Duke Flume -- but our readers may be more familiar with seeing her on the arms of famous men of the moment. Ms. Flume has been linked to Quidditch players, rockstars, and everyone in-between.

The Scottish seductress was at work as far back as 1998; Ms. Flume was linked in the press at the time to none other than Banshee frontman Charlie Baker (who has recently gotten married, according to sources close to the man himself -- our very best wishes to the happy couple). Is it a coincidence that the band took a hiatus and Baker was involved in several indecent acts during his time with Ms. Flume? (Our readers may recall Baker was arrested by muggle police in May 1998). It’s obvious now that the single Honey from Banshee’s latest album was written about Ms. Flume -- does Baker still hold a torch for the woman who left him for another woman, Meghan McCormack of Pride of Portree fame?

Whether Ms. Flume was genuinely interested in McCormack, or simply looking to get closer to the Keeper’s brother Kirley Duke (of The Weird Sisters), one can only speculate. Ms. Flume was seen attending several parties during 2000 with the sibling pair. One thing is for certain, Beatrix Flume certainly has a type: famous.

The Prophet has also uncovered a photo of Ms. Flume with Gravesend Griffins star Harlan Bellamy at a fundraiser in April 2001, and a source tells us the pair have had an on-again off-again relationship continuously since -- even when Ms. Flume was dating other well-known individuals such as recently retired (and greatest of all time?) International Seeker Viktor Krum. Is it really any wonder Krum bombed out of the final this year under this witch’s spell? Sources present at this year’s Quidditch World Cup final have disclosed that Ms. Flume ended the relationship the moment Krum stepped off the pitch after his team’s loss.

We can only hope that the next man Ms. Flume sets her sights on fares better.

Foul Play
Sources report that the Department of Magical Games and Sports has become involved in investigating the circumstances behind the scary tumble taken by Takahashi Keiko, Toyohasi Tengu’s star beater, in last month’s match. While Xie Xeuqin claims it was an accident, some suspect that it was intentionally done to knock the beater out of the match.

Paparazzi spotlight: A VERY LONELY LYNCH
Banshee drummer Sam Lynch has reportedly split from longtime girlfriend Jeanne Chabert. While the details of their break-up remain a mystery, Lynch is now deemed as single and in need of comfort. As such, the drummer's fangirls (and fanboys) are lining up to attract the dreamy beau's attention in all possible ways, from sending him love letters to their sexy lingerie. 
The Prince and the Blondes
Rumour has it, that Quidditch player and Australian National team Captain Hefin Howell made a rather low-key appearance at the W9 conference in Ibadan, Nigeria, where he was apparently representing the family-owned "Rudd Institute” with their drive for new worldwide sales contracts. Obviously he is a man with time on his hands! Anyway, some observers at the Gala Ball noticed that he was getting rather close to not one but two blonde Ministerial representatives. Naughty boy . . .

The Princess and the Farm Boy
Has the blonde princess finally found her prince charming? Meredith Howell was spotted getting rather cozy with one Murray Cowan while in Hogsmeade last weekend. While the nature of the date or how they got together in the first place is still unknown, it was obvious that the two were trying to hide their love from the public. No one knows how long this star-crossed love will last or if it's been under our noses the entire time, only time will tell.

Rumour Mill
“I heard that Léon Lachapelle and Donatella Bertinelli are secretly dating, he was bragging about a date they had over the summer in Paris. I don’t know if any of that is true, that guy talks big but never has anything to show for it but, if she is with him, I think she can do better.”

“You didn’t hear this from me but in class the other day, Owain Hughes was talking about Lavender and love spells… I wasn’t really paying attention but is that like... legal? I think he’s using love spells to make girls fall in love with him.”

“A Hufflepuff and Slytherin were going at each other with a Gryffindor siding with the Slytherin during the practice match.”

“My cousin said he chased away a drunk wizard couple who were skinny dipping in a fountain last weekend. He said they left so quickly they even forgot their clothes! By his description I think it must be Jeremy Edwards and possibly Lesleigh Ollivander! Could they be an item?!? I mean how many other mop-head redheads and tiny bleached blondes do you know?”

“You see the way Esmeray Aysoy asked Zhen Xiang Wu to dance with her at the start of term? I think she heard that Xue Zhi is still giving him the cold shoulder and he is currently not promised to anyone. Maybe Esmeray is worried that her parents will match her up to her 35 year old second cousin.”

A wise girl knows her limits
Sport was not the only topic up for discussion at Singapore's Quidditch Gala in September. Something nearer to a scandal unfolded on the night, when none other than former Death Eater Gaius Purcell made an appearance. Mr Purcell, not known for his interest in Quidditch, was seemingly present as the "plus-one" of Magizoologist Genevieve Grosvenor, herself only nineteen years old, and made a reasonably classy appearance. However, as the night progressed, the former Azkaban prisoner appeared to be on the losing side of battle he could not win, as Ms. Grosvenor appeared to have eyes only for the exotic Mr. Hefin Howell, nearly thirty years his junior. Nonetheless one further plot twist took place, because it seemed that the Quidditch player had taken something of an interest in Swedish Ministry official Jessica Jonasson. The statuesque Swede herself was later overheard stating that "Gentlemen prefer blondes”, perhaps capping an altogether sad evening for the young english brunette. But, such is life.

2002 Quidditch Gala: Singapore’s finest
by Karla Posch As instructed by the International Confederation of Wizards, Japan’s government had been in charge of organising and monitoring this year’s Quidditch Gala. Whilst generally organised in Neroli, Minister for Magic Murakami is known for her exuberant and lavish ways and, as such, it was of no surprise that she had shifted the location to exotic Singapore. After the German disaster, the ICW has deemed that all affairs should be supervised by its most trust-worthy members, Minister Murakami being labelled as one of the world’s finest.

As a former Diplomat within the field of Magical Games and Sports, Minister Murakami’s vision of A night with the stars has delighted all, for it placed an emphasis on those in the spotlight — the world’s finest Quidditch players.

While many had acclaimed and praised the Egyptian National team at the event, the most shocking presence had been that of Australian National Captain, Mr. Hefin Howell, who had previously declared he would not attend the event. Nonetheless, it seems that at the Australian’s Ministry’s insistences, Mr. Howell had decided to come and charme everyone with his appearance, and more than delivered in regards to socialising and thus promoting the very promising future of the Australian team.

Amongst female Quidditch players, the absolutely stunning Captain of the Falmouth Falcons Quinn Regan had graced us mere mortals with her company, and it was of no surprise that the vast majority of guests were absolutely captured by her magnetic personality. She had been supposedly accompanied by her cousin, one of the most promising Quidditch rookies of the year, rumoured Falcons signer Keela Doyle. Although not as beautiful as Ms. Regan, Ms. Doyle had proved to be quite the enchanting little dove.

The only downside of the 2002 Quidditch Gala had been Mr. Viktor Krum’s absence. While Minister Murakami’s event had been a joy to attend, for the first time in recent history the Quidditch Gala and its guests have been deprived of the famous Seeker’s presence. Not only that his absence had been painfully noticeable, but Mr. Krum has been dearly missed by all. We can only hope next year’s celebration will bring us back the delicious Bulgarian bonbon.

Rally for Dwarven Rights is Crashed by Goblins
At a rally in the mountainous regions of Kentucky USA, Goblins and Dwarves faced off head to oddly shaped head. The two beings were seen clubbing each other, throwing rocks, and generally being disorderly at was what supposed to have been a fundraising event. For years Goblins' rights have been in the spotlight while the Dwarven numbers dwindled underground in the mines. Little is known of this subterranean species of magical creatures except for the exceptional quality of their produced forged goods, exceptional enough to rival even that of Goblin made steel. This reporter is now dedicated to finding out more about these marvelous mine-dwelling creatures. Are they present only in the Americas? Are they distant relatives of Goblins? Do they know the secret ingredient in the muggle's famous Kentucky Fried Chicken? (Seriously, we need to know...) The violence continued until waves of MACUSA wizards were dispatched and even though they had instructed us to take our things and go we have decided to dig deeper (mining pun intended), and we hope to continue the story in next month's edition.
Frankly my dear, I don't Ibadan
Enough time has passed since the the closing of the first African W9 conference in Ibadan to offer something of a review of the events. Nigeria will look back on the gathering, quite correctly, with much pride. As a shop-window for African business, it was a resounding success, and the Nigerian Ministry were successful in arranging several rather lucrative business agreements for themselves - the reduction of trade tariffs with Brazil and the increase in Potion export revenue with Tokyo will certainly have positive economic effects on the country for the foreseeable future.

However, from the British perspective, the 2002 W9 conference will be remembered as nothing short of a fiasco. The loss of favourable trade treaties with Germany, France and Sweden will hit British wizarding business hard over the coming months. Coupled with Nyström’s repositioning of the Scandinavian powerhouse on the international scene as the de facto core of European wizarding industry, the truth is that Britain has been left looking impotent in the eyes of the world, and some of the blame must lie with the twinned ineptitude of the Ministry’s Department of International Magical Cooperation and it’s Public Information Services, who scored own goal after own goal in Ibadan. Most Ministry watchers grimly agree that it will certainly take a considerable time to repair the damage done to Britain’s reputation on the international arena.

Neroli's gem: Tri Mondi
This month our European travel correspondent, Ruth Rainsworth, traveled to Neroli, in Italy, to soak up the nightlife at Tri Mondi. Located in the main entertainment square, La Piazza Cittadina, the original nightclub has undergone a refurbishment and a name change after coming under new ownership. The result is otherworldly - quite literally.

The club is split across three levels and allows patrons to move between them freely - though each has its own distinct atmosphere. The ‘entry’ floor, Terra, takes you to a world not unlike our own, but if mother nature were attempting to reclaim it; lush foliage and moody florals wrap around every surface. You can remain here or ascend to Paradiso, which is surprisingly light and airy for a “nightclub”. Oddly serene, it's probably better for an evening of classy cocktails.

The last of the levels, appropriately beneath the earth, is Inferno. It is the most dramatic “room” in Tri Mondi, with black marble and scarlet furnishings. It is, however, perhaps more inline with what one expects of a traditional nightclub.

There's a bar on every level, and to ensure a thorough review I of course tried a cocktail from each. Service is as smooth and polished as the marble staircase that connects the three floors. The cocktails are well crafted and, surprisingly, not overpriced - I personally recommend the Vulcan, which comes to you flaming and smoking.

The popularity of the club should be all the confirmation you need that this is a destination you need to add to your Neroli trip, but I can say I will definitely be back. Five stars out of five.

letter to the Editor
To whom it may concern,

I find it shocking that an interview with a Death Eater, an unrepentant one at that, takes up so much space in this month’s newspaper. While I understand the need for a newspaper to hunt down exciting stories and interviews, I was filled with disgust upon reading the article. The tone of smug arrogance at his release and brush over of his past actions seeped off the page and lingered in the air.

While I suppose we cannot expect anything better from a Death Eater who has wriggled out of the consequences for his actions, the more worrying part is the fawning tone that the esteemed journalist, Melissa Knox, takes throughout the interview, leaving readers to have to remind her that those nine months of supposed ‘stability’ came with hundreds of muggleborns locked up in appalling conditions which many did not survive and countless other horrors released on both Muggle and magical Britain. Mr Purcell’s time in Azkaban in comparison was comfortable to say the least. Certainly not worthy of the melodramatics she displays in the interview.

Perhaps we as a country should be looking less at Sweden for guidance and more in disgust of their policies which promote such superiority to certain blood groups. And their political maneuvering which resulted in a prominent Death Eater being released. I certainly have grave suspicions of any organisation that seeks to place those involved in a sadistic cult above international relations.

I urge The Daily Prophet to consider whether they want to be associated with suggesting Death Eaters are in any way ‘aspirational’, given that we, as a society, should be working hard to ensure those beliefs, and the evil acts those beliefs encouraged, are not given the opportunity for a platform again. While the Ministry may not be perfect, it is far from the fearful environment that many of us experienced in ’97-’98 and are still recovering from the traumas inflicted.

Kind regards,

Jane Smith

A note to the Editor
To Whom It May Concern — for it is obvious the editors of this [censored] third-rate publication are not concerned with basic human decency at all,

I am [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] disappointed in the recent issues of the famous [censored] The Daily Prophet. Not only that now the [censored] [censored] [censored] newspaper has become a [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] for [censored] tarnishing [censored] good and decent witches’ reputations — such as 'fiery cougar' Darla Boyd and 'fat witches hater' Quinn Regan — but [censored] now it [censored] started [censored] [censored] [censored] portraying [censored] criminals as [censored] the new ravishing [censored] Merlin of the [censored] wizarding world.

[censored] [censored] shame on you lot. This is why other countries criticise us, for you are indeed a [censored] [censored] herd of [censored] [censored] degenerate [censored] hallucinogenic substances [censored] addicts. [censored] media.

[censored] [censored] [censored],
A [censored] disgusted reader

Fraser Cowan, a criminal who has been on the run for five years, has been sighted earlier this month in the wizarding village near Hogwarts. Aurors have enhanced their presence in Hogsmade for the month of October, in case the wanted delinquent attempts attacking locals and students. Lead Hit Witch, Joanna Hennings, in charge of the infamous Cowan case, has released a public statement regarding the matter. "There was a confirmed sighting of Fraser Cowan, wanted wizard, in Hogsmeade at 4pm on Saturday. By the time law enforcement had arrived, Cowan had vanished. The public should be advised that if they see the wizard that he is likely armed and extremely dangerous. Please report to law enforcement and do not engage.”
Unknown Group Attacks Rhayader, 21 Dead
by Evan Reavley The early morning hours of peace and quiet were broken in Rhayader by the disruption of several concealment charms over wizarding establishments and a number of explosions, which claimed the lives of twenty-one wizards, witches, and Muggles on Wednesday the fourth of February.

By the time that Ministry workers Apparated to the town, all but two of the assailants were gone and easily deflected the first several attempts at capture or Stunning before Apparating away. Muggle medical and law enforcement personnel at the location were all unconscious in the street but left alive and healthy. Prior to their Obliviation, a number of Muggles, particularly those on Maesmawr Road, relayed tales of being taunted and scared by the assailants, but the same assailants also put Shield Charms on all their doors and windows to prevent them from either escaping or being harmed.

For this reason and others, Ministry representatives have stated at this time they cannot definitively determine whether the attack was targeted, and if it was, whether the activists will be targeting individuals or facilities. Regardless, the greatest damage was to the wizarding inn The Broom & Room (Welsh: Ysgubell & Ystafell) on Maesmawr Road, which had been disguised for decades as a defunct rubbish dump and was completely destroyed by a number of Blasting Charms. Furthermore the majority of the surprisingly few fatalities were members of the pureblood Conway family, who owned and largely ran the aforementioned establishment as well as the Muggle inn The Station Stay across the town.

None of the suspects have yet been identified and it is very likely they were using Polyjuice Potion and/or other charms to completely inhibit the revelation of their identities.

The Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes put in countless hours of work. An anonymous representative of that department went on the record, "The containment of this incident was a huge undertaking, probably the largest of the year if not the largest since 2000. And the expense pushed our limits. Mediwizards and Healers from St. Mungo's, Obliviators, the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad - even though this was a purposeful use of magic."

Minister Shacklebolt on advisement from the Muggleworthy Excuse Committee has instructed the Muggle Prime Minister to inform citizens of Wales that someone had illegally disposed of a volatile and flammable liquid of some kind in the unkept rubbish dump, which caused the explosion and set off a chain reaction as debris flew far across town and re-ignited on return to the ground in multiple locations.

The statement released by the Auror Office indicates that the investigation is still ongoing, any witnesses that have not yet done so should please come forward, and all pertinent information should be addressed immediately to the Head of the Auror Office.

A full list of the deceased follows.

Of witches and wizards, found in the Broom: Trahaern Conway, 75; Enid Conway, 62; Catrin Conway, 66; Brynn Conway, 41; Garth Maddex, 38; Meredith Maddex, 37; Luca Fisher, 24; Alyssa Fisher, 24; Watcyn Caddick, 106. Found in the Stay: Brychan Conway, 66; Evan Conway, 42; Phyllis (Markham) Conway, 46.

Of Muggles found in the Stay: Xavier Gallagher, 54; Jenson Griffiths, 45; Matilda Griffiths, 46; Macey Griffiths, 22; Cian Griffiths, 18; Lara Patel, 29; Halle Walsh, 29; Michael Austin, 26; Lilah Austin, 25.

The deceased Conways are survived by their only remaining relatives: Trahaern and Brychan's sister, Guinevere Conway (64) of Builth-Wells; Trahaern's son, Robert Conway (39) of Llanfarian; Trahaern's grandson, Damien Conway (17) of Llanfarian; and Brychan's daughter, Gwendoline Nash (42) and husband Farrell of Porthmadog.
Opinion: A view on freedom of speech
by Sylvester Walker As many may know, because I am a mere businessman and not a politician, I refuse to address public affairs, and thus shall not in this article as well, as to respect my ethics. Nonetheless, as an individual who can see Britain’s situation on an objective level for I am not a citizen and merely an investor in this country’s economy and education, I desire to show my appreciation for The Daily Prophet and its recent issues.

Following the events of 1998, the economy has severely suffered for all businessmen — and businesswomen — have been forced to remain quiet and promote their products from the shadows, as their own opinions were easily dismissed as old-fashioned and not up-to-date with the present paradigm. However, I would like to kindly point out that the vast majority of companies and shops within our world are owned by pureblood and halfblood witches and wizards, with businesses and lines of work being labelled as traditions within their (more often than rarely) conservative families. Without us, the producers, the wizarding world would be left with magic abilities alone and no means of accomplishing or controlling them, no means for travel, no clothing, no culture, and no traditions.

As such, I can only reveal respect for the Prophet’s first attempt of restoring balance within the British society, for their last issue in particular was a step towards the right direction, a step towards pre-war Britain, where everyone, regardless of status, could voice their opinion without holding the fear that their reputation, career, or business would have to suffer. I hope that this is not an one-of-a-kind event, and that it is finally a normalisation of the British wizarding society. In the end, a vast majority should not be silenced for the sake of a very small minority — which is, ironically, a category of consumers who would not even learn magic in the first place without the help of the merchandise we all produce.

I would like to emphasise that I am not stating anything of political nature, nor showing my approval or dismissal towards the contents of the Prophet, for I am neutral and impartial in regards to the politics of a country whose citizenship I do not possess. Nonetheless, as a patron and a magnate, I can pleased to see there is still hope for the flourishing of businesses in Britain. I expect it would give all of us some food for thought, for respect is never imposed by law, but gained through hard work which deserves recognition.

Do not let your country’s once successful businesses continue to suffer because you are afraid of a radical minority and further political persecution. Freedom of speech should never be one-sided or conditioned. Your voice matters even if you are not a muggleborn.

The International Statute of Secrecy is a joke

Editor's note: This letter was forwarded to the Ministry's Department of Magical Law Enforcement before publication:

I understand the need for places of asylum and sanctuary for witches and wizards, but to devote endless resources to concealing our ENTIRE existence from Muggles is a folly that becomes progressively more pointless with the increasing of their population and the advancement of their mechanical knowledge.

Rhayader was not your fault, it was mine… but it was your fault that I had to take that step. Lobbying a practically defunct and extraordinarily helpless Ministry of Magic to accept this viewpoint would get nowhere. Thus, more severe actions had to be taken.

If you continue to try and suppress these incidents instead of meeting us at our ideology, we will escalate. And escalate. How many Obliviators can you employ? How much overtime will your Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes endure before they succumb to exhaustion, ineffectiveness, and madness?

Magic can threaten wizards and Muggles alike. Knowledge is the only safety. Stop keeping our society restrained, and allow good and bad alike to be known.

The Dark Widow

general information
The Daily Prophet is run by the Plot Committee, with help from the Admin Team. The new layout has been inspired from members’ suggestions and, accordingly, it is considered to be a team effort of the entire community.

As such, within the content, one can find the following sections: (i) Current events and Mini Plots of the Month, the section which encompasses all MPs, along with worldwide political trends and shifts, (ii) Hold your hippogriffs!, the sole section ran by the Admin Team to deliver plot-related articles, (iii) Cat’s among the pixies, where the monthly interview, along with the Minister for Magic profiles can be found, (iv) The babbling cauldron, your #1 source for all gossip and rumours, (v) Snitches and witches, all articles related to social events, and, lastly, (vi) Losing a Knut and finding a Galleon, where all other political articles can be found.
how to contribute
Firstly, by playing out the MPs! We all want you to participate in the lovely settings provided by the Plot Committee, and encourage all kinds of involvement. In regards to the worldwide plot, one can thread it out with any kind of character, regardless of location, age or profession. Oktoberfest can be easily mentioned in any thread, or simply by casually stating that your character was reading the local newspaper for some distraction. It’s an easy way to gain MP FPP points, perhaps this being the most malleable MP to thread out!

Secondly, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to submit articles or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact @Elena or a member of the Plot Committee.

Please take note that you can submit any kind of articles or blurbs you wish, or simply link us to a thread or personal plot you want to be mentioned or written about, and we’ll do the writing for you!
We would like to thank everyone for all their support and help in writing this issue.

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We hope you will all enjoy this new issue and will have fun in the new playtime!

Special thanks from @Elena
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Spooky Hallowe’en and a wild Oktoberfest,
Elena x

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