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[mp] october skies [pumpkin festival]
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Olympe needed a distraction and throwing a party seemed like a good idea.

Every year, Beauxbatons had a Pumpkin Festival. It was usually a nice affair but nice would no longer cut the Dijon mustard. It was an unseasonably warm October so far, it was almost like summer was still clinging on for dear life. The sky was a bright and cloudless blue with the sun hanging low in the sky. There was a warm breeze rolling in off the ocean that rustled the still-green leaves of the trees and made the fully bloomed roses wobble.

The event this year was to be held outside in the formal gardens. The neatly manicured trees and shrubs had been temporarily transformed. They'd gone from perfectly tall to perfectly round, looking like fat little pumpkins that lined the main path from the castle towards the beach. The air smelled like cinnamon instead of the usual lavender as it caught on the breeze. Misshapen pumpkins lined the winding path, decorated with swooping details that let the candlelight flicker through. The wintery sunlight was strong but rapidly fading as the evening began to close in. Garlands of red and orange leaves hung between the tree branches, creating a canopy that lit up when evening drew in.

Towards the end of the gardens was a pumpkin patch, full of all different sized gourds of different varieties. Madame Maxime wanted the students to get outside and she'd made it as inviting as she could. The students were invited to harvest their own pumpkin and to carve or decorate however they chose, with magic or without. It was a favourite time of the year for Maxime. Autumn conjured up feelings of warmth and comfort and carving a pumpkin, she hoped, would spark a child-like nostalgia.

On picnic blankets were a selection of tools, everything from small wooden handled instruments for detailed cuts to scoopers for the students who didn't want to get their hands dirty. Plump cushions and cups of hot chocolate were waiting. As an incentive, Maxime was offering prizes. The winning entries didn't have to be the most beautiful or pleasing but rather, students who got involved and showed that they were having fun would be rewarded.

Students were selecting their pumpkins with their friends as they took their seats on the ground, chattering and drinking the whipped cream laden treats.

For the evening, the dinner menu would revolve around the vegetable. There would be pumpkin soup, casserole, roasted squash tagine, pumpkin pie and everything in between as a celebration. The Hall was decorated in orange and red for the feast that evening with leaves on the tables like runners and heavy ivy vines across the ceiling like bunting, punctuated with floating candles.

Maxime had already carved her pumpkin and it was sitting pride of place on the teachers' table. It was rather ugly and looked as though it was melting. The pumpkin was a tad cross-eyed and its smile crooked, looking more like a grimace. Her knife work was clumsy and a little messy, the cuts too deep and she'd bruised the skin of the vegetable in the process. Of course, she was phenomenally proud of her creation and no one had told her that they didn't like it.

The Headmistress wore a flowing orange coloured crushed velvet cloak that brushed along the floor, doubling up as a rake as it gathered the fallen leaves. On her head, Olympe sported a large and gaudy headdress. It was made up of twigs and leaves, looking a little like bird's nest. It had fat berries and cobs of corn with splashes of gold and came complete with a magical bird that sung intermittently.

ooc: please feel free to start your pumpkin-carving threads individually or as groups in the Beauxbatons Lands board, and/or reply to this thread as part of the feast later in the evening


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