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put a pin in it [open; all years]
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The box of pincushions he still had in his office was, he’d noted, completely useless for today’s purposes, when all the pincushions still had pins in them. Not that they wouldn’t be useful for the lesson— but this year, he was eager to avoid any injuries or mishaps, and thought that handing out small cushions full of needles and then setting his students to use magic on them was playing with fire. For that reason, Filius had been up later than he’d have liked, sat in his office lazily magicking pins out of pincushions. He was frustrated with the lack of success they’d had with the boats, and bored with the loss of half of his longtime job, and he mostly didn’t want an explosion in his class with very sharp detritus.

But, the pincushions now only dangerous at high velocity, he was locomoting them down the hallway to his classroom in a big cardboard box, which he plopped in front of his desk and before climbing the stairs up to his chair. He was perfectly on time, and most of the students were already in the classroom; he gave it about thirty seconds before he cleared his throat and started his lesson.

“Good morning, settle down, settle down…”

He waved his wand and sent pincushions flying out of his box out to each student; as they started plucking them out of the air he said, “Today our lesson is about precision. Charms cannot and should not be about the power of your magic— if you cannot direct it and control it, it is just as useless as it would be if you couldn’t do magic at all.”

If this seemed pointed, it was because it was— Filius was very eager, today, to impress on a few of his students that they needed to be more careful when they were in class. In his line of work he was used to accidents— he’d been set on fire more times than he could count, had been knocked down or sent flying in nearly every Banishing class he’d taught, had once been given a tail. On a few memorable occasions, his ears or nose had been engorged grotesquely. It was an occupational hazard. But they were but a month into the 2002 school year, and he’d had three explosions, a small fire, and a broken window. He could no longer put this off.

“We’re working on careful magical movement today— everybody’s been given a pincushion—” one without pins, in case of another explosion— “and I’d like you to, with whatever magical means you can, put them through the obstacle course.” Filius waved his wand again, and small smoke rings drifted out to hover in a long line before each desk. “First years, I know most of you only know Wingardium Leviosa, let me know if you want me to make your rings any bigger. The rest of you will have to manage. NEWTS students—” he glanced over at them, clumped together— “I expect you to attempt at least a few somersaults, you should all remember the Cartwheeling Charm. Nonverbal magic is worth extra credit.” Hopefully that was incentive enough that they'd actually try.

Filius clapped his hands together, saying “Begin!” and trotted down the steps from his chair as students dutifully got their wands out to start. His head only came up a little above the desks, bobbing around the room as he observed; he'd worried, in his youth, that students wouldn't be able to spot him if they needed help, but he'd long since gotten very fast on his feet, and was confident in his ability to react quickly to problems— provided they were spaced reasonably.

OOC: This is less instructional and more of a review; students are welcome to respond to any of Flitwick's questions in the starter, or to ignore it completely and pursue their own side conversations during class. He will mostly be going round asking students to demonstrate, and you are free to write as though he has just asked your characters to. Have at it! ♥️

Spoiler: some extra info for this lesson • show

First and second years will only know how to do a Levitation Charm (the infamous Wingardium Leviosa)

Third years through fifth years should be able to do Locomotion Charms as well

NEWTs students can do any of the above and Cartwheeling and Flipping charms, but Flitwick will notice if you're being lazy
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Owain had not had much success in charms so far this term. He had tried, it just seemed that nothing had worked the way it was supposed to. Most of his spells had been failures and he struggled to correct what he was doing wrong, and he’d even sent a mirror crashing through the window when his summoning spell had instead caused the object to fly in a random direction. With force. But despite this, he enjoyed the class. Professor Flitwick was a jovial teacher and usually forgiving of mistakes. It also helped that Owain was yet to permanently maim someone, although he’d definitely had more than a few minor injuries and burns.

Wandering into class, Owain took a seat next to Murray Cowan. He knew the 7th year Hufflepuff from Rat Club and they got on well, despite the age difference. “Hey Murray,” he greeted, looking around to spot any clue of what they might be doing that day. “Wonder what the plan is for today?” Owain had come from an awful study session where he had completed an entire potions assignment - without help! - on the properties of a bezoar, and then spilled ink all over it. He had tried to save it, even trying a cleaning charm but all that happened was all the ink had disappeared leaving him with no spillage, but also no essay. He would have to rewrite the thing later, when he could be doing other, better things. Bleurgh!

When Professor Flitwick strode into the classroom, Owain craned his neck to try see what was in the cardboard box. He was unable to until the objects - little cushion bumps - flew out of the box towards the students. Owain caught one in mid air and placed it on the desk in front of him. Practical class, yes! Much better than a lecture on theory! But precision, why did that seem like it was aimed at him?! It wasn’t like he wanted to cause his spells to be out of control, it just seemed to happen.

Oh, a pincushion! That’s what the cushion bump was. Owain wasn’t surprised he didn’t know that. He had never sewn anything in his life. He perked up at the words ‘obstacle course’ - this sounded awesome! Grabbing his wand he whispered “wingardium leviosa” and pointed - gently - at the pin cushion. It slowly, and rockingly, raised up in the air. Owain directed it to stop where the smoke rings were, although as expected the pincushion kept rising. He halted it about half a metre above where it was meant to be, and then looked around to see what everyone else was doing.

Concentration broken, the pincushion fell back onto the desk. “Oh Merlin!” Owain exclaimed, quickly raising it up in the air again. “Locomotor pincushion!” He said clearly. The pin cushion fell. No, that wasn’t supposed to happen. “Lo-co-mo-tor pincushion!” He tried again. The pincushion in front of him did not move. However the pincushion of the poor person next to him jumped into action, swooshing across the classroom with an elegance that would have been impressive if that had been what he had been trying to achieve.

“Flying Firebolts! I’m sorry Murray,” he apologised to the boy. “You mind summoning it back? The last time I accio’ed something I broke the window...” Not exactly something he wanted to admit. Quickly changing the topic, Owain looked towards his friend, “had you been having any luck? You know, before I nicked it?”

@Murray Cowan

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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Charms was one of Murray's favourite classes, and it helped that he was good at it too. He enjoyed all of the subjects that included the use of his wand. It was the homework from those classes that he could never understand. Why on earth would he need to write an essay on a charm or spell that he had perfected during the lesson? Hadn't he just proved to the professor that he knew what he was doing? Murray tried to follow through on all of his assignments, occasionally enlisting the help of an unsuspecting housemate. Sometimes his homework was handed in a bit late, and it was lucky for him that Professor Flitwick was easy-going in that respect. When Murray's assignments were late, he would spend more time perfecting them to make up for the tardiness, which he knew Professor Flitwick appreciated.

Murray took a seat in the Charms classroom and was joined by Owain Hughes a few moments later. He beamed down at the fifth year and gave him a welcoming grin, remembering how easily Owain's rat had rounded the last obstacle and come in first place a few Rat Races back. "Not a clue," the badger answered, just as Professor Flitwick was wandering into the room, preceded by a large box that completely obstructed Murray's view of the tiny professor. As the pincushions sailed out of the box and into the hands of the students, Murray was still a bit puzzled. It wasn't until Professor Flitwick announced that they would need to make the pincushions move through hoops that Murray's eyes lit up and he couldn't wipe the excitement off of his face. Nonverbal spells were even worth extra credit! Murray had taken to nonverbal magic easily when it was first introduced a few years prior. In general, he wasn't on top when it came to multi-tasking, so concentrating on just one spell in his brain was easy.

When the professor announced that the students could begin, Murray glanced around to see if there was some sort of order they were supposed follow. It seemed to him as though all of the students were either already levitating or attempting to move their pincushions around on their desks in front of them, not as concerned yet with the obstacle course raised into the centre of the classroom. He was watching a sixth year Slytherin girl across the room unsuccessfully try the cartwheeling charm, he could tell, but he couldn't hear her say the incantation aloud. Murray glanced down just in time to see his own pincushion that he hadn't yet charmed sail high into the air across the classroom, followed by Owain's swift apology.

Murray smiled at Owain, waving his hand in a don't worry about it gesture and with a wordless flick of his wand he easily summoned the pincushion back over to his desktop. "I was spying on everyone else before getting started," he admitted to Owain with a wink. "You were doing well at the start!" he said encouragingly, trying to boost Owain's confidence. "Let's see..." Murray pointed his wand at the pincushion on his desk and inwardly thought, Wingardium Leviosa. The little cushion rose up into the air about a foot above his head. He held it steady there, concentrating hard to get his bearings in line with the obstacle course. With another thought of Locomotor Pincushion, it easily started to sail through the air at a manageable pace, cleanly through the first hoop. Murray tried to remember the incantation for the cartwheeling charm, but that broke his concentration and the pincushion fell onto the floor once it had moved through the second hoop.

"Accio pincushion," he said aloud, pointing his wand at his target some twenty feet away from him. It sailed confidently into his outstretched hand. "Is it Volvalimo or Volverino?" Murray asked, turning back to Owain. "I always forget that one."

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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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“Cheers,” Owain said to the older Hufflepuff student as he complied with his request and summoned the pincushion back. Effortlessly. He wondered when he would manage to perfect the summoning charm. Laughing at Murray’s admission, he couldn’t help but ask, “anyone succeeded?” Owain had been wholly focused on his own task, having paid little to no attention to anyone else. He lifted his head then though to have a look around. It was slightly mollifying to see that most students were in the same position as he was. Pincushion on the desk, involved in a conversation rather than concentrating on the task.

He watched as Murray succeeded in clearing the first smoke hoop with his pincushion, keeping quiet to ensure he wasn’t the one responsible for sending it flying a second time. Murray did that all on his own this time, and Owain blinked in confusion when he was asked about cartwheeling. “Oh, I dunno,” he replied, “we’ve not done it yet.” Owain shrugged, “why don’t you try both?” He suggested, “what’s the worse that can happen?” It was ironic that he was pushing for experimental charms given that ‘the worst that could happen’ was usually some kind of destruction that Owain was usually behind.

Refocusing on his own pin cushion, he jabbed in his wand into the correct wand motion for levitation and spoke clearly, “wingardium leviosa.” He made sure to control it as it rose and it floated to the right height for going through the hoop. Whoooo! Point for Owain! Now to get it to move…

“Lo-co-mo-tor pincushion,” he tried, making sure this time his wand stayed firmly focused on his own pincushion. It began to move at a slightly faltering pace, the jitters meaning that it flew through the smoke rather than through the centre of the ring. Letting it fall back to the desk, Owain turned back to his friend before he attempted to try again. “Did you get it?” He asked, peering nosily at the pincushion.

Looking down at his stationary object, Owain wondered if he should try something more interesting than levitation and locomotor. It would certainly be awesome to learn how to cause something to cartwheel! And wasn’t this a safe environment where he could make mistakes…? After all, Professor Flitwick was in the corner to put out any fires he started, and repair any damage caused. “Can you teach me the cartwheeling thing?” He asked Murray, nudging him slightly to get his attention. “What’s the wand motion?” Owain hoped it was lots of loops. That seemed appropriate for a cartwheeling charm.

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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Carey was just turning the corner when he saw his short professor enter the class room. Knowing that Professor Flitwick was always on time and will shortly start the class, the third year jogged the rest of the way down the hall. Being one of the last to enter he found seating sparse. His eyes looked for his friends and he found Owen was sitting next to Murray. Bummed that there was not a seat directly next to them the Gryffindor picked a seat near them. Carey made his way down the row of students as the professor started to address the class. He snagged the floating pincushion as he sat in his seat. Busying himself with stowing his book bag under his desk and getting out his wand, he only fully caught the end of Fidwick’s description of today’s lesson. Still the lesson seemed quite clear enough for the young wizard… Float the pincushion through the smoke rings and get fancy if you could. The subject of Charms as well as Transfigurations and Potions class was three of Careys best subjects. It was not that he had an above average ability in them, instead it was more that they offered competitive setting in which Carey tended to thrive. Although he had some mishaps in charms, the latest was a small lived fire due to a mispronunciation. Typically by the end of class he was usually able to perform the spell, at least at the minimum degree of skill level. It was when he attempted spells well above his ability, that things would more often go wrong.

Carey brushed back his long light brown hair from his eyes and pushed back his sleeves exposing his leather gloves to the wrist. He swished and flicked his wand at the pin cushion and the familiar words rolled off his tongue. “Wingardium Leviosa.” 

The pincushion obeyed and floated up, but he had trouble getting it to a line with the smoke rings. Up and down, as well as right and left was rather easy for him to direct an object, but when he tried to send the pincushion backward or forward it over reacted. He heard one of the students next to him try the locomotion charm. “Oh!” Carey said forgetting about the charm. He cast, “Locomotor pincushion.”

As a result, his cushions started to slowly spin in place. He attempted to direct the pin with his wand, and it moved more or less towards the first ring. Carey’s face was lightly contorted and he bit his tongue in concentration . He flicked his hair form his eyes with a jerk of his head as he focused.  He wanted to be the first to get it through the rings, or at least the first in his grade. Maybe at the end he will attempt some of the summersaults Carey heard the professor talk about. His cushion made it past the first ring. He was in the middle of readjusting it to a line with the second when something streaked by. It disrupted his focus and his cushion spun off away from it’s goal. “Hey!” he said frustrated. Carey got up and grabbed his cushion before it intersected someone else's rings.

When he return he noticed the rogue cushion floating back pass him and landed on Murray Cowan desk. He would have thought it would be a young students mistake not a seventh year’s. Carey waited until he sat back in his seat before he gave his comical comment. “Hey, Murray. Ya not on the quidditch field. No need to block other student's cushions from getting into the rings.”

Although he made his statement in jest and only said it loud enough to carry across the student’s heads separating them, a reply of “Oooo...!” along with a chuckle came from a student or two that heard.  Carey replied with his own chuckle before he recasted his spell to reattempt today's task. His association with the rings being like quidditch goal post helped this time for he was able to a line the cushion more easily.

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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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"It's not looking very successful yet," Murray smiled back at Owain. And it wasn't. There were pincushions flying in every which direction, only a few managing to get close to the smoke rings.

The badger decided to take Owain's advice and try both incantations for the cartwheeling charm. Murray remembered the wand movement, it was a simple circle motion with his wand, followed by a precise upward flick at the end of the incantation. He took a breath and practiced the wand movement a few times. He knew that he would have to try to verbally say the incantation first, before he would be able to perform it non-verbally. It took Murray a lot of practice with any spell before the focus alone of the incantation in his head would perform the same effect.

Murray moved his wand in precisely the right way he was taught, aiming in the direction of his pincushion on the desk. "Volverino," he finished with an upward flick of his wand. The pincushion shot straight into the air like a bullet and bounced off the ceiling of the Charms classroom. When it came tumbling back towards the floor, it intersected another students cushion and sent it flying off course. The statement from Carey Baisley was enough to tell the badger who he'd interfered with. "Guess that's not the one," Murray grinned down at Owain before turning to Carey. He could hear the reactions from a few other students after Carey's comment about not being on a Quidditch pitch.

"Just practicing for our next match against Gryffindor," the badger replied confidently with a smile, swiftly summoning his own pincushion back toward him. "I'll be blocking all of your shots then, too." Murray threw a hearty wink in Carey's direction before focusing once more on the cartwheeling charm. It had to be Volvalimo. Murray adjusted the cushion on his desktop so that it was straight and centered, and swished and flicked with his wand, inwardly thinking Wingardium Leviosa as he finished with a flick. The object slowly rose into the air.

He held his wand steady for a few moments and turned to Owain without breaking his concentration. "Watch the way I move my wand," he said softly, screwing up his face a bit in concentration. Murray again made a circular motion, and as he brought his wand back to aim straight onto the pincushion he gave it an upward flick, "Volvalimo." The cushion had been floating a few feet away from his face, but it was now tumbling as directed by Murray's wand. He precisely held his wand pointed directly at the pincushion as he made numerous circles with his wand hand. It cartwheeled in sequence through one, two, three, four of the rings before he lost concentration and it fell into a heap of other pincushions on the floor.

"Did you see what I did for the wand movement?" Murray asked Owain, lazily summoning a pincushion back towards him. He wasn't even sure if the one he had chosen to retrieve was his to begin with but it didn't matter.

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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Even if the charm wasn’t the right one, it was still pretty impressive. The pincushion had certainly hurtled upwards with force, and Owain watched in amusement as it landed next to Carey on the other side of the classroom. “Cool!” He said, slightly awestruck by the speed. Maybe it was worth learning the wrong charm too? It certainly looked fun. Although Owain didn’t add anything to Murray and Careys’ exchange, their words gave him pause for thought. It would be pretty awesome to play mini quidditch in the classroom after all. And surely Professor Flitwick would be impressed if they could control the pincushions well enough to have them collide mid-air? Owain was sure that the Professor would be happy if the 5th year just succeeded at not exploding anything in the class. It wasn’t his fault that his spells just seemed to be quite violent...

Pulled out of his thoughts on how to improve the lesson, Owain watched eagerly as Murray kindly demonstrated how to do the cartwheeling charm. He made it look effortless, although Owain was sure he’d have multiple difficulties with it. Charms certainly did not come easily. “Yeah,” he replied, his own hand already itching to try it out. “Circle then flick?” Owain demonstrated as he spoke, trying to copy Murray’s actions precisely. “Do you do one circle for each cartwheel?” He asked, to reassure himself that he had correctly understood what he had watched. Owain’s upward flick was possibly more enthusiastic than Murray’s, but he was sure that would just make it better.

“Volvamilo!” He spoke clearly, unaware that he had mixed up some of the syllables. The pincushion wobbled, but ultimately did not move. Owain groaned frustrated and tried again. “Volvamilo!” The flick of the wand was this time so pronounced it basically pointed to the ceiling. His pincushion didn’t start tumbling across the desk gracefully but rather bounded haphazardly across the room as if it was a frightened deer trying to escape a forest fire. And.... was it on fire?!?! Merlin’s balls! “Finite incantatem!” Owain called, “finite incantatem!” The singed, still smoking pincushion dropped to the ground looking thoroughly abused. Hey, at least he had got it to move!

Sheepishly turning his gaze back to Murray to silently request a summoning charm to bring it back, he laughed. “Don’t think I’ve got the hang of it yet!” Failure never dampened his enthusiasm. “But minus the flames, don’t you think that it moved a bit like a bludger?” Although firey bludgers would certainly make for some interesting quidditch... possibly even better than quadpot! “Maybe I’ve stumbled upon the charm that it used on bludgers!” He winked conspiratorially. “Think of the possibilities...” Owain trailed off in mischief, allowing his companion to draw his own conclusions on the potential possibilities. Personally, he was thinking back to his earlier idea for mini quidditch. Really, any excuse to turn a lesson into something quidditch-related.

Turning his gaze back across the classroom, he caught Carey’s eye and grinned. The younger Gryffindor would no doubt love his fantastic idea too. Maybe they could team up against the Hufflepuff? It wasn’t as if Owain believed in house rivalry at all, but all was fun in sports. The pincushion back in front of him, Owain deliberately pointed his wand at it. “Locomotor pincushion,” he requested, and watched with glee as it flew across the room and-


His pincushion managed to collide with Carey’s and sent them both careening in opposite directions. Owain was quite proud of his aim. It had been a very small target he had  been going for after all. With the charm dropping, he once again made eye contact with Carey. “Oops!” He said with a casual shrug of his shoulders. “Sorry!” Owain wasn’t very sorry at all... in fact, he wanted to see if Carey would return the favour. They were still practicing precision, just in a more... interactive... way.

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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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“He’s talking about my yearmate, Archie,” Hazel said to the person beside her, smoothing out her skirt and sitting up a little straighter. “That’s why he said careful like that.” She glanced over at a mousey-haired boy sat three seats away from her, and gave a slight lift of her head to subtly point at him with her chin, indicating who the victim of her gossiping habit was. “Archie is so accident-prone, he’s been to the hospital wing four times already since the year’s started. How is he even still allowed to be here?”

She peeked over at her classmate for a reaction, and after a unenthusiastic nod which she somehow interpreted as encouragement and interest, she continued, “Anyway, my mum says that Charms is all about focus and precision, so this should be quite easy.” The girl smiled smugly and grabbed the pincushion that she had carefully rested on the desk after capture. She twisted it slowly between her fingers and transferred it to her left hand so she could retrieve her wand. The cushion was rather plain. She would have much preferred one in a floral pattern, perhaps with pink roses against a sky blue background. Maybe she ought to mention this to the professor when he made his rounds; she was sure he’d appreciate the suggestion.

Now with her wand in her right hand and pointed at the pincushion that occupied her left, Hazel channeled all of her attention on her task. The words ran across her brain, bold and bright, and she spoke clearly and firmly: “Wingardium Levivosa!” As she expected, the object of her spell begun to levitate. Before she guided it through the little obstacle course that had been set up, however, Hazel rested it down again and took a look at the rest of the room. She couldn’t deny the pang of jealousy that had prodded her upon the mention of more advanced spells and wandless magic.

Although she was only a first year, Hazel felt like she had so much to prove. She didn’t want to be doing the same thing as all of her other yearmates; she wanted to stand out against the backdrop of her more average peers. What could she do to simultaneously impress Professor Flitwick and show that she was going to undoubtedly be the most clever witch to walk through Hogwarts’ doors (behind her mum, of course)? As if someone had cast the lumos spell above her head, Hazel was struck with a brilliant idea.

Listening to the older students around her, she decided that she would try to copy their speech patterns. It was just a more advanced version of a levitation spell she already knew, right? How difficult could it be? Not too difficult for her, she was certain.

Focusing once again on her pincushion, Hazel listened and repeated: “Locomotor pincushion!” At once, the small cushion zoomed forward and hit the head of a classmate. Well. That certainly was not the result she had predicted.

t h e s e   w i n g s   w e r e   m a d e   t o   f l y

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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Charms was one of her favourite classes. Probably her second favourite, she reasoned, after flying. It was just so much better than classes like Potions or Herbology; the spells you learned returned gratification immediately, and were useful all the time. A potion to make you float or whatever was cool, but compared to charms? Nah. Besides, Flitwick seemed like a cool guy. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was actually shorter than her - unlike most people in existence - or the fact that she'd caused an explosion (or two) in class and hadn't been hauled over the coals for it, but she wasn't questioning it. Tomie thought about this as she leaned back in her seat, balancing haphazardly on two legs and intermittently letting go of the table in front of her to see how long she could do it for before falling.

She'd only arrived maybe twenty seconds before the professor, so she didn't have much time to muck around before she had to start paying attention. Immediately, the girl realised that there wasn't going to be much learning-of-new-spells, at least in the first part of the lesson, and slumped a little in her seat. She didn't have a long attention span for revision, even when it was practical like this. Still, she got out her wand with a little wiggle of her hand and shot the Prof a quick sunny smile in case he was looking in her direction before turning back to the task at hand.

The levitation charm was easy enough; after they'd learned it, she and some of her friends had practised by dropping stuff on each others' heads for fun back in the dorms. Tomie started with that, saying the charm confidently and feeling satisfaction as her cushion rose up in the air dutifully. Piece of cake, she thought, the tip of her tongue poking out the side of her mouth as she concentrated. She wasn't bad at charms, she just got a bit over-enthusiastic sometimes. Hence the aforementioned explosions... "Just a liiiittle -" Her sentence was cut short as something pummelled into her head from behind. "Ah - !" Rubbing the back of her head, Tomie spun in her seat. Her own cushion dropped immediately out of the air.

Oh. It was her. Tomie hadn't exactly made any enemies since coming to school, but there were definitely people she gelled with less well than others. After an incident earlier in the month, Tomie had a bad impression of the prissy Slytherin she'd just locked eyes with. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes as she scooped the cushion up from the ground in one smooth movement. Straightening up, Tomie caught the scent of something burning and she glanced at over at the boys who seemed to be having way more fun than she was. Huh. "Think you dropped this," she said teasingly, her focus back on the girl a few seats behind her. A half smile tugged at her lips as she threw the thing back at the other girl, overarm.


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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Choosing a seat in class had become a slightly difficult matter for the Head Girl.  She was powerfully drawn to place herself close to her fellow Hufflepuff and Seventh Year, @Murray Cowan.  However, Meredith was doing everything she could to resist that compulsion.  If she was to have any success in suppressing the complicated feelings she had towards him, then it was better that she keep her distance.  Yet no amount of effort made to deny how she felt could change the fact that, right now, in his company was where she wanted to be.

As it was, her painful deliberation on the matter was rendered pointless.  Whilst hesitating in the doorway, @Owain Hughes brushed past her and took the seat she had been contemplating with such consternation.  I didn’t really want to sit there anyway,  Meredith told herself unconvincingly as she turned away.  With a small sigh, she sought out a seat as far away as possible across the other side of the room from Murray.  (As though that would somehow compensate for almost succumbing to temptation.)

Nimbly seizing the small pincushion that sailed her way when class began, Meredith did her best to clear her mind of thoughts about her crush and focus instead on the lesson.  She listened attentively as Professor Flitwick described the importance of control and precision in their magic.  Fortunately, flying and levitation charms were one of her particular strengths.  Given her interest in broomstick crafting, it was an area of magic that she had always made a lot of effort with.  The seventeen-year-old was also quite adept at non-verbal magic, having begun to master it as part of her studies last year.  All-in-all it seemed that today’s lesson was going to be a breeze.  As such, she took a few minutes to simply watch her fellow students attempting to complete the basic assignment.

Overall things in the classroom seemed pretty chaotic.  This actually wasn’t unusual for a practical session of charms class.  At least it didn’t seem like anyone had broken anything – yet.  Though a few people seemed to be nursing pincushion sized bruises, and for a second Meredith thought that Owain’s cushion was even on fire!  She was impressed to see that Murray appeared to be trying to help the younger students out.  It was a typically kind-hearted thing of him to do.  Always sweet and kind and generous with his time her fellow badger was.  But those thoughts would lead her to distraction…

Turning to her attention to her own pincushion, she was a bit disappointed that it didn’t have a more distinctive appearance.  With all of the cushions flying around, it would be tricky for her – or anyone else – to keep track of which projectile belonged to which student.  Suddenly inspired, Mere gave it a little tap with her wand and cast a quick colour-changing charm.  In just a few seconds the previously unremarkable brown pin cushion turned bright pink.  Much better, she thought, admiring it with pride.  Then with an expert swish and flick of her wand, she wordlessly levitated it into the air and proceeded to navigate it steadily through the obstacle course, adding a few small somersaults now and then.  The most difficult part proved to be avoiding the erratic trajectories of the other pincushions zooming around and bouncing off the walls. 

The assignment was quite easy for a student as advanced as Meredith, so she soon became a little bored.  Then she started to feel slightly annoyed that no one was watching her or the stately procession of her pincushion doing laps through the rings.  Contrary to popular belief, the Head Girl didn’t always need to be the centre of attention but she also didn’t like being ignored.  Unfortunately her successful charm work was obviously less entertaining to watch than the wild and frenzied antics of others within the classroom.  It grated on her that people were paying more attention to the boys, some of which appeared to now be trying to intentionally collide their cushions together!  Apparently they’d missed the point of ’careful magical movement’, she thought with a sniff of derision. 

As a ricocheting cushion spun towards her, she reacted quickly and reflexively cast a shield charm so that it bounced off harmlessly and continued on its way.  Deciding it would be wise to keep the shield up in case of further missiles; Mere reflected that the DADA Professor Becker would be happy to know she was making use of his teachings.  It was slightly more challenging to maintain both pieces of magic at once but she was well-practised at it and could do so with ease.  To keep herself amused she started to send her little pink pincushion spinning in faster and more complex aerial acrobatics, also hoping to catch the eye of a particular handsome Hufflepuff across the room. 
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Hazel So [ Slytherin ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
« Reply #10 on: April 18, 2019, 01:00:31 PM »
“It was on purpose,” she quipped back, despite how ill-intentioned it would’ve made her seem; it wasn’t like she was a fan of Tomie Vos anyway. Ugh. Of all people, it just had to be her that Hazel had flubbed in front of. Her mouth settled into an indignant scowl after she had scrambled to catch the cushion that was tossed back. Though delayed, Hazel’s second reaction was to turn up her nose. Tomie really thought she was the best thing since the invention of the accio spell didn’t she? She supposed the Gryffindor wasn’t the worst first year at school… she was just the complete opposite of Hazel and therefore, by extension, everything that Hazel didn’t really like. Tomie’s idea of fun was sweating and flying and horror – just the thought of needlessly dedicating a second of her life to any of those boy-ish activities made Hazel want to faint. Didn’t she care about smelling nice and keeping her hair in place and having a good night’s rest (all of which were major necessities according to Witch Weekly)? Hazel just didn’t understand her year mate.

With her pincushion back in her possession, she thought it may have been best to return to the original task despite the incessant annoyed feeling that was now bothering her. After all, she didn’t want the professor to misinterpret her actions as slacking off. That would certainly put a dent in her plans for becoming a prefect in later years. Still, her attention span refused to oblige. There was so much going on and while the scholarly part of her needed to get an A, the curious part of her just couldn’t back off until it was quelled. Hazel’s eyes landed on the group of boys that sat together. Her lower lip jutted out into a pout as she listened to them reciting the spells she had yet to learn, still envious. She wanted her pincushion to loop and cartwheel and twirl!

When one of the boys spoke, she concentrated on his words, fingers curled tightly around her wand as she watched his pincushion soar across the room and… catch fire?! She gasped audibly, clapping a hand over her mouth. Maybe that’s why her initial attempt of the locomotor charm hadn’t worked out the way she’d planned; the students she was copying didn’t seem to have much control over it either. With his singed cushion returned, he continued on. Now the boys were currently steering their pincushions around, knocking them against each other. This was clearly not where she would be getting her lesson from.

Hazel scanned the room again, gaze settling on a Hufflepuff who should have been the obvious choice from the start, but the little Slytherin was nervous about approaching her. She was the head girl, after all, and there was so many questions Hazel needed answers to besides ‘how can I make my pincushion do a cartwheel into those hoops?’. She was reviewing a short list in her head when she noticed Meredith’s cushion’s change in colour from the boring brown they’d been given to a bright rosy hue. Hazel’s eyes widened, then frantically shifted their focus between her own bland cushion and the pink one. If Meredith’s position as head girl hadn’t already launched her to role model status in Hazel’s brain, this certainly would have. Without much thought, she hurried over to the older girl, cradling her pincushion in her hands.

“Hi,” she breathed, holding her cushion out. “How did you make your pincushion pink?!” Certainly not the first question on her list, but in this moment, it was a very important one. After this, she would finally send her pincushion through the hoops.

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Benny Rivera [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Plopping into the seat next to his childhood best friend and now housemate Benny smiled quickly, let his bag drop, and craned his neck to look for the short professor at the front of the class. He had something big, huge, to tell Tomie and he was just about to let loose the flood gates when the lesson began. Deflated the young wizard sat back and paid attention to the introduction and then watched with amazement as students began to perform their own magic. Sure watching Tomie's pillow levitate was fun but watching the boys a few desks over setting theirs on fire was kind of better. He wondered if he knew that spell, he wondered if he could ask, but the thud of a pillow hitting his table-mate and then her's falling from the sky in front of him kept him plenty distracted from actual academics.

He dove, theatrically, and to catch her pillow before it fell on to the floor just in front of their desks and bumped the table loudly as he did so. "Caught it!" He said to no one in particular and smiled brightly. He was also hoping to one day play on the famed Gryffindor Quidditch team so any opportunity to show off his cat like agility was snatched up. Sitting back down he turned slightly and tried to keep the frown from his face when he too realized it was Hazel that had levitated the pillow into his friend. He hadn't meant to not like Hazel, but she seemed to not like him by acquaintance so like a true Gryffindor he stood by his friend (even if he didn't understand the nuances of it all). Turning back toward their own pillow's Benny spoke up, "Mina, er---- Tomie watch this!" He had to constantly remind himself to call her by her new nickname and he tried to cover it up with a cough as he picked up his own wand. It still felt foreign in his hand despite the fact that it had once been his lolo's wand. He twisted it and made the motion they'd practiced before speaking the words. His pillow mustered up the strength to levitate for a few moments, hovering above the next no where near as high as Tomie's had, and wobbling. He tried to move it side to side and watched as the pillow followed suit.

Simon Cresswell [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Simon glanced curiously over his shoulder at the same time Archie did, when they heard someone whispering his name; it was a Slytherin girl whose name he didn't remember. "Four times?" he said, curiously; "You only told me about three."

Archie’s hospital trips, whether there’d been four or three, were a worthy subject of gossip, but Simon peered back over his shoulder and shot the girl a faintly disapproving look, just because gossip wasn't a worthy use of time. At least not the mean sort. He turned back to the front of the classroom, folding his hands sanctimoniously in front of him even though he was rolling his eyes internally. Levitation again? Boooooring. They’d been doing that for what felt like a month! When were they going to get to the good stuff?

Well, obviously not today. As he plucked a pincushion out of the air, he scowled as he pulled his wand out. He was about to mention this frustration to Archie, but then thought better at it (Archie probably needed the extra practice— even though the Slytherin was in poor form to gossip about it, she was certainly right.)

Simon kicked his feet under the table and huffed out a breath, then slouched back in his seat. He might as well do the lesson, just for the brownie points. The Slytherin girl’s pincushion whizzed past him and hit Tomie Vos on the back of the head; Simon craned his neck again to gawp at the Slytherin, then turned back around. Was this boring or what?

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Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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A little competitive part of the Gryffindor ruffled at Murray’s statement of blocking all Carey’s shots and urged him to retort. He let out a “You wish!” before he caught the wink and knew the seventh year was just razzing him.  To soften his statement, he gave a heart filled jovially laugh. The third year watch Murray return to the task at hand and execute the upper level spell while explaining the basic wand movements to Owain. Carey wished he could have sat closer so he could also have had learn the spell. Making the pin cushions perform even uncontrollable summersaults seemed a lot more fun than just lifting it or making it slowly turn.

He was tempted to leave his seat walk over to take part in Murray’s instructions. Yet Carey knew the Professor would not be pleased if he saw him standing over the seventh year, learning spells above his grade, instead of practicing the spells he did know.

Frustrated, Carey forced himself to turn back to his pincushion. After reminding himself of the second charm name again, the third year moved the cushion in line with the first of the rings. Even though he was having difficulty aligning the cushion, he did make it to the third ring when a puff of smoke caught Careys eye. Owain’s cushion appeared to be bouncing away, leaving puffs of smoke in its wake.  Carey lapse in concentration resulted in his pincushion's loss in altitude and was about to collide into the bottom of the next ring. As a result the Gryffindor over corrected and the pincushion veered through the top of the ring and then to the ceiling.

Frustrated Carey had to begin again, determined to get it through all the rings this time. He took his time to align the pincushion perfectly in the center of the first ring.  Levitating it still he was about to move through its goals when a streaking pincushion hit it. “Hey!” yelled out the young wizard. Yet his voiced frustration was drowned by astonishment when he registered the result of the colliding cushion. The assaulting pincushion knocked Carey’s pincushion speedily through all of the rings before landing near another student’s feet.

The young wizard's frown melted into astonishment and then into joy. He registered Owain false apologetic behavior seeming to mask a playfully undertone. “Owain, did you see that!” Carey got up and dodged some flying cushion to retrieve his cushions while apologizing shortly to the other student. “Sorry, thank you.”

“Owain, did you mean to do that? That was so wicked. I want to give it a try.” He called over as he made it back to his desk. “Here, let me try next! Levitate your’s near the rings on my end.”

Carey cast the spell to levitate his cushion the moment he regained his chair. Running with excitement rather than frustration seemed to helped his aim, for it only took a second before he felt he was lined up. He casted “Locomotor pincushion” and gave a flick of his wand towards Owain's Cushions direction. The Cushion behaved and jetted forward as Carey called out, "A Point for each ring!"

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Filius Flitwick [ Board Mod ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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He had to respect that, at least by the letter of the law, his students were working on precision, just in a rowdy, imprecise way. Filius ought to have expected the lesson to devolve into chaos very quickly, but every year he held out hope that this time he’d be proven wrong. Alas, apparently it wouldn’t be 2002. He trotted through the desks towards the offending group— a few Gryffindors and a Hufflepuff who’d taken it upon themselves to play pincushion ball, and said in a loud (albeit squeaky) voice, “That’s enough, that’s enough!”

The problem was that they got cocky once they mastered one Charm— or, in some cases, even before— and then assumed that they could do the next step up. Rarely was that the case. A levitation charm was not a locomotion charm was not a cartwheeling charm. Merlin’s beard, he was never doing a joint lesson again. It made everybody more likely to show off and, worse, to overestimate their skill.

Filius waved his wand silently to confiscate the offending students’ pincushions, sending them swishing through the air to land on his desk, nimbly dodging the other pincushions. “Quite enough,” he said. “Think of the example you’re setting for the first years. Parchment and quills, please—”

As they complied, he glanced around the classroom to make sure that he wasn’t ignoring another issue while he figured out what lines to set. Meredith Howell was doing remarkably; Hazel So and Benjamin Rivera had gotten out of their seats; there were still some students who hadn’t even touched their pincushions and were just talking to their friends.

“How about: ‘This is a classroom, not a gladiator pit,’ from now until the lesson is over,” he said to the three boys. “Write neatly, please. You can practice on your own time, as homework.”

He hadn’t made any effort to be stern, but he gave a pointed look to each of them in turn before he returned to his patrols around the classroom, looking perhaps a little more closely for students who were trying spells they weren’t qualified for yet. Definitely, he decided. This is the last joint lesson I ever do.

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