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Murray Cowan [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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“Owain- what the-?” Murray didn’t even know how the fifth year Gryffindor had possibly managed to set his flying pincushion on fire. Once Owain had successfully extinguished the fire, Murray burst out laughing and it took him a few moments to stop. He smiled at Owain’s enthusiasm which the badger was glad to see hadn’t been dampened by the room nearly catching on fire.

Murray had to laugh again when Owain related the spell he’d used to what is used on a bludger for Quidditch. Even just imagining a fiery bludger soaring toward him whilst blocking the goal hoops next game made Murray’s entire body shudder. He was already a little freaked out at the pretense of having to avoid the bludgers soaring in his direction at all, let alone a pair of bludgers that were on fire. He couldn’t help but tear his attention away from Owain at that moment and glance across the room. Meredith Howell would hopefully be his protection from the bludgers during their first Quidditch match in November. His eyes lingered on the blonde a little longer than he needed to, immediately recognizing the pink pincushion that her wand was pointed upward at. Murray was impressed with the laps that Meredith’s pincushion had made through the rings.

His attention was brought back to his side of the room too soon as Murray overheard Owain apologizing in a not-so-sincere way to Carey. Murray had apparently missed the mid-air collision of their two pincushions whilst watching Meredith’s charm-work. The badger listened with a wry smile as Carey suggested a competition-type modification to the lesson. He watched Carey levitate his own pincushion and then send it cruising through the first ring. All was looking good until Professor Flitwick’s squeaky voice broke though the commotion putting an end to their game before it even got a proper chance to get started.

Murray was momentarily put in his place when the professor reminded him of the poor example he was setting for the younger students. “Sorry professor,” Murray managed, an apologetic look plastered on his face. The badger took Flitwick’s words to heart more so than the others needed to- they were only third and fifth years after all. It really was Murray’s responsibility to be the responsible one here, and he’d failed. He made his way over to the side of the classroom where he’d dropped his backpack and pulled out a quill and a spare piece of parchment that was torn a little bit at the edges. As he turned to head back to his desk, he couldn’t help but catch Meredith’s eye now that he was closer to her. “You’re doing great,” he said, his voice raised loud enough that she could hear him. “And I love the pink, it suits you,” Murray winked and headed back to his desk, not wanting Professor Flitwick to think he was goofing off further.

He hated disappointing Professor Flitwick. There was just something about how forgiving he always was to Murray that made his disappointment even harder to take. He sat down at his desk obediently and pulled the spare bit of parchment towards him, keeping his head down as he began to write. ’This is a classroom, not a gladiator pit…’  Murray chanced a glance towards the clock on the wall and was at least relieved that the lesson was halfway over. He thought his hand may fall off if he had to spend an entire hour writing lines.

Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Owain had certainly not meant to do that. Not that the pincushion going through the rings wasn’t a bonus but, like, it wasn’t intentional. Owain had only been trying to hit the small object, not send it in any particular direction. But getting it through all the rings! That was fantastic. “Maybe I’m just that good a shot!” He jested at Carey across the classroom. “Definitely beater material!”

He complied with Carey’s direction, and with a quick “wingardium leviosa,” Owain had his pincushion in the place where Carey wanted it. He was looking forward to seeing what Carey could do and, honestly, this was much more fun that trying to put their own individual pincushions through the hoops. About to call back in agreement to the third year, Professor Flitwick intervened, the pincushions suddenly flying in the opposite direction of the rings, towards the Professor’s desk. “Oh Professor, we didn’t mean it,” he protested halfheartedly, although already digging through his bag for a quill and parchment.

Practice in their own time.

Well, there was a suggestion if ever. Owain would have to ask Carey if he’d be up for a game in the Gryffindor common room. Mini quidditch would definitely help their charm work! “What’s a gladiator pit?” He asked confused, the question not directed at anyone in particular but rather at the classroom at large. “It sounds awesome!” The last sentence was said in more of a whisper, directed at Murray, seated next to him.

This is a classroom, not a gladiator pit…

Owain obediently wrote the sentence out once, before boredom made him lift his head up again. “Hey,” he hissed, prodding Murray with his elbow, “why’d you wink at Merry? Please don’t tell me there’s actually something going on there!” The Hufflepuff could do so much better than the Head Girl. She had just turned her pincushion pink for Merlin’s sakes. Owain had no issue against pink, but there was definitely better things she could have been doing.

Eurgh, how long of the lesson did they have left? Owain definitely did not have the patience to actually write lines for the whole time.

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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“Hey! What the…” Carey frustration poured out without thought until his eye followed his veering pincushion to  Professor Flitwick's unhappy face. With the announcement of ‘Quite Enough’ Carey automatically slumped in his chair hiding his face although his legs stuck out even more. “Sorry Professor.” Carey mumbled with his nose even with the table. He hoped nobody would notice he was the one of the three in trouble.

We weren’t technically doing anything wrong…. Flying pin cushions through hoops was the assignment. The Professor never said colliding pin cushions was against the rules. Careys mind argued mutely to himself as he obediently got out his quill, ink and parchment roll. 

This is a classroom. he wrote in his scratchy uppercase text while guessing at the spelling of the not so familiar words. not a glad-e-ate-or pit. Choosing to do long lines instead of columns  he continued.  This is a classroom. stealing a glance at his conspirators.  not a glad-e-ate-or pit. Although Carey kind of thought it was kind of Owain fault for getting him in trouble, he could not be mad at his Rat race buddy. He had always thought that Owain was cool. No, it was the Professor that was just dumb and the whole assignment was lame. The Professor was just mad that they made it more fun. After a second of self-pity and loathing was over he wondered why Murray was drawn into their lot.  He repeated the words This is a classroom, not a glad-e-ate-or pit. Until he finished the line and started on the next.

This time he repeated the words This is a classroom, not a glad-e-ate-or pit. leaving spaces to from a negative image of a hoop and then a rough outline of a quidditch player racing towards it. Line after line formed the image. But he soon realized he forgetting the keeper, and Carey tried to squeeze him on at the bottom of the page. Accidently giving the keeper an uncanny appearance of Professor Flitwick on a broom. The similarity did not register in the third years brain. Instead he was just frustrated over his screw up but still focused on filling in the rest of the repeating words to finish the image.

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