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Murray Cowan [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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“Owain- what the-?” Murray didn’t even know how the fifth year Gryffindor had possibly managed to set his flying pincushion on fire. Once Owain had successfully extinguished the fire, Murray burst out laughing and it took him a few moments to stop. He smiled at Owain’s enthusiasm which the badger was glad to see hadn’t been dampened by the room nearly catching on fire.

Murray had to laugh again when Owain related the spell he’d used to what is used on a bludger for Quidditch. Even just imagining a fiery bludger soaring toward him whilst blocking the goal hoops next game made Murray’s entire body shudder. He was already a little freaked out at the pretense of having to avoid the bludgers soaring in his direction at all, let alone a pair of bludgers that were on fire. He couldn’t help but tear his attention away from Owain at that moment and glance across the room. Meredith Howell would hopefully be his protection from the bludgers during their first Quidditch match in November. His eyes lingered on the blonde a little longer than he needed to, immediately recognizing the pink pincushion that her wand was pointed upward at. Murray was impressed with the laps that Meredith’s pincushion had made through the rings.

His attention was brought back to his side of the room too soon as Murray overheard Owain apologizing in a not-so-sincere way to Carey. Murray had apparently missed the mid-air collision of their two pincushions whilst watching Meredith’s charm-work. The badger listened with a wry smile as Carey suggested a competition-type modification to the lesson. He watched Carey levitate his own pincushion and then send it cruising through the first ring. All was looking good until Professor Flitwick’s squeaky voice broke though the commotion putting an end to their game before it even got a proper chance to get started.

Murray was momentarily put in his place when the professor reminded him of the poor example he was setting for the younger students. “Sorry professor,” Murray managed, an apologetic look plastered on his face. The badger took Flitwick’s words to heart more so than the others needed to- they were only third and fifth years after all. It really was Murray’s responsibility to be the responsible one here, and he’d failed. He made his way over to the side of the classroom where he’d dropped his backpack and pulled out a quill and a spare piece of parchment that was torn a little bit at the edges. As he turned to head back to his desk, he couldn’t help but catch Meredith’s eye now that he was closer to her. “You’re doing great,” he said, his voice raised loud enough that she could hear him. “And I love the pink, it suits you,” Murray winked and headed back to his desk, not wanting Professor Flitwick to think he was goofing off further.

He hated disappointing Professor Flitwick. There was just something about how forgiving he always was to Murray that made his disappointment even harder to take. He sat down at his desk obediently and pulled the spare bit of parchment towards him, keeping his head down as he began to write. ’This is a classroom, not a gladiator pit…’  Murray chanced a glance towards the clock on the wall and was at least relieved that the lesson was halfway over. He thought his hand may fall off if he had to spend an entire hour writing lines.

Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Owain had certainly not meant to do that. Not that the pincushion going through the rings wasn’t a bonus but, like, it wasn’t intentional. Owain had only been trying to hit the small object, not send it in any particular direction. But getting it through all the rings! That was fantastic. “Maybe I’m just that good a shot!” He jested at Carey across the classroom. “Definitely beater material!”

He complied with Carey’s direction, and with a quick “wingardium leviosa,” Owain had his pincushion in the place where Carey wanted it. He was looking forward to seeing what Carey could do and, honestly, this was much more fun that trying to put their own individual pincushions through the hoops. About to call back in agreement to the third year, Professor Flitwick intervened, the pincushions suddenly flying in the opposite direction of the rings, towards the Professor’s desk. “Oh Professor, we didn’t mean it,” he protested halfheartedly, although already digging through his bag for a quill and parchment.

Practice in their own time.

Well, there was a suggestion if ever. Owain would have to ask Carey if he’d be up for a game in the Gryffindor common room. Mini quidditch would definitely help their charm work! “What’s a gladiator pit?” He asked confused, the question not directed at anyone in particular but rather at the classroom at large. “It sounds awesome!” The last sentence was said in more of a whisper, directed at Murray, seated next to him.

This is a classroom, not a gladiator pit…

Owain obediently wrote the sentence out once, before boredom made him lift his head up again. “Hey,” he hissed, prodding Murray with his elbow, “why’d you wink at Merry? Please don’t tell me there’s actually something going on there!” The Hufflepuff could do so much better than the Head Girl. She had just turned her pincushion pink for Merlin’s sakes. Owain had no issue against pink, but there was definitely better things she could have been doing.

Eurgh, how long of the lesson did they have left? Owain definitely did not have the patience to actually write lines for the whole time.

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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“Hey! What the…” Carey frustration poured out without thought until his eye followed his veering pincushion to  Professor Flitwick's unhappy face. With the announcement of ‘Quite Enough’ Carey automatically slumped in his chair hiding his face although his legs stuck out even more. “Sorry Professor.” Carey mumbled with his nose even with the table. He hoped nobody would notice he was the one of the three in trouble.

We weren’t technically doing anything wrong…. Flying pin cushions through hoops was the assignment. The Professor never said colliding pin cushions was against the rules. Careys mind argued mutely to himself as he obediently got out his quill, ink and parchment roll. 

This is a classroom. he wrote in his scratchy uppercase text while guessing at the spelling of the not so familiar words. not a glad-e-ate-or pit. Choosing to do long lines instead of columns  he continued.  This is a classroom. stealing a glance at his conspirators.  not a glad-e-ate-or pit. Although Carey kind of thought it was kind of Owain fault for getting him in trouble, he could not be mad at his Rat race buddy. He had always thought that Owain was cool. No, it was the Professor that was just dumb and the whole assignment was lame. The Professor was just mad that they made it more fun. After a second of self-pity and loathing was over he wondered why Murray was drawn into their lot.  He repeated the words This is a classroom, not a glad-e-ate-or pit. Until he finished the line and started on the next.

This time he repeated the words This is a classroom, not a glad-e-ate-or pit. leaving spaces to from a negative image of a hoop and then a rough outline of a quidditch player racing towards it. Line after line formed the image. But he soon realized he forgetting the keeper, and Carey tried to squeeze him on at the bottom of the page. Accidently giving the keeper an uncanny appearance of Professor Flitwick on a broom. The similarity did not register in the third years brain. Instead he was just frustrated over his screw up but still focused on filling in the rest of the repeating words to finish the image.

Jacqueline MacClelland [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Somehow, the first month of term had passed in a blur and they were already into October. Autumn had certainly announced its arrival this morning: Jacqueline’s boots had made a faint crunching noise over the frosted grass on her way to Herbology for first period; however her walk back to the castle for Charms an hour later was silent.

She arrived a few minutes early and took a seat towards the front (as usual), covertly ensuring that both seats flanking her were unoccupied. Jacqueline was loath to openly “save seats” out of reluctance to project that she was excluding anyone (she was a Prefect, after all…) – and so she hoped Andy would be predictably early as well.
And, unfailingly, he was: less than a minute later, she was offering her usual warm smile in greeting as he slid into the empty seat beside her.

They hadn’t much time to do anything more than ask how the other’s morning had gone thus far when Professor Flitwick appeared, preceded by a large box.

Nonverbal magic was one of her weaker points, and she was looking forward to the additional challenge today. She’d had little difficulty with nonverbally performing the simple spells they’d learned early in their magical careers, but as their coursework became increasingly complex she had neglected the nonverbal practice in favor of perfecting the verbal. Perhaps Professor Flitwick would have suggestions.

She remembered the Cartwheeling Charm well enough from her O.W.L.s just four months ago, though she’d never done it nonverbally. And somersaulting was a similar concept to cartwheeling; Merlin willing it wouldn’t be terribly difficult concept to grasp. Ultimately Jacq decided to attempt nonverbal cartwheels before moving on to verbal – and then, hopefully, nonverbal – somersaults.

When Professor Flitwick bade them begin, she dutifully raised her wand and focused on the pincushion lying innocently before her.
‘Wingardium leviosa,’ she thought, and the pincushion obediently zipped upward, hovering a foot above her desk.

Keeping her wand firmly trained on her levitated pincushion, Jacq eyed the nearest set of smoke-rings. Should she attempt the Cartwheeling Charm now? Or switch to a Locomotor Charm to get a feel for navigating the hoops first?
Before she could quite decide, there was a panicked yelp of “Finite Incantatem!”; her concentration was instantly broken as she turned, concerned, towards the source and her neglected pincushion dropped like a stone.

It seemed as though a few Gryffindor boys and even a Hufflepuff seemed to be at the root of the commotion. She recognized Murray because he was only a Year above her, and recognized Owain because he was good friends with her younger cousin Barbie – but she wasn’t sure about the second Gryffindor who appeared to be the youngest of the three.

“Goodness,” she whispered, her gaze shifting sideways to her friend – but before she could say much more Professor Flitwick had caught onto the commotion and set them to writing lines. The man had to have a sixth sense for trouble brewing, for as long as he’d held the teaching position. Jacq stifled a giggle as she overheard what exactly Professor Flitwick was having them write.
“D’ye ken any of them?” she asked Andy curiously before returning her attention to her forlorn pincushion and attempting to Summon it nonverbally.

‘Accio pincushion.’
It skidded about a foot along the flagstone floor before coming to a halt. Jacq sighed; this was a relatively new charm, thus augmenting her tentative theory. Clearly she’d need better focus.
She tried again, trying to clear her mind of everything except the spell, articulating it as firmly and as clearly as she could in her mind.
‘Accio pincushion!’
This time it took flight, though not with any great speed, and landed rather haphazardly on her desk; which was just as well, as her hand-eye coordination when it came to catching airborne things was not particularly good.

She tried again, successfully levitating her pincushion nonverbally. Now for the tricky part…
‘Volvalimo,’ she thought as ‘loudly’ as she could. Her pincushion wobbled slightly and lost a few inches of height – but obediently turned a slow and very wobbly, uncoordinated cartwheel. Encouraged, she tried again, doing her best to tune out the rest of the goings-on around her.
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Murray Cowan [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Murray snorted and raised his head at Owain's whisper that a gladiator pit sounded awesome. "Maybe we should think about adding a gladiator pit into one of the rat race courses... Battle at the end!" the badger exclaimed in a hushed voice, grinning at the Gryffindor. He glanced around to make sure Professor Flitwick wasn't near them, the last thing he needed was to get chastised once more for talking. He leaned back down again and wrote another few lines. His attention was caught by a pincushion that flew a few inches away from his head. Murray instinctively whipped his head around to try to find the source of the flying pincushion, but there were no eyes looking in his direction. He shrugged and turned back to the piece of parchment in front of him.

This was awfully boring.

He welcomed Owain's interruption a few moments later but had to chuckle at his question. "Don't you wink at pretty girls?" Murray asked as soon as Owain had stopped speaking, his voice dripping with mock incredulity. "What's so wrong with Meredith anyway?" he pried, a little curious as to what the younger Gryffindor's opinion of the head girl was. He racked his brain and couldn't remember Meredith ever mentioning Owain in conversation... But perhaps they were cousins or their parents had been friends or something and the topic had never come up? Murray was trying to imagine how Meredith felt being nicknamed 'Merry', and has to suppress a snort. He doubted very much that she wanted that nickname to be public knowledge. His eyes glanced across the room towards the Head Girl.

She was so pretty she was worthy of a few winks.

Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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So gladiators fought?! If Owain had managed to interpret what Murray said correctly. “As long as they don’t get hurt!” He whispered back. He definitely didn’t want Bertie fighting and getting injured for no reason. Racing was exciting. Blood was not. He quickly moved his head out the way to avoid the pincushion careening towards him. Owain’s speedy reaction was the only reason the flying object did not collide with his skull. Ha! And people said quidditch practice couldn’t help you in the classroom!

This is a classroom, not a gladiator pit…

Ugh, boring!

There was absolutely nothing to tell how far through the lesson they were so Owain wasn’t sure how much longer he would have to write. His hand always cramped so badly after History of Magic and copying down the important notes about the goblin uprisings (in Owain’s eyes there was no important part). How was he going to get through the rest of the house writing constantly?

Answer, he probably wasn’t.

Had Murray called Merry pretty?!?!?! And Owain used to have such respect for the Hufflepuff boy. His face betrayed how disgusted he was at the thought, contorting as though there was a ridiculously unpleasant smell nearby. Possibly what the boy’s quidditch locker room would smell like if not for the hard work and dedication of the house elves. “She’s sooooo…” Owain struggled to think of something to say to adequately sum up his feelings on his almost-cousin. “… she doesn’t like Bertie,” he eventually settled on, feeling as if that summed the whole issue up.

“Merry refuses to come round to our house anymore because Bertie tried to say hi once!” He explained indignantly, although really, Owain wasn’t terribly upset by her absence. He was a bit upset though at the idea of Murray being so interested in Meredith. She would definitely change Owain’s friend if she got her way. And would certainly make Murray stop going to rat club.

Owain’s voice had risen enough in his worry that he had began to attract the attention of more of the classroom. Being quiet was definitely not something he excelled at. Before Professor Flitwick could come over and tell them off again, Owain glanced apologetically towards the Professor and turned his face back to the parchment in front, pretending he had never let his attention waver.

This is a classroom, not a gladiator pit…

See, he’d been doing this the whole time.

Andronicus Lovecraft [ Slytherin ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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No one would really call Andronicus an academic but there were a few subjects he didn't suck at and Charms happened to be one of them. He spent more time practicing wand magic and charms than he did pretty much any other subjects. He even studied outside of assignments, trying to perfect spells and get better at performing them. It helped with fixing up the brooms on the pitch and honestly with just about everything in every day life. He had always been intrigued by the practical applications of magic and Charms was the gateway to that. The professor always found interesting things for them to do and honestly the lessons were never boring. Someone was always setting something on fire or charming their pants off or something random. It was like every other week some new crazy story about a Charms lesson was circulating in the rumor mill.

Andy looked forward to Charms for more than just the magic too, it was one of the lessons he shared with Jacq and that meant he could sit with her. He always showed up on time, early even sometimes, to those lessons because he didn't want to miss the opportunity to sit next to her. She had a lot more friends than he did so there was always the risk of losing out if he showed up too late and someone else had already sat at her table. Today he was lucky though, as he headed into the room he saw she was sitting alone for now, and he slid into the sit next to her before flashing her a dimpled grin. Saying a quick hello just in time to see the professor bringing things out for the lesson Andy's head tilted sideways as he tried to figure what they were planning to do today.

Mastered might of been a bit of an overstatement but Andronicus had been able to successfully perform the Leviosa charm since early on in his first year. Having a headstart with theoretical lessons at home hadn't hurt but he also liked to think he was a bit of a natural when it came to wand work too. As he rolled his wand back and forth across his desktop anxiously Andronicus grew excited by what they were being challenged to do today. He had dabbled with nonverbal spells but he wasn't the best at it so for now he had decided to try the course out the traditional way. Maybe in a little while he'd attempt something more difficult.

Performing the spell with ease he looped the pillow through the hoops and back a few times, speaking the incantations like they were his native language, but he wasn't exactly challenging himself at all. He'd been levitating things for six years, so despite the fact that he was adept at it, it wasn't exactly anything to be impressed by. He let his pillow fall to his desk as he watched Jacq working on hers without speaking. She was the impressive one, he could barely keep himself from staring most days. Honestly if he hadn't been so worried about making sure he was smart enough to be in her company he'd of probably failed half his lessons by now just because he was so distracted sitting next to her. Before he could manage to tell her how cool it was that she was doing that nonverbally some commotion began behind them and Andy snapped to look. There was always a fifty fifty chance that someone was floating away or turned into a toad so he made sure to pay attention. They should have had to sign waivers just to participate in this class, seriously.

Turning back to the Ravenclaw witch he shrugged his shoulders, "The young one is @Carey Baisley , he's playing for Gryffindor this year. Met him on the pitch in the beginning of term during that pick up game." Andy picked up his pillow and inspected it for any singe marks or left over magic from the boy's wayward spells before starting again. "The kid is kind of a menace actually." Andronicus said with a light hearted chuckle. He was a trouble maker, that was certain. Deciding it was time to try to impress her Andronicus set his pillow down on the desk and cleared his mind. He pointed his wand at the pillow and thought the incantation over and over but it barely budged. Wobbling a bit but never quite picking up off the surface he shrugged a bit. Jacq knew him pretty well, even though they'd been distant for a long while before this term had began, so she'd probably know by now that Charms was his favorite subject. His best subject. He should have been able to at least levitate the pillow non-verbally but maybe he was more distracted sitting next to her than he was willing to admit.

"Think you can show me how you got it to levitate without words?" He asked with a charming puppy dog look attached.
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Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Carey was busy scribbling the letters on the paper. Already forgetting what the words mean, concentrating instead on the image. It allowed his mind to wonder and listen to the tidbits of conversation around him. Most of the were saying the same five spells cast to move the pincushion through the hoops, but a few classmates were talking. Owain  and Murray  seemed to be arguing about a ‘pretty’ girl. At least Owain had the right idea that since the girl (Carey did not catch her name ) did not like rats, she was not worth paying attention to. Carey would have agreed.

He had noticed that here been a weird coupling this year as boys and girls started to pair up. Rumors now include just who was spotted holding hands or even kissing started to circulate in the common room. It was all just too annoying to the four teen year old.  Some of his older friends that he played exploding snap with, suddenly did not have time anymore. Yet could be seen walking hand and hand with some witch until curfew in the halls. It was annoying.

Suddenly Carey over herd his name said by Andronicus Lovecraft . He had to stop the scratching more letters with his quill to hear just what the boy was saying about him. ‘He's playing for Gryffindor this year. Met him on the pitch in the beginning of term...’ Carey started to beam. Of course, the quidditch playing Gryffindor’s reputation precedes him. It was a great pick-up-game… well after the Gryffindor took charge of it. Otherwise the third year was sure they would have been arguing about houses and a number of Hufflepuff were concerned about playing with Lovecraft. Apparently, Lovecraft had got a bad reputation for being mean and talking bad about people in the past.  Yet Carey and Murray helped get everyone up in the air where quidditch players should be.

Carey was just about to continue writing when he heard Lovecraft go on, ‘The kid is kind of a menace actually.’ Carey face scrunched into a severe frown as he looked over at Lovecraft talking to, no, flirting with Jacqueline . The furious Gryffindor wanted to not have heard the words right. He had liked Lovecraft, they were both quidditch players, although the older boy wasn't quite his friend. He considered that they were still like a type of comrade. Both were misunderstood. Although on different teams, they were both good players that played by the rules. Maybe he started to talk about someone else? The boy thought as he tried come up with an excuse, yet deep down Carey knew better.

Pissed Carey slammed his quill down on his paper and crossed his arms over his stomach. He had half of a mind to confront Lovecraft after class. He was the one that stuck up for the sixth year slytherin, during the the pick up game. Yet this is how the wizard treats him? Now it looks like Holden was right. Lovecraft was not someone one should trust, it looks like he was just another one of the rotten Slytherins.
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Jacqueline MacClelland [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Nodding as Andy explained (she’d heard all about the pick-up match he’d organized and was thrilled to hear it), her eyebrows went up at his follow-up comment. His tone was clearly lighthearted, indicating he didn’t think the lad was actually disagreeable.

“Och, a menace? Are ye sure ye speak of the lad, and no yerself?” she teased, her mouth curling slightly with amusement. Returning to her pincushion so as not to upset Professor Flitwick, she attempted another nonverbal cartwheel, but it wobbled so badly that it nearly dropped out of the air when Andy spoke again.

“Think you can show me how you got it to levitate without words?”

“I hardly think ye need it,” she returned mildly, though with an edge of surprise and without looking away, as she was doing her best to keep her poor pincushion airborne. “Ye do braw in Charms.” Indeed, it wasn’t for lack of wanting to be helpful; frankly, she was caught a bit off-guard to hear Andy ask for help in his best class.

Only once her exceptionally shaky nonverbal-pincushion-cartwheel was complete (approximately five seconds later) did she glance up, catch his impossible-to-resist expression, and break into a grin.

“Well, so,” Jacqueline laughed softly, this time allowing her pincushion to fall to her desktop. “Ye’ve got to say it with conviction… as though ye might shout with yer thoughts. Dinnae think on aught else but the incantation - especially Quidditch.”

She brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear and winked roguishly. “Go on, let’s see!”
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Filius Flitwick [ Board Mod ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Overall a good lesson, so far; Filius had only needed to assign lines once (as he passed one of the wooden desks he reached out to touch it) and only one thing had caught fire (he touched the next one.) He was almost tempted to just hang out at his desk and see if anybody had questions, for the rest of the period. It’d save him the trouble of trotting up and down this entire classroom for the next twenty minutes— and, being three foot six, he had to trot rather a lot— but it was probably too optimistic to hope that the next twenty minutes would be emergency-free.

@Carey Baisley had given up on writing the lines and was sulking instead; Filius, after a moment of deliberation, decided to ignore it. (Though he did walk straight in front of his desk, just to remind him that he was still there, a gesture that would be entirely wasted if Baisley wasn’t looking at him.)

He was rather glad he hadn’t gone with his first impulses to conjure live animals, at least yet— he was always wary of that, at the beginning of the year. After a summer without using magic, he rather thought that most students were overeager to get back into the swing of things. That was something he could try to change for another forty years of teaching and still get nowhere with, making it easier to use magic after the two months away.

As he passed a desk with two frustrated fifth years he paused to instruct them on wand motion— “Too jerky, if you want smooth motions you’ve got to wave your wand more smoothly.”

With one last, cursory glance at his watch— there were just about two minutes left in the class— he headed back up to his desk, up the stairs to get to his chair, and waved his wand to freeze all the pincushions in midair and call the students’ attention back to him. “Class is almost over,” he announced, “So if you could all direct your pincushions back into the box.” He tilted it toward the students, mostly so that any misfires were more likely to go into the box than his face, and ducked his head slightly just in case, letting the cushions volley into the box (or rocket off to the sides.)

Filius Flitwick knew when to fold; he dismissed class cheerfully and, as they filed out, summoned the stray pincushions himself.

[OOC: Prof Flitwick out! Any students are welcome to post closers for FPP.]
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I could have got rid of the sparklers myself, of course, but I wasn’t sure whether or not I had the authority.

Simon Cresswell [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: put a pin in it [open; all years]
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Simon was floating his pincushion in rather unimaginative circles through one of Professor Flitwick’s smoke rings when the professor got their attention back; he glanced back up at the front of the classroom quickly enough that his pincushion fell out of the air and landed on his head. As he was picking it off the floor, the professor held the box up for everybody to put their things back in— the lesson was over, Simon realised (really? He glanced up at the clock to verify.)

That had been a real waste of time. Wow.

“Wow,” he said to Archie, in an undertone; he knew better than to say that the lesson had been boring, so he added, “I can’t wait to be in seventh year.” Then they’d be learning, like, real Charms.

He levitated his pincushion across the room (Archie’s, trailing a bit behind his, only made it most of the way there) and then got to his feet, pulling his bag off his chair, and shifted from foot to foot as Archie and Martin got their things as well— he was suddenly hungry and he wanted whatever it was they were going to have for lunch— he thought he could already smell it drifting up from the Great Hall (or maybe he was just really hungry) and he couldn’t wait.

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