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[mp] [gardens] makin' monsters [open!]
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Drina was certain the Papilonlisse's would have the best pumpkins this year, it was only logical, they were the most creative. She was one hundred percent bias toward her house with only a few exceptions like her niece and it was not really something she hid very well. After giving the kitchens some pointers on how to not ruin the pumpkin pie this year she headed down to the formal gardens. The plump and prideful witch had a traditionally ridiculous set of witch's robes on, it was made from a flowy black and purple material with lacy sleeve ends and silver embellishments. The bottom folds of the skirt were enchanted with spooky scenes like witches on brooms, black cats, and lightning strikes. Her make up was just as over stated, purple eye shadow was accentuated with thick black liner and a of course black lipstick. She got really into the holidays. Taking a large pumpkin and floating it toward her own little blanket she didn't stop to think maybe this event was only for the students to participate in. If there was something crafty going on, she'd be damned if she wasn't participating.

As she passed by a student she smiled at their workmanship, impressed by what they had accomplished, regardless of their house. "Oh how creepy." She said, clasping her hands together excitedly and then finding herself surprised as it made her levitation charm falter. Her pumpkin wobbled in the air and fell to the ground with a thud, surely denting the thing, and the professor pulled a face. There was a reason she taught potions and not charms, after all. Before going to collect her misshapen vegetable she pulled a little glowing green vial labelled "makin' monsters" out of her pocket to hand to the student in front of her. She had all kinds of them in her robes, for just this occasion. "It'll make things even spookier..." She told the student with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes, the potion would surely add some kind of interesting charm to their pumpkin creation but that wasn't all it could do. If the student chose to drink it instead it could turn them into a little bit of a monster, fangs or wings or green skin, none of it was permanent of course. She bounced a little and flipped some of her long brown hair (charmed black for this event) off of her shoulder and finished with a wink.

"For you, or your pumpkin friend."

[[anyone feel free to join, professors or students or both! drina could have accidentally crushed someone else's pumpkin when her's fell. shes probably handed out a few of these potions already if you want to have your student have one! your students could even be making fun of her silliness, totally open to anything!]]

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