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Author Topic:  [Oct mp] what the wise don't teach, the foolish will learn [kes]  (Read 80 times)

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Kalevi Aare [ Drakonya Krov ]
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The usually cool and collected Kalevi had a hard time keepimg his composure. Today was the day he would finally go down to see the draugrs. He had talked himself into it and was eager to go. Kalevi didn't tell anyone what his plans were, but word had begun to spread of his enthusiastism about the creatures. It wasn't hard to assume he would try to make another trip down to the pier. His first attempt had been in vain. He had snuck down late at night, but got so spooked he came back to the school before he even caught sight of their ship. Perhaps while the sun was still out, it wouldn't be so bad.

Kalevi wasn't sure what to expect. There had been a couple of students who had a near-encounter with them. While he wanted to ask them of their experience, he also wanted to keep off the of the radars of the tsars and tsaritzas as well as the professors. They'd only try to stop him.

He gobbled up his dinner at a blinding rate. Kalevi couldn't think about savoring the taste and taking his time to enjoy the food. He had things to do and creatures to meet. When asked why he was in such a ruah, he kept his answers vague as he informed his housemates that he had to study for some classes he had fallen behind in (both were a lie. He was performing academically superb).

His excitement got to him that he ate very little before jumping from his seat and throwing his bag over his shoulder. There was still a little bit of food left on his plate, an unusual habit of his as he always made a point to eat everything before him. He waved to his friends before bolting out the doors of the great hall to begin his way down to tbe secluded pier where the draugrs occasionally dwelt.



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