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[TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
« on: April 14, 2019, 05:22:33 PM »
It felt like ages since the blonde witch had gone out for a night on the town. She'd been working so hard over the past few weeks, preparing for The Burning Beard's Oktoberfest event, which was now behind her. As much as she'd fretted about getting everything right and been frustrated a number of times when her employees didn't seem to be embracing the event as much as she was- it went off without a hitch. The bar was even busier than usual on the Sunday, marking her decision to hold the event a success. Now that it was over, she could use a bit of a break. No, she deserved a break. Delaney ate a light dinner at her flat before spending a few hours deciding what to wear and perfecting her hair and makeup for the occasion. She was dressed in a white sleeveless top, paired with a dark wash denim jacket and a pair of olive harem pants atop strappy black stilettos. Delaney wore her hair down in loose curls and charmed her eyelashes as black as possible, both curling and extending them with her wand.

Saturday night was always a toss up when it came to deciding where to go. She could hit up the usual Nyx nightclub which was sure prove successful if she was looking for an unsuspecting date for the evening, but Delaney didn't feel up to the massive amounts of flirting that accompanied that choice in venue, at least not tonight. She was looking for more of a relaxed atmosphere. She hadn't been to The Pour House in a few years, she realized, racking her brain to try to figure out when she had last visited her old employers establishment. Since opening The Burning Beard, she'd been so busy that she rarely made it back to visit with her former colleagues. Delaney decided she was due to make an appearance.

She stepped out of her flat and locked the door with a touch of her wand. She walked two blocks down the street, took a glance around to make sure there were no muggles watching her, and turned on the spot. Delaney reappeared almost instantly with a small pop in a back alley off of Uxbridge Road, on London's West side, her old stomping grounds before her new business venture began. She straightened her jean jacket that had gone a little wonky whilst apparating, and strode off in the direction of The Pour House. She pushed open the door and walked into the bar. She did a double take. The place looked exactly the same as she remembered it, except for the fact that it was almost completely empty, save a table of three older wizards sitting in the corner sipping something that was smoking from the top of their glasses. She immediately second-guessed her choice of venue. It was evident that business at her previous place of employment had gone down hill. She'd heard a few of her own customers telling her that they rarely went to The Pour House anymore, but now she was seeing it through her own eyes.

Delaney cautiously approached the empty bar, and tried to peek through the open door into the back room to see if there was anyone around to serve her. There wasn't even a bell on the counter for her to ring for service. She didn't have a bell on the bar at her restaurant either, but then, there was always an employee around to pour beer. Del debated simply leaving, but before she could make up her mind, someone she didn't recognize walked out of the back room. Delaney thought he must be in his early twenties, give or take. "Is Tabitha not around?" Delaney questioned, raising a brow. The bartender simply shook his head and mumbled something about her no longer working there. Del decided not to question him further, but it gave her something to think about. If Tabitha had finally left to go work elsewhere, what would that mean for the future of The Pour House? Tabitha had worked there long before Delaney started, and Del had her to thank for a lot of the good habits she'd picked up as a server in her younger years. Truth be told, working with Tabitha was one of the main reasons Delaney stayed there as long as she did. Tabitha actually cared about her work, and it showed.

"I'll have a glass of Ogden's Old, please," she requested, realizing the man was obviously waiting for her order, seeing as she had so unfortunately interrupted whatever it was he was doing in the back room. Delaney carefully pulled out one of the stools towards the far right side of the wooden bar and took a seat, lifting up her small purse and setting it on the bar top in front of her. She raised it up again immediately when her hands touched the sticky wood. Her eyes darted upwards to look at the back of the bartender who had busied himself making her drink. Rather than make a scene in an obviously rundown establishment, she shifted herself over to sit in the next chair, delicately touching the top of the bar to make sure it wasn't sticky there too. It wasn't perfect, but it was better. When the young man turned around and handed Delaney her drink, she thanked him quietly and handed him a few silver sickles. "Keep the change." This place needs it.

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2019, 08:48:14 PM »
Donn emerged from the restroom where he had just washed his hands. He was in the middle of using his personal handkerchief to dry them, when he noticed a young blonde witch sitting at the exact spot he just left. He frowned and gave and jerk of his head to the bartender as if to say who is the witch sitting in my seat. The bartender just gave a shrug in response. 

This was Donn's normal stomping grounds. Practically his kitchen being so close to his apartment. It provided strong glass of whisky when he needed one and cheap basic warm meals. Donn's Mother never cooked anything unless it was a part of a potion and Donn had not picked up the skills since his graduation from Hogwarts. He had put in his regular order in with the barman, but the man had to check if the supplies were still in stalk. It seemed that Oktoberfest cleaned out most of the bars reserves they even seem to be 'out of' his favorite whisky. Donn had sighed at the inconvenience but had faith that the barman, who just happen to be a acquaintance from Hogwarts would find something suitable in back.

He put the handkerchief back in to his breast pocket of his jacket before he was forced to take a seat two down from his preferred seat, which was currently occupied by the blond. He used his wand to once again scourgify the section of the table in front of him, which was left quite sticky from the beer spilling Oktoberfest celebrating patrons this weekend. He stole a glance at the witch. Once he got passed the annoyance of her taking his chair, he noticed she was quite cute. Lucky for Donn, the barman produced a comparable bottle of whisky and poured a generous a glass before letting him know that his meal would be right out. Donn thanked him and picked it up and took a sip. He gave a nod that the Whisky was acceptable and the barman went again to the back, presumably to check on his meal. 

As if they were already in a conversation, the young wizard said to the witch, "I think everyone is still at home nursing their hangovers. I am surprised there was anyone in here today."

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
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Delaney was aware of the man that was standing behind her, but she didn't move out of her chair to look. She turned to her left when she heard him order his drink and sigh as the bartender went to fetch a different whiskey. Delaney watched as he sat down, pulled out his wand and cleaned off the section of bar top in front of him. As soon as his face turned to meet hers, she looked away quickly, focusing her gaze in front of her at the numerous liquor bottles on the shelves behind the bar. Seconds later the barman returned with the man's drink, muttered about a meal, and went to the back again.

She stole another peek at the man sitting two seats down on her left. Young. Twenty-five at the most. Delaney didn't recognize him, so he must be quite young for her not to remember seeing him at Hogwarts- if he went to Hogwarts. He wasn't bad looking. She could tell before he sat down that he was quite a bit taller than her. He took care of himself, too... Get yourself together. Delaney shook it off. She expressly came out tonight for a low-key night. A few drinks, decent conversation, preferably with Tabitha... But doxy droppings happen. She'd make do.

"Oh is that why there's no one around?" Delaney asked, letting her eyes wander around the room once more. It made sense, she reminded herself. Del's version of relaxation after a few evenings of hard work was to go out and celebrate. Unfortunately for her, everyone had done their celebrating while she worked. "You didn't let loose this weekend, I take it?" She took a long sip of her firewhiskey, setting it back down gently on the bar top after a moment. Yes. This was exactly what she needed tonight. The whiskey burned as it rolled down her throat. She was secretly a bit frustrated that the only reason The Pour House wasn't busy today was because of a massive party in the few days prior. Del knew The Burning Beard would have minimal clientele as well, but more than this. Oh, and the place wouldn't be a right mess either.

They could have at least cleaned it up.

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
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He found her more adorable that she looked to quickly away. He tried to hide his smile by taking another sip of whisky. It was fun to have that much of an impact on a witch just by looking at her, but he did not want to scare away the little thing.  For one thing she was nice to look at and another was it was quite nice to have someone for company. Their bartender who he had gotten to know over the last year was decent company although he never talked much. Well, Donn admitted to himself there was often little time for conversations in between other customers. Luckily, the little beauty was not scared to talk, and Donn's casual batter seemed to put her more at ease.

Donn turned towards her a little more now that he knew she was willing to engage. After he answered her question with a chuckle, then gave a nod. Donn watched her as she glanced about. He noticed that she seemed to be take a measure of the room. Donn wondered if she heard boasting reviews of the place and was highly disappointed. Donn gave a dismissive shrug and he decided to elaborate, "It's practically dead today, but you get better service that way."

The Pour House was not the type of place his mother would have being willing to go to. Just the name would have turned her a way. Although the place was not lively nor was it bursting with intellectual wizards, but it suited his needs... at least at the moment. He vaguely wondered what the cute blonde witch's needs were and found a urge to accommodate them. He drowned the urge in another sip.

"No, I was to busy working." He gave a shrug while answering her next question.  "The Ministry keeps almost a full crew on hand most holidays and well...and I guess anytime there is copious amounts of drinking. Even with Germany hosting the Oktoberfest, a owl regarding a magical accident or catastrophe came in to out department every hour. The owl I took seemed promising. A wizard claimed that a muggle stole his wand. I spent most of the night looking for it. Would you believe that we finally found it in the gutter in front of the bar?"

Donn gave a light hearted laugh. It was not that he was complaining. In fact, he was still able to grab a beer before he headed back to the office. It was just absurd, but many of his jobs he is stuck with was just as absurd.

The barman delivered his bangers and mash and gave Donn a smile which meant How goes the chase? Donn ignored him and asked for a water. The Barman refilled his whisky without asking before supplying him with water. Like he needed some liquid courage or something. Donn just politely thanked his friend, in a hit to leave. Thankfully another customer entered and his friend left to tend to him. Donn arrayed his flatware and placing his napkin in his lap, while he returned the question. "How about you? Did you get out?"

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
« Reply #4 on: April 16, 2019, 03:23:20 AM »
If this was better service, then she'd hate to see The Pour House on a busy evening. Delaney decided not to mention that, however, as it seemed like this man must come here often enough to make a statement about it being dead today. She watched him as he took a sip of his whiskey. Del didn't recognize him as a customer from when she used to work at this bar, nearly seven years ago. Seven years? Had it already been that long ago? Delaney was momentarily lost in her own thoughts, unable to believe she had owned and operated her pub for that long. She glanced back towards the man sitting next to her, pulling herself back to reality. Definitely early twenties, she confirmed inwardly.

She listened curiously to his description of his duties at work, turning her body slightly on the bar stool to properly face him. Delaney let a small giggle escape her lips when he mentioned where the wand had been found. Typical. How often had she left The Burning Beard at four in the morning to find a wand or other personal belonging on Whitehall Road just outside the door. Luckily for the rightful owner, Delaney always brought the items back into the bar and set them in the back room. There was one charming fellow that lost his pocket watch at least once a week. Delaney had offered to charm it to his underwear, but he'd refused. She still considered doing it anyway, without permission.

When the bartender delivered the man's food, Delaney couldn't help but stare down at his plate. They still didn't serve it with a side of peas. She shook her head slightly and had to wonder whether the man to her left was honest in eluding to the fact that The Pour House was usually busier than this. The food here (in her opinion) had been an issue even when the blonde worked here, but the owners rarely listened to her suggestions. 'The don't come here just for the food,' they'd told Delaney. No, no, they sure don't. But that's part of the reason you get them to come back.

Delaney heard the door to the pub open and immediately turned in her chair to take a look, out of habit more than anything. It turned out to be a grumpy looking old hag. She returned to her previous position and took a long drink from her glass, long enough to finish her first firewhiskey. It tasted like another. Delaney looked at the young man beside her and shook her head at his question. “My nights out are the opposite to most people, as I work at a bar,” she began with a shrug. Del was able to catch the bartenders attention and held her empty glass a few inches above the bar top, shaking it with a small smile to signal she’d have a second round. “I own The Burning Beard, I’m sure you’ve been there. It’s right across from the public toilet entrance to the Ministry.” Delaney still couldn’t put a name to his face, even if he had been into her bar a time or two.

“I’m Delaney,” she offered with a smile, purposely leaving her surname unsaid as usual. The name Mullen meant a great deal to some wizarding folk she’d met over the years, who then had a forty-five minute story about their uncle that had a project completed by Delaney’s family’s (quite reputable) construction company, Mullen Construction. At that moment, the barman returned with her second glass of firewhiskey. “Cheers, I’ll settle up later.” She even surprised herself with her words, just then deciding she could have a few more drinks at this basically empty pub in the heart of West London. It was quiet and relaxing in a strange sort of way.

“Don’t mind me while you’re eating,” the blonde witch said quickly, not wanting his dinner to go cold. The harsh taste of pepper in the mash from this place seemed to come out even stronger when it got cold.

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
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She worked at a bar. Must be a waitress.  

He was about to voice his guess when she asked for a second fire whisky. Luckily, she continued explaining she was the owner of The Burning Beard. His mouth betrayed him, and he replied to her statement with surprise and a note of disbelieve. “You OWN The Burning Beard?” He tried to correct the outburst by continuing a little less dramatically. “Yes. I have been there. I admit I don’t use that entrance that often. I am quite proficient at apparating in. Still I been in the Burning Beard a time or two.”

The blond wizard returned her smile and greeting by stating, “Donn. It is nice to meet you, Delaney. Now I know you own it, I will have to drop by there more often.” He watched her receive another glass of Firewhisky. The witch owned an reputable establishment and could hold her fire whisky. She seemed quite the catch, but why was she then here alone? He was in the middle of figuring out how to ask such a question when she reminded him of his plate in front of him.

The Hufflepuff graduate who was known to never missed a meal in school, looked down to see that his fork remained poised above his plate of cooling food. “Excuse me, I must be distracted.”  He said before he used his knife to divine up his food into smaller bites. While he did this, he tried to stay engaged. “So, you out for the night? Did you have plans to meet anyone here or are you going somewhere after this?

He knew the question could be taken to be a little forward. Yet he hoped by busying himself with eating his food instead of leaning over her like he had seen some sex crazed wizards do… she would feel comfortable enough to answer it honestly. Although not steaming hot any more, Donn's food was still good. The Pore House was not know for the best food, but Donn had not find another place which was just as convenient and that could beat the price. It was not like he was broke. It was just he did not want to dig into his family's coffers. As it now, more than half of his pay goes to his London apartment. He could live up in Scotland  but the prospect to beat the place were it felt like his mother just left had left him to uneasy. He wondered about if the Burning Beard sold a similar dish.  He made a note to visit her there and see.

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
« Reply #6 on: April 19, 2019, 03:49:24 PM »
Delaney couldn't pretend she wasn't used to his reaction of disbelief. It was a common reaction when people found out she actually owned the establishment. It used to bother her and she'd take it to heart, frustrated that in general people couldn't believe that someone like her could actually own a bar. Thankfully, the man continued and told Del that he had been into her bar a time or two. It must have been on a shift I wasn't working, she thought inwardly. But then, there were dozens and dozens of witches and wizards in and out of The Burning Beard on the daily. There's no way she could remember the face of every single one of her customers.

"You should absolutely drop in!" she said, the excitement growing in her voice as she spoke. "And make sure you order our bangers and mash," Del finished with a wink. She made a mental note to remember Donn's face and ensure he had a wonderful experience the next time he came into her bar. Delaney would make sure his plate of food was steaming hot, too. She debating on asking Donn whether or not he liked beer, but it seemed like a silly question. Of course, he'd mentioned grabbing a beer after work- but was it a real beer, as she liked to call her brews. A lot of what the pubs sold as "beer" today was nothing more than tasteless grain with a low alcohol content. Delaney had just finished perfecting a beer that was over nine percent alcohol, something completely unheard of in an India pale ale.

"Honestly I thought Tabitha would be here and we'd have a chance to catch up," Delaney admitted to Donn, glancing around the still empty bar. "He said she doesn't work here anymore," her head jerked in the direction of the back room where the bartender had retreated. "I used to work here, right after I graduated from Hogwarts," Delaney added, giving Donn a bit of context. She wasn’t that upset that she couldn’t reconnect with Tabitha- truthfully, the fact that The Burning Beard was flourishing and The Pour House was obviously not was enough for Delaney. It proved that her operation skills were more successful than her previous employers, or at least that was how she was choosing to see it. Del contemplated asking Donn how old he was at that moment, but decided now was not the time.

“No real plans for the night,” Delaney said to Donn with a shrug, taking another long sip of her glass of firewhiskey. She could feel the burn again as it climbed its way down her throat. She swallowed, turning back to look at Donn with a small smile on her face. “Are you going somewhere else after this? Or just home to bed?” she questioned. “I was thinking about going further into London to see if there was anything going on tonight. I’m pretty sure all of the bars are played out from Oktoberfest, so I’m not sure what to expect.” Delaney finished with another shrug. She was fairly spontaneous when it came to going out, especially because she was already on her second glass of firewhiskey an couldn’t see an end in sight. The glass seemed to move on its own up to her lips once more.

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
« Reply #7 on: May 08, 2019, 02:03:18 PM »
“Well, then I MUST go and visit you at the Burning Beard.” Donn replied with a bright smile. With her mention of his current dish, he surmised she was observant, which added to her allure. The list now also included, being personable, beautiful and likely intelligent if she was running a bar successfully. Any leftover frustrations with his chair stealer dissolved and replaced with infatuation.  His consumption of his dinner slowed, as his attention focused on her.

With her faint Irish accent, he would guess she would have attended Hogwarts, but he was surprised he did not recognize her face.  Most students who were within a year or two above or blow his graduation year he would at least recognize their face if not recall their name. She did not look much older than him. It was possible that she was muggle born. Many dropped out of Hogwarts during the war, so his memory of them were vaguer. It would be ashamed if she was for it would be likely their political views would differ to greatly. Still it was something he could worry about later for now all that engulfed his thoughts was his attraction and seeing where the night might lead them.

While taking a sip of his own whisky he nodded with understanding, as she explained she come to catch up with a old coworker named Tabitha. Although he had a vague reminiscence of a witch of that name, who served him a time or two here, he failed to mention it.  For he now was aware that with her the absence Delaney would be more available for his company.

His gentle prodding had paid off for she devolved her evening plans to him, which seemed as open as the night was dark. He paused for a second at her mention of him going home and to bed. This could be taken as a wish for an invitation to his apartment. He would not have turned her a way if he was sure this was the case. Although it countered the fact she was a bar owner, the best part of her allure was she seemed wholesome and a shy witch. Personally, Donn had his share of the bar flies that usually frequent more active locations and was now desiring something longer lasting. So he took longer minute to assess Delaney’s cute small smile, lack of outwardly flirtatious behavior and heard her statement which focus on going further into London. Donn’s mother had once told him that the last option spoken was more often what others truly wanted. Taking all of this into account, he concluded she was simply looking for a good night out on the town. A desire Donn was more than happy to fulfill.

“No, I typically go for a walk after eating.” He said honestly. “I usually do some window shopping at a few late-night stores and galleries and then stop at a bar for a night cap, but I might be persuaded to a more adventurous this evening.” He put down his fork and pushed away his food with still a third left of the plate untouched. Tonight, was looking to be a lot more appetizing. “Besides whisky, what do you enjoy? I think we could find some karaoke, dancing or do you prefer a stroll about? We could even do some bar hopping, look into some of your competition.”

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
« Reply #8 on: May 17, 2019, 12:54:50 PM »
Delaney smiled at Donn when he spoke about visiting her at The Burning Beard. “I’ve just finished working on a new brew of beer, so you could stop by and let me know what you think of it. I always appreciate the feedback,” she added with a bit of a shrug. And it was true. Though the general focus of any business venture is to make as many galleons as possible, Del’s view of a successful business was much broader than that. The only way to keep patrons returning is to ensure that there’s always something new and exciting to keep people on their toes. If The Burning Beard always had the same beers on tap with no rotation it would feel stale and repetitive. Delaney noticed that Donn seemed to be taking his time while eating, and she momentarily wondered if her presence had anything to do with that.

She felt herself relax a little further in her seat, her eyes flicking down to her half empty glass. Delaney had been taking sips of her drink without even realizing, and that could be dangerous. Obviously she was feeling comfortable in Donn’s presence which surprised the blonde witch. Knowing that Donn worked at the Ministry made her a little leery to feel too comfortable. Delaney was accidentally involved with a Ministry wizard a few years ago and she vowed never to make that mistake again. He’d showed up in the bar every evening for a week afterwards because he wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was actually one of her regulars, Felix, that thankfully handled the situation. Delaney never did find out what happened to that wizard, but she hasn’t seen him since. Something about Donn’s demeanor made her feel at ease, which she took to mean he wouldn’t end up being Ministry stalker number two. Del liked to think she was a good judge of character for the most part.

It was unfortunate that Delaney was halfway through her very last sip of firewhiskey when Donn suggested karaoke. She managed to swallow the entire mouthful but not without difficulty. Of course she’d sang karaoke a number of times... But she was young and foolish and probably with Joanna drunk in a pub somewhere on their days off. It’d been ages since she’d been into a karaoke bar on purpose. “I’d maybe skip the karaoke tonight, I’m not much in the mood,” Delaney finally managed to say with a light laugh, her mouth and throat now completely clear of firewhiskey. “However, I like the idea of checking out the competition.” She smiled wryly. It was hard to keep the anticipation out of her voice. Donn seemed interesting enough, and why spend an evening alone wandering around downtown London when she didn’t have to. “Do you have any suggestions for places we could go first?” Delaney had a few ideas of her own, but she wanted to see what Donn might suggest. She could be shortsighted sometimes when it came to visiting other establishments. Del tended to stick to the ones she thought were in direct competition with The Burning Beard, and avoid the hole in the wall type pubs. That wasn’t to say that a dive bar was any less successful than her own bar, but it was the way she tended to view those types of places.

“I’ll have one more quick one,” Delaney said to the bartender when he appeared from the back room to clear away Donn’s plate. “And I’ll settle up now I think.” She was always efficient, and a little impatient. She turned back to Donn while her last drink was being poured and she considered him for a moment. He wasn’t bad looking. He was taller than her (but then it was hard not to be). More than anything she was interested to know what type of establishments he frequented besides the Pour House, perhaps that would shed some further light on the man sitting beside her.

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Re: [TPH] I see the world through whiskey glasses [wide open]
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Dimples formed on the cheeks of the blond wizard as he heard her reply,  'I like the idea of checking out the competition.' He knew that one would hook her. He could see himself escorting her for bar to bar, as they sampled the wares and the night life. It could be a fun evening. Their own personal pub crawl. He would quite enjoy this evening and if he got hungry again, he might be able to catch something else to eat if he found a place that kept their kitchen open late.

"Let me think.." he said taking up his own glass of fire whisky that had sat unattended while he ate his meal. He took a large sip as he made a mental list. He would never consider the Devil's Den, even if he had gone there once or twice (out of necessity.) It was not a place you want to frequent or take a sweet looking young witch to, even if she was a bar owner or not. So he went on with the rest of his list,  " Let’s see.. to the south, in Greenwich we have The Wolf & Whistle. Besides the Leaky cauldron, there is the Goblin Hole on Diagon Alley. Oh, and that muggle bar that all the young wizards are raving about. It is not far from Diagon Alley in Stoke Newington. I heard they go there for the muggle's trivia night and cheap beers."

Donn took another sip of his whisky as if to make a point that he preferred good quality whisky over cheap beers and certainly not Muggle made ones. Yet this fact had not stopped him from taking note of the Bars location after his coworkers raved about it.  He would never attend the location to learn more about muggles, or would want to support their economy by buying their beer, yet it was always good to keep tabs on the muggle loving population of the wizarding world. Knowing just who he could trust and not trust to be himself with. Right now, the amount was few. He looked over at her and wondered for a second where should stood on the issue, but he decided to let it go. Political views had no place on a fun night out on the town weather it was friends or with a beautiful witch.

 “So, what do you think? Shall we try to hit as many as the night would allow us or is there one that you are more interested in?” Donn took a long sip, trying to catch up the Delany who appeared to be on her third dink of the evening. He debated if he should stop at this one. It might be easier if he was more sober so he could adequately perform a side long apparate with her. He had a feeling he would enjoy her arm on his.


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