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Author Topic:  look at your smile, won't have to loan you mine [bertie]  (Read 96 times)

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look at your smile, won't have to loan you mine [bertie]
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She was going to tell him. Mary Lou was eighteen now, a seventh year, Student President. She could do anything.

It had been a long few months, deciding if this was the right decision. There had been the dance (they had so much fun), Election Night (they almost kissed), his postcards over the summer (he said he couldn’t wait to see her!), and they had classes and meals together and she didn’t take anything as a coincidence anymore.

Then, there had been the dog. Lou had wasted no time getting back to hiking Mt. Greylock, having missed it all summer since she had been in New York, and on her very first hike the first day of term, so bright and early, she had found the scrappy little fluffy thing. He had followed her for a while, until Lou had gone vertical up some boulders. But the dog was there again on Wednesday’s hike, and by the time she saw him on Friday, she had stopped trying to avoid him. Stray dogs could enjoy hiking, she supposed.

Normally she talked to herself while she hiked, used to going alone because none of her friends wanted to get up so incredibly early to accompany her, but when the dog was there, she talked to him, too, like most humans were wont to do. There was a lot she talked about, her parents, her friends, Bertie. Carrie was tired of hearing about Bertie, especially the longer she went without making a move, and while her friend would never tell her that, Lou thought she could see it on her face. So she took advantage of what she had, she supposed. In the several weeks of this free therapy, Lou had convinced herself to tell Bertie she like liked him. Any kissing would be a bonus.

But of course, she had to work up to it. She had made it this far, though: she and Bertie were working their way through the corn maze. They were lost, but that only meant they would spend more time together. Lou might not have been trying that hard to find the maze’s exit. She had to play it cool, of course.

“We’re gonna die in this maze,” she said with a dramatic sigh, nudging her friend with her elbow. “I’m almost to the point of wanting to stand on your shoulders so we can find the way out.” She grinned, hoping he would catch that she was suggesting they cheat a little -- something that made rule-abiding Miss President slightly more likable.

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