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back to school, ring the bell [mary lou]
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A bake sale had seemed like such a good idea at the time. In a way, Mellie supposed it still was. The SGA always needed funds for something, and that was really the problem when everything was student-led. Mellie likes it though. She tells her parents she's active because it builds character and teaches her to be independent, but really she just gets to test out new recipes on her fellow students and gauge their reactions. Mostly it's good, but a little market research never hurt anyone. Getting to skive off classes once in a while didn't really hurt as an added bonus either.

After her summer internship in France (she was too young to actually do anything, but she did make a nuisance of herself by following everyone around and asking too many questions) she realised she's been slacking off. Everyone was so talented, and her she was, thinking she was amazing just because she could make a few—admittedly perfect—snickerdoodles? Get real, Melanie. She needed practice, and she needed a lot of it before she graduated if she wanted any chance of making it into a top pastry school.

But graduating... Mellie sighed again. Her last year in Ilvermorny, and she's been spending the first couple of months still fighting with Lou. She was one of her closest friends! She didn't want to leave without making up with her. Who knows if they'll ever see or speak to each other again if they graduated like this?! Mellie knew that she should 'be the bigger person' or something, and that Mary Lou tended to get tunnel vision when it came to student senate, but she still stubbornly believes that she's done nothing wrong. Unless being popular was a crime. "I think we should pack up soon," Mellie said listlessly to Amanda who was helping her man the stall, which was really just a table with a sparkly sign taped to it. No use sitting here and feel sorry for herself if no one else was going to come by.

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