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[OCT-MP]Converging Rows[OPEN]
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The stool had not felt as bad at the start of the evening… but now her bum really hurt. So, over the last half of an hour she had alternated between pacing and standing as she waiting in her year old day of the dead costume for the last of the students to enter the maze. She let out a large sigh when the clock stroke 10:30 pm for it was finally time to close the maze and her shift to be over.

Her Corn Maze shift she required to work for Student Council turned out twice as long as it’s should have been. The problem was another student has switch their spot last minute and she was required to work both of the evening shifts.  It was not bad, but it cut into her studying time and she won’t be able to recopy her class notes like she wanted. Still all she had to do was stand here, let in small groups in one at a time, and tell the fist years to release shooting sparks from their wands if they get lost.  Green if they want help to find the front and red if there was an issue. 
She used her wand to hang up the barrier rope and hang up the close sign. Now it was her turn to walk the maze to clear it. If she saw any of the Shackamaxon workers, she had to let them know that they could go home and direct all students that were still lost to follow her to the exit. They usually preferred a upperclassman to clear it… especially on a weekend but since it was just her she had to do it alone.

Sylvia took a deep breath and headed in with her wand lit and map in hand.  It was cheating but she as a volunteer, so she was allowed the map in encase of emergency. Since she needed to get through it quickly to get to her homework, this seemed like an emergency to the second-year perfectionist.  Sylvia turned Right left right…. before she stopped at a dead end.  According to the map, the dead end shouldn't been there. She frowen studying the map diligently as she back tracked but she still found couldn’t find her way to the beginning. She stopped and studied her map frantically to see where she went wrong. It was then she noticed on the bottom corner note saying this map was not valid during the weekend for “the maze will be enchanted to change on travelers!”

As she read the last statement out loud, the corn stalked took it to be it's que to bent in if the earth folded and the rows in front of her started in on each other as if they were part of a zipper. Sylvia let out a shriek and started to run away from the converging rows. She made it to another path just as laughter met her ears.  “I can’t believe this!” she proclaimed with extreme frustration.

((OOC: Anyone is welcome to join Sylva. They could have gone in before or after she placed the rope. Just note that curfew is 11pm and she might flip out with any Mummies.))
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