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so lovely • { f f l u r }
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So far, flying was her favourite class.

She'd been memorising quidditch players, dates, and fun facts as long as she could remember. Had wanted to play professionally as soon as she'd known that was a thing someone could do. Of course, it was almost impossible to do much training by herself; none of her family played quidditch, and they weren't exactly rolling in money. It wasn't enough to just know stuff, she wanted to do stuff. All she had at home to practise on were a few crappy, splintered brooms from the eighties or something. Barely even good for sweeping a porch with. One of the Slytherins in her flying class had made a disparaging comment about the "old school brooms" earlier, but she'd been making do with tattered twigs and straw for the past eleven years and could. Not. Relate.

Tomie slung her backpack over one shoulder haphazardly as she watched the class disperse after the final lesson of the day. They'd packed up the brooms, dusted themselves off and most of the students were now heading back to the castle. She caught Hazel So picking bits of grass out of her hair with a horrified expression on her face and couldn't help but smirk a bit. The other girl wasn't a natural flyer, surprise surprise. Tomie didn't know if she was the best in her class, but she was up there, and she was working hard at being better and... Oh crap, Blevins was already leaving. "Uh, you guys go ahead," she said to Simon and Benny, before ditching her housemates to catch up to her teacher.

The girl jogged to catch up, her sneakers making soft squish sounds on the damp grass. She slowed to a walk as she fell into step beside Fflur. "Hey, Miss?" she breathed, before immediately correcting herself, "Uh - Professor?" Tomie took fast steps to match the woman's longer strides. "Sorry to bother you," she said quickly, only half-meaning it. "I was just wondering if you had a sec, if I could ask you a couple things?" She tucked some hair behind an ear, giving a hopeful smile. Quietly, she begged her not to turn her away. She'd been thinking about talking to Blevins outside of class for a while now, and this was her shot.


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