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Volume 09. November 2002.

Page 1 introduces November's Mini Plots and current affairs; only information provided in this page counts for the FPP bonus.
Please check the final page of the Daily Prophet for further details.

Sweden’s annual Reindeer Festival is once again upon us! As tradition dictates, during the entirety of the month of November, Sweden will be celebrating the rare and endangered species of magical reindeer; this year, just like every year, this specific breed needs a lot of careful attention and pampering - the initial reason for the establishment of the festival by the Wizarding community ever since the tenth century! At the end of November, the reindeer’s noses turn red and glow in the dark; a true marvel of the magical animal kingdom.

The festival takes place in Sweden’s National Magical Reindeer Reservation, in Älvdalen, near Harrsjön lake. The entry is free for all witches and wizards, regardless of nationality, and transportation is provided for free by the Swedish Ministry of Magic, which has generously ensured the non-stop usage of port-keys at all Ministries of Magic worldwide. As long as visitors do not exit the premises of the Reservation, no documents are required. In the Reservation, there are three major inns, available to host visitors who desire to prolong their stay, and would like to also experience Swedish cuisine. No alcohol is allowed to be served on the premises, and while visitors may pat, play with and feed the reindeer, it is preferable not to smoke near the creatures.

At the opening festivities which took place on the first of November, over nine hundred Swedes cheerfully welcomed the beloved and highly popular Minister for Magic Nils Nyström, whose opening speech had been especially heart-warming, praising the magizoologists taking care of the reindeer, and Swedish society for upholding the tradition for centuries. “It is my great honour to announce that all earnings from this years Festival will be donated to the National Magical Reindeer Reservation, as to further protect and nurture this endangered species of reindeer, very dear to Sweden and the Wizarding community.”

Following his opening speech, Minister Nyström spent the entirety of his day playing with orphans from the Nyström Institute, ensuring that the little children and baby reindeer got along nicely. The children later built a snowman dedicated to the Minister, celebrating his commitment to their well-being, a gesture which caused Mr Nyström to become somewhat flustered and emotional. When asked about why he spends the majority of his free time with the orphans from his family’s Institute, he simply replied “They are all my children.” 
The International Naturalists Association is pleased to invite all interested to the 45th annual International Conference on Herbology, Magizoology, and Potioneering 2002 (ICHMP) which will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from the 21st until the 24th of November. Leading academicians, policy makers, magizoologists, social workers, those involved in the fields of research, potioneering, herbology, and mediwizardry are all welcomed to learn of the innovations in the field as well as to share their knowledge and experiences. This year’s theme is focused on the difficulties encountered and innovative solutions adopted in the fields of Herbology, Magizoology, and Potioneering. The association was pleased to receive a plethora of papers from veterans as well as up and coming experts in the field, and have scheduled a dynamic series of presentations and open panel discussions. One of our very own naturalist enthusiasts will be attending the conference this year and reporting daily on the best speakers, the most innovative technology, and most importantly, the political tension that is sure to arise when some of the more controversial topics are brought to the stage.

Several Western European Ministries, including the Ministère de la Magie, announce they are in preliminary talks with the Swedish Ministry of Magic, sparking outrage among those opposed to Sweden's ideals. At Beauxbatons, the Yule Ball has been announced for December; students are encouraged to find dates and send home for dress robes. 

The Papillonllise vs Bellefeuille game will not be played out. Mention of attending or playing in the match will still count toward this month's MP and will help admin to determine the match winner.

[October Quidditch Results: Ombrelune 50 v Bellefeuille 210]

Danger in the Klyk Vampira common room! The large window to the Gulf of Bothnia cracked, flooding the common room and surrounding dormitories, resulting in damage to property and further danger to persons. The window is being repaired and magically reinforced, but in the meantime the Klyk Vampira students are sharing lodgings with the Drakonya Krovs. A tight fit, admittedly, but magical enhancements have made it possible. Professor Erik Fisker is taking select upperclassman students from the Nautica club on a trip to investigate the crack, and hunt for the beast which may have caused it.

The Grey Lady has still not been found, and The Bloody Baron continues his search. He has enlisted not only the Headless Hunt, but any ghost willing (or coerced) into helping, along with some of the more able portrait subjects. Speaking of portraits... has anyone noticed the increasing number of empty frames around the castle? With the Baron distracted, Peeves seems to be getting more unruly, flooding bathrooms and setting various booby traps around the castle -- as a result, some students are ending up in the Hospital Wing with minor ailments and injuries.

Bonus MP: Some students have acquired magical fireworks and have created their own Bonfire Night celebrations.

The Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor game will be played out. Participation in the match or in the stands will also count towards this month's MP.

[October Quidditch Results: Slytherin 170 v Ravenclaw 60]

Revolution day is celebrated with a mock battle, including war paint, replica no-maj weapons from the 1800s, and exaggerated, fun costumes. It is a particularly fun exercise for more competitive students and does teach those who want to go into combative or strategic professions a few things. This is a highlight of late fall and early winter for many students. Following Revolution Day, most people go home for Thanksgiving to see their families and then come back to Ilvermorny the very next Friday to prepare for the tradition of giving the less fortunate care packages. This year, the care package deliveries to the homeless and needy span all the way up through Canada and all the way down to Central America. Some students are packing even warmer clothes (going North) and some are packing shorts and t-shirts (going South) for this special year.

A freezing fog has slipped into Koldovstoretz, causing everything to be covered in a hoarfrost. Although students' dormitories seem unaffected, the Great Cavern, the Dining Hall and some classrooms are covered in a layer of frost and remain at below freezing temperatures even with magical intervention. To combat the plummeting temperatures, students are required to wear their outdoor winter-wear at all times. To prevent frostbite, this years' batch of young dragons have been moved into the common room of each house and frantic efforts are being made to save the greenhouses' plants.

Page 2 introduces articles which provide further information regarding board-wide plots.

KINGSLEY SHACKLEBOLT HOLDS PUBLIC SPEECH: "For I was, am, and always will be a student of Albus Dumbledore"
I have been informed, by people I trust intrinsically, that a shadow once again stalks our streets; that an old menace is returning. I myself am nothing but an old, cynical Auror, and as you can probably suspect, my suspicions naturally run high. And unfortunately, I, in many ways, am inclined to agree with them.

The shadow I am referring to, of course, is our oldest foe: division, hatred, fear and prejudice. We, in our naiveté, thought that we had slain that old beast back in nineteen ninety-eight, the spilt blood of our innocent friends and our loved ones surely had to have meant something. We had made the most horrific of sacrifices. And so we convinced ourselves that we had reached some sort of conclusion; a denouement; we were certain that we had finished our work and had won the ultimate prize - the ability to live our lives safely, peacefully, without ever having to cast our minds back to those dark days.

And therefore I must disappoint many of you this evening when I say that no, in fact we were wrong. We turned our backs on that eternal evil, and in our very comfort and ease, we allowed it to slowly return. We see it on the streets of Russia, and in the palaces of power in Sweden.

Yes, there is fear amongst the people of Britain and Ireland today. And these concerns are not unfounded. The world has slowly been changing over the past years; there has been a sluggish yet definite slide towards authoritarianism in some of our allies; countries which had stood shoulder to shoulder with us throughout the years have sadly turned their backs upon the shared European values to which we once all held dear, and they disguise this movement under the screen of protectionism, patriotism, and a so-called love of wizardry and all that apparently entails.

And we, the people of Britain, look on with confusion and despair. And perhaps, above all, a sadness. A sadness, for it appears that there are some people in the world who, despite all their industriousness and intelligence, did not learn from the mistakes and the horrors of our own past - they have not learned from the chaos that tore the heart from our nation only a short four years ago.

I owe the people of Britain an explanation. I have heard the consternation of our citizens; the letters we at the Ministry receive from all over the country on a daily basis are only too clear; I understand your disappointment. The issue at hand: our former ally Sweden, and the release of Gaius Purcell.

After the end of the last war; our country, having finally rid itself of the curse of Tom Riddle through the terrible sacrifice of so many of its brave citizens, quietly descended into something of a crisis. Whilst we as its inhabitants picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves down and tried to get on with business as usual, more than a few of our neighbouring countries unfortunately decided that Britain was, for want of a better word, toxic. We were bad news; diseased and no longer to be trusted; and the instability caused by Tom Riddle’s coup was enough to frighten off many former investors of good standing. I shall not go into details, but by the end of the previous fiscal year, our country was running an alarmingly high budget deficit, and was dangerously close to bankruptcy. Sadly, the shadow of Tom Riddle hangs over us, even in death. We were considered too risky to do business with.
The country of Sweden has long been one of our most significant trading partners. As the others slowly fell away, they remained, and unfortunately became somewhat essential to the temporary functioning of our economy. And therefore, one does not have to be much of an economic expert to realise, that when Nils Nyström threatened to reverse over eighty percent of trade deals between Stockholm and London, we were left with a serious dilemma. Mister Nyström feels that his hand was forced due to the incarceration of Gaius Purcell; a man, who we are all only too aware, was found guilty in a Ministerial court of horrific crimes against the populace of this country during the tyrannical reign of Riddle. Mister Nyström has made various bizarre claims regarding the illegality of Purcell’s trial and his subsequent detention; all of which are unfounded. Nevertheless, our hands were tied, and I made the decision to free Purcell on the condition that Swedish trade tariffs remain unchanged for the next five years. Perhaps this decision will mark me for the rest of my career; however I made it with the best intentions of the British and Irish people at heart.

Some people would, quite correctly, state that I have no ethical right to do such a thing; and that by freeing Purcell I have disregarded his crimes; that I have disrespected his victims; that I have, perhaps even worst of all, somehow condoned his twisted beliefs; that his ideology is not as serious as we once claimed. That to publicly espouse hatred, division, and bloodism is somehow now acceptable in Britain. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I have spent the majority of my life on the opposite side of Purcell and his ilk; I reject with every atom of my being his politics of hate; his biological exceptionalism; the perversion of his ideology. I fought Tom Riddle; I lost my dear friends to his campaign of destruction and bigotry, and I would do it again tomorrow. Of this, there is no question.

No, rather I authorised the release of Purcell purely pragmatically. Words cannot express how uneasy this makes me feel; how I am now left to struggle with my own beliefs in the dark of the night. I can only ask for the understanding from the people of Britain that I have carried out such a distasteful and unsavoury act purely because of the decidedly undemocratic and threatening position our weakened country was forced into. Ultimately, history will be my judge.

However, if Stockholm wants Mister Purcell, they are welcome to him; the Ministry of Magic has seen to it that he is no longer a holder of British citizenship, nor can he ever reclaim it. It is my wish that he will never darken our shores again.

And what of Britain? What do we do? Well, despite what was published rather strangely in our media, the W9 conference in Ibadan was not quite the disaster it was made out to be, and we went some way to repairing our reputation on the global stage. The world hopefully sees us for what we truly are; a nation committed to equality; to fairness, where no witch nor wizard will ever be judged by the blood that runs through their veins, but rather the character of their soul.

I see it that Britain, through the horrific trials of the past, will grow stronger. I want for us to be a beacon of light in the encroaching darkness; a signal-fire to Europe and to the wider world that the politics of division and bloodism can only end in death and horror; we carry our scars from the past, but we do not hide them. We do not forget the murdered; the tortured; the missing; they live on in our hearts as a permanent augury. We will not return to those days; for the people of Britain would never allow it. And to our colleagues; our friends; our brothers and sisters in Sweden, I only hope that will one day you too will see things similarly. Our door will always be open to you.

And to Gaius Purcell; I have no authority to offer you forgiveness for the damage and the pain you wracked upon our fellow countrymen; however, personally, I forgive you. For I was, am, and always will be a student of Albus Dumbledore, and the most important lesson I ever did learn under his tutelage is that hate has no place in my soul. This is the belief that I would have died for in the past, and gladly would again. It is why I wake up each morning. Unfortunately, I think this is something you could never understand.

I beg the patience of my fellow countrymen. The British Ministry is on your side, and we work day and night to ensure your safety. Thank you.

As goblins, vily, giants, elves, werewolves and other magical creatures join the peaceful protests supporting ‘the Red Queen’, the Wizengamot finds itself in a controversial situation, as the members further refuse to accept the activists’ petition, despite it having covered all legal requirements, surpassing by ten thousand signatures the mandatory minimum number. Wizengamot member and Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement Andrei Krymov declared at his weekly press conference; “All protesters and activists, while peaceful, have no right to demand illegal changes within the Ministry’s system. The Minister’s prerogatives will not be enhanced under any form, and the people need to understand that the law will not be changed because of their whims. I am afraid it is all too clear that overall attitudes, slogans, and ideologies of the protestors coincide with Muggleborn supremacy.”

A leak from an official meeting between Department Heads revealed member of Wizengamot and Head of the Department of Magical Transportation Matvey Deynekin’s take on the matter; “The system is perfect as it is; we have no reason to further include Muggleborns and Halfbloods within the government. It’s sufficient if the Minister’s cabinet and the Department of Magic Public Information Services are filled with them.” At the end of the month, Krymov and Deynekin’s families suffered a port-key malfunction while wanting to leave on holiday in China. Finding themselves far too overwhelmed by the state of their families, the two politicians renounced their Wizengamot seats, deciding that their status as Department Heads was sufficient for them.

Following these events, the two Wizengamot seats were occupied by Amaliya Vyazmitinova, Department Head of the Ministry's Public Information Services, and Maxim Mikhailov, the Minister’s personal counsellor on International Affairs, both Muggleborn. Minister for Magic Kasimir Krupin has not made any official declarations, and protesters and supporters have claimed that his silence only reveals his support for their cause. Vyazmitinova and Mikhailov have voted for allowing the petition to enter the Chamber for discussion, but their votes were overwhelmed by the vast majority within the Wizengamot who are against such changes.

Following the Hallowe’en Feast at Hogwarts, parents were informed by their children that the Grey Lady has mysteriously disappeared, causing commotion among staff, ghosts, and the student body. Worried about the well-being of their children, parents have overwhelmed Headmistress Minerva McGonagall with owls. The Daily Prophet reporter Rita Skeeter had gone to investigate, but was not welcomed by the Headmistress, whom declared rather nonchalantly that “Ghosts will be ghosts. At a Hallowe’en event, one cannot but expect such tricks. The students have just misinterpreted a joke played by the ghosts, which is not an unusual occurrence for Hogwarts, as everyone knows.”

Page 3 hosts November's exclusive interview and Minister for Magic Profile.

By Melissa Morgenstern Despite enough time having passed since the Second Wizarding War, many unknown events from that time are still surfacing, which is not surprising seeing as so many witches and wizards had suffered unimaginably during that tragic period. Esteemed businessman Iago Moriarty has come forward and discussed with us several events he and his family had gone through, as the son of the infamous Death Eater Ian Moriarty.

For those who do not remember, after the Battle of Hogwarts, Death Eater Ian Moriarty was found dead, still wearing his mask, and marked, in a room where he had been killing Hogwarts students of various ages. Following the Battle of Hogwarts, more victims came out about his involvement, stating that he’d personally hunted down and executed numerous Muggleborns, and their families at times, with no care for collateral damage.

To add to these accusations, Mr Iago Moriarty now revealed that his father was a horrid man who verbally abused all three of his children, especially his middle child, Gabriella, who often bore the brunt of his anger and abuse, simply because she was not as skilled with magic, or as strong-willed as the other two children. His abuse towards his daughter was to the extent of practically locking her away and burdening her with so much work that he might as well have imprisoned her.   

During the war, the Moriarty family had no choice but to evict Muggleborn tenants and even many Halfbloods, for should they have done otherwise, it would have implied them being interrogated, harmed or killed. Mr Iago Moriarty, while not having enjoyed the act itselft, had two infant children to think about and, as such, submitted to all requests.
Following the events at Hogwarts, both he and Gabriella were questioned by the Ministry, and had to prove that they had no idea about their father’s activities. After thorough investigations, they were both found innocent, but Mr Moriarty did his best to distance himself from his father. However, as the Moriarty line is rather small, and their name was plastered on all of their businesses, the family nevertheless suffered financially.

The September following the Battle, an unknown criminal managed to dispel the Anti-Fire wards on the entire building, before setting it alight, killing several tenants, Mr Moriarty’s wife Isabelle Sutcliffe, and nearly killing Gabriella.

“The Ministry has done jack shit about the fire, but only enough to confirm it was arson and basically leaving it as well you made a lot of people angry. It could have been anyone. and letting it sit on some investigator’s desk until he retired two years ago, with no one new picking up the case,” stated a very displeased Mr Moriarty.

Following the fire, Gabriella had been in hiding, too terrified to even leave the premises of her house, fearing that someone might come back to finish the job, and Mr Iago Moriarty still does not dare to bring his children back from Italy, where he’s been living since.

Because of the manner in which they were treated as children, and the cruel man that their father was, Mr Iago Moriarty has always strove, both in his personal life, and his business, to be a better man than his father. Now the wizard wants nothing more than to be able to return home, and for his beloved sister to be able to live her life without fear.

How, we ask, is this even possible, if the Ministry has not even tried to catch the culprit, the murderer of Mrs Isabelle Sutcliffe? Whilst Death Eaters were responsible for awful crimes, and indeed could be labelled as terrorists, such accusations should not extend to their families and to their children, whom by law were proven innocent of such connections and ideological tendencies.

It is worth mentioning that Mr Moriarty and Mrs Sutcliffe, while married, had different surnames as his father had forbidden him from allowing his wife to take on the Moriarty name. Furthermore, following the Battle, Mrs Isabelle Sutcliffe was shunned by her own family, simply for being married to Mr Iago Moriarty because of his father’s status and deeds as a Death Eater. Mrs Isabelle Sutcliffe deserves justice.

The Daily Prophet is forwarding a petition for the proper investigation of the fire, to finally help bring justice to Mr Moriarty’s case, so he can one day hopefully allow his children to see their home country again.

Presently the oldest female Minister for Magic, Adaline Chartrand encompasses the eternal French revolutionary spirit. At the age of seventy-one, Adaline Clémence Chartrand, née Bonaccord, has a career which reveals her dedication for France’s safety, progress, and economical gain.

Adaline Chartrand is a highly esteemed graduate of Beauxbatons, having been part of the House of Ombrelune, and having served as Musketeer for three of her years at the school. She was known amongst her fellow students for her love and passion towards Défense et Diplomacie and Enchantement, and the young Adaline wanted to become one of France’s most successful Aurors. After graduating with the highest marks her generation had seen, Madame Chartrand started training at the Ministère, dedicating herself to her career. By the age of twenty-three, she had become a Lead Auror, having a perfect record, and worked hard to bring justice to all dark wizards. At the age of thirty-two, the Minister became Head of the Auror Office, and most recently served as Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement for the last fifteen years.

Madame Chartrand had never been especially enthusiastic regarding Minister Eugène Clement’s policies, and while she hadn’t been particularly attracted to a political career, the former Minister’s poor reforms had made her realise that France needed her and her vision. Her campaign was largely run by fellow Ministère employees, while she vastly criticised Clement for his soft approach to politics and spending too much time (and a large portion of the government’s budget) on social events and elaborate gifts to other Ministries.
Chartrand won the elections overwhelmingly, partly due to growing concern amongst French witches and wizards that there is a dark threat, akin to that faced by Britain in recent years, gaining momentum. It is believed the appointment of Minister Chartrand is a vote of confidence in her ability to steer the country through any potential unrest. Her campaign policies included a reform of education following the events at Beauxbatons in the term prior to her election, investment in the French economy, and a review of department spending.

One of Minister Chartrand’s first acts as Head of Government has been the formation of the Bureau D’Éducation in August 2002, and publishing an Emergencies Act on September 1st, according to which officials will visit Beauxbatons on a constant basis, closely monitoring the school’s activity. As per her direct order, all Defense classes would be run by Ministère-appointed Aurors or Department of Magical Law Enforcement officials on rotation, thus ensuring that Beauxbatons is brought back to its former glory, and not deemed as an ‘Academy of Non-Magical Arts’, as other parts of the world had mockingly commented following the last Triwizard Tournament.

While the Minister is still new, she is not without controversies. Madame Chartrand has been accused by several French media outlets that she favours blue blood at Beauxbatons palace, and that the promotion of two Bonaccord family members within the school had been ordered directly by her, and was not the wish of Madame Maxime herself. Renowned Hypnotist Madamoiselle Bérénice Bonaccord has been appointed to Deputy Headmistress following the disappearance of the former Deputy Head, thus raising suspicions over the Ministère's influence at the school.

Minister Chartrand, while maintaining her focus mostly on internal affairs, has however not forgotten international ties; having attended the W9 conference, Madame Adaline’s Cabinet is still negotiating with several countries, wanting to select the options which would benefit France the most. While she has represented France rather well so far on an international level, it is still much too early to state whether or not Minister Chartrand’s vision corresponds with that of the general Wizarding community, for it is felt that she has yet to properly settle and find her identity within the worldwide political environment.

Whilst having been one of the world’s greatest Aurors, she still is learning the application of theory within the political field; the Minister however has been praised for choosing great counsellors from a wide variety of ages and specialisations, to help better understand the issues and opinions of France’s social classes and generations.

Page 4 or your #1 source for all gossip.

To Melissa Morgenstern in regards to Mr. Baker's interview,

It is so obvious that Charlie Baker's heart has totally been swept up by Kate that he has become a different person. She has managed to tame the untameable rock star! She is so lucky. Us super fans cannot wait for Baker babies to be born! We think in fact that the whole of Banshee should have a few, and the babies could make their own pop band. It would be so cute! Let him know!

Founder of Kate and Charlie's Karlie's fan club.

Inside sources state that the Wizarding community’s most endeared couple, Christèle Deveaux and Hefin Howell, have not been on speaking terms for over two weeks, and hence the reason for the lack of public appearances. The couple apparently had planned to adopt a pygmy puff, but had a disagreement regarding the colour of the little creature; while Christèle preferred pink, it appears that Hefin wished for blue. Our source states that the couple had a rather dramatic discussion in Diagon Alley’s pet shop, with Christèle speaking angrily in French, whilst Hefin had switched to Welsh, before both stormed out and disapparated. We can only hope that this fight will not last for long, and perhaps they can both compromise and adopt a purple pygmy puff.
Can She Get Any Wilder?
The shopkeeper and artist, Trey Wilder, was spotted landing in the lap of an unsuspecting stranger at a bar a few weeks back. All have heard of the trope of the desperate artist, but is she truly struggling or is this simply a plight for attention? Either way, someone please ask the poor girl on a date.

A Bar With a View
Genevieve Grosvenor was seen accompanied by the beautiful Luciana Bertinelli at the Draben a few weeks previously, their topic of discussion being “frivolous women's things” as reported by one of the more… unpleasant regulars at the famed bar. Though the Grosvenor girl has been spotted there several times this year in what is believed to have been efforts to free her father, has she in fact turned to darker means to get what she wants or was she simply showing off to a young woman who seems to be one of Miss Grosvenors' few friends?

Page 5 reveals further content regarding sports, and social and cultural events.

Minister for Magic Henning Blumenthal’s Oktoberfest had been quite the success, with politicians, professors, artists and Quidditch players all having attended. Some famous names which caused a sensation amongst locals were Trey Wilder, Harlan Bellamy, Maryana Nikolaeva, Dante Boscono, and Volker Blauvelt. Aside from these celebrities, the whole Australian and Swedish National Quidditch teams had attended the festival for a week, attracting even further visitors, as the teams’ fans flooded into Bad Tölz.

However, as at any event involving drinks, the Scots just had to invade, too. Celebrating her twenty-fourth birthday, heiress and famous healer and researcher Darla Boyd had hosted a lavish (as exuberant as an Oktoberfest event can be) party in a personalised tent. The party had over one hundred guests from all over the British Isles, Korea, and Japan. However, the Scots made themselves quite noticed, for the Boyds had not only managed to cause one of the German suppliers run out of beer, but also invaded other parties, ruining tents with their drunken debauchery, mistaking pillars with rude individuals picking fights.

Fearghas and Bhàtair Boyd had managed to ruin three tents each, whilst Potioneer Naomhán Boyd has been accused of slipping hallucinogenics into other people’s beers, thus causing further chaos at an otherwise very calm and sensible Oktoberfest. When asked about his family’s drunken behaviour, famous healer Iain Boyd cursed at journalists in Gaelic, and refused to discuss the matter further. An (eventually) sober Darla Boyd was then quoted as saying that “the party was nothing out of the ordinary, and I believe the media insists on blaming my family for all of the drunks at Oktoberfest.” Our fiery cougar seems to still be as bossy and dismissive as always.

Following these events, it is rumoured that the Boyds owe the German government over one million galleons for the damages done, including apparently a fine for Iain Boyd’s public exhibitionism. “It was not me!”, the healer declared later, despite several people claiming to have seen him misbehaving with an unknown witch in some bushes. The Daily Prophet can only congratulate Ministry official Kendrick Silverman, for being the sole sober person at Ms Boyd’s birthday party; now that is one dreamy bloke, worthy of all our admiration.
There's a new coffee shop in Diagon Alley and it's better latte than never. Owned and operated by Hogwarts graduate and potioneer, Poesy Darling, Deja Brew is a cafe with a difference. Returning home from years of studying abroad, Miss Darling aims to give witches and wizards a helping hand with their daily life. Customers can order an extra shot of a carefully crafted potion to add into their coffee. Got a job interview coming up? Ask for a shot of confidence with your cappuccino. Dinner with the in-laws? You can get a shot of charisma to make things go a little easier. There is no end to the possibilities that the owner can offer you but be warned, the effects are temporary and it's not advised that you make consumption a regular thing. The employees are always on hand to offer advice and tailor make a coffee that can suit your preferences.

Aside from the magical elements, Deja Brew offers a wide selection of teas, as well as cold drinks, snacks and pastries. Poesy states that she tries her best to include local and seasonal produce in her food and as such, the menu is ever-changing. She's a champion of local shopkeepers and wants to rent out the upper floor of her cafe for get togethers, book clubs, art exhibitions and everything in between.

Deja Brew opens its doors on November the Fifth at 10:00. There will be chances to sample the different blends and roasts of coffee, as well as trying out the special effects of them. Poesy will also be on hand, making potions on the premises and offering advice and answering any concerns customers may have. There will be music and a warm atmosphere, as well as a chance to win a year's supply of free coffee. To enter, all you need to do is jot your name down on opening day and the winner will be announced in next month's edition of The Daily Prophet.

[OOC information; any driver who posts in Poesy's opening day thread or sets threads within Deja Brew will be entered into the competition. As the prize, your character will win a year's supply of coffee but you will also win sickles and an exclusive badge!]

Well-respected English Wizarding family currently living in Italy seeking Governess for two young children, both aged five. Must be willing to adhere to a schedule. Lesson plans will be provided for their education, though experience in education is not required. English speaking a must, Italian a bonus, but optional. Room and board will be provided, pay is competitive, and negotiable. Please owl Iago Costello at Rosewood Exports for further information.

The Walkers’ private Quidditch team has been approved by the Australian Ministry of Magic to officially change its name to the ‘Melbourne Marsupials’. The initiative belonged to team captain Hefin Howell, who became the de facto owner of the family team. CEO Sylvester Walker declared that he has nothing but high expectations from his heir, and enjoys the younger wizard's desire to make progressive changes within the businesses. Australians from all over the country have celebrated the change, and to celebrate the Walker Corporations have offered free team merchandise giveaways, including uniforms, personalised Quidditch quaffles, signed posters, and marsupial plushies for the younger fans.

Italy is the birthplace of opera and each November the season kicks off in Neroli, at the famous Teatro dell'Opera di Neroli. This year, the opera house opens with a spellbinding production of Le nozze di Figaro.

30 November - St. Andrew's Day is marked with a celebration of all things Scottish. This includes partaking in traditional food, music and dancing. The epicentre of the festivities is Edinburgh where The Royal Mile is decked out with The Saltire of white and blue. There is music and laughter, the pubs are packed with people and the sound of bagpipes are never far away. People in Scotland also pin thistles and heather to their hats and their clothing. In Edinburgh, as night falls, story-telling is a popular event on St. Andrew's Day. There are also plenty of market stalls selling traditional wares, from scarves and sweet treats, all the way to hand knitted jumpers and locally sourced whiskey. This is a time for the fiercely proud and patriotic Scots to celebrate their country, heritage and their future.

Page 6 discloses further content concerning political affairs.

To the Editor of the Daily Prophet,

It has been with a mixture of some concern and perhaps more than a little amusement, that I have perused the pages of your publication over the preceding weeks and months now. It appears, from the variety of twisted hysterics that passes for articles nowadays, and the frankly bizarre choices of lead interviewees (a convicted murderer? a talentless so-called singer?) that the direction this once-esteemed paper has recently taken is unfortunately nowhere but downwards.

I understand that your goal is to shift more and more copies; more copies today than yesterday, and even more tomorrow than today. However, as the wizarding population of Great Britain is rather small, there are, unfortunately for you and your team of “writers”, not that many events of real note to fill your sordid little columns with. Therefore, all that you can do is to fabricate strange, sick perversions of dull truths, in a pathetic attempt to terrify and bamboozle what is left of your decaying readership.

I have, with growing horror, read as your poor, misled audience has tried, through your letter pages, to comprehend the bizarre and terrifying picture of the world that you have rather crudely constructed for them. I realise that I am only the voice of one insignificant person, but I must stress that your frenzied lies and obfuscations do not work on us all. As you seem to have made something of a bloodsport of Ministry-bashing, let me try to assure the people of Britain that, no, we are not crumbling, despite what you may read in the pages of this rag. The British Ministry of Magic is working around the clock to ensure the security, safety and wellbeing of all magical creatures upon this Island. Naturally, we are not miracle workers, but there is no “existential threat” to the populace. It would do the Daily Prophet better if it were to stop its scaremongering, and perhaps take a good look at the personalities of the deviants it has employed to write such drivel in the first place - for they are the true threat to the people of Britain.

With kind regards,
Nathalie Wilkins, Public Information Services, Ministry of Magic
The African Wizard International Conference (TAWIC) will remain scheduled to start on November 25th and close on the total solar eclipse of December 4th. Although some Astrological divination experts had worried the lunar and solar alignment could prove to be a bad omen, others perceive the Burkinabé Ministry of Magic's decision to schedule the Conference on the eclipse as a play for power. The Burkinabé Minister for Magic assures everyone that "the Eclipse is just meant to provide an interesting ending to the Conference." Due to both events happening simultaneously, the Burkinabé Ministry is expecting to host both a flood of astrologists, astrological experts, along with the influx of dignitaries. Local Ministries are requesting all travellers to arrange their port-keys early.

Costa Rican Animal Sanctuary Under Fire
The president of the Costa Rica Magical Wildlife Sanctuary, Alejandro Ruiz, has been charged with sixteen misdemeanor counts for importing animals without certification. The sanctuary initially came under fire when one of the staff members stumbled upon and was subsequentially severely injured by an Acromantula during a routine inspection, launching a month-long investigation into how the Acromantula was there in the first place.

After going through the dense foliage of the jungles, swamps, and mangroves composing the animal sanctuary, the investigation bureau came across an entire colony of them, along with an unregistered unicorn, kappa, and graphorn, among other creatures. Since these are level XXXX and level XXXXX creatures, strict punishment must be given out, as it placed the residents in the surrounding area in a wealth of danger.

As one of the oldest and largest animal sanctuaries in Costa Rica, the Ministry of Magic has also been accused of enabling this behavior for the sake of  encouraging more tourism. “Mr. Ruiz is a decent magizoologist at best but he doesn’t have the skills to take care of these creatures, the more exotic the creature, the easier it is to get people to visit and donate more money, but it is a dangerous business,” an anonymous source reported. A member of the board of trustees has taken temporary ownership of the sanctuary while Mr. Ruiz awaits trial and a new president is selected. In the meantime, the sanctuary has been forced to close while the animals are registered and threats are removed.

If it is deemed safe to stay open, the board of trustees and investors will be asked to meet with the Ministry to work towards a solution that is best for all, particularly the magical creatures it houses. If it is forced to close down, the Mexican Ministry of Magic has volunteered to take in the animals into their own blossoming organization, El Paraíso de los Animales.

general information
The Daily Prophet is run by the Plot Committee. The new layout has been inspired from members’ suggestions and, accordingly, it is considered to be a team effort of the entire community.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or would like to submit articles or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact @Elena or a member of the Plot Committee.

Please take note that you can submit any kind of articles or blurbs you wish, or simply link us to a thread or personal plot you want to be mentioned or written about, and we’ll do the writing for you!

worldwide mini plot
We all want you to participate in the lovely settings provided by the Plot Committee, and encourage all kinds of involvement! In regards to the Worldwide Mini Plot, one can thread it out with any kind of character, regardless of location, age or profession.

The Reindeer Festival can be easily mentioned in any thread, or simply by casually stating that your character was reading the local newspaper for some distraction. It’s an easy way to gain MP FPP points, perhaps this being the most malleable MP to thread out!

We would like to thank everyone for all their support and help in writing this issue.

Firstly, the Daily Prophet wouldn’t be possible without the creativity and help of the Plot Committee: @Gavin, @Chaw, and @Elena.

Secondly, thanks to @Miss Mori, @Axel, @Sioban, @Mel, @Laura, @Ashton, and @Dylan for their marvellous contributions.

We hope you will all enjoy this new issue and will have fun in the new playtime!

Special thanks from @Elena
I would like to thank @Gavin for his wonderful editing skills, @Samm for her flawless graphic-making abilities which resulted in our fancy new headers, and, last but definitely not least, @Christine for the glorious original coding, which is so easy to use it’s truly out of this world.

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Gavin [ Guest ]

[lena]Reindeer Festival Special!

This badge shall be awarded to all characters who thread at the Reindeer Festival, in Sweden. Unfortunately, it won’t be available for threads about or referencing the festival, but only for characters actually attending it.

However, after this badge has been awarded to ten different characters (for example, if five one-on-one individual threads all with different characters are started and replied to), more badges and rewards shall be unlocked, including another badge for this specific MP, for mentions and references in threads not placed in Sweden.

Thank you @Sioban for the lovely badge!

Charlie Baker [ Artist ]
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t h e r e ' s   a   s e  t   o f   r i c k e t y   s t a i r s   i n b e t w e e n   m y   h e a r t   a n d   m y   h e a d

Axel [ OOC Account ]
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oh this is gonna be a fun month for some of my characters >=3

poor Kes

Dermod Larkin Morfessa [ Death Eater ]
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Apparently we approve of Iago's interview...

And Edyta's excited for the reindeer! (Apparently she's going to ride one) Who wants to thread with her?

Louise [ OOC Account ]
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That Kingsley speech <333

Edith Holthouse [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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...that kingsley speech

Laura [ Hogwarts Admin ]
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just to clarify, that speech was written by the plot committee <33

Walter Hackl [ Drakonya Krov ]
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yay there's another unspeakable animalistic horror at durmstrang can we go back to russia
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don't let the bastards cheer you up

Manon Bernard [ Papillonlisse ]
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Several Western European Ministries, including the Ministère de la Magie, announce they are in preliminary talks with the Swedish Ministry of Magic, sparking outrage among those opposed to Sweden's ideals. At Beauxbatons, the Yule Ball has been announced for December; students are encouraged to find dates and send home for dress robes.

Manon is livid that these two things were in the same paragraph
why did her one chance to dress up fancy come in the middle of a far more important political crisis??? (sad fashion girl tear)

yay there's another unspeakable animalistic horror at durmstrang can we go back to russia

“Well it sounds like the Russian Wizengamot is full of em”

i feel a n g r y

i need t o  b e  h e a r d

Fflur Blevins [ Professor ]
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“in case you want to be distracted from stupid politics here is a quidditch match (gryf vs puff)

Mimi [ OOC Account ]
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Kingsley's speech gave me chills!!

I can't wait to thread some of the plots! If @Edyta Ciesynska is not annoyed by Tsubaki yet, they can go together. ❤️

Pim won't return for the holidays if anyone's interested!

perhaps they can both compromise and adopt a purple pygmy puff.
I found this really cute LOL
A little all over the place until July'19 ish. Sorry. ><

- S A N D B O X -

Gabriella Morfessa [ Dark Wizard ]
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Gabriella OOC is mildly annoyed by Iago using her to play the Sympathy card. but as she hardly ever leaves the estate and hasn't made a habit of reading the paper...
“What happens when people open their hearts? They get better.” ― Haruki Murakami

Carys [ OOC Account ]
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Kingsley's speech gave me chills!!

I can't wait to thread some of the plots! If @Edyta Ciesynska is not annoyed by Tsubaki yet, they can go together. ❤️

Pim won't return for the holidays if anyone's interested!
I found this really cute LOL

Edyta likes this idea! And they'll be sharing the same common room too, so they've got something else to talk about!

Ann [ OOC Account ]
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Wow this looks fantastic! Well done to the plot committee and everyone involved!!

....now who can I get to travel to Sweden and play with reindeer....


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