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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Oh, Carey Baisley would not describe himself as nervous. With over half of the opposing team his friends or blokes he had practice with on occasion, it was more like they were at a pickup practice … in front of the whole school. Okay, well maybe he was more like a little anxious … which could, maybe, possibly be the reason why he had felt to jittery to sit long enough to eat breakfast. Luckily, it did not last long into the match. Since then, he had felt like he had spent ages flying back and forth in mid-field trying to play point or more accurately secondary point.

After Clem worked out the team’s dynamics, she made it clear that Donna and Sam Leone (their new co-captain / stupid, new secret weapon, ) were going to be the major scorers and Carey’s main job is to get the quaffle to them. This would mean that Carey would play their support. He was to position himself in case they needed to pass and get it to the other one hopefully at the other end of the field. Blah. I mean Come on! It wasn’t like it was his first time playing quidditch. I mean really…   It was a complete waste of Carey’s skills. Oh, AND then after he was labeled ‘support,’ Clem then amends, that if he was in front of the hoop and able to score then don’t hesitate, to take it.

I mean really, what was the difference?

Even with his moping about and eye rolls that was done to the point that most would think he was suffering from some kind of jinx, Carey was a team player. He had to admit that the Leone had some bloody good quidditch skills and Donna aim had always been slightly better than his. So…. he tried to dutifully play midfield. Although up until his point he failed to get anything accomplished other than following Leone and Donna around a bit, in between giving an impression of a red bug stupidly hovering and zig zagging about.

Thankfully the rest of his team had been a bit more productive. With Tate excellent save Carey had cheered and punched the air.  Then, after Leone intercepted by Jari, Donna was able to get one past Cowan. The score deserved a quick loop on his broom.


Carey woke up from his revelry, to find the quaffle shooting his general direction. The young Gryffindor who had a steady diet of quidditch, since last year allowed his instincts to take over. He shot to the right to grab the ball. His gloved hand had scooped it out of the air and only after a slight fumble, he was able to tuck it securely.  After veering away from the yellow form near him, he made a quick ‘v’ line back towards Cowan. 

It was his chance. He was going to score! This would hopefully pull Gryffindor a head long enough for Hardy to find the snitch.

Quick on his broom, it was no time Carey neared the scoring area. He shifted his hand down to get ready to through as he eyed Cowan. The large seventh year was hovering in front of the hoops. He had played a pickup game with the Hufflepuff and know that he was pretty good goalkeeper. Carey would have a hard time getting one past him, especially when they just got one through. What he needed was a trick or a fake or something to throw Cowan off again. He could not rely on Owan pulling off another awesomely timed bludger hit for him.  Just before he entered the score area, he caught Leone pulling up to his left.

Shoot. He was supposed to pass...

But Cowan did not know that. Carey's mind worked quickly. He aimed his broom handle to the far hoop and cocked his arm back to shoot. Yet instead of throwing towards the hoop, Carey threw quickly in Leone’s direction and then pulled away from the scoring area. With any hope Cowan would believe the fake and cover the far hoop, leaving the other two hoops open for Leone to aim at and Carey would be out of the Scoring Area before Leone threw so they don't get a foul.

Holden Emerson [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Getting back into position was certainly a good choice for Holden as he didn't hear a whistle or loud cheers erupting from the Hufflepuff side of the stands. He had missed and failed his team already. The momentary smile faded into despair as a frown erupted from his face. Maybe he really wasn't cut out for this sport after all. Holden knew he should have just stuck to his books and studying vanishing spells or cheering charms or something much more useful than this sport. Why did he even try? What did it matter? The team probably could do better without him right?

Holden let out a sigh and looked out longingly towards the Ravenclaw stands for his sister.  What did she think of his failure? Would she criticize his flying and his aim? No, she was too nice to put him down when he was already down. No, she would encourage him and point out the good points in his abilities. She was always so nice to him. He shook his head and tried to focus. He needed to do this not for himself but for his friends and family. Jari and Abby were counting on him to help them get the quaffle from the lions and into the goal posts. Mere had handpicked him from the other chasers who competed for the position. She had to have seen something in him he couldn't.  Holden couldn't just let her down either and what about Murray he had been so kind to him ever since they met. Then there was Aase. He couldn't just look like a quitter in front of her. Sure he had been a coward in front of her before, but it was for his own endeavors it never affected her too. He would be ashamed if she thought little of him. With these thoughts he found the drive to continue on.

He pushed forward on his school borrowed broom and flew as fast as he could towards the Hufflepuff side of the pitch. He had been hovering too long the Gryffindors side of the pitch for a tad too long. Holden missed a bit of the match going on around him and this gave him a sense of guilt. He wasn't one to lose his focus on a goal so easily so this was a bit of a new thing for him. Still, he did his best to follow the play of the match. Jari was in possession of the quaffle to which Holden meekly praised him by saying, "Fly Jari!" Then he noticed Jari throw the quaffle. "Wait? What?" Holden said in shock. Did he maybe mishear him? Why was the quaffle coming back towards him? Frozen in confusion Holden found himself floating in position again. Only to be brought back to reality when he noticed the ball was taken back into possession by a Gryffindor female.

"Huh? Wait!" Holden shouted towards the girl. Why was he so distracted? How did he get the ball so easily last time and even made it towards the goal to even an attempt to score? Holden didn't have time to think about this though as he began his pursuit. "Get back here!" he shouted chasing her closer and closer to the goal posts only to watch in horror as she chucked it towards the hoops. Holden wanted to rush towards it to take it back, but then so many things happened at once. A crack of a bat from a distance behind him and a body rushing towards the goal posts. Was that Toby? Wait why did he slip off his broom slightly? He missed the bludger! Murray was in danger! Holden needed to help, but he wasn't a beater he couldn't wield a bat and swat the foul bludger away without causing a foul. Holden closed his eyes and hoped that Murray wouldn't get hurt.

His ears were flooded with cheers from the stands and Holden opened them quickly to see what had happened. Murray was still in the air which was good, but from the stands, people clad in red were cheering. He sacrificed a goal to save his skin. Holden let out a sigh of relief to know his teammate was ok. Holden narrowed his eyes and readied himself though for the quaffle to return into play. They needed to get this back to the other side of the pitch and away from their goal posts. He watched as the quaffle was thrown deep into play surprisingly around where Holden was situated. He rushed for the ball only to be intercepted by another one of the lions. Holden saw a slight opening when they caught the quaffle though as they began to fumble the ball. He could steal this! Holden aimed straight for the opposing chaser not noticing that a crack of a bat had sounded a few seconds earlier. As he reached his hands out to steal the quaffle from the grasps of Carey he felt his body being pushed to the side. He had been hit!

A rush of pain quickly filled his body as a scream escaped Holden's mouth. Tears welling up in his eyes he clutched his left arm with his right trying to suppress the pain. There was no use though the pain was tremendous, at the same time it wasn't the worst he had suffered. He knew he wouldn't die from this injury at least so that was something. He went to put his hands back on his broom but found he couldn't move his left arm. It was broken! He had a bum arm now, but he could still play somewhat right? Taking some time to feel things out Holden could tell he could do a slight grip with his hand still so maybe it wasn't as bad of an injury.

Holden didn't want to give up this match though. He wasn't out of the game yet if he had anything to say about it. Grabbing his left arm with his right he pulled it to his broom and gripped as hard as he could. He let out some screams of pain as he did so with tears starting to rush down his face and his glasses fogging up from the heat expelling from his body. Holden would have to rely on his right arm to do all the heavy lifting from now on. Letting his adrenaline take over and numb the pain temporarily he pushed forward. They were going to win this even if it killed him.

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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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The Quaffle passed hands quickly, the players flashing through the air in blurrs of yellow and red, and yet no goals had been made and no injuries sustained.  Holding Gryffindor to a stalemate was still no mean feat for her mostly younger and less experienced team.  As the game ramped up she hoped that they could keep up with the intensity.  Typically the longer a match ran for, the higher the risks of serious injury.

As the red-headed Gryffindor Chaser advanced on the Hufflepuff goal posts, Mere paused in her patrol of the pitch to watch.  She had complete confidence in Murray's ability to defend the hoops and yet a niggling concern dug it's way between her shoulder blades, causing her posture to stiffen up with tension.  Hazel eyes widened in horror as she noticed that there was not just one ball but two rushing towards him.  Focused as he surely was on catching the Quaffle, would Murray be able to dodge as well?  It felt like her heart was caught in her throat as, in an instant, she pictured the hard iron ball striking him - her Murray! - and then his yellow-robed figure falling, falling and...  The seventeen-year-old reacted without thinking, suddenly racing towards her Keeper.  She didn't pause to consider that her other Beater, Toby, was significantly closer.  The only thought in her mind was - could she make it in time?  Meredith's broom was fast and her desperation leant her speed as she shot like an arrow across the pitch.

But she wasn't fast enough.

All the blonde witch could do was watch as Toby made a valiant effort to deflect the Bludger, only to tip alarmingly forward on his broom as he missed the speeding iron ball.  Her stomach gave a big lurch as she saw the other Beater struggling to stay on his broom.  The Bludger continued unimpeded towards Murray but, regaining her senses, Meredith realised it would be foolish to pursue it any further – the most likely outcome of doing so would be to collide with Murray herself, hardly a saving move.  She would just have to trust to his abilities and his resilience.  Wrenching her attention back to Toby and his immediate danger, she hovered next to and slightly below her dangling teammate, ready to catch him if he should fall.  Fortunately, he was able to regain his seat without too much trouble.  Once Toby was safely mounted on his broom again, she gave him a nod before moving on.

It was impossible to ignore the cheers that came strongly from the red garbed sections of the stands – Gryffindor had scored a goal!

Turning towards Murray, her hazel eyes meet his blue ones and it seemed for a moment like there was no distance between them.  She caught his lips moving in an apology and smiled sympathetically in reply.  Meredith didn’t blame him for letting in the goal and really hoped he wouldn’t feel too badly for it.  The circumstances had not been in Hufflepuff’s favour and she was just glad that no one had been hurt.  "It's ok.  It's ok."  Meredith repeated out loud, although neither Murray nor anyone else would be able to hear her over the whooshing of the wind and the susurration of the restless crowd.  The game was unlikely to be decided on this one goal.  She was happy to let Gryffindor have it if that meant that Murray was alright.  Regardless of her personal feelings, it wouldn’t do for them to lose their Keeper after all.

A scream tore through the air, startling Mere from her musings.  She turned, white-faced, towards the sound and saw one of her Chasers gingerly holding his arm.  “Holden!”  She cried out in alarm as the realisation struck her that he had just been hit by a Bludger.  Guilt flooded through the young witch as she belatedly rushed to his aid.  She should have protected him!  Why hadn’t she?  Had Meredith let herself get distracted?  It looked like the Bludger had come at him from the opposite side to where she had been, yet that did little to assuage her guilt.  As Beater and Captain it was her responsibility to protect her players.  Now the young Hufflepuff was injured and it was all her fault. 

“I'm so sorry Holden!  I’m sorry!”  Mere apologised profusely as she hovered protectively by his side, letting her confident façade slip enough to show her genuine concern.  The boy was obviously in pain and judging from the way he held his arm, it was probably broken.  Mere bit her lip as she considered sending him off.  It would be best for Holden to get the arm fixed up quickly and yet, despite the tears and cries of pain, there was a determined set to his face that suggested he wasn’t ready to quit.  At least not just yet.  “If you want to keep going, that’s up to you.  I won’t stop you.  Just.. be careful, ok?”  No matter what, Meredith resolved to keep a close eye on him.  There was absolutely no way she would be able to forgive herself if he were to fall or suffer further injury.  She hoped that letting him continue wouldn’t mean she was a bad Captain - or a bad person.

The Gryffindors appeared to be making another advance on the goal posts.  Meredith spotted a Bludger (probably the same one that had hit poor Holden’s arm) flying nearby.  Moving forward with determination, she swung her bat to hit the small iron ball with every ounce of strength she had, crying out wordlessly with the effort of it.  Propelled by her swing, the Bludger now rushed towards one of the Gryffindor Chasers.  By bad luck rather than any intention on Mere’s part, Samuel Leone was once again in her crosshairs.  It was not a very friendly shot since it would be coming directly at his back, but she was too angry about Holden to feel badly for Samuel.  She had enough on her plate without worrying about the welfare of the opposing players too.
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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The events that transpired following a rather innocent redirection of a bludger--toward another player, granted, but not to hurt or maim--whirled before Clementine’s eyes. Her look of shock quickly twisted into one of incredulity and horror. Howell was there by Emerson’s side, but it didn’t appear she was telling him to sit his ass down. “What the f***?” Clem said out loud, trying to piece together what was occurring.

Was she really that terrible and lousy of a Captain, or was this all a Hufflepuff ploy to gain some kind of martyrial sympathy? She found it curious that she hadn’t hit the bludger at Emerson’s arm and somehow his stupid limb had ended up right in the line of fire and gotten broken. Either he was an utter wimp who had no threshold for pain and it wasn’t actually broken or he had sticks for bones. She’d barely tapped the thing.

If his Captain wasn’t going to do the responsible thing and demand that he sit out and be sent to the hospital wing, she was going to have to do her job for her. God, she really was babysitting.

She was even more infuriated when she noted Meredith’s bludger rocketing toward Sam, who was doing his job dutifully as ever. She seemed more concerned with hitting those at the wrong people instead of doing her job as Captain. The proof was in the pudding -- familial talent did not necessarily trickle down genetically.

Clementine rolled in front of the ball and nudged it, as an afterthought, toward the ground and away from Sam’s back. Her body sat bolt upright on her broom after she’d thwarted Howell’s petty revenge plan and tucked her bat between her legs, hovering and squeezing them together to make a ‘T’ with her hands.

“TIME. OUT. NOW!” She bellowed, the words tearing from her mouth straight toward Howell. Everybody on the pitch and potentially their deceased grandmothers could hear her. “On the ground!” Clementine hoped Fflur would see reason and back her up on this; she steered her broom toward where her professor was standing at a sharp angle and swung her body off onto the ground with practiced ease.

“Are you kidding me?” Clementine barked at Meredith, keeping her distance. “He CANNOT play. He has a broken arm. I’m not calling off any of my players and I’m not telling them to go easy. He needs to go to the f***ing hospital wing, Meredith.”
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Clementine Russell.  Who the heck did she think she was?!?

Meredith tried to toss her head angrily as she dismounted from her broom but, since her golden hair was held back in a braid, the action didn't quite feel satisfactory.  Still, hazel eyes flashed as her temper threatened to blow.  The Hufflepuff Captain wanted to scream and yell and throw things.  She was a little gobsmacked by the other Captain's attitude.  This was Quidditch!  Holden was definitely not the first player to try to continue with an injury - not even in Hogwarts history!  Did she think that the Hufflepuffs were too soft or fragile and couldn't take a hit?  Over the years Mere had come to feel quite sick of the disparaging opinions some people held about her house.  Hufflepuffs were no joke and could be just as brave and smart and ambitious as all the rest.

Anger started to turn into something else as she stormed across the pitch, intending to give Clementine a piece of her mind.  Meredith wanted to hold onto the rage, for it was easier and less painful than the disturbing sense of upset that followed, but it slipped away from her, burning out as quickly as it had ignited.    The young witch hated that she was being judged for deciding not to treat Holden like a child, for trusting him to decide for himself.  The world was full of people trying to dictate the paths of others.  Every step of the way there were rules, restrictions and limitations - strict guidelines for becoming the person society decided you had to be.  It was unfair!  (If she could have considered matters objectively, Meredith might have recgonised her feelings on the subject probably didn't have much to do with Holden.)

Her face felt hot and her lower lip briefly trembled as emotions flowed through her.  For a moment she was about to cry, but then she hastily rubbed her eyes, hoping no one would notice their redness or, if they did, that they'd just think it was the wind.  Overwhelmed was how Mere was feeling.  She had liked life a lot better when it was less complicated, when she wasn't dealing with so much responsibility or having to make adult decisions.  Things had always been simpler when she could just rely on other people to take care of everything for her.  But she'd given up on that way of living.

Meredith's emotional state had been up and down like a yo-yo this year as she tried to figure herself out.  She spent a lot about time ruminating on her life and her future.  Who was she without her family's money and influence?  Who did she want to be?  Who did she want to be with?  (Her eyes flickered automatically to Murray with that thought.)  On reflection Mere was a very different girl now from who she had been a year ago or even from the beginning of this school year.  Unfortunately this growth meant she'd been spending a lot of time in a highly unpleasant state of confusion.  It was difficult and uncomfortable having to come to terms with her own flaws, realising that perfection didn't exist and that maybe she wasn't the best at everything.

Head Girl, Quidditch captain...  She had been happy to take the titles and the badges for their power and prestige, without really comprehending the depth of duty that came along with them.  It was actually really tough being expected to guide and take care of her peers and most of the time she didn't know what she was doing.  Undoubtedly the fact that Holden was hurt in the first place was her fault and that quite possibly meant she wasn't cut out to lead.  At the end of the day all she could do was follow her heart, try her best and hope she didn't let herself and others down too badly.  Maybe she wasn't the leader her team deserved, but, as she looked around their expectant faces on the pitch, it was clear they still needed her.

The seventeen-year-old took a deep, steadying breath and willed herself to be calm.  The gaze she then cast on Clementine was steely and sure.  Mere looked the other girl from head to toe before turning away dismissively, ignoring the impertinent words spoken by her.  The boorish Gryffindor didn't deserve Meredith's attention; right now, there was only one person who did - the one all of this fuss was about.  Making her way to Holden's side Mere produced a handkerchief from within her robes which she offered to him to perhaps wipe his face.  "May I?"  She asked politely as she then gently reached for his injured arm.  High achiever though she was, Meredith was no Mediwitch; however, she'd had plenty of experience with Quidditch and other flying related injuries over the years.  She'd lost count of the broken bones her brother had suffered in training.  A certain proficiency with basic first aid naturally came with her experiences.  It was beyond her abilities to fix Holden's arm but she could try to make him a little more comfortable until the school nurse had a chance to look at him properly.  "Here... This should help.  Ferula."  As she muttered the charm, bandages spun around Holden's arm, strapping it firmly.  Almost as an afterthought she took out a second handkerchief which she enlarged and promptly fashioned into a sling which tied behind his neck.  Immobilising the limb would hopefully reduce Holden's pain somewhat.

"For what it's worth, Holden, I'm proud of you."  Perhaps Mere said she was proud a lot, but some people didn't say it enough.  Besides he deserved the praise.  "You've done well," she continued with a soft smile, speaking quietly so that only he could hear.  "There's no shame if you want to sit out.  You don't have to prove anything to anyone either way."  Mere tried to convey with her voice and her face that he really was under no pressure to continue.  "But there is no way I'm going to let some arrogant Gryffindor decide for you..."  She added under her breath.  It wasn't like Meredith would expect him to score goals or even carry the Quaffle if he chose to proceed with the game, however, she thought he had a right to be there, to be present in the air rather than waiting on the ground, if he wanted.

Satisfied that she'd done everything she could for Holden, the Hufflepuff Captain returned her attention to the other parties of authority in the match.  "We'll defer to the Ref, of course."  Meredith nodded politely towards Professor Blevins.  "But you -  Clementine," she dragged out the name with clear disdain, one finger aimed pointedly at the other girl's chest.  "YOU - have no right to tell anyone what they can or cannot do."  Compared to the way Clementine had shouted before, Mere thought her own words were exceedingly polite.  "Oh.  I would also ask you to kindly mind your language.  You're supposed to be a role model... for what that's worth."  She couldn't help adding, with a tone of voice and facial expression which could leave no doubt that Meredith thought little of the younger Gryffindor's example.
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Gryffindor 10 - 0 Hufflepuff

She didn’t have to wait long to blow her whistle. The quaffle -- thrown by Russell Jr. -- soared cleanly through the hoop and Fflur wasted no time in awarding Gryffindor ten points. That was more like it.

The quaffle was intercepted and just as soon as that had happened, a bludger collided with a Hufflepuff, a scream filled the air, and Fflur rolled her eyes. He was flying without hands, one arm cradling the other, and she held her whistle at the ready, waiting for Howell to call a timeout (and where had she been if not protecting her chasers?); the timeout didn’t come, though plenty more screams did. Christ. How did he expect to be able to play? He was going to lose feeling in his fingers -- the hand gripping the broom -- if he hadn’t already; Fflur, the only former professional player on the pitch, could not believe what she was seeing. This kid was dead weight for his team, and if he knew what was good for him, he’d sit himself out.

Play didn’t stop. Fflur scanned the pitch for the bludgers as one of Hufflepuff’s beaters was effectively distracted, far too engrossed in a conversation with her injured player instead of actually exerting any authority over the situation. They parted ways and kept playing, or ‘playing’, whatever Emerson could still do.

She heard those sacred words and blew her whistle again, turning to look at Clementine with a nod and an agreeing, “Time out!” Her feet found the ground after she made sure the bludgers halted in their tracks and she beckoned the captains towards her. She shifted from her heels to her toes, shrugging as Gryffindor’s captain looked her way; she was almost expecting Howell to cry. Fflur’s eyebrows shot up as she attempted some magic on Emerson’s arm instead. Now his arm was in a sling? How the Hell did she expect him to play now? At least before he could pretend to be gripping the broom with his lame hand.

Fflur was tired of the stalling and walked over toward the Hufflepuffs, motioning Clementine to follow. She said they’d defer to her, the referee -- of course they would. That was how the game worked, wasn’t it? She was about to say as much, but instead had to work on suppressing a laugh as Howell went for the other captain instead. This wasn’t the time, or the place, or really the audience, to do this. Fflur stepped between the two girls. “Role model, schmole model.” She glanced at the injured chaser. “Go to the hospital wing. Now.” She pointed to the Hufflepuff head of house waiting near the locker rooms.

“You two.” Fflur took a step back and pointed at the captains, one by one. “You,” she said as she pointed at Meredith, “Have two chasers left. Pay better attention. And you.” She turned on Clem. “Focus on your own team.” Lord help her if she needed to use her remaining timeouts for her own team. “Let’s go.”

Fflur blew her whistle again and they were back in the air; she paused for a couple seconds before tossing the quaffle at the closest Gryffindor chaser.

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The snitch has been spotted. Seekers are not yet required to post.

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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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The match had moved impossibly fast. One moment he had the quaffle, the next his team had missed a goal, and the next they had scored. Clementine had warned him that gameplay was completed in hyperspeed, but this was something else entirely. Events happened so quickly that it left little time to dwell on any one thing. Sam did his best to keep pace, flitting from one side of the pitch to another to help out where he could, but the very moment he had found his groove, it came to a screeching halt.

Immediately, he recognized the tone of his captain's voice calling for a timeout as being serious and only then did he come up for air, allowing an assessment of where things stood. He was vaguely aware of an injury on the pitch before then but had chalked it up to regular practice, too busy with his own endeavors to get too caught up in worrying.

The Hufflepuff chaser who was visibly in pain and still holding his arm was an afterthought, though, as it became more and more clear that Clem was not pleased with her opposing captain's actions. He was no genius as far as the rules of the game were concerned, but it seemed like simple practice to get the dead weight off the pitch, particularly when there was a bench full of replacements and an array of potions and spells that could fix the injured up in no time.

Either way, Sam was too distracted by the likelihood that he was going to have to hold his captain back from a brawl to focus on the minutiae. He hovered near the interaction between Clementine, Meridith, and Professor Blevins just close enough to catch the back and forth and struggling to compose himself in the wake. He had to admit that some small part of him had hoped for the escalation, if only just to have to step in and defend his own. It came naturally.

Things simmered, though, and before he knew it the game was back in action with the quaffle coming right in his direction. Sam capitalized on the distraction and was able to weave through a good portion of the pitch toward the Hufflepuff goals before his broom abruptly stopped.

"Sh*t!" He flew forward, the quaffle teetering out from under his arm and shooting out of his grasp. He was able to fumble possession with his non-dominant hand for a moment only before it became clear that he was going nowhere. His broom stalled again, this time sending him plummeting toward the ground.

"Uh - you!" Sam caught a glimpse of red robes but was unsure who of his team was above him as he called out to them. Instead, he focused his attention on centralizing his strength to send the ball in said mystery person's direction. Once the quaffle was safely out of his arms, the co-captain fell straight into the sand with a thud, the inevitable trip to the hospital wing already present in his mind. At least Holden would have company.
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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The pain was all that he could feel. Eyes constantly flinching with every sudden move of his broken arm. Holden was doing his best to stay afloat, but he knew he wouldn't last forever. For the team's sake, he had to try. He was going to be much slower to move which would be going to make chasing the Quaffle a lot harder so he decided he would stick to the middle of the pitch for the majority of the game flying as little as he could back and forth towards the red ball. He was a liability now for the team and he really should be sent off, but he was determined to help his team and not make a fool of himself.

What would he do if he left the pitch? What would people think of him? A coward? A wuss? Someone who lacked any comradery? He would put disgrace to his house if he gave up now right? What would Jari say? Abby? Patience? Mere? Murray? What about Aase? He couldn't bear to see their disappointed looks for the failure he had been for the team. No, he wasn't about to give up just yet. He would still keep going besides this wasn't as bad as being crushed to death. Maybe he could handle this. At the very least he was trying and that's the least he could do in this situation.

Though he wouldn't be given to his lonesome very long as quickly soon after as Meredith came zooming over to him. She was apologizing for her behavior and not protecting him to which he responded with, "No, it is my fault! I had tunnel vision on the ball." This was true as he didn't even notice the crack of the bat or the sound of it rushing its way towards him. He had been distracted by his determination and fears. This caused his injury, not Meredith. He should have paid attention and dodged and just let the Lions have the quaffle. He was glad though that she would let him continue through the pain. Holden put on a big smile at this and despite his eyes still holding back some tears he was ready to continue.

As soon as Meredith was off to continue he prepared himself to finish this game somehow. His arm in such pain he had very limited movement. He was gingerly holding onto his broom with his left hand while gripping as much as he could with his right. He pushed forward to try and fly a good distance to get himself in position to help the team, but the weight upon his arm caused him to flinch and close an eye. Holden made a small grunt as he let go on his grip causing him to slow down again. Maybe this was impossible? He was having second thoughts about continuing now. Wouldn't he be putting himself in more danger of making his injury worse?

His thoughts seemed to be answered though as a timeout was called not by Meredith, but by the opposing captain. He felt a tinge of guilt and shame. Why hadn't he paid attention to the bludgers? They wouldn't be in this mess and he could have gotten the quaffle later. Now they were instructed to head to the ground and possibly dismount. Holden knew what was going to come next. The match would be over for him and he would be sent to the hospital wing. When he reached the ground he looked down at the grass in shame. Maybe he wasn't cut out for the team after all. The team was going to lose if they were down a chaser for sure. Sure Jari and Abby would be able to hold their own, but it was a numbers game now and the lions would have the advantage. Holden lost all sensation in his left arm now as it limped to his side. All his brain function was now on the swimming doubt and guilt of this match that the pain no longer registered.

Meredith soon made her way to him to which she gave him a handkerchief to which he accepted with his right hand dropping his broomstick in the process. He wiped his face of the tears that had emerged earlier and to hide the world from his eyes. If he couldn't see anyone the shame wouldn't reach him right? Holden didn't even notice that Meredith had basically put his arm in a splint. It wasn't until she spoke that he was brought attention to what she had done. She pitied him. Holden felt even more remorse for his actions in the game now. He mumbled, "I'm sorry." He didn't want to quit and he was very ready to continue the match, but he doubted the referee would let him.

Sure enough, he was right. Professor Blevins was on them so fast it was quite a sock to Holden. Had she always been this fast of a walker? Whatever that didn't matter. She had done exactly what he knew she would do. He was to be sent off the pitch to the hospital wing. He wanted to interject, but he knew this was useless. if he argued he would only make things worse for the team and the ref may take it out on them if he did. They were only down by ten points they could catch up. Holden looked down to the ground and said, "Yes Mam." As he made his way to the locker rooms he looked back towards the field and whispered to himself, "Please catch the snitch Aase." Returning his pace he followed his head of house back to the castle hearing the shrill of the whistle blowing and the match continued. Hopefully just hopefully the team would win.

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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Leonard started his day feeling distinctly unwell.  To say that the young Gryffindor was nervous about his first Quidditch match would be an understatement.  After having to run to the bathroom to throw up - twice - he concluded that breakfast was a lost cause.  He was very quiet as he made his way to the changing rooms with the rest of the team, too sick with nerves to really talk with anyone, even Donna.  Lenny wondered, not for the first time,  why he had signed up to represent his house in sport.  There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to do a terrible job as Seeker.  Someone like him had no place amongst the other, more talented players.

Unfortunately, it was too late to back out.  Shrinking in his red Quidditch robes, which hung loosely on his thin frame, Lenny was pale and shakey as he walked out onto the pitch.  Naively, he hoped no one would notice him but still he could feel the pressure of their eyes.  The noise from the crowd of gathered students and teachers was nearly overwhelming.  Inevitably his mind started to imagine the worst.  Surely he would trip and fall on his face in front of everyone; incapable of walking over flat ground, let alone flying.  Or he wouldn't be able to get his broom into the air at all.  Or once in the air he would crash with one of his teammates, taking them both out of the game.  The scenarios appearing in his head became gradually more and more unlikely, until he had himself convinced he was going to be struck by lightning and careen into the stands as a fireball.

Although the fifteen-year-old's knees almost buckled as he mounted his broom, the boy was no quitter.  Joining the team had been a foolish idea - a terrible idea - but he was committed to seeing it through.  He didn't want to let Donna and the others down.  Lenny didn't know why they had they even let him on the team in the first place, however, since they had, he wasn't about to let his fears get in the way.  Feeling too uncomfortable to hold completely still, he fidgeted and shifted from foot to foot while he waited for the startup whistle to sound.

Kicking off strongly, Leonard rose into the air.  The movement made his stomach lurch alarmingly but fortunately this was soon replaced by a pleasant and familiar feeling of weightlessness.  He actually smiled as the tension started to melt from his muscles.  Lenny loved to fly.  On a broomstick was one of the few places in the world he felt somewhat comfortable.  When he flew, the boy showed more confidence in himself than he really did in any other part of his life.  Unlike his writing, it wasn't personal.  Unlike everything else, he didn't have to pretend.  The worries that usually weighed him down had no place in the air.  There was no sense of responsibility or obligation...  Just the feel of the wind on his skin.

As he flew Lenny didn't pay much attention to the rest of the game.  His mind was clear and focused as he extended his senses out, searching for a sign of the elusive Snitch.  He repeated laps around the pitch, from different heights, directions and angles as he hunted.  On a broom borrowed from Gene Horowitz (much superior to his own old and rundown broom), he moved quickly, deftly avoiding Bludgers and other players as he went.

Some way into the game his state of serenity was broken unexpectedly by the sound of screaming.  It shook Lenny to his core when he saw the Hufflepuff Chaser struggling with his arm.  When the timeout was called, Lenny hung back, descending in slow circles.  The closer he got to the ground, the more powerful his rising sense of anxiety grew.  He was sure that if he touched a foot to the grass he wouldn't be able to get flying again.  The conflict evident between the team Captains made him even more uneasy but fortunately things seemed to be resolved quickly by the Ref and then everyone was back into the air (with the exception of the injured Hufflepuff Chaser).

Before Leonard could relax at all, Samuel started to fly strangely, almost as if his broom wasn't working properly.  Lenny's jaw dropped in horror as he watched his teammate start to fly without the broom - and on a distinct course to collide with the earth.  Blue eyes clenched shut rather than observe that inevitable collision.  The nerves that the fifteen-year-old had managed to forget until now, started to creep back in.  He felt sick again and suddenly he did not want to be there.  Everything sounded too loud; Samuel's muffled crash, the gasps and shouts from the crowd, the wind, the sound of his own racing heartbeat, his breathing...  his breathing...   I can't breathe!!!

Lenny felt suddenly chilled and the white-knuckled grip he had on his broom started to slacken as a wave of dizziness washed over him.  Struggling he wrenched his eyes opening, searching for Donna, for someone or something to bring him back from the verge of this panic attack.  He couldn't immediately spot his friend amongst the other red-robed players in the air but then...  He saw it - a glint of gold!  The snitch!!!  Everything else fell away as he soared in the direction of the glimmer, intensely focused on the metallic blurr he'd glimpsed near the Gryffindor goal posts.   Lenny strained to track it with his eyes; the tiny flying ball was tricky to follow and every time he thought he might have it, the thing slipped away.   Breathing deeply and calmly now, the Gryffindor Seeker concentrated on finding and catching the Snitch before his Hufflepuff counterpart could. 

I saw it!  It has to be around here somewhere.

The young wizard's brow furrowed as he circled the foot of the goal post.
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Aase Trickett-Cassoway [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Stepping out into the overcast November chill, Aase’s hands trembled slightly as they clutched the school broom she’d been borrowing for the past several weeks. She’d practiced hard, and had studied the Slytherin versus Ravenclaw match intently last month, hoping to garner a few more helpful tidbits before her own inaugural match. She was nervous, of course – but when it came down to it, she had done all she could to prepare. Holden had looked positively green around the gills this morning at breakfast and she couldn’t say she felt much better; but as the Gryffindors left their locker rooms and approached them on the Pitch, Aase did her best to slow her breathing and channel her nerves into energy and focus. Hufflepuff were the underdogs, that was for certain, but all that was left to do now was to put forth their best efforts. If she was being quite honest, she didn’t quite have the energy to both worry and play her best.

At the blast of the whistle, Aase kicked off from the ground just as it began to drizzle. A roar from the crowd told her the Quaffle had been released; she barely resisted the urge to glance down and see who had gotten the ball first. The biggest mistake she could make was to allow herself to get sidetracked.

Just like in their training sessions, the dark-haired Trickett flew in large serpentines as she scanned the pitch, searching for the faint glimmer of gold that had disappeared the instant Professor Blevins had released it. She faintly registered a swell of noise from the Hufflepuff side, which was quickly drowned out by a roar of unmistakable approval from the Gryffindors. The CRACK of the Bludgers off the bats was much more unsettling and made her heart leap straight into her throat, but Aase forced herself not to look around for longer than a cursory glance. Her teammates would look out for her – she had to have faith in that. The ugly knowledge that she’d already suffered a concussion (and not even playing Quidditch) crossed her mind briefly, sending a thrill of nauseated nerves through her belly. She was not keen to repeat that experience.

The noise from the crowd continued to swell and ebb, and periodically Aase would glance down at the scoreboard to make sure she hadn’t missed anything major. It was unlikely, she hoped, that Gryffindor would score enough points such that she would have to strategically catch the Snitch – but she couldn’t exclude the possibility. In any case, it would serve Hufflepuff well to have as large a positive margin as they could manage.

In her peripheral vision, she spotted the Gryffindor Seeker sweeping the pitch in a similar manner. He was a Year older, but it had given Aase some small comfort to learn that this was his first-ever Quidditch match as well. It also helped that she had the advantage of being much smaller and lighter; a fair flier, she could hold her own on a broomstick but was certainly not exemplary, and so she’d need all the help she could get.

Just then, on the far sideline and perhaps ten feet below where she was currently cruising, the faintest glint of light on metal caught her eye and she snapped her head around, squinting in earnest through the mist. Was that—?

However, she didn’t have time to consider the matter further before a sickening CRUNCH followed by a heart-stopping scream met her ears. Completely derailed, Aase yanked the nose of her broom upward, bringing her to such an abrupt halt that she lurched forward and nearly smacked her face on the handle. Instantly she thought of the fires, the dome…
Panic swelled up inside her so quickly she thought her chest might burst; her palms were suddenly slippery on the once-polished wood as she felt the blood leave her face in a rush. She froze, hovering in midair and shaking like a leaf for a full fifteen seconds before her brain finally woke up – thanks to the Gryffindor Captain, who sounded angrier than a provoked Erumpent. Aase startled violently at the sound, her already-slick hands gripping her broom even tighter before she angled the nose down and descended, landing rather ungracefully on the damp grass. Her heart plummeted when she realized the scream had come from Holden; he was cradling his arm, which Meredith splinted with a charm. Still feeling a bit shell-shocked, Aase was too concerned about her friend to pay much mind to what exactly the Gryffindor Captain was hollering at them. However, she had to admit that she felt slightly relieved when Professor Blevins sent him to the Hospital Wing, even though it was a considerable blow to the team: she’d much rather he get the appropriate medical attention than risk something awful happening to his already-injured arm.

But now the onus was on her even more to catch the Snitch in a timely manner, since they were down a Chaser. The fourteen-year-old gulped. But the rush of cold wind in her face as everyone went airborne again helped to clear her head somewhat. Gryffindor only had a ten-point lead, Holden was okay, and thus far neither Seeker had seemed to—

Suddenly her opponent put on a burst of speed in the direction of Gryffindor’s hoops, and she was cut off mid-thought as the bottom promptly dropped out of her stomach.
‘No!’ she cried out silently, heart in her throat. Flattening herself to her broomstick, Aase shot off across the pitch as fast as her borrowed broom would carry her. A ripple of excitement went through the crowd – a far different sound than any of the cheers thus far – at the sight of the two Seekers at increased speed, but the Fourth Year hadn’t noticed. She was too busy pleading with her broom under her breath (“C’mon, please oh please go faster!”).
The possibility that the older boy may have been feinting had not occurred to her in her inexperience; she saw him make a move and the adrenaline (and a competitive streak she didn’t quite know she had) had completely taken over. But as she closed the distance between them to about thirty feet, she registered that he’d slowed down, lost height, and seemed to be scanning again. Relief hit her like a tidal wave, her heart slamming against her ribcage. He’d lost sight of it, thank Merlin, and now was her chance to capitalize. Hopefully either Meredith or Toby would be able to back her up and buy her a little more time.

She veered sharply up and away before resuming her serpentines, with the occasional glance at her chief opponent to keep tabs on him. Especially in the wake of Holden’s departure, Aase was determined to hold her own and do her part to bring the day’s victory home to Hufflepuff: Merlin knew their little motley crew had worked hard enough for it.
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Toby Draegel ~ NPC Beater

With a sickening crunch across the pitch, Toby's head shot around to see Holden in pain. The boy continued on playing. He had to give the fourth year some credit for being so dedicated to the game. The kid had guts. He was surprised that the force of the bludger hadn't knocked Holden off his broom. That didn't matter now. He had put his attention back on the bludger, but then he heard the Gryffindor's captain calling a timeout and all was paused. Toby obeyed the referee's whistle and landed on the ground. As the teams' captains bickered with one another, he rolled his eyes with an aggravated sigh. If he had been co-captain, he may have even bothered getting involved. There was no need for him to stick his nose in the immature banter between the two. Honestly, why couldn't Clementine just mind her own business sometimes? While he was relieved to see Holden get the medical help he needed, he was disappointed that everything had been brought to a stop. There had been worse injuries on the pitch and a whistle hadn't been called.

The Hufflepuffs needed to win. This was no time for children's games.

Not a second was wasted as he jumped onto his broom and flew into the air to resume the play as soon as the order was given. He darted towards the nearest bludger. His eye rested steadily on the other team's captain. Beater and Captain. Just how convenient would it be if the bludger rammed into her broom? Her arm? A foot perhaps? Of course, he would never aim for lethal results, but to knock out two birds with one stone was too good to resist. What would the opposing team do with just a co-captain and one beater and chaster? Sam seemed to be alright, though undoubtedly he too would be in the hospital wing after the game.

With the excitement of the snitch being spotted, now was the perfect time to target the gryffindor child (even if they were in the same year, she definitely acted like one). He aimed and fired as he swung with all of his might against the bludger, sending it straight for the Gryffindor captain. No doubt she was still too upset to put her whole attention back on the game. What he knew and witnessed between the captains, there was some bad blood between them. Toby wasn't sure if this was the same off-field, but for now, it was enough. Meredith to be the perfect distraction so that he could hit Clementine. Hopefully. Now it was up to her and her other beater if they could see just what Toby had intended to do and defend it in the meantime.

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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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There was a lot going on. Normally, of course, that was no excuse to be distracted from gameplay, and indeed Donna had been pelting loyally behind the knot of Chasers heading across the pitch towards Hufflepuff goals— Carey passed to Sam— ignoring it all grandly, and then there was a Bludger, out of nowhere. And then things ground nicely to a halt— Donna hovered, mouth ajar, midair as Holden Emerson tried to keep on playing, as his captain didn’t stop him, and as Clem finally called time-out.

Things were wrapped up eventually— though Donna was safely twenty yards away from whatever confrontation was going on between Howell and Clem and Professor Blevins (three blondes walk onto a Quidditch pitch…) and heard and understood nothing, other than that her cousin looked mad. But— no, Emerson was being sent off for treatment (good!) and play resumed at breakneck speed— Sam got the Quaffle and made it a good distance, Donna spotting him from above, before his broom just— stopped. Donna sped a bit past him and doubled back as he fumbled— he threw it upwards with abandon (madman) and she dove to catch it, watching with mild horror as Sam dropped off his broom.

No time— he’d be fine. She zigged around Owain and zagged past one of the remaining Hufflepuff Chasers— from the corner of one eye she spotted Toby Draegel taking aim at a Bludger, but even as she spun in another direction to avoid it, she realised it was for Clem.

Seriously? He was hitting a Bludger at a Beater? The only players who could defend themselves?? God, Hufflepuff must have been rattled.

Anyway, all the zigging and zagging had at least gotten her almost to the Hufflepuff goals— she tucked her shoulders and sped up as much as she dared. No room for hesitation this time— as she approached the Keeper she veered quickly to one side to shove the Quaffle hard at the right goalposts, hoping (hoping) that its momentum would be good enough to make it past Cowan.
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Gryffindor 20 - 0 Hufflepuff

Aaaaand a student had fallen off his broom. Fflur wasn’t trying to make herself seem old with the thought but: had quidditch really been this awful in the eighties? No -- it hadn’t even been this bad the previous year. At least it looked like Leone knew to go to the hospital wing without having to sacrifice a timeout -- or the other team’s timeout — and after a quick roll of her eyes, Fflur’s focus was back on the players still in the game.

There was some activity in the direction of where she had seen the snitch a few minutes ago, but true to form (it always seemed to take a couple tries to actually catch it) there was nothing to celebrate.

There was another bludger — towards Clementine, apparently (why?) — but something even better: the snitch, again, by Draegel’s foot this time. Fflur crossed her fingers that it would be seen by those who would care the most; she couldn’t handle another minute of this sad excuse for quidditch. She’d rather be sitting somewhere with a drink — no, she’d even sit somewhere without a drink if it meant she’d be off this pitch.

She glanced back to the quaffle, just in time to watch it soar through the right hoop. Fflur signaled a goal and crossed another pair of fingers that the snitch wouldn’t be in play much longer.

OOC: The snitch has been spotted a second time. Seekers, please post as if they’ve caught the snitch.

Only seekers may post at this time. Posts are due within 72 hours.

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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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Leonard’s heart performed a lively staccato on his ribcage.  He was very used to how a fast pulse felt when experiencing stress or fear, but this was a different sensation - this was adrenaline!  The muscles of his limbs shivered slightly with the coursing energy, recovering gradually from the bout of weakness they’d experienced earlier.  Flying cleared his head and the exhilaration of coming close to the Snitch for the first time in the game had fairly effectively driven out any other unpleasant lingering thoughts.  Lenny had a job to do and was intensely focused on getting it done.

The young wizard flew in wider and wider circles out from where he had first spotted the Snitch.  Unfortunately the enchanted ball took far too erratic a flight path for this methodical search to immediately yield any results.  Lenny started to chew absentmindedly on his lower lip.  He desperately hoped he could find the thing soon.  His piercing gaze peered everywhere, yet the Snitch was nowhere to be seen.  The crack of a bat drew his attention for a second and he looked over to see the male Hufflepuff Beater had aimed a Bludger at Clem (of all people!).  He froze suddenly, hardly believing what he saw.  There had been a flash of something near the other boy's foot!

The crowd cheered as Gryffindor scored another goal but that was far from his mind as he shot towards the Hufflepuff Beater.  In seconds he was beneath the yellow-robed figure.  Twisting in mid-air, he reached out.  Lenny's arm trembled slightly as he strained to stretch further and further, trying to grasp the elusive ball as it started to flit away.  Briefly the soft brush of one of the wings could be felt against his fingertips - he almost had the Snitch! - and then…

It slipped from his grasp. 

A wordless cry of anguish escaped the fifteen-year-old boy, as though ripped forcibly from his chest.  I can’t.  I…  I won’t fail.  He really needed a win.  It was foolish but he had let a part of himself build a hopeful fantasy that if he could succeed in this one small thing, all of the other screwed up things in his life would come right… as though the universe could be bargained with that way.  This type of hope was futile but he couldn’t help it.  As painful as it would be when the covenant inevitably failed, facing the bleak reality of his life was worse.  It was why he liked to write fiction, where a good heart and courage could solve any problem. 

Panting with exertion now, Lenny threw his weight forward on his broomstick, following the tiny ball into a dive.  The sudden drop made his stomach lurch and the wind driving against his face stung his cheeks but these discomforts had to be borne.  The Seeker couldn't afford to hesitate.  He was painfully aware that his Hufflepuff counterpart was close and also striving to catch the ball.  She was smaller than him and probably expected that to be an advantage.  However, the bagginess of his clothing belied how skinny Lenny's frame actually was.  Hunkered low and streamlined on his borrowed broom, Lenny could just about match her for speed.  Over a long distance the Hufflepuff might be able to gain a lead on him but as things were, the race was going to end very shortly, one way or the other

His vision had narrowed to one fine point - the Snitch.  It was getting bigger now, the finely etched details becoming clearer, as he closed in upon it.  Lenny barely dared breathe as he reached out once again.  This was it.  Now or never.  An instant in time seemed to stretch for an eternity with his hand frozen over the golden ball…


As his fingers curled shut, he felt sure there was something solid in his grasp.
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Aase Trickett-Cassoway [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [match] gryffindor versus hufflepuff [players only]
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As she resumed her scanning flight pattern, she spotted Toby in her peripheral vision and felt a ripple of relief. With any luck, he’d not only be able to deflect anything that came her way, but he also might have an opportunity to turn a Bludger back on the Gryffindors and keep them busy. She certainly didn’t want anyone hurt, of course… just too distracted to properly look for the Snitch.

She had just completed a rollback turn to swiftly change direction when a deafening CRACK sounded from somewhere behind her, where she’d last seen Toby. Habitually, she quickly glanced in his direction so as to make sure she wasn’t in imminent danger of being inadvertently concussed or decapitated – and her heart stalled. The whistle had blown to signal another goal, but Aase wasn’t paying the slightest attention as to whom had scored.

There, by his foot!!

She had hesitated for no longer than the span of three heartbeats as her brain worked to catch up, but somehow it felt like eons. It seemed to happen in slow-motion – and then, quite suddenly, everything jumped straight to double-speed. The next thing she knew she was rocketing towards her teammate, silently hoping he’d managed to place that Bludger somewhere in the vicinity of the opposing Seeker. Aase couldn’t afford to look; in truth, she was reluctant to even blink for fear of losing sight of the speck of gold.

For an instant, caught up in the thrill of being so close to the Snitch, Aase completely forgot everything she’d practiced so diligently over the past few weeks. She got hasty. Instead of a controlled and strategic approach, she took a wild swipe at the tiny golden ball when she was barely an arm’s length away, desperate to close her fingers around it – and missed entirely, nearly unseating herself in the process which forced her to swerve sharply to recover. She inhaled sharply as she did so, unconsciously gripping her broom handle so tightly that her knuckles turned white. But somehow – with a fouetté-turn-like head-swivel that may even have made her cousin Soléy proud – the dark-haired Trickett managed to keep an eye on the elusive object.

Yanking her broom around as quickly as she could, the Fourth Year shot off in hot pursuit, mentally kicking herself the entire way. She knew what to do; they’d practiced so many times, but she’d still managed to lose her head entirely and get ahead of herself as soon as she got within range. She was annoyed, but did her best to put it out of her mind; at least until the end of the match. After all, how could she expect to be successful when she was too busy beating herself up over her mistakes?

By this point in the match, a few of the shorter pieces of her hair had thrown in the towel; worked free from her ponytail and dampened by the mist yet perpetually tousled by the wind, they now whipped at her face like tiny vines with entirely too much ‘snap’ for their own good. One even caught her rather smartly right in the eye – or, rather, what would have been her eye if not for her goggles. Thank goodness she’d taken that upperclassman’s advice and worn the silly-looking things…

The small Hufflepuff’s frustrations were a roller-coaster, heightening as the distance between herself and the Snitch grew and plummeting as she closed the gap. She had initially worried about running into the other players on the pitch, but just a few minutes of this high-speed pursuit was proof enough that people cleared out of the way pretty quickly when the match was down to the wire.

Aase zigged and zagged as the Snitch zagged and zigged, clinging on for dear life when she did one or the other a bit too overzealously in her desperation to keep just ahead of the Gryffindor Seeker. She tried to make herself as small and as streamlined as possible, her chest nearly glued to her broom as she urged it forward under her breath. Her back was beginning to ache with the effort and her fingers had gone numb a long time ago – but there’d be time enough to sit by the fire and stretch her stiff and tired muscles.

Finally she’d managed to close the gap more than she had to-date, and she knew this was it. She couldn’t fend off her opponent for much longer; her adrenaline surge was waning, threatening to leave pure exhaustion in its wake. All she could hear was a roaring in her ears that was either coming from her blood or the wind or both; all she felt was the sting of the wind (and her hair) on her cheeks; all she saw was the flutter of silver-white wings. She let the sensations consume her, drive her forward.

A few times she hesitantly lifted her hand from the broom but quickly retracted it again. Not too hasty; she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Two feet away.

Releasing her dominant hand from her broom she waited, poised, for the Snitch to come into range. Her whole arm began to ache with the effort, but Aase set her jaw and breathed through it, chanting a mantra in her mind.
‘Almost there. Almost there. Almost there.’

One foot away.

Now her steering hand had begun to cramp with how tightly she was clutching her broom. She ground her teeth harder, trying to make the ache in her jaw worse than the ache in her arms. A similar concept had helped her concussion headaches, oddly enough.

Just inches, now. She reached out…

Suddenly the Snitch banked hard to the right, but Aase was already there. Quick as a cat, and before she could quite register what she’d actually done, the Fourth Year felt the sudden presence of smooth, cool metal in her palm.

It was though someone had cast a Sonorous Charm: the crowd erupted, so loudly that she felt it vibrate deep in her chest. And Aase, beaming, raised her gently-closed fist high in the air, the Snitch’s madly-fluttering wings tickling her fingers. Dizzy with exhaustion, relief, and exhilaration all crashing down on her at once, she laughed out loud and promptly flopped down on the muddy pitch.

They’d done it!!
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