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(Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
« on: May 20, 2019, 07:46:00 PM »
Vincent had packed up his camp and left just as daybroke. The Reindeer most had moved in the middle of the night, for he had set up camp on a ridge that overlooked their large groups of glowing noses.  He had slept with 3 layers on to fight off the cold instead of using magic or some other wizard means to heat himself. He liked to feel the elements. It was part of being outdoors, in the wild. The additional layers he put on, including a grey and blue snow jacket over along with his pair of black snow pants and tan snow boots, (most of which was purchased off a no-maj discount rack) kept him as warm and dry as any spell. Which was good for the snow was so fresh to the point it resembled the powder sugar that his mother used to sprinkle on his pancakes when he was little. It did make seeing the reindeer tracks easier, but it also meant he was often up to the knees in snow drifts, which slowed his progress.

Over the last few weeks he had mapped out their migration pattern as they made their way south towards Älvdalen, mostly staying to the wildest parts of the land. It had not been until the last week or so that the herds noses started to glow making them distinguishable between their non magical caribou brethren.  They seemed to be using their noses to continue their journey south thought the dark winter nights. Vincent noted it was the great large antlered female Reindeer that lead the heard across the no-maj populated areas during day, only when their nose light was too dim to be seen against the sun reflecting snow. Vincent wondered if they developed this migration pattern as a result of their nose or if their nose was an adaptation to help their end of their migration. Certainly, there must be correlation to November’s nights grew darker earlier and more nights could be plagued with snowstorms and their sudden bioluminescence of their noses.

The sun was about in the 11 am position when he finally caught up to the herd.  They were resting in the light of day in a bowl of a valley just north of Harrsjön lake, after making across some no-maj roads in the early morning hours. Currently some were grazing on the grass beneath the snow, others fast asleep. It did not look to Vincent that they would be moving any time soon. Instead he would guess they were likely waiting to make the last long push at dusk, guided by their glowing noses to help them navigate through the forest, which provided them cover. Taking advantage of the down time Vincent dropped his camping bag and set up a fire. Choosing to make a magical flame instead of gathering and burning the local wood of the area.  (One of the few times he felt that Magic had its advantages.) He had made and eaten soup for lunch, with melted snow, taken notes, as well as updated his migration map. Now it was the afternoon, he decided to take a break and make some tea when he heard a snap of an apparation.

Vincent looked up concerned the Reindeer would spook and start into the forest but apparently most were quite used to the sound. Only the year lings looked around with their ears perked up. Vincent found the dark figure of a tourist just west of him, overlooking the Reindeer on the same ridge. Even if he did not hear the snap of the apparation, Vincent would have likely guessed that man was a wizard. His cut of his stylized clothes had a unmistakable wizard flare. He also appeared more dressed for a winter stroll on a night out on the city then in a hidden valley mountain range. After a few minutes of watching him, Vincent decided to approach the wizard. Thinking, Maybe if the wizard would know that he might have to wait for hours he would rather go. So he got up and walked along the ridge until his voice would not be swept up by the wind. “Hi. I am afraid you going to have to wait for dusk to see their noses glow.”

@Timothy Darien Winchester

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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
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Timothy wasn't particularly fond of the cold, but he was fond of what came along with it. He found snow beautiful, found the various creatures that enjoyed the chilly air charming. It was a time of year he enjoyed despite being uncomfortable with the feel of the atmosphere. However it didn't stop him from traveling to a secluded spot in Muggle Europe to have a look at some of the beautiful wildlife that populated the area.

Timothy looked up at the clock in his quarters and saw that now would be the perfect time. He hitched up his bag and placed it's strap on his shoulder before making his way out through the corridor, following the curves of the hallways, out through the front of Hogwarts castle, and down the bridge toward the outskirts of the school. He walked until he arrived at the boundary, then apparated to the spot he desired, a ridge looking down at some reindeer.

This was a trip Timothy had taken many times, one he rather enjoyed. It cleared his head to look at the peaceful creatures as they made their way around the pleasantly following snow. Timothy went down to one knee and looked over the ridge to get a better look at them. They were beautiful just as Timothy always remembered them to be. Yet he was still always surprised by the beauty. In the early afternoon sun, Timothy caught a glimpse of someone else who appeared to be doing the same thing he was but he ignored the person, not wishing to bother them or in turn be disturbed.

However, a voice broke through. Timothy stood up from his kneeling position. "Uh..yes I know, thank you. This is a trip I've made a few times. I've never seen someone else out here before at this time of year. I have to say that I'm quite surprised."

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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2019, 01:49:43 PM »
Did he just say he made this trip a few times?

The apache raised his thin dark eyebrow and studied the British sounding wizard for a moment. Now that he was closer, he noticed that the wizard was quite young looking. If Vincent would have guessed, he would assume the wizard would still be school age. Had he come here previously with his parents or with his school? If so, this might be a favored location of this herd. 

“Yes.” He agreed before clarifying. “It is my first time. I been trailing them for just a few days.”

Catching movement in the corner of his eye, his attention slid from the wizard’s dark brown eyes, to the field of magical reindeer. A few of the nearest beasts had turned their ears and heads to Vincent the British wizard’s silhouettes on the hill’s ridge. Although alert, their tails were not up, so an alarm had not yet been signaled. Vincent reckoned that they better retreat a little, if they did not want to force the heard to move prematurely.  He noted, that this might be why the man and been kneeling a moment ago. If so, in contradiction against his youthful appearance, he might have had some experience with the animals. Certainly, he could note the young wizards experiences in his journal. You never know, if he ever actually wrote an article or book about this magical beast, it would be better that the published route could be calibrated by a few sources. It also occurred the magbob, that he could ask the wizard what he knew about the animal myths and legends. There was also another few quite silly questions and no-mag myths, that Vincent wanted to validate or put to rest.

His eyes glance back at the young man's face and remembering that he was boiling water he made an offer. Gesturing to his little half camp and fire he has set up, he said, “I was just about to make some tea. Would you like some?”

He was certain that British wizard would agree, Are not British people known for having tea?

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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2019, 10:25:37 PM »
Timothy nodded at the man's comment about following the herd. Timothy's attention was kept on the reindeer and their awareness of the two of them standing there. It was of course not unnatural for the animals to be aware of their surroundings, but this herd seemed hyper aware, paying more attention to their surroundings than normal. They didn't seem spooked, but they did seem somewhat on edge. Timothy put his hands in his jacket pocket. "Yes, I would like some, thank you."

Timothy followed the man back to his fire and Timothy sat on a small log fairly close to it. He thanked the man for the tea and sipped on it as he watched the herd down below. There were some that were grazing about rather aimlessly while others still seemed to be searching the area. Timothy noted in his mind that this was rather odd behavior. Timothy drank a bit more while thinking and then something clicked in his mind.

He pointed down toward the herd. "I thought that they were looking 'round this way because they heard us speak, however some of them are continuing to survey the area, even though from this distance they shouldn't be able to hear us and barely see us. They're looking around for the quickest and easiest exit points. You said that you've been trailing them. How fast have they been moving?"

Timothy stood up on top of the log to get a better look. Remembering his manners, Timothy stretched out his hand as he continued to watch the reindeer. "Professor Timothy Winchester."

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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
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Vincent watched the British wizard follow him back to the fire and pick a seat on a nearby log. He noticed that he did not talk much and seemed content enough to just watch the herd. It was a nice change to be with someone who appreciate animals as much as he did. Most people who went out with him as he investigated magical beast, would start chattering away as if they thought that every moment of every day had to be filled with their own voice. This might be the case in bars and meeting rooms, but out here, when you are in the wild and tracking animals the best thing for you to do is sit, look and listen.

The water was nearly at boil when they returned. Vincent pored half of it into his one camping cup and dropped in a No-maj tea bag. Earl grey the most English of his teas. He handed it to his guess immediately. For himself he grabbed a fist size rock and worked on transforming it into a makeshift coffee cup for himself.  After a minute it took on the shape of one, although still the colored of the original object. At least it did not taste like dirt after he cleaned it with a bit of the hot water and dropped in his own tea bag. With the time it took him to make the cup, the water had cooled enough to sip immediately. Although the tea tasted a bit weak and needed to sit a bit more, the warmth was nice, seeming to seep into him. He decided to scoop some more snow into the pot incase him or his guest might want a second cup.

It all took a bit of time, but once he was done, he was well satisfied. Sipping his slowly strengthening tea, he walked over to the log where the British wizard was sitting. He found the young Wizard still intently watching the heard. Vincent was about to break into the questions he had, when the other wizard announced a concerning observation.

“Survey the area?” Vincent repeated the words in his American accent, as he lifted his head and tucked his long hair behind his ears, to get a better look of the Magical Caribou. Not answering at first, instead he stood poised, alert, watching. He verified that the leads were making their round. There was something else, the pattern of the group seem odd. Although they filled the valley, they kept clear from the edge of the trees. His guest was right. Something had them spooked. Vincent then scanned the tree line, and even behind him but saw nothing lurking.

It was only when he determined that there was not an immediate threat, (at least one that he could perceive) that he answered.  “This morning, no it must have been in the middle of the night, they moved early.”  He reviewed his memories of the turned-up snow tracks as he took another long sip of his tea. The tracks were not made as if they were in a rush or if they left the area running. Additionally, Vincent thought that he would have awoken and heard something if they were being hunted last night or spooked.  "I think they just got an early start to cross the no-maj roads in the daytime…. maybe they wanted to get through the last stretch of forest and to the lake sooner.”

Vincent was drinking the rest of his rapidly cooling tea, while the young wizard got up on top of the log and looked out over the herd. This english wizard seemed very attuned and worried for the magical animals, which Vincent thought was very unusual for most wizards. Maybe he is a student of Animal Husbandry. He rationalized, before he was presented with a suddenly stretched out hand. Although he took the wizard's handinhis quickly he was not unable to hide all of his surprise. "Professor? I mean, it's nice to meet you, Professor Timothy Winchester. I am Vincent... Vincent Agulara.  I um... normally work with Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures for Macusa, but I am just here doing personal research. I noticed you know alot about them, have you studded the reindeer long? "

"I heard about their migration from the Daily Prophet and tried to look up information on the beast but there is very little published. I guess a glowing nose did not seem that magical to most wizards... I  came here hoping to collect some data." Vincent glance backover the herd, hea did not see them act this way before, infact..."their agitation seems to be increasing with the setting sun."

He had a chance to studied maps of the area, but also the magical and non-magical wildlife of Sweden before he had left for this trip. Finding that fauna much equivalent to north America. “It is possible that they expect to be attacked at dusk, maybe by a wolf, bear, Lynx or something more dangerous like a Swedish Short-Snout. But, I doubt the herd would be sitting in the open like this, if they were being hunted by a dragon.”

Even with him spouting this convincing statement, Vincent checked the skys, almost hoping to see one.
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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
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"It wouldn't be out of the ordinary certainly for a predator to have gone after them under the cover of darkness. But it's anyone's guess as to what exactly that creature could be." Timothy sipped down the remaining bits of tea that he had in his cup. He enjoyed the sensation of the warmth as it slid down his chest. It did the trick almost immediately, sending tendrils of warmth through his body. He made a mental note to thank the American later, but at the moment his concern remained on the herd.

"I don't know if you know too much about Hogwarts. I'm the Arithmancy professor at the school, and the position has given me a different view of things. Not only because of the practice of Arithmancy itself, but for the heightened sense of awareness I was taught last year. I'm sure the news might be familiar to many now, but there was dome that encapsulated the school and inside that dome were countless vicious creatures that sought to attack and kill everything in the castle with a beating heart."

Timothy sat his cup down gently on the flattest part of the log he could find before standing up to look over the ridge some more. He turned the observations made by the other wizard in his head trying to make sense of it all. He slowly began trying to piece things together to create some answers. "I'm not aiming to alarm, but I'd suggest that we familiarize ourselves with our easiest routes of desertion as well. If it's true that they're being hunted, it's quite possible we could be as well by sheer proximity."

Timothy listened to the various possible beasts the American listed off. He too looked to the sky for a moment. "If it was a dragon I'd think we'd be much warmer by now. I just have a nasty feeling whatever's been hunting them is persistent and probably not too far away. But we'll know nothing for a while. I doubt that whatever it is is brave enough to make off with one of them under the sun. Too much attention."

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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
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The American wizard nodded gravely when the young Hogwarts Professor mentioned the incident that plagued the British school. It was the talk of MACUSA for much of the time. Still the true view of the horrific event was not known until the account from the survivors made the paper. It was a wonder that the death toll was not higher considering the amount of untrained and underage wizards present. It was also almost inconceivable that such a horrific event was just caused by an old defensive spell that went awry.

Vincent thought about the wizard's recommendation to get an exit route. It seemed to be a bit of a overreaction. He had watched a few bears and even a mountain lion hunt. The general rule is as long as you are far enough away and did not get in between the beast and their prey and did not seem like you were trying to steal their kill, then you should be fine. Maybe the wizard was suffering from some PTSD or something. When The topic moved on to the dragon, Vincent gave a chuckle with the statement that 'If it was a dragon, I'd think we'd be much warmer by now,' as if they would already been a flame. The Short-Snout is known to have fewer human kills to its name, but still Vincent did not want to help balance out the number.

Vincent gathered up the cups and examined the sky. The long shadows stretch out and new covered the valley. From their point on the ridge, the sun hung just about to dip behind the distant western mountains. "Well, we don't have to wait long for dark." He said a little solemnly, before something red caught his eye. One deer's nose lit up. It glowed alone for a few seconds, than as if on cue the others joined in. The red glow spread like one would see a wildfire, catching in rows, until the how vally was alight with red light.  The earth tone reindeers now seemed to blend into their environment, so that it seemed like red wisps were bobbing around in the valley while the clouded sky began to mimic the colors.

Regaining his senses from the sight Vincent, informed his friend. "The reindeer have to head south east from here. I think they can only cross on one section of Storbosjön river given the marsh and state of the frozen lake. It is a bottle neck so maybe they are waiting. As for us, I do not think we will likely be a target. There has been a few occasions I had to fight a beast or two but... given the fact there is two of us, I think we could hold our own. Still it might be prudent to just apparate if there is an issue. There is no no-majs to protect and we don't want to disturb the beasts natural hunt. Instead we could just pop into Sama and comeback for my supplies tomorrow morning."

He walked back to the fire and took off the pot of boiling water. "Would you like another tea?" He said as he poured himself a new cup. He passed up the caffeinated varieties and popped in a more soothing chamomile. He was sure that this Young Professor was just over acting. The Reindeer likely smelled some predators’ markings and got a little agitated. So, there was no reason the wizards should too.
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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
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Timothy got the sense that the other wizard felt he was reading too far into the situation. But if the war and the dome had Timothy anything, it was to always go with his gut feeling and never second guess himself. Timothy decided that it was best for the moment to pose no sort of argument and to adjust his demeanor as appropriate to the situation. But he didn't change his mind on the prospect of danger. He would simply keep his own wits about him and not press any further on the need to prepare for haste.

"It's rather interesting that there aren't any Muggles present. In years passed, I've seen a few of them coming to do just what you and I have. Observe. But this winter, it's exceptionally frigid, I don't blame them for staying behind around a fire and under blankets. But I have to say, I quite like them. I've discovered that they're very hospitable. More than most wizards I've met. But you seem to be rather like them in a lot of ways. It's a nice change of pace."

Timothy walked back over to where the young wizard was, back at his fire offering a second cup of tea. Timothy declined a second beverage, he'd had his fill. He was far more interested in conversation. He intended to stay until the sun was down to observe the reindeer's actions, and to see if his suspicions of danger were proven true under starlight. Timothy sat down on a stump close to the fire and crossed his legs. He placed his elbow on his knee and placed his chin carefully in his hand. It was rather boyish posture. Timothy sometimes made one question if he'd really matured beyond sixteen.

"Here I've said so much of myself, but I've not opened the floor up to you. Pardon me for it, I'm paid to ramble for a living. But shut me up, tell me about you."

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Re: (Nov MP) While Waiting Until Dusk (Timothy)
« Reply #8 on: July 09, 2019, 02:08:38 AM »
“Muggles? Oh, you mean No-maj.” Vincent interjected for his own clearity, before he let the British wizard continue uninterrupted. The Jicarilla Apache sipped his hot tea quietly while his dark eyes studied the other wizard. He was a bit surprised that a British wizard would speak so openly about liking No-majs. It was quite the opposite then the previous experiences Vincent had with British wizards.

In the late 1990’s, Vincent found out to late that he was traveling during what the British called, the second Wizarding War.  As a result, he ran into a few from the wrong faction, who wanted to know about Vincent parents lineage. It was only through the help of his friends he was able to get away. Yet compared to that wizard, this Hogwarts Professor seemed different. It was possible he was from the other side of the war (the side that won). This was most greatly illustrated when he concluded by giving Vincent a compliment saying he was hospitable like muggles.  Which was an unusual view for most wizards to have.  He agreed with one of the man’s statements least and thanked his for his kind words. “Yes, I would agree that the weather is probably keeping them out of the forest. Oh? Hospitable? Well, thank you.”

Vincent thought as he took another sip of tea. He was not quite sure if he could trust the wizard, but he did seem different. He put these thoughts aside, for he knew he should start dinner before it got to dark, so he pulled out a bit of freeze-dried food and dumped it into the boiling water. He guessed he could multiply it if the young-looking wizard cared for some. He put the pot near the flames but not close enough to burn and then picked up the rest of his Camomile tea, sipped it as he claimed a large rock to sit on near the other wizard who found a place on a stump. He did not mind sharing his magical fire with the young wizard, but he wondered just how long after dark the man was going to stay. 

“Oh, Um….” The American Mag-bob wizard hesitated, He was not used to sharing much about himself to others. Still, something about this man made him feel quite at ease and he seemed to be No-maj friendly. Still, he decided to dance around the subject. “Other than I am from the U.S., I mean United States I work for MACUSA? There is not much more to tell other then I live in New Mexico near my tribes reservation, at the edge of Carson National forest. I picked the spot so I could go hiking in the mountain on my days off. Yet I often have to do the same during the work week.  There is not many magical beast that are able to survive in the city undetected. This is kind of the reason I am here. I wanted to document the reindeer migration route. I figure if I publish it or something it would help the wizarding world set aside more land for them.”

He bent down to stirred the pot before the stew burn and rotate the pan. In the twilight light he could barely see what he was doing. Lucky a full moon was beginning to rise over the ridge. He started to continue,  “With less and less of their territory available to them, it is only natural that Magical beast have more interaction with muggles and cause problems with Wizard kind.”

One long howl called near. “Sounds like a wolf.” Vincent said standing up still in the middle of mixing the pan of stew just before dishing it out and asking his guest if he wanted a serving. He saw that the Reindeer definitely looked a bit more freaked then they should be. A frown appeared on his face, as he noted “A lone wolf should not be able to take down a Reindeer unless it beast is already injured and separated from the heard.”


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