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“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain
and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every
morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.”

Bundled-up as she was (and with warming charms cast on each of her three layers), Justýna still couldn’t stop her teeth from chattering involuntarily as she closed the glass door firmly behind her as she crossed the threshold.

Her breath misted in front of her, and she allowed herself a small grumble of discontent. The normally warm and rather humid greenhouse was now nearly as cold and dry and unforgiving as the brutality that November had decided to unleash upon them; minus the wind, thank Merlin. The temperatures had stayed so low and thus the hoarfrost was so persistent that the no-longer-nestlings had – once again – taken up residence in their respective Common Rooms. While the dragons had certainly grown on her since the spring, Justýna wasn’t entirely convinced that bringing them inside was the wisest decision. Alas – especially as Snezhnaya – she had to respect her Headmistress’s decision, and set an example for others to do the same.

Which was a large part of the reason why she was currently in the greenhouses when she could have been cozied up by the fire with what was likely to be a significant number of her Housemates. Koldovstoretz had quite a few rare – and even more delicate – plants that needed to be maintained at specific temperatures, and there was an ongoing effort to keep them at such. The students were by no means being forced to aid with said efforts, considering the very imminent threat of frostbite and the subsequent mandates for them to dress in outerwear at all times; but Justýna felt motivated to do something instead of waiting idly. Ever since she’d returned to Koldovstoretz, ever since she’d seen what things were like outside of its walls, she’d felt a slow burn inside of her to make a difference.

She had to start somewhere.

Rubbing her gloved hands briskly together (albeit futilely), she drew her wand and moved towards the far end of her chosen greenhouse, murmuring the incantation for the warming charm. She’d pinned an anonymous notice to the Rayasov notice board and to the entrances of the other Common Rooms advising of her efforts, should anyone be interested. The Sixth Year was loath to ask people in-person, if only because she didn’t want them to feel obligated to participate when they had been advised to take caution. She honestly hadn’t expected many people, if any, to turn up.

And so when a sudden whistling of wind preceded the unmistakable sound of the glass door closing, Justýna glanced up in surprise. Perhaps she’d have some company after all.
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Esmeray Aysoy [ Tigrova ]
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Re: {Nov 2002 MP} [greenhouses] like a many-bladed knife {open}
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Three quills. Three of her favorite quills eaten by Tigonva’s own dragon. Well, it was not like she had a favorite a quill, but they were kind of necessary to get her homework done and the dragons were making it impossible to do any of it. She ended up doing 3 hours of homework in her dorm room, doubled over-in half on her bed with a borrowed her quill.

Normally after doing her own homework, she tried to put in some hours with the other students to fulfill her Segovia duties. But She was not in the mood to help the crowded mess of students in her dorm room, or the Dragon and student disorder in the Common room.  Now she needed to stretch, get out, relieve her frustration by doing something physical.  Something in the open air, to fend off her growing cabin fever. So she exited the Common Room donned in the warmest of everything she owned.  She was about to head out into the caverns, which now all look like the inside of a geode. The frost three inches off the ground. She wondered if it continues, it the frost would grow so large that it would fill the passages and they would have to cut tunnels through the ice. It would have been beautiful if it did not seem to suck all the warmth form you and make you constantly shiver and teeth chatter.

She halted just a few steps front the intersection.  Her lungs took a breath in and out in puffs of smoke as if she was a chimney. Where do I go? She asked herself. The problem was that there was nowhere to go. At least nowhere that was warm. At this point she was almost sure that it would be warmer at the bottom of the frozen lake then here. Maybe I could go for a walk near the lake. she thought a bit insanely, but she knew the wind would add too much bite. She started to head out, just to do a lap in the caverns, when her eyes drifted to the entrance notice board. She could practically watch crystals grow on a new notice about the green houses. She attempted to wipe off the crystals to read the details.

Oh yes. I remember. She had heard about concerns of the greenhouse at lunch. It appeared  Justýna organizing something and instead of just a Raysoy endeavor, she had tried to invite everyone. It would be physical work and get Esmeray outside the bloody common room and it started in 30 mins! Although she wanted to go alone, she knew it would be her Segovia duty to round up the troops. She  opened the Common room door just bally enough to stick her head in, but the cool frosty air made most in the room shreek and tighten their coats. “Anyone who wants to save some greenhouse plants put on everything you own and head down there!”

Feeling better now that she not only fulfilled her duty, but also was about to get a few moments of peace and freedom as she crunched her way to the Greenhouses. She was right the wind somehow made it worst. Covering her face with her scarf and hood,she wished she had brought her devetch goggles. At least I told the other students to dear everything. she thought while lightly laughing to herself. When she saw the greenhouses she noticed that the normally glowing clear windows, had grown opaque by the hoarfrost. Even the door looked to have a layer of Ice on it. Esmeray was surprised when it opened. Although she realized that it was likely because Justýna had just opened it. Esmeray had to use both her gloved hands to pull the door close against the wind, before she turned and examine the progress the Ramsoy was making.

“Is that working? I was told that all the warming spell are duds for some strange reason. I thought we were going to move the plants…or something.” Then it occurred to her that the common rooms was the only areas that were still warm. Which would mean they would have to stack the already crowded common rooms with a ton of greenhouse pots. She would be more likely to have her quill AND homework eaten by a plant then a Dragon at that point. Trying to dig herself out of her own idea she babbled out some alternative. “Or we could um… I don’t know, start a Muggle fire or something. You know with wood and whatever they use.” 
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Polina Konstantinova [ Medvedev ]
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Re: {Nov 2002 MP} [greenhouses] like a many-bladed knife {open}
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As a rule, Apollinariya was generally always cold. So, whilst she had been struggling with the sudden extreme temperature drop, she was somewhat appeased by the fact that she'd no longer look out of place shivering and wrapped up like a mummy. Polina had taken to wearing extra layers underneath her uniform (which was underneath her outdoor wear), multiple hats and multiple pairs of gloves. When she looked in the mirror that morning, she quite frankly thought she looked ridiculous. But then again, so did everyone else. The bitter cold weather was causing her skin and lips to crack much more... violently than normal and so, whilst she'd creamed herself up to the max, her lips were still sore and no amount of lip gloss was helping the situation.

The worst part was that the staff had decided to move the young dragons back into the common rooms. Naturally, this meant Polina suddenly spent a lot less time there. It was mightily inconvenient. Luckily for the Medvedev Snegvoin, the coldness was keeping other students seemingly away from the greenhouses, which had also fallen prey to the bitter frost. Apollinariya thought it was nice, though she was surprised that more students weren't concerned for the plants as she was. Frost was serious business for a plant, after all. And temperatures such as these? Well, Polina thought it was practically a death sentence for them. The green-thumbed witch was spending as much time as she could handle in the greenhouses, for this very reason.

She'd noticed a slip of parchment on the entrance to the Medvedev common room as she left that morning, and headed straight for the greenhouses. The note hadn't changed her plans, per se, but it had certainly strengthened Apollinariya's resolve. The Russian witch felt a duty to help, not just as Snegvoin but as a friend too. And so, that was where she was as she cupped her gloved hands towards her mouth to breathe some warm air into them, praying to get some feeling back into the icicles that she called her fingers. Her gloves were getting muckier and muckier as she tended to some peppermint; gently removing the frost from the leaves and mulching around it for protection, jumping or hopping around occasionally to keep her blood from seemingly freezing inside her.

Out of the corner of her eye, Polina spotted some movement in the greenhouse next door, and a flash of familiar blonde hair distracted her entirely from her peppermint as she smiled at the sight of her cousin. Deciding to quickly finish up to join Justýna, Apollinariya quickly wiped down her gardening gloves before moving towards the other greenhouse, noticing that another witch was joining her cousin. Tugging on the frozen side-door, Polina struggled for a moment before the door eventually moved, causing her to stumble into the room from the force of it. She smiled at both witches, realising the other witch was a fellow Snegvoin, Esmeray, just in time to hear her talk about a muggle fire.

"It's a nice idea, Esmeray," Polina began, huddling into herself for some much-needed warmth. "But raising the temperature too quickly will damage the plants. Whilst fire would be amazing for us, in this case it'd do more harm than good." She smiled sadly, picturing how wonderful a nice decent fire would be round about then, before turning to Justýna with a soft expression. "We need to mulch. Leaves, even parchment for some of the more 'tropical' ones." Polina explained, releasing a hand from under her huddle to use air quotes as needed before quickly replacing it. "It's not much but... until this frost passes we won't be able to tell really how many will be salvageable." Bouncing on her toes, and breathing air into her hands again as she thought, her face suddenly lit up as she thought of the only other thing they could do. "Oh! Warm air rises, right?" She raised her eyebrows at both her companions, hoping they'd catch on so that she wouldn't have to move her quickly chapping lips so much. "So... we can shift the plants about so that the tender plants are higher up!"

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Re: {Nov 2002 MP} [greenhouses] like a many-bladed knife {open}
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Justýna opened her mouth to say hello, but before she could speak Esmeray was already asking questions. The Rayasov shrugged in response, folding her arms casually across her chest.

“It’s helping some, I think, but not nearly as much as it should. I’m not convinced the charms themselves are defective; rather, this hoarfrost seems to have some degree of magical resistance.”
The Sixth Year frowned, considering her Yearmate’s suggestion as her gaze drifted back to the plants.
“Moving them did occur to me, but I’m afraid that the second they leave the relative shelter of this greenhouse the cold will kill them. Most of them are fragile even under perfect conditions… but if there are additional enchantments protecting this space, it may not be prudent to move them.”

The whistling returned, and Justýna was delighted to see that it was her cousin who had joined them. The Snezhnaya grinned back, and listened quietly as Esmeray proposed another solution before Polina offered hers, nodding along to both. She was proud of her younger cousin’s diplomatic approach.
“Perhaps Bluebell Flames in a jar for us?” she suggested, glancing at Esmeray. “We’d still need to keep them well away from the plants, but perhaps a bit less dangerous than an actual fire. And good thought about the mulch,” she added, returning Polina’s smile. The Medvedev had always been fond of plants and Justýna was prepared to trust her judgement.

Before she could ask what type of mulch or where it might be, Polina spoke up again.
“It does,” she agreed, her tone thoughtful as she surveyed the greenhouse. “Can’t imagine it would hurt to give it a try.” The almost-seventeen-year-old wished she’d had the presence of mind to bring her Herbology textbook along; she couldn’t quite remember how many species were particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuation, and furthermore there were certainly at least a handful she wouldn’t be able to recognize without a textbook. Perhaps there was one in here somewhere…

Justýna moved towards the front of the greenhouses, searching the cabinets for a spare book.
“Any thoughts as to which ones we should prioritize?” she asked over her shoulder, directing the question at both girls.
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Milana Tesaříková [ Zhivoystya ]
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Re: {Nov 2002 MP} [greenhouses] like a many-bladed knife {open}
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If you were to ask Milana what her plans were for the day, she wouldn’t be able to give a straight answer. She was not disorganized per se but she was also not the type to plan ahead either. Which was why she almost cried out in frustration when she saw the note pinned near the entrance to the Tigrova’s Common Room after lunch. Her friend had offered to tutor her in Herbology at the freezing library but a hands on experience at trying to keep the plants alive and well during this sudden drop in temperature sounded more appealing. Milana was supposed to meet up with him and they’d head to the library together but now… now..! Regardless of what she chose, she would still be freezing anyways. The only difference was one would be a totally theoretical lesson while the other a practical one.

Both young students knew what Milana had decided to do. Once she puts her mind on something, it was difficult to convince her otherwise. However, because it was insanely easy to guilt the young Zhivoystya, it took a while for her friend to convince her that he didn’t mind their sudden change of plans. She invited him along but he joked that he didn’t need the practical lesson any more than she did. “I-I’m really sorry! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!” She loudly exclaimed as she started to run to the greenhouse, missing his warning about not running and his snarky reply to her words (she fell not far from the entrance).

Falling down made her re-think about running to her destination but that was not the only cause. The more she ran, the colder the air hitting her face became (specifically to her eyes) which in turn made her sleepier. One of the reasons why it was difficult to get her to get up early in the morning was because of how cold it was most of the time. But she didn’t want to miss out on all the actions in the greenhouse so she readjusted her bag and began to power walk to it. She slowed down when she neared the greenhouse and nervously clutched her bag’s strap that ran across her chest. She tried to peek through the frosted glass to see who was inside but unfortunately, she could barely make out anything no thanks to the frost. She hoped that her cousin, sister or anyone she was familiar with was there or else she’d be too self-conscious to even watch them work! Now she kinda regretted not being pushy enough to force her friend to come with her. Milana rarely went anywhere or did anything alone because of how shy she got around people who were older than her... which was almost 90% of the population in school. She was working on fixing that about herself but then again, she was working on a lot of things about herself.

Covering her lower face with her scarf after seeing how cold the greenhouse looked, she steeled herself before opening to the door to the greenhouse and greeted the people inside. “S-S-Sorry for d-d-disturbing. I s-s-saw the note and t-t-thought I could help?” She finished with a mumble, eyes glued to the floor as she nervously shuffled into the greenhouse. 
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Esmeray Aysoy [ Tigrova ]
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Re: {Nov 2002 MP} [greenhouses] like a many-bladed knife {open}
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Esmeray was not going to waste her time casting spells on some frozen plants, if the spells aren’t working on them. There got to be a better solution. Well, maybe the solution to take all the plants to the common room was a not one of her best ones… and in fact she was glad that one was shot down.  She quickly agreed in hope she could keep her common room emptier. “That is right, they will freeze outside. I agree.”

The Turkish was still convinced that a roaring muggle fire was going to be the best way to go and was looking around for spare wood to build one, when Justýna Tesaříková’s cousin Polina Konstantinova joined them. Although the Medvedev started to talk like she was going to agree with the Tigrvoa… she annoyingly ended up shoot down all Emse’s ideas. The Tigrova crossed her arms clearly frustrated. “So, INSTEAD you think the answer is mulch them and raise or hang them so that they could be closer to the frosted glass roof.“  She spared a glance above her. It did not look any warmer than the plants around her. She did know what mulch was nor asked, she just knew it sounded gross. In her mind she rationalized it was likely some kind of warm smelly fertilizer.

Thankfully Justýna  seemed to see the wisdom in Esme’s suggestion of a fire, but swapped out the muggle fire for a  magical flame in a glass jar. She ended up creating a lose plan that seemed to combine all their efforts. If they did try all of them, something got to work, but to Esmeray it made way more sense for a flame to warm a room then stupidly ‘mulch’ them and hang them closer to the glass roof.

“I don’t know, maybe the more tropical looking ones.” Esmeray illustrated her guess with a shrug as she bounced up and down on her toes while rubbing her gloved hands together. She did not want to spend a finger numbing half hour debating which plant to move first. She felt like she needed to keep moving and was itching to leave and get what they needed to start making the flame jars.  She was about to announce her attentions when the door opened again. “Alo Milana,  We just about came up with our plan. So we are making glass jar flames along with mulching, hanging the plant higher and maybe some spells.” She said a little too satirically, while ticking off the ideas on the her fingers. She gave an small eye roll with the last item. 

“As you figuring out which plant to charm and mulch first, I’ll  go into the kitchen and get some glass jars. If there is anyone that want to come with me, we could carry two crates at once. I am sure that would be enough jars for all the greenhouses. Do you think we are going to need anything else?” 

Then she suddenly regretted asking. The two cousins had such horrible ideas and she cringed with the thought she just gave them a chance to come up with anything else.

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Re: {Nov 2002 MP} [greenhouses] like a many-bladed knife {open}
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Unfortunately, her search for a spare book came up empty. Perhaps one of the other greenhouses had one?

But before she could raise the suggestion, Esmeray spoke up again; Justýna frowned disapprovingly at the other girl’s rather salty tone, especially because it was directed towards her cousin. The Tigrova was a Snegvoin this year – she should know better than to dismiss another’s well-meaning suggestion so caustically. The Snezhnaya turned to address her, choosing her words as objectively as possible.

“The truth is that none of us know what will and will not work – we’ll need to use our collective best judgement and improvise as we go,” she responded patiently. “Your suggestion of the fire was a good one – however my concern is that a non-magical fire may too rapidly raise the temperature of the greenhouse, and kill the plants in the process, if allowed to burn too quickly.”
She blew into her cupped hands briefly to warm them before continuing.
“As for the mulching: Polina has excellent marks in Herbology, and has had a way with plants for as long as I’ve known her – which is to say, all her life,” she replied levelly. “I trust her judgment with the mulching, to provide insulation and reduce the chance of temperature fluctuation.”
Justýna honestly didn’t think she was being unfairly dismissive or critical, but Merlin knew if her Yearmate would perceive it as such.

Regardless, she did nod in agreement at Esmeray’s next suggestion. It made sense, given what they had to work with. She surveyed the collection of flora.
“The tropical-looking ones it is, then. I don’t see a textbook in here, so we’ll need to go from memory—”

At that moment the greenhouse door opened again, but Justýna didn’t look up right away until she heard Esmeray say her little sister’s name. She was too pleased with Mila’s arrival to spend much additional thought on Esmeray’s continued snark, and instead greeted her sister with a warm smile.
“Mila! Of course, we’d love the help.”

Just then the Tigrova announced her plan to go to the kitchens, and Justýna nodded again in agreement.
“Thanks, Esmeray. There may be some in the other greenhouses – pots would also work. Perhaps we should check there first since it’s not quite as far as the kitchens? Anything we can use for reliable flame containment should suffice. Oh,” she added, suddenly remembering, “and perhaps also a quick skim in the other greenhouses’ cabinets for a textbook?”
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Polina Konstantinova [ Medvedev ]
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Re: {Nov 2002 MP} [greenhouses] like a many-bladed knife {open}
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What on Earth was Esmeray's problem?! Polina's eyes widened with an incredulous look on her face as she wondered how anyone could be so abominably rude. It wasn't like she was giving any better ideas, in fact her solution was going to get all the plants killed! Apollinariya sighed as quietly as she could to herself, attempting to ignore Esmeray's attitude problem and was about to speak up when her cousin Justýna defended her. The Medvedev witch smiled a little, appreciating her cousin's loyalty, even though she was more than capable of defending herself. Nodding along to Justýna's semi-speech, Polina agreed with everything she said, and blushed as she praised her. Apollinariya didn't think she deserved such high praise, but her ego enjoyed it all the same.

"Th-thanks," Polina began, her words shaking as she shivered involuntarily. "But, I actually got the idea from our farm at home. Mama and Papa do this all the time..." She sighed, watching how her breath formed a 'o' in the air, vigorously rubbing her hands up and down her arms. "I should pay more attention next time," she muttered quietly. "Still, bluebell flames is a perfect idea, the temperature in here is ridiculous." Apollinariya was used to stupidly cold weather, after all, she had lived in Russia all her life and in a tiny muggle village to boot, but the conditions at Koldovstoretz were bordering insanity. How the professors expected them to be able to produce their best work at these temperatures was near barbaric and beyond her.

Polina nodded her head slightly once again in agreement with both Esmeray and Justýna, when the door opened and her other cousin made an appearance. Milana's company made Polina smile brightly in her direction, happy to see that her family were all caring for the plants. She expected nothing less of them. Side-eyeing Esmeray and her continued snark towards them, Polina was going to hex the Turkish witch soon enough. If Esmeray wanted to become Polina's enemy, then she was going about it in a particularly efficient manner.  "You're always welcome, Mila!" Polina announced, making sure that her cousin was aware that unlike a certain annoying Tigrova, her cousins appreciated the help.

Esmeray stated her plan to leave the greenhouses and Apolinariya had to restrain herself from cheering and appearing much too eager for her to leave. Instead, the Medvedev merely smiled in the Turkish witch's direction. Justýna's suggestion was a good one and Polina quickly chimed in. "That's great! Parchment might be useful too, if you can find any spare... or leftover newspapers. I can find everything else I need for mulching in and around here." Polina knew she was going to have to get a little creative with her mulch, but straw, pine needles and shredded leaves were at the top of her list... and she doubted Esmeray would find them in the kitchens. It seemed like a awful lot to fetch for one person though, so Apollinariya quickly added, "I'm sure Mila wouldn't mind helping you, would you?" Her tone was restraining her eagerness to get rid of the Tigrova as much as possible, but her strained smile towards Milana was surely giving her cousin a subtle hint.

"And don't worry if you don't find a textbook!" Polina exclaimed. "I can write all the important ones," she stated as she wriggled her wand out of its hiding place. It was much easier to draw a magical diagram in the air than write it down on parchment. The ink had probably frozen by now anyway.

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