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the world's been turning [pim]
« on: May 21, 2019, 06:00:48 AM »
“We’re not lighting a fucking fire,” said Adam stubbornly. “Who even says anything’ll light, huh?”

It was wet and cold and dark, nice and Novemberish, the pseudo-path visible only by their dimly lit wands and the gaps of moonlight. He’d left his skateboard in his room, since they were in the woods, and when he wasn’t carrying it his arms felt sort of stupid whenever he walked. He took a careful step off a tree root or something and they flapped up a little, the wandlight swinging wildly; he steadied his hand and glanced nervously behind them, as though he could spot any professors on their tail. “We’ll get caught, if we have a fire,” he added, now he’d thought of it. But he fished through the pocket of his hoodie anyway, wrapped his hand around his lighter. (If they were making a fire, they were doing it the proper way, and not accidentally setting the woods on magic fire.)

He tripped over a tree root and huffed an exasperated breath as he regained his footing. They were nearly to the clearing anyway. “I still can’t believe you’re staying for the break,” he groused, even though he could. “Hell kind of problem do you have with California, anyway? Weather’s better there than it is here.” He was walking just a bit in front of Pim; he considered warning her about the root, but decided his own near miss was enough notice.

Their clearing was not much of one, just enough space to sit down on the rocks and enough of a gap to see the stars. The last few strides he took were just long enough to make sure that he sat first, fidgeted a bit (it was cold outside and the rock, as a rock, made an uncomfortable seat.) It was not as quiet as he liked it— he thought he could hear some other rulebreakers from a little way off— but it was still and peaceful anyway, the sort of night where even a whisper felt sort of like it was spoiling something.

“Shit,” he said, spoiling it. “I got a test tomorrow.” He held his wand up half-jokingly, just in front of his chin, like a kid telling a scary story, then stretched his arms out, cracked his neck. “God, I’m so sick of divination. I can never predict shit.” This was an easy thing to talk about— Pim had been sick of divination since they’d been eleven— and he would be spared any talk of Thanksgiving. He grinned toothily at her. “You ever seen anything cool from the future? Flying cars?”

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Re: the world's been turning [pim]
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2019, 02:52:31 PM »
“Booooooring,” Pim drawled at Adam’s stubbornness against making a small campfire as she hopped onto a mossy rock, miscalculating its slipperiness and tried her best to not fall. She succeeded, good. “Mary Lou and her posse had their bonfire and no one said anything about it. So why can’t we have our own mini version?” She had wanted to join them but decided against it because: 1) Mary Lou would be there; 2) Mary Lou's fanclub might be there; and 3) Gilbert's fanclub would probably be there too. Anyways, back to the issue at hand. There surely was a spell or two that would help them dry the combustibles if they put their minds to it and concentrated on recalling the spell. But since he was adamant about being a party pooper, she’d let the idea die… for now. It was rare for Pim to act like a petulant child but she had her moments especially around people who she knew would either be irritated by it or unnerved. And it seemed like the former with Adam.

“We’ll get caught, if we have a fire.”

Ok, that was a fair reasoning and she didn’t feel like being hauled back to the castle any time soon. It had been a rather boring month and she felt like she would scream if she had to spend yet another day cooped up in the castle. “Easy there, cowboy. The clearing is not going to run away from us,” she said jokingly after having a good laugh when he tripped over the tree root. Adjusting her backpack, she easily and almost gracefully walked over the root. She wanted to race him to the clearing but he had the upper hand since he was already in front of her and totally not because his legs were longer than hers. Ass.

She let her backpack fall beside Adam, crouching down to grab the blanket that she had brought with her. “Ta-dah~” She proudly proclaimed before wrapping it around herself and sat down cross-legged beside him. “I’d rather not see the birth-giver stress about preparing the perfect dinner. She’d have to work extra hours just to afford it,” Pim finally replied to his inquiry nonchalantly as she fell back on the rock and looked up at the sky, ignoring the coldness seeping through her hair. She would usually address her mother properly but she was still a little pissed about how she was stupidly running back to her biological father. “Besides, I don’t mind the cold. Fits my aesthetics, don’t you think so?” She shifted her gaze from the stars and universe to him, wiggling her brows at him.

At the mention of a test, her creepy laugh returned as she sat up and scooted closer to him, unable to keep a straight face when he did the thing that the other No-Majs tended to do with flashlights. Pim did not share some of the other’s struggles when it comes to tests and had next to no sympathy towards them. “Tell me about it, Divination is the worst,” she groaned as she leaned against him, sighing dramatically. “Hm… I saw the end of the world, does that count as something cool?” She placed a finger on her chin as she mock-contemplated the notion. Truth be told, she never did the things that they needed to do in Divinations or any of the other scrying classes. Pim would rather just not… know how the future turns out. She lost count of how many times she had faked through her classes and the essays she wrote? Total bullshit. But, as long as she was the only one who knew that, it didn’t matter. She did score her C.H.E.P.I. and could finally ditch the class. “Oh! I saw you getting married! Mrs. Nguyen was very pretty. Your mother loved her! Would you like to know more about her?”

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Re: the world's been turning [pim]
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“Carrie,” said Adam, stepping up and over a rock. He added after a moment, “That was Carrie’s bonfire, not Mary Lou’s. And, come on, Mary Lou is really nice.” He hadn’t even tripped completely over the tree root, for her to crack up so much at him; as he trudged along the path, a little more sourly, he wondered what sort of hysterics she’d have had if he’d actually fallen over. It would be worth it just for her reaction, almost.

Pim had brought a blanket, like the prepared and clever person that she was and he wasn’t; he rolled his eyes theatrically as she wrapped it around her shoulders and said, “Weak. Just freeze to death.”

Which was what Adam was doing— his jackets weren’t quite enough to block out the cold, and the rock had been frosted over and was now damp. He shifted uncomfortably and made a little grumbling noise just to drive the point home that it was cold. “Thought it was just the two of you,” he said, “How much preparation would she need to do?”

He supposed he didn’t know, though, what sort of Thanksgiving Pim and her mother would have had; his, he knew, was far from traditionally American. Pim stretched out, catlike, on the rock, probably just to rub it in that it wasn’t bothering her; Adam hunched his shoulders up to his ears and rubbed his hands together— “Show-off. We can’t all have frozen hearts.” His fingers felt like they were going to fall off and his ears felt nearly there. She was the skinny one, what the hell.

“Won’t she miss you?” he said, after a moment weighing his options. He’d heard enough about Pim’s mother over the years to have a good guess— that she would— and he couldn’t understand that just that fact wasn’t a good enough excuse to go home. It was half of why he did, wasn’t it? That they missed him?

(Or that he missed them— but who was counting?)

Adam shoved his hands deep into his pockets, flexed his fingers in a useless attempt to make them feel more movable. He should have brought like, gloves, or something. Moron.

The end of the world was a cool thing to have seen, actually; “Did we go down in flames?” he said, drily. Pim didn’t try in Divination— something Adam didn’t really understand. (Wasn’t there value in the supernatural? The, like, even more supernatural?) But then it never seemed like Pim tried in like, anything. Adam didn’t, either, usually, but he at least sucked at the classes he wasn’t trying in, the proper way.

She added, with mocking enthusiasm, another vision of the future; he rolled his eyes— “Pfft. You don’t have to tell me shit, if my mom loved her I can guess. Did you go?”
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Re: the world's been turning [pim]
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2019, 07:51:44 PM »
"Oh," was her only reply to being corrected. Well, Pim was never one to become defensive when people corrected her. It was not a big deal whenever that happened and she even welcomed it... but not many people dared to do so. Anyways, Carrie was cool in her book. She enjoyed spending time with her but she wondered why Carrie wastes her time with Mary Lou. Then again, some of the other students probably wondered the same thing about those who spent their time with Pim herself. "Precisely. No one is nice," she air-quoted when she said nice before continuing, "without a reason whether they realized it or not."

How much preparation would her mother have done for a holiday that was actually not significant in their culture? A ton. Pim herself didn't know why her mother insisted on preparing a lavish spread when it was just the two of them. Before, any leftovers would be shared with their neighbours but since the both of them kicked the bucket, it would probably end up in the rubbish bin and that would be a waste of money that could be spent on other things. Like, maybe a bottle or two of good quality booze. "Sucks to be her then. But don't you worry your pretty little head about her. She's an adult. She has friends and her lover... she'd survive a year without me," she nudged his shoulder with hers after he had shoved his hands into his pockets. Pim observed him a while longer with interest and found it amusing that he was just bearing with the coldness instead of asking her to share her blanket with him. She was not a heartless person... well, sometimes. She untucked one side and wrapped an arm around his shoulder (as much as she could), covering what she could with her blanket. "It's fucking cold!" She cried out as she nuzzled his side and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Nah, the world frosted over. It was pure white and beautiful. Too bad I can't hear the people screaming since everyone froze to death. What a waste," she sighed in disappointment. "But aren't you curious about how she looks like? She had light coloured eyes and pretty brown hair," Pim closed her eyes as she immersed herself in the fake vision. She snorted when he asked if she had attended his wedding. Would she go if he had gotten married? No, the important question was would she even keep in touch with any of them after their graduation? Without a doubt, there were a few people who she had considered as important presences in her life over the years and Adam was one of them. Was it love?  It was most definitely not. At least, not romantically (and puberty helped solved that little dilemma). Anyways, Pim didn't feel like she could live a monotonous and normal life (as normal as magic can be) like most of her peers could; Adam included. She did not know what to do with her life and preferred to not think about it. As long as she gets her fun (even if it was at the expense of others), she would be satisfied. Besides, what’s important is living in the present rather than worry endlessly about the future which might or might not even come.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world. I even acted like the scorned secret lover for added drama," she whispered as if sharing a secret with him before falling silent. She was enjoying just being in the present with Adam before giving his arm a reassuring pat. "I'm sure you'd do well for the test, kiddo. Just think of your beloved family's disappointment if you don't. Speaking of which, when is everyone leaving for Thanksgiving again?"

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Re: the world's been turning [pim]
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Adam didn’t want to fight her, really, even though he disagreed. Or thought he did, at least. “I like Mary Lou,” he said staunchly. “And probably like, a few people are just nice. My grandmother is nice.” Let her try to argue with that.

He was going to worry his pretty head anyway, naturally, just because he had his suspicions about how ridiculously hard Pim must have been to raise, but he shrugged. “That’s new,” he remarked. “She’s seeing someone?” Actually, now that she’d said it, it made a lot of sense. As did like, every comment she’d made in the last few months about her mother, as did her unwillingness to go home. He decided to stay awkwardly quiet, now that they were into family talks. Wasn’t his place, was it?

Pim, probably sensing that it was fucking cold, wrapped one side of her blanket around him. Adam was halfway through opening his mouth to say “Thanks” when she burrowed in closer to him, and it came out as a half-whiny “Man, you’re cold. Your hair is cold.” He guessed it must be a girl thing, getting this close to your friends; he was a boy and therefore wasn’t affectionate at all, usually, and couldn’t decide whether Pim just didn’t care or really didn’t know that.

Probably she just didn’t care.

She kind of unnerved him sometimes— Adam couldn’t say he’d want to hear the people screaming as they froze to death. “Sure,” he said. “Sounds like hell.” He wondered again why she wasn’t so bothered by the cold— she was from southern California.

“I know what she looks like,” he said, before she obliged and told him; he snorted, then regretted it (it was fucking cold!) “I married a white girl?” he said. Did Pim think he was gonna marry a white girl? Did something about him project ‘would marry a white girl’ to people? Damn it. She went on; he grinned— “Yeah, my mom would love that.” He imagined it for a moment— Pim in the audience faking a lonely, dramatic tear or some shit. It was hilarious. His mom wouldn’t have thought so.

“Uhhh,” he said, trying to think when he was supposed to be packed by. “I’m leaving Sunday. I think some people are leaving Saturday. Hey, I’m taking my driving test on Tuesday.” (This was his second time— he left that out.)
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Re: the world's been turning [pim]
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2019, 09:52:28 AM »
“Whether they realized it or not, Nguyen,” Pim rolled her eyes as she repeated what she had said to him. “Besides, depending on who you asked, I’m nice too. But we all know that I’m not,” she retorted with a huff. Nice people always had ulterior motives. She didn’t know when or where her issues against nice people started. Probably that time in Thai Town when the friendly ladies suddenly turned hostile when they realized that Pim was the daughter of the infamous homewrecker and slapped the ice-cream they had treated her from her hand. Or that time when her elementary school teacher sided with her bullies because in his own words, “they are usually nice and friendly girls. You must have done something to anger them so you have to apologise to them, Pimchan.”

If only she had the power to cause harm to him back then the way she did now.

But yes, if people were truly inherently nice without any ulterior motives, everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their reputation or differing point of view. At least, that was what she personally thought. Which was why it was good that she had a bad reputation (that maybe some of the new kids didn’t know about. Whoops!). She could be as mean as she wanted and it would always be the other person’s fault for insisting on talking to her despite her reputation. ‘You should have known better,’ would probably be inserted when comforting them.

Pim let the awkward silence settle between them just because. She didn’t reply to him immediately, just enjoying their shared warmth and his half-whine. He probably thought that he had crossed some sort of line with the family talk but honestly, she didn’t give a shit about it. She wouldn’t have brought it up if it was something private. She would answer him… but not now. Again, just because.

“Eh, not our hell to worry about,” she shrugged before snuggling into his side and hoping that he would whine again. She would move to somewhere colder as soon as she could do so legally. She preferred the numbing coldness and it provided a good excuse to cuddle as much as she wanted. While she could get away with dressing as skimpily as she wanted because of the heat back at home, she hated feeling sticky and how people usually didn’t want to cuddle after because it was hot. Pim was a naturally touchy-feely kinda person and she loved any physical contact she could get.

Sighing loudly before pushing herself off him, she stretched her legs and rested her hands on her knees, not realizing that the blanket was sliding off her shoulders a little. Not that it made much difference considering she had layered a sweatshirt underneath her thickest and warmest hoodie. “I didn’t even say she’s white. Contact lenses and hair dyes exists, you know?” She gave his shoulder a little shove before grabbing her bag close and rummaging through it for her pack of menthols. She hmm-ed in reply to his answer, looking forward to having the school all to herself... sort of. In the midst of searching for her lighter, a thought crossed her mind and she paused her search, slowly turning her head to look at him with an impish grin. “Unless there’s something that I should know, Adam? New girl in your life? New girl that you would love to drive around... both figuratively and literally?”

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Re: the world's been turning [pim]
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2019, 03:18:35 AM »
Adam cracked a smile at her— “Yeah, sure,” he said. “Who even thinks you’re nice?”

He definitely, definitely, definitely had fucked up, asking about her mother; the silence spun out unbearably and Adam promised himself to never ask or say anything familial ever again. Or anything, possibly just anything, ever again. Pim’s family life was so ridiculously different from his (from everyone he knew, really) and he never really felt like it was something he should mention. And— you know, it was family stuff and he barely even talked much about his own family stuff with his actual family.

Much less hers, which was more dramatic and far weirder to discuss. (He felt awful thinking of it like this but— even his own, normal family was too much to talk about, compared to what she had going on.) He clammed up for as long as he could stand, before he caved, broke the silence.

It wasn’t their hell to worry about, that was true enough, but it’d be somebody’s and Adam felt a little obligated to worry about it on somebody’s behalf. He scowled as she got closer still to him— “C’mon,” he said, then, “It’s cold,” again. “God, I can’t wait to be back in California.”

Pim shrugged him off before he could shrug her off, which he was both grateful for and annoyed by; he squinted through the dark, mumbled half-heartedly “Like my mom would spring for a girl with dyed hair” and squinted sideways at her as she fished out a pack of cigarettes— “Ugh, do you have to,” he said— they smelled less than the type his dad or uncles liked, but he wasn’t gonna not whine about it.

She was probably looking for a lighter; he got his out of his pocket and lit it, held it out for her as a silent offer, a little dazzled by the sudden bright light. “Kinda question even is that,” he said, and grinned quickly. “No, no girls. I get my license and probably all I do with it is drive my grandma places. Who do you think I talk to?”

(Nobody, was the answer— he still talked to the friends he’d had in like, elementary school— but they weren’t girls, and he wasn’t like, friends friends with them now he’d been relocated to Massachusetts nine months of the year.) Adam didn’t want to think about them; he shot a look sideways at her— “You learn to drive yet? Or—” he grinned— “Excited for Apparation lessons?” He was.
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