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Elisabeth Sturm [ Ombrelune ]
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don't say you're not my type [ludo]
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:57:54 AM »
That was it. She was going to have nothing more to do with @Séverin Desrosiers if he was going to go around cosying up to other girls while continuing… whatever it was they were supposed to be.

Well, nothing to do with him outside of Quidditch, anyway. Elsa wouldn’t step down and ruin, firstly: Ombrelune’s chances at winning the Quidditch Cup; and, secondly: her chances of going professional after school. If Madame Maxime had any sense she would give Elsa the captaincy next year – fancy family associations or not. She deserved it. She was a better player and everyone on the team knew it. Everyone but Séverin because his head was so far up his own ass.

And he was such a piece of shit! Elsa knew that they hadn’t talked about… well, anything about them – if there was a them. If there had been, there wasn’t anymore as far as she was concerned. He was just lucky that she’d been so caught off guard by it all that she’d turned in the other direction rather than walk right up to him and punch him right then and there in front of everyone – including Danielle. At least this way it all remained a secret – obviously just how he’d wanted it to be – because the last thing she wanted was for anyone to know he'd fooled her. But it made sense now: if nobody knew they were making out in private, he was free to make out with whoever he wanted to in public. How could she be so stupid? She had thought it was just because neither of them really knew what this was. Séverin had known exactly what he was doing.

With all the force of a small hurricane, Elsa stormed towards the Ombrelune Tower as fast as her feet could carry her without breaking out into a run. She turned sharply down the Hypnosis corridor and abruptly came face-to-face with— Ludo. Her usual response would be to shove past him, but instead she paused – some sort of kindred feeling with her fellow German holding her back, that or the shock of being snapped out of her internal tirade.

Her mouth hung slightly open as she stared at him wide-eyed and wild off of her discovery. His arms were fully laden with books, presumably on his way to the library. The echo of footsteps in the corridor behind her kicked Elisabeth into fight-or-flight mode. Elsa didn’t want Séverin to have the satisfaction of cuddling up to @Danielle Morel and think she would still be hanging around waiting for him when he was done with the Papillonlisse. She wanted him to know exactly how it felt.

Without warning she reached up, grabbed Ludo by the ears and pulled his head to hers, pressing her lips against his with perhaps more force than necessary; she was used to kissing Séverin – had only ever kissed Séverin. Harsh, fast – before anyone discovered them. She pulled back after a minute, opening her eyes slowly to gaze at Ludo. She let go of him, her hands hovering either side of his head in mid-air for a moment before she dropped them to her sides. Her attention was only drawn away by the source of the footsteps – she turned her head in time to see @Adèle Appel scurry past. Typical. Elsa swallowed and glanced back at Ludo, still breathing a little heavy.

@Ludwig Baumann
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Re: don't say you're not my type [ludo]
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2019, 05:01:46 AM »
There wasn’t enough time in the day. Studying, musketeering -- if there was enough time he tried to eat and sleep, too. Even before his sixth year he had spent most of his life at Beauxbatons in the library, but then this year -- OWLS year -- happened and he found himself there even more. He had to be a little grateful for his extra musketeer duties sometimes, if only because it allowed him a later curfew which translated directly into more library time. He was clearly taking his new responsibilities to heart.

He had come across words about a timeturner in a book he had read, had inquired with both the French and German ministries, been denied by both.

Ludo was pretty sure it was time for Ombrelune quidditch practice, which meant his dormitory would be more or less peaceful, unlike the library, which had basically turned into a disco with the amount of underclassmen hogging the tables. His arms were full of books -- the last time he had levitated his collection through the halls, he had run down a first year (by accident, of course) -- he knew he needed to read, study, memorize, and return so he could just check out more. He was going to stay on top of all his classes, pass all his tests, get the hell out of France and permanently to the German Ministry; that was The Plan.

Aaaand he forgot his planner. He could picture it, right where it sat, on the table in the corner of the library. All his carefully curated notes, sitting there, waiting to be stolen. At least they were in German and would be useless to most, except-- Elisabeth Sturm. Ludo had turned to backtrack and nearly run head on into the other German, the one who would benefit the most from any notes she could steal from him. He was about to say as much -- or ask her to move because she was just standing there in his way -- when she lunged at him.

Ludo couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t push her off of him. His mind went blank as he tried to comprehend what was happening. She had invaded his personal space -- no, it was worse: her mouth was touching his mouth. Why? WHY? He had been conscious, didn’t need resuscitating or any other sort of general assistance with breathing. He didn’t move, didn’t do anything more than stare blankly ahead -- at Elsa’s face an inch from his -- as he came to the conclusion that she was kissing him.

She pulled back before he had time to fully react, to push her away with all the additional forceful help of his armful of books. He blinked at her, his lips parted as he tried to form the appropriate words. He hadn’t enjoyed that, he didn’t think -- no, he knew he didn’t. This was how disease spread. Was she trying to get him sick? Distract him so she could pull ahead in the grades? He wasn’t oblivious that she was only a fraction of a point behind him in most classes.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.

He didn’t take his eyes off of her, some small fear that she’d lunge at him again as soon as he let his guard down. “I--” He paused after he managed to get out one word. “You--” Another. “Ten points.” He wiped his mouth on his shoulder, a difficult feat with so many books. “Twelve. Twelve points from Ombrelune.”

Elisabeth Sturm [ Ombrelune ]
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Re: don't say you're not my type [ludo]
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2019, 11:15:42 AM »
If she hadn’t been panting a little from her storming off and then from kissing him (kissing him!) Elsa might’ve held her breath in anticipation of Ludo’s reaction. Then again, she wasn’t exactly nervous in the way most girls kissing boys might be. Ludo wasn’t most boys – and he proved her point when he wiped his mouth on his jumper. She scowled, offended, before remembering how Ludo was about germs and personal space – she would attribute it to that rather than to it being her, specifically, that he was apparently disgusted by. She hoped.

Twelve points from Ombrelune.

If she wasn’t so mad, she might’ve laughed. Still sort of wanted to. “What?!” she all but cried at him, “Twel—” she inhaled sharply and pressed her lips together. Arguing with him wasn’t going to resolve anything, but she also really didn’t want anyone knowing exactly how she’d lost Ombrelune twelve points. Not that she was horrified at having kissed him (she was) but when Séverin found out Ludo had been so off-put by her doing so that he’d taken points from his own house, well – she couldn’t have that. Not to mention her wounded pride.

“Ludo,” she started, more calmly than she felt, reaching to take the top book from his stack (she didn’t want to actually help him or he might more easily fight her off again – was she going to do that again?). Her free hand rested gingerly on his upper arm, careful to touch his sleeve and not his skin. “You don’t need to take points for…” she held his gaze, trailing off. Elsa had never in her life flirted with anyone. Not even Séverin. With Séverin it was just… two unstoppable forces colliding without any planning. No preamble, just straight into it. Magnetism, if there was such a thing. Was this flirting? How did one flirt? How did anyone flirt with Ludwig Baumann? Did she want to flirt with him?

She really ought to do something about her impulses.

Elsa wet her top lip, then softly bit her bottom lip. She’d seen @Gabrielle Delacour do something like this once and she had been almost certain Louis was going to need to be taken to the hospital wing after being caught in the crosshairs. She wasn’t sure how effective it would be on someone with a brain, coming from someone without a genetic predisposition to being sexy, but she had to try. Even if she was simultaneously trying to figure out what her next move was going to be if Ludo did somehow retract his deduction. “Sorry,” she murmured, tucking her hair behind her ear and glancing down the corridor to check that Adèle hadn’t witnessed Ludo’s reaction. “I didn’t mean to catch you off guard,” she apologised, clearing her throat quietly. “Library?” she asked, half-turning as if to accompany him that way.

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Re: don't say you're not my type [ludo]
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“What?” Ludo repeated quickly; was she questioning him? After that? Instead of arguing (and depriving Ludo of taking more points), she said his name, stole his book, confirmed his suspicion that she was only trying to distract him from his studies. Surely there were better ways to go about beating him in class -- had she considered studying instead of attacking innocent people in the halls? -- though he wasn’t about to offer any helpful solutions to her problems.

He glanced to her hand on his arm before looking back at her, trying to reason with him. “I don’t need to take points for… what, specifically?” She had to know how absurd the whole thing was, how deducting points was clearly the only way to get her from trying it all again. He pictured it and shuddered.

And to top it all off, now she held his book hostage. Her other hand was still on his arm and he glanced at it again, hoping it wasn’t some sort of lead in to kissing him. Again. She already had one book; Ludo had no qualms about throwing the rest at her, too.

“You didn’t mean to catch me off guard?” Ludo raised an eyebrow as he considered this, replayed it again -- she had nearly knocked him over with her greeting, gross -- and decided there was no way that was possible. “What were you trying to do then?” Besides the obvious, of course. He didn’t like her like that. He didn’t like her at all, really.

Library? She had his book and he needed to retrieve his notes, so he nodded vaguely as he took a step in that direction. “Are you, er--” following me, going to kiss me again “--feeling alright?” That was one explanation, he supposed, though he was still convinced that she had very low ulterior motives.

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Re: don't say you're not my type [ludo]
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Elsa rolled her eyes before she could contain herself. “You do know what kissing is, don’t you Ludwig?” Perhaps sass wasn’t the best tactic right now, but it was easier to distract him with this than to lie about why she’d done it. She wasn’t above lying, but she didn’t particularly want to lose more points when he found out about it. Better to be able to blame it all on some miscommunication. The Ombrelune Co-Captain raised an eyebrow at the Ombrelune Mousquetaire as he shivered – what was his problem?

The blonde noticed the way Ludo kept looking at her hand on his arm, so she gave him a gentle squeeze (unsurprisingly, no biceps to report), before dropping her hand back to her side. “Yeah,” she glanced down, pretending to be interested in the cover of the book she’d relieved him of. She looked back up at him innocently, shrugging. “Do I need to spell it out?” she asked, trying to avoid saying anything incriminating and in doing so only digging herself a deeper hole. “I thought you were smarter than Séverin,” she said offhandedly, under her breath, as she flipped his textbook open and started flicking through the pages. That was usually one way to get him on side.

Ludo stepped towards the library and Elsa began walking with him, now more genuinely skimming through the book in her hands. Feeling alright? She closed the volume with a soft snap and looked at him with a puzzled expression; “Yeah, why? Do I look ill?” She touched the back of her palm to her forehead, going along with the act. Maybe this could be her out, once she was satisfied that Séverin had learnt his lesson.

They turned down a corridor and she began fanning herself with Ludo’s book, watching him out of the corner of her eye with her head facing forward. “Is it warm in here?”

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