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[Nov MP] behold the hordes of beauty [tsubaki]
« on: May 24, 2019, 10:47:39 PM »
A quite year at Durmstrang was an impossibility. Edyta had assumed that moving the entire school to Sweden would be eventful enough to last for her seventh year, but it seemed that fate had other ideas. Already there had been the draugr invasion at the port, something that had given Edyta nightmares after she had barely escaped with her life. As much as she loved the sea, she knew it would be a long time before she strolled along a stony shore by herself again. So when she read about the Reindeer Festival it seemed like the perfect excursion. Free transportation, the opportunity to practise speaking Swedish, no alcohol (she had grinned when she'd read that part), endorsed by the Swedish Minister for Magic (he seemed like a nice man, playing with the orphaned children and baby reindeer like that) and no documentation needed. And best of all, because it was only a couple of hundred kilometers from the school, there was a special excursion day planned where any students who wished would be allowed to attend!

But no sooner had she started planning for the festival than there was yet more drama! The first Edyta knew was when she came down for breakfast one morning and discovered chaos. Although she rose early, already there were many more Klyks present that she would have expected to see. For reasons nobody had been able to figure out, their common room and dorms had been flooded due to a cracked underwater window. The majority of the Klyks had taken refuge in the Grand Hall, others were in the hospital wing suffering from shock, secondary drowning and various other injuries. Their quarters effectively out of bounds, it had fallen upon the Krovs to welcome their rivals - if welcome was the right word - into their own common rooms and dormitories.

Instead of the normal two girls she shared with, Edyta was now sharing with five others; extra beds having been pushed into the room and their occupants assigned almost at random. It was sheer chance that she was still sharing with only upperclassmen; at least one of the sixth year dorms now also housed first year Klyks, though at least they were too intimidated to disturb the older students' studies. But it had meant that she had been able to get to know @Hanaoka Tsubaki , the Koldovstoretz transfer student she had first spoken with at the beginning of term, a little better.

In fact, they had decided to head out to see the reindeer together. Edyta had made the suggestion, describing the long history of the event and the rarity of the creatures, and had been delighted that the younger girl had agreed to go with her. Now the day had finally arrived. The festival had been running for a week already as Edyta donned her warmest clothes (including two pairs of thick socks) and picked up her thick winter cloak before pushing her trunk back under her bed and turning sideways in order to avoid knocking into the extra beds as she left her dorm. Once out in the common room, a little early, she settled herself in a comfortable chair, taking a book at random from the closest bookshelf as she waited for her friend.

Hanaoka Tsubaki [ Klyk Vampira ]
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Re: [Nov MP] behold the hordes of beauty [tsubaki]
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It was only her second month in school but Tsubaki felt like some of her peers had changed in the way they go about their daily lives and their mannerism. It was understandable for her housemates, especially those who were in the common room when the glass cracked and it flooded. At that time, she was still studying in the library, as usual. By the time she reached the entrance to the common room, she was blocked by a crowd of students displaying various emotions (and lack of) and professors trying to get the situation and students under control, creating a cacophony that hurts her ears and gave her a mild headache.

Tsubaki was too used to order and control. The only chaos she had experienced so far was the crowd during her school’s cultural festivals and Durmstrang’s beginning of term two months ago. Oh and Esmeray. She could never forget that experience. However, there was still a sense of calm in the midst of danger at the temple unlike now, so it was apt to say that she felt like a fish out of water. While Mahoutokoro’s Tsubaki would have tried to assist the professors and other students to earn brownie points, Durmstrang’s Tsubaki merely took a step back and returned to the safe confines and silence of the library to regain her bearings. Did she bring anything important? Most of the things that she deemed important were safely tucked in her school bag. Did her family sent her anything important? Well, she could just write a letter to them explaining the situation. “Ah, the potions and creams for my hair and face,” she groaned as she sunk in her seat, realizing that she was going to have a tough time forgoing her morning and nightly routine until her family sends a new batch of products to use.

And she was right.

It had been rough and she felt self-conscious about the state of her skin and hair (even though they were completely fine and looked the same as usual). It did not help that they were forced to share the same living and sleeping space with the Drakonya Krovs, not that Tsubaki had any problems with them since she still did not know most of them personally. It was just… well, it was rather… cramped and uh, uncomfortable. But thankfully, the girl she talked to during the beginning of term feast, @Edyta Ciesynska , made things more bearable. Prior to her current living arrangements, Tsubaki had not noticed the reindeer festival that was taking place soon. So she was surprised when Edyta brought it up and felt rather excited about going. She was used to seeing the deers in Nara but reindeers?! It would be a first for her! She vaguely recalled hearing from the bearista person in the muggle café she frequented to about reindeers pulling a guy that delivered presents to them. She found that story hard to believe but who knows, maybe it was true to a certain extent!

“Edyta-san, I am sorry. Did I make you wait long?” A flustered Tsubaki approached Edyta while fixing her hair that was tied into a half-ponytail. She still felt self-conscious from skipping her routines and wearing a dress in a style that she would usually never pick. But desperate times called for desperate measures and when possible, she did not want to wear her uniform outside a school setting. Which was why she went to Döttrar Vik as soon as she could to find replacement clothes for the time being. She could only afford to purchase two thick dresses, an inexpensive nightgown, and a few pairs of socks that would keep her warm and that was why the school’s deep red coat was draped over her free arm. “I am sorry but I am still a bit conscious about my appearance. The package from my family has not arrived yet.”


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