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{Nov MP}This Will Be Fun(Delaney)
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Re: {Nov MP}This Will Be Fun(Delaney)
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Donn Bane [ British Ministry ]
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Re: {Nov MP}This Will Be Fun(Delaney)
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When the witch patted his leg like one would a child, the young wizard was concerned that he seems to nervous. He tried to physically relax and he was about to say something dismissively about the car ride. Yet nothing came to his mind for he was distracted when her hand did not move but stayed on his knee. The light squeeze pushed his thoughts over the edge and he forgot his worries regarding the moving vehicle which suddenly did not seem much worse then riding on the back of someones broom.

When she mentioned the alcohol moratorium, he was eager to boast, "Yeah they were a little hard to get, but I thought you would like to mix some business in with the trip. I sourced them from local breweries near Stockholm. I figure you wanted to taste test a few while you were here so that you could compare it to your own brews. When I heard that none will be made available on the reservation I felt compelled to smuggle some in for you."

He placed his hand on top of hers and leaned in so only the two of them could hear, "I am not sure why, but I was warned to not give any the the reindeer. I assured them it was for professional taste testing only."

He quite enjoyed holding her hand, but he did not want to appear too forward so he slowly slipped his hand form hers with a bit of a caress. Releasing her to do what she wanted... He wouldn't mind she explore more but He reminded himself she was a pureblood and not one of the half bloods he typically chased for simple pleasure. Instead his mother taught him other pureblood were always to be treated with a bit more respect than other wizards in the wizarding world. Although, his mother passed before securing an arrange marriage for Donn, it had not bothered him. It kept his options open, and only being 21 years old, he felt like he had plenty of time. Time he desire to spend building up his fortune and reputation while he courted the prettiest pureblood witches, the wizarding world had to offer. In his opinion Delaney was one of them. Although he did adduse over the course of a previous month evening that the blonde witch, who sat next to him was just over a handful of years older than him. She was not to old, in his opinion to still had marriage potential. His own parents in fact had had a larger gap in age. Evenbetter, with her stature and youthful appearance she could certainly pass for younger then Donn.

Donn stomach was just getting used to the gentle swaying of the car as it winds its way through the forest. When the forest opened up, the landscape reminded Donn of his parents home in scotland. With Delaney's question, the driver answered that they were just about there. A Moment later Donn spotted brown specks dotting a hill. He pointed it to his date as the car turned on to a dirt road. Muggle vehicle and multiple magical transportation devices littered the side of the road supposedly belonging to the small throng of scattered wizards mingling with the herd just viewable over the rize. Picnic tables and outhouses were near along with a few vender catering to the crowd.

The wizard driver pulled over the car, jumped out quickly and walked around to let out Delaney first, like he should. Donn readyed and then slip him a tip as he got out his own side. Initially he thought they would eat before they would have visited the reindeer but now he felt the excitement of seeing the magical beast and knew it was nearly impossible.

So he said,"We could put the basket on the table and eat it after we checked out the reindeer." Donn offered just before he realized he forgotten carrots and reindeer feed. He glanced around a little frantically and saw a blond local witch with a basket of greens carrot tops protruding from it. "Let me go pick up some carrots."
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