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Simon Cresswell [ Gryffindor ]
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your heart on the line [aldous]
« on: June 01, 2019, 10:35:40 AM »
He didn’t know if their mum was putting him up to it or what, but @Aldous Cresswell was extremely receptive to anything Simon suggested they do— hanging out at the greenhouses, or going down by the lake, or, today, sitting out on the grounds bundled up in their scarves and gloves. (Actually Simon wasn’t that cold, but their mum had sent them winter things in the post and so he felt like he had to wear them at least once, right?)

Simon wouldn’t have thought it weird, really, that they were still close. Of course they were, they’d been best friends for how long? But it made him feel a little inexplicably sad that Aldous seemed so much more capable of dropping everything to hang out with him.

It was all November-y now, and the grass was dry and cold. Simon used the toe of one trainer to dig at some, then scuffed his foot over it as though that would undo the damage. He’d gotten out here early rather than meet Aldous in the Great Hall or wherever, and he was regretting it. Like every other time he’d suggested that they do something together, like a brother thing, he didn’t actually know what he’d thought they would talk about. His classes were sort of boring, and Aldous had taken them all two years ago anyway. (Hadn’t he? Aldy’s first year had been the year of the dome— had they stopped classes for that?)

He wished he’d just waited for Aldous in the Great Hall, out of the wind.

At that thought he turned around, almost tripping over his own feet with haste, to look back at the castle, and spotted finally his brother making his way over. “Aldous!” he said, and waved with one hand.

Since it’d been what he was thinking about, as soon as his brother was close enough that he wouldn’t need to raise his voice, Simon asked, “Did you do all this beetle-button stuff in your first year too? Or did they stop classes?”

Simon was smaller than Aldous, but not significantly; he barely even had to lift his chin to look at him. “Are you excited for the Quidditch game?”
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Aldous Cresswell [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: your heart on the line [aldous]
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2019, 08:23:29 AM »
Simon was already sitting outside in the cold when Aldous made his way outside that morning, the bobble on his hat swaying in the chill breeze. “What made you want to hang out here?” he called, smiling when he saw Simon turn. “Did you want to be too loud for the library?” But Simon spoke quietly to him, asking him a question.

He blinked in surprise. Merlin, Aldous hated the way his heart still caught in his throat at the thought of the dome. “Yeah, we had classes,” he said, trying to sound nonchalant anyway as he sat next to Simon on the ground. “They wanted to pretend things were normal, I think. At least at the beginning of the year they did.” He paused. Talking about his first year felt like it should be reserved for sometime more serious—or at least somewhere no one would see him, if he started having trouble with it. He scrunched his nose to push his glasses further up and changed the subject. “Could you make your button?” he asked. Aldous had never been great at wand magic, and even less so as a scared first year unable to write home. It had taken him weeks to make his beetle do anything more than start walking the other direction. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping Simon would say. Torn, as always, between wanting the best for him and not wanting him to be better.

Simon continued making small talk. “I guess so,” said Aldous, looking over toward where the Quidditch stands towered above the grounds. “Some of my friends are on the team this year.” He had never been much for Quidditch; he found the action difficult to follow—but he was sort of looking forward to seeing if Aase and Jari did well. It was easier if he only had to focus on one or two players.

“Gryffindor’s still better, probably,” he added, with a small grin at Simon. Aldous didn’t know if there had ever been a time when Gryffindor wasn’t better at Quidditch. If Simon wasn’t going to be in his house, he figured at least he could have some sports to get excited over.

Not being in his house didn’t seem to be that significant a struggle for Simon, though, which sat oddly with Aldous. He wouldn’t say not well, of course: he didn’t want his brother to be unhappy at school. But it also didn’t sit well with him, because they were brothers. They were too far away now. Your house will be like your family, he remembered being told before his sorting, and now he and Simon were no longer in the same one. At least when he’d been at home, he’d still...belonged to Aldous.

(He cringed as he thought it so bluntly.)

“What’s it like in Gryffindor?” he asked, quietly, eyes focused intently on a leaf in the grass. “What’s the common room look like?”

It was a stupid question. Simon was just going to tell him it was red—or, Aldous assumed it was. Ravenclaw’s had been blue, and Hufflepuff’s of course was yellow. He’d never asked a Slytherin. But he wished he could go there and see it, whether there were portraits on the walls or big windows or what sort of chairs they had. He wanted to know how to imagine Simon now when they weren’t together, now that he had a new place to be.

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Simon Cresswell [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: your heart on the line [aldous]
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It’d been a bad question, apparently— Simon hated the way Aldous’s face fell, even though he scrunched it up quickly as though to hide that he was upset thinking about his own first year. “Sorta,” he said, to the question. “It took a while to get the hang of it.” This was an understatement— he’d learned immediately that he was not destined for a life doing Transfiguration. He tried to offset the admission of academic unbrilliance with “But I’m doing okay in Charms!”

He scritched at his ear under his hat, and added “Mostly ‘cause Flitwick spent so much time on Wingardium Leviosa, like we’re six or something.”

Did Simon want to be too loud for the library, right now? Not that much, but he didn’t want to have to worry about Madam Pince. She sort of scared him. And anyway, Simon could be loud any other time— and sometimes it was easier, with Aldous, not to be. For whatever reason, then, for the moment, he wasn’t feeling up to dramatics the way he normally would be. He wondered if having friends in Gryffindor was mellowing him out— or, more likely, redirecting his energy into places where it was appreciated (Gryffindor) instead of where it was not (the library.)

He grinned— somehow it was reassuring to remember that Aldous did, indeed, have friends. “I don’t know anybody on the Gryffindor team,” he said unnecessarily, “But I hope your friends have a good time.” He did remember, now he thought about it, that a few of the Gryffindor upperclassmen had been talking about how young Hufflepuff’s team was this year.

Gryffindor’s still better, said Aldous; Simon gave a happy snort and said, “No duh, ‘course it is.”

At that, he glanced sideways at his brother to make sure he hadn’t hurt his feelings or anything— Aldous had been smiling, just a moment ago, but he seemed less smiley now, looking down at the ground instead of at Simon. Naturally, Simon toyed with the idea of breaking their silence, which was what he’d normally have done, but instead he tried to pull up some drying grass with one clunky, gloved hand. Things were weird, now— he hated it, he missed the days when there wasn’t anything serious to talk about, when they’d only upset each other on purpose.

“It’s cool,” he said, not sure what else there was to say about Gryffindor that Aldous wouldn’t already know. He didn’t really know what any of the other common rooms looked like— he tilted his head and said, “I dunno. It’s painted red and there’s lots of cushy furniture. Is Hufflepuff's just, the same but yellow?”
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sure, i have my bad days, but then i remember what a cute smile i have

Aldous Cresswell [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: your heart on the line [aldous]
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2019, 06:02:52 AM »
 No duh, ‘course it is. What a Gryffindor thing to say. Aldous laughed quietly. He really should have known.

Or should he have? Simon had always been bolder, but he’d changed a lot in early adolescence, in ways Aldous didn’t think he had himself. Those last couple of years he’d been mostly absent for. This Simon wouldn’t have been as new as it felt for him now, if he’d been there to see it happen gradually. But with their increased distance after he’d gone away to Hogwarts for the first time, he had a right to be surprised.

Now, could he say he didn’t like Gryffindor Simon? Of course he couldn’t! But...

Desperately, internally, Aldous scrambled for something for him to dislike here that wasn’t his brother who’d done nothing wrong. There was no denying the unsettled feeling in his gut. He just... He didn’t like that things were different. No one’s fault. It was just the way that change didn’t sit well with him, almost ever.

It crossed his mind before he’d fully even processed the previous thought: Dad wouldn’t have liked that very much.

Simon had stopped looking at him, which Aldous felt deeply thankful for. He couldn’t let his brother know he’d been thinking of their father. Instead he tried to get back into the conversation at hand. “I guess so,” said Aldous. “We’re not in a tower, though. It feels cozier downstairs  than in Ravenclaw.” He’d liked Ravenclaw Tower when he lived there, but at that time he’d been just starting out and had always sort of fancied himself a Ravenclaw—the way their dad had been. Now he’d let himself feel more at home in Hufflepuff.

Another thought occurred to him as he pondered the houses. “Oh, yeah, I was wondering where you think we should do Hanukkah,” said Aldous. “Y’know—as we’re not in the same house.” Dormitory would have been ideal, but impossible. “I don’t know many good places we’re allowed to be after dinner,” he said. “Don’t reckon Madam Pince would be keen on us lighting candles in the library.” And a little selfishly, Aldous hoped it would be someplace private. He knew a lot of wizards weren’t familiar with Jewish stuff, and frankly he wasn’t sure what he thought of it himself. The thought of having to answer questions struck fear into him—or worse, the thought of having to defend himself.

“You done any more exploring than I did?” he asked Simon with an awkward attempt at a grin.

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Simon Cresswell [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: your heart on the line [aldous]
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“Oh, cosier,” said Simon; he couldn’t say that the Gryffindor common room wasn’t cosy, so he shrugged— Ravenclaw’s dorms and tower must have been a lot airier than Gryffindor’s, which he thought went well enough with what he thought of some of the Ravenclaws he knew. Of course, their dad had been Ravenclaw, and hadn’t been airy or austere the way Simon was now imagining the Ravenclaw tower— not as Simon remembered him, at least.

“I think Gryffindor’s sort of cosy,” he said; he had no intention to let his brother know he’d been thinking about their dad. “It gets pretty warm, now— some of the older ones won’t ever put out the fire.”

He was grateful when Aldous changed the subject, although it was a change that gave him an uncomfortable guilty feeling, like he should have been thinking about Hanukkah too (which he hadn’t been.) “Oh,” he said. A part of him had been suspicious for months now that Aldous was disappointed to be in different houses; this was another point toward that theory. Not mad, of course. Aldous wasn’t mad at him— he thought— but the idea that he’d disappointed his brother still sat uneasily with him. Guilt, again, but mixed with the slight satisfaction of having surprised him a little. And then more guilt. Simon missed the days they’d been closer than anything, but he doubted that even being in the same house could have brought them back that way. They weren’t little kids anymore, were they? Not after everything that’d happened. Simon couldn’t help that.

“Not the library,” he said with certainty, scuffing one hand over all the grass he'd uprooted as though that would unkill it. “It’s so dusty anyway.”

But he couldn’t think of anywhere else; Aldous asked, a little teasingly, if he’d been exploring, and Simon felt a twinge of shame to say, “I mean, nowhere useful. There’s lots of empty classrooms, but I don’t really want to use an empty classroom.” He wanted it to feel homey, he decided.

“I guess the dorms are out of the question?” he said, a little sheepishly— he didn’t think he would mind it so much, but Aldous wasn’t so much of a rebel. “Maybe they’d understand. Or… I dunno. Maybe we should ask an upperclassman.” Empty classrooms might be their best option; he only hoped that Aldous wouldn’t insist on ruling it out, now that Simon had said he didn’t want one.
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sure, i have my bad days, but then i remember what a cute smile i have


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