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Walter Hackl [ Inactive Character ]
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burning up and out [prof. fisker]
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There were a lot of factors he’d considered before he showed up. Most importantly, that the school was going, undeniably, to pieces. Never mind that Durmstrang was always dangerous— they kept dragons on the grounds and taught Dark Magic, didn’t they?— but these last few months had been, put succinctly, the worst. Even if you set aside Sweden— which Walter didn’t— they’d already had whatever freaky thing had been out by the docks last month, and now the school had imploded.

(He’d have been fine with the school imploding if it hadn’t hurt anybody, but some upperclassman had lost his eye?? Walter didn’t want to wait around for Drakonya Krov to cave in or something.)

The other factors were, in no particular order, that he hated Sweden, he felt like he was going to fail all his classes, he hated the Swedish siren village, he didn’t like having Klyk Vampiras in his dorm, and he hated Swedish weather. And that learning a language in a year would be difficult even for semi-competent students, let alone him, but he should have had less issue with the language than, say, the Mahoutokoro transfers or the Russians, and didn’t want to be told so again— he’d heard it just about every time he complained.

Dropping out was a hypothetical he’d turned round his head often— about every day since his first day at Durmstrang. Generally he could talk himself out of it because homeschool would be just as miserable and no way was he learning French and he’d checked and Koldovstoretz didn’t take Durmstrang transfers. But, now, well, at least he knew that his house wasn’t going to flood and put his eye out.

It was one thing, though, to hypothetically decide that you wanted to get the hell out of your school; it was another thing to ask about it. He’d made it to the right hallway— that was step one— but hadn’t yet gotten the courage to go within eyeshot of Fisker, and was just lurking at the end with his hands shoved deep in his pockets. He wished, with miserable suddenness, that he’d talked to Ava or somebody and gotten some encouragement, but he dismissed the thought; Ava wouldn’t want him to drop out, and he didn’t want to be told this was a stupid idea.

Not yet, anyway. That was what Fisker was there for. The thought was almost enough to convince him to just turn around and go back to his dorm— and what if this got back to Yeshevsky?— but Walter, before he lost what nerve he had, set his shoulders and beelined across the hall. Step two: go in.

And step three: “Hi. Can I talk to you about something?” Arguably the most excruciating step; now he’d gotten things in motion Walter sort of wanted to run away, which annoyed him (why was he such a little worm??) and which Fisker would probably not think too highly of. He balled his fists in his pockets and willed himself to meet Fisker’s eyes, just so he looked like he had any spine at all— “It’s kind of academic,” he added, in case that helped.

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Erik Fisker [ Professor ]
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Re: burning up and out [prof. fisker]
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Erik hadn’t been quite himself the past few months. There were spots in his memory that he couldn’t quite piece together, and if he was honest he had absolutely no recollection of how he had managed to make his way back to Durmstrang—especially since it had moved since he had last been there. He didn’t know much about Sweden, having only been there a few times in his adult life, and he was struggling as much as the students to learn the new language in just a year. He wasn’t really a fan of it. He didn’t mind the move per say, but he didn’t like the haste in which they were making the students learn this new language. On top of their regular studies, they were all meant to obtain fluency in just a year? Not to mention, Nils gave him a creepy vibe, and so did the giant golden statue of him on the grounds. Was this a school or the Church of Nils?
Even so, he tried to be calm and easygoing, as was his nature. He didn’t like fighting or being angry. He preferred to take life as it came, which meant handling obstacles gracefully. He was studying very basic Swedish in his office when he heard the student at the door. He looked up at him with a smile. Walter Hackl. He knew of him and enjoyed Walter as a student. He had gotten to know a lot more students this year than he had before. Before he really only knew the students who were involved in Nautica club, and vaguely those from his classes (but especially the ones who visited for tea). Now, as Head of House, it was his job to know them all by name and feel connected to them all. This was difficult, but he was managing.
“Hello Mister Hackl.” Erik greeted, “Come on in, sit, sit.” He stood to motion to the chair, and put his remedial Swedish book out of sight. “What can I help you with? Academic or no.” He was trying to be comforting. There were so few comforting teachers at Durmstrang. A lot of them were cold and some were unfair, and Erik tried not to be like that. He wanted to be as fair and impartial as he could be. He wanted to be laid back and approachable to students with issues. After all, he had his own issues in the past and was still atoning for some of the worst of it.
“Would you like something to drink? Hot tea?” Erik liked tea. It warmed him from the inside, though it wasn’t as common there as it was in his father’s home country.

Walter Hackl [ Inactive Character ]
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Re: burning up and out [prof. fisker]
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He was ushered in kindly, which— though Walter liked Fisker well enough, and had specifically come to talk to Fisker because he was a nice teacher— set him on edge; when he sat, as directed, he was stiff, too close to the edge of the seat to be comfortable. Fisker shoved a book out of eyeshot; Walter followed it warily with his eyes before the professor spoke again, and Walter glanced back up at him.

It was easier, when Fisker was being friendly to him, to relax— Walter gave silent thanks that Fisker was his head of house and that he wasn’t in Klyk Vampira, then scooted backward in the chair, settled uneasily, fiddled with the armrests. If he looked too long at his own hands they took on an unreal quality, like they weren’t a part of him— he dropped them quickly to the seat of the chair, to get them out of his mind, and glanced back up at the professor. It would be fine, if he just acted for ten minutes like he wasn’t dead scared. Or maybe not— but Fisker’d never seemed like the sort who’d want his students to be afraid of him.

The plan, when he’d been walking to the office, had been to start with his reasoning, to make his excuses first— safety concerns, then academic concerns, then whining, then pleading his case. Walter, generally, could only get his point across if whining and pleading came last: neither of his parents liked to hear much of that, and most of his teachers were the same way. But Walter wasn’t good with sticking to his plans— if he were, he wouldn’t be doing this poorly in his classes— so he switched the order a bit. A lot.

Well, first he was being offered tea— “Okay,” he said, and regretted it immediately, as soon as he realised that now Fisker was stuck having to make him tea. Then, finally, when he’d run out of patience: “I want to drop out,” he said. Then, hastily, “Out of school. Not your class. Your class is fine.”

He’d had the guts to say it, but he didn’t have the guts right now to face the response like a man; he looked off to one side of the office, stared with intensity at the neat lines in the corner, where the ceiling met the wall met the wall. At least he’d come into this prepared— he added, still focusing on the ceiling, “I looked at transfer options, but…”
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