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Nikola Meer [ Dark Wizard ]
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Re: for the magazine [Nikola]
« Reply #15 on: August 11, 2019, 03:45:46 PM »
Nikola let out a shrug. “I honestly have no idea what they do with them. But there's this disgusting stigma about wearing the same robe more than a few times, or in a row...” she rolled her eyes at the idea. “Or wearing anything that's out of fashion. Which is why I make a point to not follow trends. I prefer pieces that can be used regardless.” she was glad that they were nearly done. The effort of speaking in English was getting quite tiresome. But when Lesleigh commented about where Nikola was going next, she couldn’t help but smile. “You may not have picture of this. Because it is a bit of a surprise, but I will show you a single pannel from skirt for a dance at the art festival. And you will see how feathers are not only for tacky boas.” she stood, walking into the studio as the woman was ready to follow as well.

Off to the side was a series of black bags on hooks, and nikola found her way to one of them, labeled Helyna, and opened it only enough to pull out a brilliant red hem that faded to a deep burgundy at the fringes and into a darker orange towards the top of the piece that could be seen. The feathers woven into the fabric itself made the skirt look as though it was made of a flame, or a moving sunset, the effect Nikola had been going for with it. “This is my favorite. But also for raised embroidery.” she flicked her wand, summoning to her a piece of sheer blue fabric, obviously most of the way through being transformed into a bodice, though this looked more like a sheer layer that would go over top of it. The feathers had been split down the middle, twisted back on themselves and woven into delicate flowers.

“This he can Photograph.” she added. It was only when she heard her front door slam, and winced, that she tucked the flaming fabric away and sealed the bag. Perhaps she would just let the rest of her collection be a surprise. “And that skirt i showed you, the bodice also includes leather. So do not worry.” she smiled at the idea that lesleigh was worried she might abandon it. Out of the various materials she worked with leather was probably her favorite. The wall beside them was filled with shoes, also designed with the same materials she worked into her clothes. They were all unique and varied, but there were several identical ones, often in different colors. Nikola gravitated over twards these, smiling. She had mentioned making accessories to the English witch, but not shoes. “This started when i was bored… and drunk i think, but i would prefer you not mention that, yes? Making shoes is good for venting anger. Lots of hammering.”
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Lesleigh Ollivander [ Hogwarts Adult ]
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Re: for the magazine [Nikola]
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Lesleigh blooming excitement threatened to burst through her meagerly capped composure. "A surprise? You're doing a costume for a dance at the show?"  He eyes fell on the frabid and her mouth gaped open. It took her a second as she touched the fabric and moved it this way and that taking in the color change and shine. It almost looked like it was woven out of flames.

"Oh, Nikola it is amazing!" Screw composure and all professionalism this is fashion. Who can't get excited with fashion? "It is gorgeous. I don't think a photo would ever do it Justice. You are going to make a whole dress out of this and have someone dance in it? It would radiant. I am going to see about going. Let me know which performance this will be in, I would love to see it."

Lesleigh was then greeted with another piece, one that looked like cool flowers drifting in a dark pool of water. It was in stark comparison to the woved flame but both were made out of feathers, although each was a masterpiece and likely took the German witch hours of work even with the help of magic. It was then Lesleigh sadly realized that she lacked the skill to do anything like this. With all her love of fashion she still gravely doubted she would ever be as good or have such patience. Let alone her hands would never allow her to toil so long. She tried to pull her thoughts away from her own depressed detour and was given time by the distraction of Roberto's noisy return.

"Nikola, I would love for Roberto to photograph this blue piece... and oh the photos of you as a child." She said as she quickly handed back the red fabric to Nikola with a wink. She whispered to Nikola "Let me know when the performance will be. And I take back everything I said about feathers and boas."

While the blonde walked over to the shoes, she called over her shoulder to her work associate a little teasingly, "Oh welcome back Robert. DID you enjoy your break?"

"Yeah, The muggle town was a bit dead though, but I can't complain about the beer."  He glanced around the room as if he expected the witches were conspiring something while he was gone. Seeing nothing amidst Roberto added, "You two got along ok?"

Lesleigh rolled her eyes, before ignoring him and returning to her conversation with the German witch. "SO you make and design your own shoes? DO you design them often for partial out fits or are they just... OH my gosh. Look at this one!"

"Les, yah got anything else for me to photograph?" Roberto said as he fiddled with his camera, before taking pictures of Les holding up an ornately decorated high heel shoe in a mauve color. Then adjusted as setting a took another photograph of the pair in front of the shoe shelf. The british witch just waved him to the photobook and the top she left behind on the couch. 

"Tell me you can make me one." She asked the Fashion Designer with pleading eyes.

With Roberto statement, "Les, we are not here to shop." Lesleigh show his the dirtiest look she could muster, although he  his face was not back behind the camera, with a new lense,  taking a few photos close-ups of the photo album.

"I'll owl you later about them? Okay? Please." Lesleigh said hoping her words wouldn't cary to the photographer, as she grudgingly put the shoe back into its cubby space. Now more loudly, she proclaimed. "Shall we get a manikin dressed up with a full set of something gorgeous? Maybe that blue top and a skirt or dress, a few shiny accessories...We can take a picture of you standing next to it. It could be the main photo, maybe even the centerfold." Les ignored the look Roberto was shooting her.
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Nikola Meer [ Dark Wizard ]
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Re: for the magazine [Nikola]
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“Oh yes… someone will be dancing in it, certainly...” there was a sly little grin on her face as she put the fire tinged dress away. She hadn’t even let Lesleigh see the whole thing. It was better that way. Give the girl incentive to come to her show. After all, perhaps she could even write a follow up article. But that was Nikola getting ahead of herself. And chances were, someone else from the magazine would do it. Although Nikola was still quite firm in her earlier decision to write the editor she’d been in contact with and sing the girl’s praises. After all, she hadn’t intended to show Lesleigh even a little of the dress for the performance, but here she was, stuffing it back into the bag before the photographer returned. Him she intended to not be so kind to in her follow up with Annalisa…

She continued her conversation with Lesleigh while the photographer got up to speed and caught up on a few photographs. He returned to them of course while she and Lesligh were gushing over the shoes. The writer wasn’t the only one who gave the photographer a dirty look. “Actually, I make many shoes, because I can never decide on color. My favorites are in my room, but these are the ones i did not like for me. I can spell a pair to fit. Pick one.” she smiled rather sweetly at lesleigh, if only to annoy Roberto. She gestured to the mauve shoe that Lesleigh had been holding earlier, the leather cut to look a bit like lace, with a heel in a deep bronze, but looking more like a garden trellis. It looked like it might crush to walk on it, but having worn a similar pair to her godmother’s garden party last summer, Nikola knew exactly how sturdy they were.  “This one, not with current outfit, but goes well with your skin.” she added.

But lesleigh was right. They had a few candid shots, and a few staged pieces with Nikola and in progress work, but nothing with any of her completely pieces. “Perhaps something for the upcoming show would be best?” she suggested, rather then the blue top she was making for another client. Les had guessed wrong of course. The lace accented blue top had been intended for a man. But she didn’t need to elaborate on that, and she was certain he would be happy not to see his shirt on a female mannequin.

Heading over to the garment bags where she was keeping her show pieces, Nikola studied the tags carefully. “Yes, perhaps this one will be best.” half of her collection was every day wear, for different careers, and the other half those same people and careers in more formal attire. Save for the last look of course, wich was an homage to her alma mater. But she wasn’t going to pull out her own Klyk Vampira inspired gown. The look she’d pulled out was labeled for a more artistic and less restrictive office setting. It was inspired more by her own usual atire, but with a more armor like bodice, accented with metal studding along the leather of the vest, but not enough that it would catch the flowy sleeves gathered at the wrists, in a deep plum color. She’d paired it with a pencil skirt, and boots that were her show stopper, reflecting the metals of the wide, almost corset-like top, but color peering out through the laces. She flicked her wand with a few murmured words, allowing the clothes to dress themselves onto the mannequin.
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