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Author Topic:  I'm a rebel because nobody cares [Lip]  (Read 168 times)

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Circe Sutcliffe [ Slytherin ]
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I'm a rebel because nobody cares [Lip]
« on: June 07, 2019, 11:41:41 PM »
Detention. Circe Sutcliffe had not received a single detention since her first year. Those had been plenty enough to scare her out of getting up to too much mischief. Of course, this one wouldn't be as bad as all that. She was only supposed to be polishing the candelabras throughout the castle rather than be subjected to torture. Still, she felt anxious. And she still felt as though this particular detention had been completely undeserved on her part as well as her supposed partner in crime. Phillip Donnelly had been making a valid point in class when correcting a professor, though Circe had supposed that he could have probably been a little less condescending in his approach. That did not take away from the fact that he had been correct, however. She had come to his defense, as his loyal class partner for the day's project.

It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she had fancied him since third year. He probably didn't even really realize that she existed, to be honest. They never really spoke. She was usually quiet in class, and when she wasn't in class she was usually with Jam, Janae, and the rest of their core group. He had a girlfriend, now, besides. It would be in poor taste. She wasn't Jamison for goodness sake.

Standing on a small, wooden step-stool, Circe used a small rag and some chemicals that had been provided to them to begin her work. They were supposed to get as much accomplished as they could within the time given. Part of her wanted to slack off, but the bigger part of her was keen on just doing what they were told. Still, she wished that she could think of something clever to say. The Slytherin girl was not known to be a social butterfly, but it felt awkward to just work in silence.

"So... other than this unfortunate circumstance, how has your year been going so far?" Merlin kill me. She couldn't bring herself to make eye contact with the boy, and diligently continued to work on the candelabra in front of her.  "I see you made Prefect. Congratulations." Why am I like this?

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Phillip Donnelly [ Ravenclaw ]
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Re: I'm a rebel because nobody cares [Lip]
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Despite the fact that Circe had always been polite to him, not even a little bit 'Slytherinny' and he had kind of, sort of, gotten her into this mess Phillip couldn't stop himself from giving her a completely un-amused look when she asked how his year had been. It was awful. Like every year had been. And even more than he hated when people asked how he was the Ravenclaw hated small talk. He was perfectly content polishing the bronze statue next to the lantern she was working on in silence. He'd be fine if they didn't talk for the next two hours honestly, but clearly she preferred small talk. He took a deep breath and tried to remind himself that he'd gotten her into this. That he was the reason she was stuck in detention. That she was actually kind of impressive and pretty freaking cool in class for speaking out. She wasn't like every other mouth breathing student in the lesson, she wasn't just blindly accepting the nonsense the ministry had told the professor to teach them. At that kind of made all the difference in the world.

"Yeah I worked really hard for this." He said about being a Prefect, sarcastically, because even though he tried not to be a jerk to her he just wasn't very good at conversation. Some where along the awful way he'd forgotten how to be social, how to be acceptable, how to be friendly even. He'd spent so long fighting and running and losing he'd forgotten how to have a simple conversation while doing a meaningless task in detention. "Pretty sure they gave it to me as a punishment." He finally offered, trying to not just shut down any kind of conversation she started. "That or they just got tired of taking away points when I was out of bed past curfew..." Honestly he wasn't sure but he definitely knew he hadn't earned it.

Scrubbing away at the metal that never seemed to get totally clean he did something unlike him. He pondered out loud, a tiny part of him actually hoping maybe she'd comment. "Either Hogwarts is falling apart more than usual or Filch is making these dirty for detentions because I literally polished all of this last week." He scrubbed a bit harder at another black spot on the figurine in the trophy case before abruptly speaking once more, avoiding eye contact this time. "Sorry I got you into this."
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Circe Sutcliffe [ Slytherin ]
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Re: I'm a rebel because nobody cares [Lip]
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Circe couldn't help but note the expression on Phillip's face and die a little on the inside. Why couldn't she just be like everyone else? She tried not to look too bothered by how annoyed he seemed, and refocused her attention on the task at hand as he spoke. She had thought that it was a little peculiar that he had been chosen as Prefect, though she was too polite to voice that out loud. Maybe he was just as bothered about being in detention as she was? She couldn't really hold that against him. Though he was probably rather more accustomed to such punishment than she was, to be fair.

"Perhaps. Or, perhaps they see something in you that you don't." She offered, still not looking at him and instead looking very focused on a spot that she just couldn't seem to get on the candelabra. Had Peeves been about? Of all of the ghosts that could have disappeared, she wondered why it couldn't have just been him. Actually, no. That wasn't very nice. Truthfully, she didn't want any of them disappearing. Though if it did have to be someone...

"Actually, I'd just been wondering if he let Peeves dirty things up in here to give us something to do. Honestly, I wouldn't put either past that old grouch." With that, the blonde Slytherin peered around to make sure that the Hogwarts caretaker hadn't heard her. She'd always been afraid of him, ever since she'd been a little first year. He was rather creepy, after all. Always skulking about. Setting his cat out to spy on people. She normally loved cats, but for that particular feline she made a clear exception.

Upon hearing her "partner-in-crime's" apology, Circe finally looked over in his direction and offered a small, but sincere smile. "It's alright. Could be worse, honestly."


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