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Lorin Odell [ British Ministry ]
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I got cat class and I got cat style [Circe]
« on: June 09, 2019, 12:26:40 PM »
It had been an interesting few months that was certain. Lorin had been flourishing in her new job, but struggling under crippling loneliness. She had an interview soon for a department transfer into the department of International Magical Cooperation, and was nervous. She was hoping to get a job as an official in her own right, and not simply a secretary. While she had done brilliantly all but heading the Department of Mysteries, she was better than being a glorified coffee-maker and paper-filer. She wanted the glory that came with the work. She wanted the title. She wanted more of it than she was getting where she was, but she worried. She had just began to reconnect with Donnie there. She was still angry with him, still bitter, but he was so kind and gentle that she couldn’t help softening to him just the smallest bit. He always seemed happy to see her, and she could tell he struggled without her to help him keep it together. Truth be told, she missed him, but it was time to move on from that. Her girlish crush on the older man would get her nowhere.

Besides, it wasn’t as if she was totally alone. She had attended the quidditch gala for one of her bosses and had met someone there that, despite a clear language barrier, seemed to adore her. She liked the attention, more than anything. He was well built, muscular and toned. He was a large man, a beater, and he was gorgeous. He was wealthy enough to spend lavishly on her, buying her as many drinks as she could manage without making a fool of herself, buying her little trinkets and nice dinners. He was very sweet, really. His English was very broken, and her French wasn’t as good as it used to be, but they managed to communicate in other ways. He would hold tightly onto her in the streets and even tighter to her behind closed doors. They weren’t serious or even exclusive, but she saw him enough to not be as lonely. It helped, though she knew it wouldn’t last. It was only so long a girl could indulge a fling. She’d learned that lesson over the summer with a different man, a friend of her cousin named Jamison Tate. She had enjoyed Jamison’s presence, his attention, and his touch. She required constant validation, and he gave it to her… but he did not really spark a fire in her heart. Not like Seth. Not even like Donnie. Of course, her new quasi-beau didn’t quite spark anything for her either, but they were still enjoying each other for now, and she figured she would hold onto it as long as she possibly could.

She had reached out to Jamison a bit when she decided it was time to finally take the plunge and go back to Hogsmeade to find a familiar of her own. Lorin had never owned a cat before, but she had always wanted one. Her parents were very giving but didn’t think Lorin to be responsible enough to take care of herself, let alone another living creature—especially after her Christmas debacle in her fifth year. She had proven them wrong, though, and she was living on her own now. She could do whatever she pleased. She ahd let go of one of her part-time jobs, with Professor Sylvester Walker, as she struggled to find time for herself amid the two jobs she worked. She made enough money at the Ministry to afford her place and some of the nicer things she had gotten used to—such as expensive wine—but even though there was no hard feelings about the split, she felt bad letting it go. Walker had been a very generous boss, paying her handsomely and proving a clothing budget that left her always dressed her best. She would miss the perks, but not the work. She needed some time to herself, and a little extra if she meant to keep a cat.

Though Lorin really wasn’t sure what she would do with the free time, as she had little social life to speak of, she hoped that, perhaps, if time was available she could… do something. Perhaps work on her animagus ability or practice her languages. Maybe she could use her connections with her new beau to meet other rich and famous people. Her family was influential within the Ministry, which got her some notoriety, but they had always been middle class in the end. She wasn’t of the same breed as Genevieve Grosvenor, a girl which Lorin tried desperately to maintain a schoolgirl friendship with, despite them having very little in common. She wasn’t upper class. She shopped in second hand stores frugally, and budgeted her spending. She didn’t take lavish vacations or go to big parties unless they involved the Ministry in some way. She was not a debutante, looking for potential suitors for her arranged hand. Her parents were above all those things, and considered a modest lifestyle a more noble choice. While Lorin disagreed, she was powerless over her family name. The Odells had a reputation, and Lorin did her best not to disgrace them. She had never been a very good Odell, though, and wore the Slytherin crest to prove it. She felt like she was failing no matter what she was doing, but she had always felt that way. Nothing was good enough to gain her father’s approval. He passingly approved of her work in Mysteries, but would have doubtlessly preferred to see her do an Auror’s work. He would have preferred for her to be his personal secretary—a job she would never take, even if it was offered. She did not want others to say she had succeeded because her family gave her the job. She worked for what she got, and liked knowing it. She liked being an independent woman.

This was one of the reason she wanted so firmly to get into the Department of International Magical Cooperation. This would be something she had done for herself, through her own blood, sweat, and tears. She had already proven she was smart and talented to herself, through her animagus ability, but considering she was not registered and did not plan to register, she couldn’t exactly show that off to anyone. It would not help her get her job or get her any glory. Glory. She wanted that more than anything. She wanted to bring it home and cherish it and prove to her father that she was a good Odell, too.

Lorin was planning on meeting up with the other family disappointment—Circe Sutcliffe, another Slytherin, and Lorin’s favorite cousin. Circe and Lorin had grown very close in school, and Lorin loved her dearly. She sincerely hoped Circe would come spend a week or two at her apartment over the summer so they could drink wine (secretly), and have girl talk. She didn’t want Circe to feel the way she did, but she knew the younger girl struggled. She wanted to set a good example for her as best as she could. Today, though, was not a day for lamenting and commiserating. Today was a day of fun and happiness. Circe and Lorin were going to have a blast at a cat café called Sugar and Spice. It was a place where Lorin could pay for the company of many cats, and then choose one to take home with her. She was eager.

She met her cousin by the shop entrance, greeting her warmly with a hug. “Circe! You look gorgeous, girl.” She smiled. “You ready for some snuggle time?” She asked. “My treat, of course.”

@Circe Sutcliffe
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Re: I got cat class and I got cat style [Circe]
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Circe had missed her older cousin dearly. Hogwarts had never been quite the same since Lorin had graduated. She'd never really fit in among the other purebloods in Slytherin, what with her views and her family's reputation. However, when Lorin had been at school with her, she had at least had the benefit of being able to sort of hide behind her and her friends. Now, sometimes walking into her own common room felt like walking into the lions' den. Mostly, it was just Roderick. She comforted herself with the fact that, assuming that he was going to be able to graduate, he'd be gone soon. She'd probably never have to see him again, and she was just fine with that. Truthfully, she felt that way about a good portion of her housemates.There were some, however, who she would want to keep in contact with. Some; not many.

A smile spread across the blonde's face as she approached her darker-haired cousin. She was never really sure how to take compliments, even from family members, but she managed a "Thank you." whilst bashfully tucking a strand of hair behind her ears. "You look good, too. It's good to see you." These kids are awful. Please come back.

"I am very ready. One of my friends is babysitting Hades for me, right now, in the library." Frankie was, at times, even more anti-social than Circe was, though she called it being "studious." Either way, Circe was glad to not have to worry about her current feline familiar and his jealous ways. He barely liked her paying attention to people, much less another cat. She wasn't really in the market for another one, right now, but she loved cats. And she loved Lorin, and she was happy to help her pick out a new pet. "Thank you. I really needed this." Probably said too much.

With that, the Slytherin sixth year began to make her way toward the entrance to the place that they would be spending at least part of their day: Sugar and Spice. Cute name. Once inside, Circe removed her winter cloak and neatly folded it up. Underneath, she wore a red cardigan and a muggle band tshirt that she had swiped from Jam as well as a pleated skirt, and black, knee-high stockings with sensible black shoes. She set her bag down on her cloak before turning to her cousin. "This place looks so cozy." And, if she wasn't mistaken, it was owned by her friend's brother. Nice.


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