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[Information] Calderón Medical Center
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c a l d e r ó n   m e d i c a l   c e n t e r
shackamaxon, massachusetts, united states of america

Josefina Calderón was a Mexican healer who married Chadwick Boot, one of the founders of Ilvermorny. She established the Hospital Wing at Ilvermorny, with local residents in Shackamaxon visiting the school for their medical needs. After a time, as Shackamaxon grew, the need for a separate facility became more and more apparent. A Medical Center was set up in Shackamaxon town, and upon Josefina's death it was renamed in her honour as the Calderón Medical Center.

The CMC is located in the Oldeburrow area of Shackamaxon. The logo for Calderón Medical Center is a Thunderbird and Horned Serpent entwined, perched atop a prickly pear cactus -- the creatures are a symbolic representation of Chadwick Boot and Josefina Calderón, the cactus is a nod to Josefina's Mexican heritage.

Ground Floor: Reception and Emergency Magic

First Floor: Artefact Accidents and Creature Induced Injuries

Second Floor: Potions & Plant Poisoning

Third Floor: Magical Bugs

Fourth Floor: Spell Damage


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