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Samuel Dickinson [ Artist ]
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Re: All is Not as it Seems (Joanna/Sam)
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Joanna Hennings had ignored him entirely, staring at Enitan the whole time in a way that made Sam deeply uncomfortable. He was well aware that there were procedures that should be followed when a child lost one parent and went to live with the other, and that the circumstances of him meeting his daughter were very unusual. He also knew that there were people in the world who didn't always have the best interests of children at heart, and as much as he hated the way the woman was staring at Enitan, he supposed she needed to make sure the little girl was safe and hadn't been kidnapped or coerced into her new living arrangements.

But then she spoke. Not to Sam; she seemed to have entirely forgotten he was there. But to Enitan. Sam let out an involuntary gasp at the woman's words. She'd...known Tatiana? How..? He opened his mouth to ask, the closed it again because whatever was happening, he had a feeling that the Lead Hit Witch was going to be on their side now, especially with Enitan's explanation. Because that was how Tatiana's visions tended to work. Outside, gazing up at the sky...it was strange, given how those two things were so closely connected for her. Sam remembered her amusement when he'd told her one night during their travels in Africa that his best subject after divination had been astronomy, and her delight at how similar they were. At the time, Sam hadn't even realised he was a Seer, he'd just assumed that everyone had visions, and that hers were triggered by the stars.

Sam cleared his throat; he wasn't sure how else to attract the woman's attention. “Excuse me...you knew Enitan's mother?” echoing his daughter's words; he wasn't sure what else to say. He wanted to know when they'd known each other, if they'd been friends; if she'd known Enitan as well - no, that couldn't be right, they would have recognised each other. He wanted to know how they'd lost contact, why Enitan had ended up in a muggle orphanage, why she'd had to rely on the kindness of a man who wrote Quidditch reports for provincial magazines if this woman had known about her... But he wasn't prepared to ask any of those questions. For the first time, though, Sam began to relax, feeling that perhaps things were going to turn out alright after all.

Joanna Hennings [ British Ministry ]
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Re: All is Not as it Seems (Joanna/Sam)
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Well, at least Enitan seemed comforted by Tatiana’s apparent star vision, even if hearing about it made Joanna want to scoff. To put so much faith in the wishy-washy, absolutely not reliable business of predictions and divination was pure stupidity in Joanna’s opinion. But she wasn’t going to share this viewpoint with the little girl. Instead she just didn’t react to the statement. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Both father and daughter looked the same as they asked her the same question. She wondered if they knew that. They might not appear similar but there was just something in that expression. In that curiosity. They were related. While it would be one of those things that connected them right now, Joanna was sure in a few years time Enitan would not want people to comment on her resemblance to her father. What teenage girl wanted to look like their parents? Even at 28, Joanna would be horrified if anyone told her that she looked like her dad. Merlin help them if they did. She did not want someone to look at her and see a fifty year old man.

And how did she begin to explain to a ten year old girl that she had met her mother on one of the worst days of her life? And that she wouldn’t have even remembered the woman in the wave of grief and numbness she was feeling had Tatiana not made her own attempt at comfort. Unable to stand unaided and still trying to comfort her. No matter the mourning that the Hennings went through, they would never have had closure if not for Tatiana Reed. And that, that had been worth so much. “We met in Azkaban.” Joanna said in answer, unwilling to expose her own family’s circumstances, but not thinking what her statement possibly implied instead.

“She checked herself out of St Mungos,” she began before stopping. There was no point in bringing up the past. It couldn’t be changed, and she would not talk ill of the dead to her own daughter. But still, Enitan could have had a completely different life if only Tatiana had stayed and let someone help her. Let Joanna help her. The logical part of her mind knew that Tatiana had not intentionally made her daughter suffer but emotionally… Enitan was a traumatised little girl who was distrustful of authority and it sounded like had lived on the streets because of Tatiana’s decision. Never mind. It had happened. There was little use in dwelling.

Samuel Dickinson [ Artist ]
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Re: All is Not as it Seems (Joanna/Sam)
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"You were..?" Sam let out a breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding and took another. Unsteady, shocked. It shouldn't have come as a surprise; so many people had been thrown into prison during the war. Their backgrounds or careers were entirely irrelevant; working for the Ministry didn't exempt you. It just meant you were ideally placed to be snatched up and imprisoned without anyone even needing to check where you were. "I'm so sorry..." he said, inadequately, having assumed that Ms Hennings was the one who had been sent to Azkaban.

Sam nodded, accepting the news at face value without thinking to question it. That fit with what he knew of Tatiana; she had always been more stubborn, more driven than he was; she would have gone looking for her daughter as soon as she was able to walk. Probably she had though she was healed sufficiently to find Enitan and for them to live safely again...and that had happened for a time, from what Enitan had told him. They'd been reunited, they'd found a place to live, and while "mum had been sick and got worse", they had had some time together before she'd... He wasn't going to think of that, not now. At least the woman's interest in his daughter was explained. Presumably she'd been spotted in Diagon Alley and the surrounding area over the preceding months, but for whatever reason the Ministry hadn't caught up with her. Hadn't bothered, or more likely Enitan had managed to dodge them long before they even realised she was there. Sam was surprised at the sudden fierce pride he felt in his daughter's ingenuity. It wasn't something he should have been proud of, but he'd known her for such a short time. Anything she did seemed incredible to him. He put an arm around her shoulders as he thought about the situation they were now in.

"Ms Hennings, I assume your concern was purely that Enitan was alone or uncared-for" he said, looking the woman straight in the face. "Believe me, I truly regret that I wasn't able to be there for her until a week ago. But we do have all her official documents, including the muggle ones Tatiana organised when they moved to England. It was my intention to bring them to the Ministry anyway, so you're welcome to check over whatever you need." he wasn't just putting on a helpful face now; Sam assumed he was talking with someone whose brusque manner hid her own horrific experiences in Azkaban and he wanted to make her job as simple as possible. About to continue, his stomach rumbled loudly, reminding him of the reason Enitan had come in here in the first place. That would have to wait though. He doubted they would be able to simply walk out of here just yet, and he had no intention of leaving Enitan alone for a moment.  The very thought of anyone trying to take her away appalled him, but he kept his voice polite and measured as he finished "So please, do whatever you feel you need to do. But my daughter stays with me."

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Re: All is Not as it Seems (Joanna/Sam)
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Enitan looked down when Joanna said where she had met her mother. So she’d been in that terrible place as well… and had met her mother there. Enitan didn’t want to think about what sort of place it had been. Her mother had pointedly refused to answer any and all questions that the little girl had asked, but when she’d gotten sicker, more delirious, the daughter had been able to get some answers, even if they were disjointed and sometimes less clear. And she really really didn’t want to know what Dementors were. But her mother had been terrified of them. “Can…. can you un-glue me from the seat now please?” she asked softly, really just wanting to hug her father tightly, but that required her to be able to get up.

But obviously the woman was concerned about what had happened to Tatiana, and why she’d left. Enitan didn’t like it when people didn’t understand what was going on. She’d rather just tell them, because otherwise people started to just assume things. Like that her mother had been neglectful. That had made her angry when the people at the orphanage said as much. “She wanted to find me...” the girl said softly, before speaking a little louder. “And she was scared… because she didn’t know if they were gonna come back for her.” it hadn’t been fair. None of it had been fair, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. But she was with Sam now, and she had to… she had to stay.

When his stomach growled, Enitan’s hands went to her own, and the sad look on her face turned guilty. “I’m sorry I threw the food at you… I was scared. I thought you were gonna take me away like they did my mum.” but then sam spoke further, and said that she was going to stay with him; before she realized that it was possible that the woman still intended to take her away after all. Her eyes went wide and she clung tightly to Sam’s hand, this time with both of hers, staring up at Joanna with fear again.

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