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Author Topic:  [slaughter hall] everybody gets a shot [eris]  (Read 29 times)

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Avery [ Death Eater ]
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[slaughter hall] everybody gets a shot [eris]
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When he’d left for Australia (for Germany, for Italy, for Bulgaria, for Switzerland) he’d been smart enough not to waste his time on things he wouldn’t need; he’d only brought what he could fit in his hideous old trunk. Clothes and cigarettes and money, mostly. (He’d debated, for a bit, about his mask; in the end he’d taken it, and his father’s, as a spare. The Ministry would just have destroyed them.)

And, for four years, he hadn’t really gotten anything more. He’d spent the money, smoked the cigarettes, but he’d made and bought more. He’d bought a few short-sleeved shirts in Australia because it’d been absolutely disgusting there. He’d kept the newspapers from Germany and Bulgaria just for the headlines, that Britain was celebrating the fall of the Dark Lord, for no damn reason. He couldn’t read German or Bulgarian. All he could do was glower at Dumbledore’s little army and the Order of Phoenix, standing grimly in line at the rubble of Hogwarts— waste of his damn time, anyway. They’d been rolled into the corner of the trunk for years; maybe they were faded now. He didn’t care to check.

At least he wasn’t going to come off like a hypocrite to Rosier, he thought bitterly, as he packed his laundry up. Ranting about the Death Eaters who’d gotten to hide in their castles after the war, being tended to by their families, protected by their money— he’d look a complete fool if he turned up with riches galore. She already knew, of course, where he’d been shacking up— that was the only reason she’d extended the invitation.

This was a non-smoking room— in a Muggle establishment, so he’d set off their stupid electricity alarm at first, gotten fined a hundred Muggle pounds— which he hadn’t had— and Confunded the manager and sent him back away. Then he’d covered up the alarm. He’d be fined when he left too; he couldn’t remember the Charm to freshen a room and didn’t care. He’d be long gone by the time it was a problem.

That was what Rosier could find laughable, if nothing else— Death Eater reduced to a Muggles’ inn. But a Death Eater among the Aurors, that was about as unforgivable, wasn’t it? And, of course, his one trunk was laughable too— as he lugged his trunk up, gripped it firmly enough that he knew it’d come with him when he Apparated, and flicked his wand surreptitiously to undo the deadbolt, to knock the “Do Not Disturb” sign off the door handle, Avery imagined briefly what Mulciber or Yaxley would have said if they could see him.

Lots, probably.

He Apparated straight to her doorstep, dropped his trunk— careful not to let it fall onto his foot— and knocked twice, loudly as he dared. (Did she have an elf? She must, right? This was the sort of house that needed an elf.) The waiting, that was unbearable— he hoped she would share her alcohol. (She had some, right?)

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