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[venice] the bad touch. [tag; luciana]
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There was no way he was going to screw this up.

Luciana Bertinelli was basically a goddess and he wasn't being dramatic. The fact that she was still willing to meet up with him after all the messing around he'd done to her was testament to her saintly ways. That, or she was a little bit certifiable. Either way, Harvey was in Italy and he was trying to play it cool.

The sticking point was that Luciana was not English. He didn't mean to be rude but girls from his homeland were rather readable. The phrase treat them mean, keep them keen dinged about in his head as he walked across the cracked pavements. He usually had the knack of getting what he wanted with minimal effort; get close, compliment her outfit, buy her a drink, bingo. But Luciana was very much not British and therefore not the same. Harvey wasn't frustrated but he was curious how to approach this.

They'd been pen-pals, up until the point where he'd accidentally ghosted her. It hadn't been his fault. He had schooling, a job and a pain in the arse called Nathalie to deal with. That wasn't an excuse and she deserved better and something told him that this was most definitely his second strike. One more and he was getting shoved into the Grand Canal.

With his hands in his pockets and his coat collar turned up against the breeze rolling in off the lido, Harvey's long legs jogged up the stone steps of one of the iconic bridges that spanned the width of the canal. He was no stranger to Venice but the last time he was here, he'd had his tongue down the back of a pretty girl's throat. Carmelita, he remembered now. He absently wondered if she ever went back to the boyfriend she'd "accidentally" cheated on him with.

The evening, like most things in the Mediterranean, was slow to arrive. It was a little after seven in the evening and the clouds were tinged with pink as the last remnants of the sun clung to them. Lights in the bars and restaurants were on and he caught snippets of music and chatter as he passed. He'd been wracking his brain to think of something appropriate for him and Luciana could do together but all the could think of was the opposite. She was rich, she was gorgeous, she was basically infallible and he needed to make this memorable. Hopefully in a good way.

The winter chill seemed to have made a dent in the usual throng of tourists that normally crowded the ever-sinking city. It was beautiful, with its architecture and history. It was romantic, in an old-fashioned and forgotten sort of way. It was easy to see the glamour and opulence of the past, still clinging to the ornate white fronted buildings. As he neared the meeting spot, Harvey picked up his pace. He set about crossing the square but - like the other native Venetians - he skirted around the columns of St. Mark's Square, offering the great golden winged lion a salute with his two forefingers as he went. It was silly, a centuries' old superstition but everyone knew not to walk between the two columns of Piazza San Marco. The last thing he needed was any more bad luck on his date.

He wanted to get to know Luciana. They were going to go to dinner eventually but first, they were going to Gallerie dell'Accademia di Venezia It was a small art museum that had later opening hours, off the beaten track. While he wasn't expecting it to be empty, they should be able to wander around fairly easily.

He spotted her instantly standing on the bridge, her hands on the edge as she watched the vaporetti put-putting along the water below her. While he was bang on time, he should have known not to keep a lady waiting. He climbed the steep and worn steps of the canal bridge, taking his time to look at her before she noticed and told him off.

"Ciao bella," he called out to her, his voice carrying on the breeze as he cracked a cheeky grin. Oh, how many times had she heard that in her life so far? He crossed the distance and leaned down to place a kiss on each of her cheeks as he placed his hand on the small of her back, a fraction lower than was considered polite. In their correspondence, he'd already sent her flowers and a necklace and he didn't think he could top that. So he didn't bother.

"You look beautiful," he commented lightly, holding his arm out for her to take as they descended the bridge at the other side, meandering along the canal leisurely. Their ticket slots weren't for another twenty minutes or so. "How have you been?" Harvey asked interested as he smiled at her. He was under no illusion that Luciana could be doing absolutely anything else with her evening than spending it with him, that much was perfectly clear. He couldn't fuck this up.

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