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Erik Fisker [ Professor ]
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[Nov MP] Adventure of a lifetime [open to upperclassmen]
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This month had been hard for Erik—seeing the Klyk Vampiras in distress from the wall in their common room imploding had really shaken him up, even though he wasn’t a Klyk Vampira. Having the Klyks share the Krov dormitories was trouble, too. Many did not get along with their new dorm mates and there was only so much Erik could do to help smooth things over, even as Krov head of house. Erik was more worried about what had caused the crack, though, than the interpersonal struggles of his students. Those who did not want to share would need to get over it. Some people had been seriously injured—he had heard that a student had lost an eye in the ordeal—and finding the root of the problem had been more important to Erik. He hadn’t had a proper adventure in years, and was eager to make this into a learning experience. They would need to sail around to the Klyk Vampira common room area, then dive near the wall. He thought this would be a good time for the Nautica club, and had invited a select few upperclassmen students to attend.
Erik was certain there was some kind of beast in the water, probably reacting to seeing the students through the glass. He would need to be careful looking for it. In fact, it might even be injured after the whole ordeal was over, and that meant he needed to provide it care. Dangerous or not, a creature was a creature in Erik’s eyes. He had the ship ready and was waiting patiently for the students to arrive. He was dressed a little more suited to the job than his usual fluffy jumpers, wearing a thick coat over his dive suit. He had provided suits for the other students as well, magical suits that would keep them warm even as they dove in the freezing cold water.
He was nervous for this. They could find nothing, that was likely, but if they did find something, what would they do? This could be dangerous, so he needed to be on his guard. He didn’t want to be responsible for anyone else being hurt or injured. He stood by the ship, shivering a little in the cool November air, as he waited for his students to show up.

[Better late than never!  If your character is in the Nautica club and 5th year or above,  consider them invited! ]
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Edyta Ciesynska [ Drakonya Krov ]
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Re: [Nov MP] Adventure of a lifetime [open to upperclassmen]
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Edyta was understandably nervous about this expedition, though she'd been one of the first to put her name down when it had been announced. True, Nautic magic had always been one of her strongest subjects, and she had been a member of the Nautica club from the moment she'd been old enough to join, but this would be the first time she had knowingly sailed into danger. More importantly, she wasn't a particularly strong swimmer. She could keep afloat well enough these days; having learned to swim in the term following her near-drowning off the quay of the harbour during her third year, but she wasn't a strong swimmer, especially not in a stormy ocean. Not that she'd said a word to anyone about her concerns though, just in case anyone had suggested she might prefer to stay behind.  That's why I perfected the bubblehead charm she told herself firmly as she approached the ship.

"Good day, Professor" she said politely in Swedish, determined to look like she was working hard on learning the new language and using it whenever she could. Which wasn't much; if he replied in the same language she doubted she would understand what was said. Not for the first time, the seventh year wondered if a translation charm could be made undetectable, or only usable by the caster...no, that wouldn't work, nobody would believe she could suddenly speak fluent Swedish. But something that worked one way, so she understood what was said to her? She resolved to look into the possibility once this expedition was over.

Firstly though, they had to be prepared. She eyed the diving suits with a mixture of interest and distaste. They looked decidedly uncomfortable, but if Fisker deemed them necessary then she would wear one. Rather than waiting until everyone arrived, she asked - in Russian this time - permission to change, and then permission to change belowdecks on the ship rather than seek out a deserted classroom. Then she copied the professor, covering the suit with her cloak to ward off the cold as she watched the others arrive.

(OOC: Not sure if I was supposed to sign Edyta up for the club somewhere, but I've always played it as one of her strongest subjects...)


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