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Minerva McGonagall [ Professor ]
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[dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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Christmas Feast || Friday, December 20, 2002

The winter holidays at Hogwarts were, admittedly, one of Minerva’s favorite times of the year. As usual the Great Hall was resplendent with enchanted snow, enormous coniferous trees that dwarfed even Hagrid, floating baubles, garlands, and everything in between. Instruments were charmed to play a collection of yuletide carols from all regions of Britain and Ireland, and she wouldn’t be surprised if a few rounds of raucous song broke out before they all retired to bed.

Upon arriving at the podium, Minerva raised her hands in a tacit request for silence, which she received in a prompt manner. No doubt everyone was hungry; the sooner they quieted down, the sooner they ate. The Headmistress liked their thinking.

“Another holiday season!” The Scottish witch allowed herself a rare small smile as she surveyed the student body. “Nearly half the year gone, already. Take these next few weeks to rest up – and come prepared to fill your heads again when you return in the New Year.”
She paused briefly for effect.
“The Hogwarts Express will depart from Hogsmeade at noon sharp tomorrow. For those remaining with us for the holidays, the annual Christmas Day brunch and dinner will be served. Finally, Mr. Filch has requested I remind—”

And, for the second time in two months, Minerva was interrupted by the ghostly clattering of hooves that preceded the Headless Hunt’s arrival straight through the stone wall and into the Great Hall, eliciting a screech from an unsuspecting First Year. Minerva closed her eyes briefly, willing for patience, before they flew open again to address the latest disruption who – at that precise moment – called out to her rather unnecessarily.

Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore – head tucked under his left arm in his usual manner – gave Minerva a grandiose sweeping bow. She responded with a pointed look, and he promptly bowed again.
“My most sincere apologies for disrupting, of course, of course… but, Headmistress, the Baron is nowhere to be found.”

There was a heartbeat of silence before the predictable buzz of curious tittering began.

Minerva nodded once, watching the ghost over her square spectacles.
“Thank you for apprising us, Sir Patrick,” she replied, more stiffly than she’d intended. Certainly, they were ghosts (and from what she’d seen and heard, Sir Patrick loved to make an entrance) – but why couldn’t they just use the open door?! It was quite absurd. Or, better yet, approach her when the entire school wasn’t assembled before her so they might go about this in a more controlled manner…

In any case, there was no help for it, now. No point in pretending the interruption hadn’t occurred. Minerva turned back to the students, who dropped into expectant silence almost at once.

“As you may have overheard Sir Patrick, he and his horsemen have been unable to locate the Bloody Baron. It is very possible” – here she tried hard to keep the distaste from her voice, disapproving as she was of the Baron’s behavior towards Helena – “that the Baron continues to seek out Miss Ravenclaw. I am quite confident that Sir Patrick will continue his meticulous search, and keep us abreast of any new developments.”

To absolutely no one’s surprise, another hum of surprised and concerned chatter broke out. She raised a hand for silence.

“In the interim, students may feel free to come to any of us with questions or concerns, and we will do our best to assuage them. But for now,” – she gestured towards the House tables, and instantly the golden platters were overflowing – “please enjoy the sumptuous array that our friends in the kitchens have prepared, sleep well, and have a restful holiday.”

She moved to take her seat at the staff table, and as she retreated from the podium she caught Sir Nicholas’s eye. He was watching her, a look of unmistakable concern on his pearly features. She replied with a slightly raised eyebrow and a fractional lift of her shoulder, so subtle that none of the student body was likely to notice.
‘What do we make of this?’, she seemed to ask.
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Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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The fourteen-year-old boy was thinking about the feast all through his last class of the day. His thoughts continued as he walked down the halls.  He could also not only smell the food but practically taste it as he entered the Great Hall. His mouth was watering and his stomach gurgling so loud that he was sure that half the Gryffindor table could hear it. He was grateful the moment that the head mistress took the podium for he was about to resort to sucking on his spoon or sneaking off to the kitchens to get food sooner. 

When she got to the part about Mr. Filch, Carey unfolded his long skinny arms from around his stomach and picked up his fork and spoon. He was ready to claim the first bites of all the platters. …..But then the headless hunt stormed through the wall. After his initial shock Carey realized this was going to mean further delays and slammed his silverware back on to the table in discussed. 

“Comm on! This is incredible. What are these bloodys stupid ghosts problem? Don’t they know that the living have to EAT. I am sooooooooooooooooo starving.” He through his head dramatically back into his chair and let his body go limp. He seemed to slowly melt further into his seat. As he mumbled “Stupid… dumb…. Lost….. ghost.”

For only having his dirty blondeish brown mop head just barely visible over the table, he was quite loaded with opinions. Saying quite loudly “I mean, who cares? They are probably visiting some random ghost family member. It is the holidays.” Carey announced still pissy that the Sir Patrick whatever of whatever was distracting the Headmistress form calling forth the food.

Suddenly the rooms chatter die down again, before hearing the headmistress take back over the announcements Carey couldn't push himself up fast enough as platters of food appeared along the table. Forgetting his utensils he used his fingers to grab a hen leg in each hand. Not bothering to put them on his plate he took turn biting each repeatedly, until his mouth was stuff that it was almost not able to chew, let alone swallow. Still some how the boy managed it down his scared throat.

“Hay, Awwwa wou stawing fowww winner bwake?” he said to the Gryffindor near him, his mouth already ladden with more bites.
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Meredith Howell [ Hufflepuff ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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Meredith loved Christmastime.  She loved the decorations and carols, spending time with family and being given presents.  It was basically a whole season of spoiling, and being spoiled by, the people that she loved.  However, the young witch was not a particular fan of winter or snow, so normally she would go to Australia for the break, to escape the cold.  While her peers huddled around fireplaces and drank hot chocolate, she would sunbathe on the beach and sip fresh pineapple juice.  It was the best!  This year though, she had slightly different plans.  Yet Mere didn’t think she had ever been quite so excited and nervous in anticipation of anything else before.

Unfortunately, her excitement for the holidays was slightly damped by the interruption of Sir Patrick at the feast with the worrying announcement that the Baron was missing.  The Headmistress expertly brushed over the issue, obviously not wanting to spark a panic, but a spike of fear ran up Meredith’s spine.  She trusted the Headmistress and hoped that the matter was really not very significant.  Yet it seemed unlikely to Mere that Sir Patrick would have brought it up if he didn’t think it was something important that everyone should know about.  Ghosts were already dead so what did they have to worry about?  They also generally didn’t feel the same impulsiveness and impatience that living beings did, so if they felt a sense of urgency and concern then that seemed to suggest that the absence of the Baron and The Grey Lady was both unusual and had been going on too long.

And then there were the portraits…  Meredith had been trying not to think about it too much but of course she’d noticed the empty frames.  It was unsettling.  She wasn’t new here; this was her seventh year and she had never known anything like this to happen.  Sure, the occupants of the paintings might wander around from time to time, but they were never just gone.  And the ghosts had never left, not even during all of the previous disasters the school had been through.  It wasn’t like they took holidays, surely?  Mere couldn’t help but wonder, were they… moving… on?  She was eerily reminded of how birds and animals would flee an area when they could sense an impending disaster.

Why was this happening?  Why now?  Why was this happening to her?  Meredith didn’t want her term as Head Girl to be overshadowed by this mysterious and unnerving weirdness.  It was so unfair!

The blonde witch did feel a degree of responsibility towards the other students (even the ugly and unpleasant ones) so she kept herself calm although she wanted to cry.  It was silly, so silly.  Maybe it would just turn out to be some grand joke that the ghosts and portraits had come up with together?  But if it was a joke, it was in poor taste.  The school, the students, they’d already been through so much. 

As the Headmistress finished up her brief speech, Meredith took a deep, steadying breath and smiled at those around her.  “The feast looks great this year!”  She commented with excessive cheerfulness.  As always the food was amazing.  Maybe that would be enough to distract people from the worrisome disruption?  Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough for Mere.  She reached for @Murray Cowan ‘s hand and squeezed it tightly for comfort. 

Then an odd thought pushed its way into her mind…  Wait, what did Mr. Filch want us to be reminded of?
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Maximilian Everhart [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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Like most youngsters, Christmas time was by far one of Max's favorite times in the whole year. For almost as long as he could remember, Christmas had always been a big thing in the Everhart family. As their family was a bit of a puzzle of different people and backgrounds the meaning of family was very important to them all. He was looking forward to the holidays as he always did, but just as much so - he was looking forward to this Feast he had heard so much about. Apparently somewhat of a tradition at Hogwarts, he was still learning a lot about the magical world and everything it held.

The Great Hall had been a marvel the first time he had entered, his first day - where he had been utterly amazed and somewhat terrified before the Sorting. But now there was something extra magical as he gazed his eyes up, head tilting back as he took in the enchanted snow. A wide smile on his face, he loved Christmas like no other Holiday and never before had he seen such amazing decorations as he did right now - from the massive trees and garlands, the floating baubles - most of all the snow was amazing him. Magic was so awesome...

Max's attention shifted when the Headmistress began to speak, quickly straightening back up as he listened. A tiny smile curling on his lips as he took note to remember when the train would be leaving tomorrow, he couldn't wait to see his family. But then there was the unexpected entrance of one of the ghosts, causing him to jump slightly. Ghosts were still something that he was adjusting too actually being real - and apparently, some of the other first years were as well, he wasn't sure where that screech had come from but he leaned forward slightly - a little curious with what was going on. If nothing else he was always fascinated to hear about what was going on - even if he didn't understand it at all.

A Slight frown tugs on the first years face as he tilts his head, glancing at a few of the other members at his table - almost laughing as he heard one of the older students, a third-year maybe? - complain about being hungry. His own stomach gave a slight growl reminding him that indeed he was also rather hungry and he didn't understand what was meant by the Baron and Ravenclaw - was that something he hadn't learned about yet? Maybe he should ask one of the older students about that - for now, his own attention quickly shifted as the food appeared before them.

Well, that was that, he happily joined the other students in loading up his plate, a joyful look on the youngsters face as he dug in as well. Happily humming slightly as he shook of the worry about ghosts going missing and something about seeking Miss Ravenclaw whoever that was -  as he enjoyed the delicious food.

Poppy Pomfrey [ Healer ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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Poppy had very nearly been late to the Christmas feast. Truth be told, she hadn’t even been planning on attending. She had a patient with her in the Hospital Wing all day; just a dislocated shoulder, quick enough to fix, but she didn’t quite like the color on the student’s face. After hours of begging her to allow them to attend the feast, and after hourly diagnostic and vitals checks that came back completely normal, Poppy had finally acquiesced, with the promise that they would come straight back to the Hospital Wing after the feast for a final check up. On the surface, the child was completely healthy, but there was something about their pallor…. Call it Healer’s intuition, but Poppy was sure a fever was brewing in the child.

But for now, she could see no reason to hold them behind in the Hospital Wing, so they both hurried to the great hall, and slipped in just before Headmistress McGonagall rose to give her usual pre-feast speech. Poppy had always admired the way McGonagall could command a room. Well, that was her job; to be stern and fair. Poppy’s job was different; it required that students thought of her as a kind, and always on their side. Poppy mused over these thoughts, only half paying attention to the Headmistress. After all, she knew what she was going to say, and didn’t need to listen intently.

Poppy snapped back to attention at the gut wrenching sound of a young child screaming. Quickly she scanned the area of the great hall, and relaxed slightly when she saw Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore, bowing to the Headmistress and apologizing for the interruption. Why were ghosts always so dramatic?

On second thought, perhaps there was reason for dramatics. The first time a ghost had so rudely interrupted a feast, on Halloween, Poppy hadn’t thought twice about it. So, a ghost went missing. The castle was large and grounds even larger. It was entirely reasonable that a ghost might take a few months to explore a different part of the castle; a change of scenery if you will. But then the portraits started to disappear, and even thorough searches of other frames didn’t bring anything up. And now, just two months later, another ghost was apparently missing? Ghosts were already dead, and there wasn’t much that could happen to them…then again, Poppy remembered just ten years ago Merlin, has it already been ten years?. Ten years ago Poppy would have said that nothing could happen to ghosts. And then she saw a petrified ghost. In some ways, that had been scarier than the petrified children. Petrification was easy enough to cure with the right ingredients, but she had started to fear that it was more than mere petrification if it could affect a ghost too.

Ten years ago was the last time something had started happening to the ghosts of Hogwarts, and ten years ago was when the Chamber of Secrets had been opened. Poppy felt goosebumps dance across her skin. Not again she thought with dread let’s just have one peaceful year without any disasters.

Poppy schooled her face so that the concern would not show. She was, after all, sitting at the staff table and therefore all the children could see her. She could tell by the way that the Headmistress was now addressing the children that she did not want them to view this development as cause for concern. Briefly Poppy wondered if McGonagall thought that herself, but quickly squashed the idea; Minerva wasn’t stupid. She knew something was going on.

The distraction of food sufficiently distracted everyone, and Poppy added food to her plate conservatively. She had learned during her first few years working at Hogwarts that if she were to indulge during every feast she would continue to grow in size. Older age made it harder to maintain a healthy weight, so she tended to be intentional about the amount of food she consumed. As she ate she kept a close eye on her patient across the room. She was glad that she had stuffed in a pocket of her robes some first aid potions, in case the student needed it.

Poppy looked over to her fellow staff members and as it was for the past few years, she was struck by how young everyone was. Of course there was Minerva, just a few years older than herself, and Filius, probably the eldest of them. There was Thomasina as well, and though they were of similar age, she was still a new face at Hogwarts for Poppy. She remembered when she had just started working at Hogwarts; at age 27 she had been one of the youngest staff members, and feared how her age would work against her. She now feared the very same thing again; was she too old? Too out of touch?

Trying to distract herself from taking another plate of food, Poppy addressed her fellow staff members.

“So, what is everyone doing over holidays? Is anyone staying behind with me?”

OOC comment: if anyone wants to be the sick/injured student feel free! I'll edit the post to include their name and the correct pronouns

Owain Hughes [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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It was the last night at Hogwarts before Christmas!! Sure, Owain would miss his friends and, especially, Nell, but, Christmas! He had gotten a new broom from his parents when he got onto the main Gryffindor Quidditch team, so he wasn’t expecting anything particularly big on Christmas Day, but it was enough that he was going home. He was going to get to laze around the house, eat until he could burst and enjoy being back in his own bed before it was time to return in January. The Hughes family were going to have a great Christmas, even if the feast they ate would never match the feast he was about to receive.

Hogwarts certainly loved food.

Owain barely listened to Professor McGonagall as she said the same things she said each year. Don’t miss the train. If you’re staying there’s lots of food. Mr Filch is still unhappy about stuff you’ve done. This year though, the thundering of otherworldly hooves interrupted her. The ghosts may already be dead, but Owain was sure no being, dead or alive, could interrupt the Headmistress and live to tell the tale.

And it was barely even news! Surely everyone had noticed that slowly but surely the ghosts and portraits were disappearing… It certainly was making taking shortcuts harder and harder. Owain personally suspected that they were just off doing something fun and enjoying the chaos they had left in their wake, but from the frantic whispers around the hall, clearly other people didn’t.

He laughed at Carey’s outburst. Clearly another one that was more interested in food and the living rather than the missing dead. Although did ghosts even have families? Owain was certainly glad he had no ghostly relatives, or at least any that his parents acknowledged or allowed in the house.

Oh, thank Merlin - food!

Loading up his plate until it was laden with turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, gammon, roast potatoes, mashed potato and a solitary brussel sprout. He had to prepare himself for choking one down on actual Christmas Day. Owain’s mum always demanded that the children ate at least one sprout a meal. And she really didn’t appreciate it if Owain gagged on it. It really wasn’t his fault though, they were just so disgusting!

He drowned the mounded plate with gravy then began to dig in. Christmas food was the best! Just as he had shoved the first forkful in his mouth, @Carey Baisley  turned to talk to him. As an experienced talker with his mouth full, Owain perfectly understood Carey’s question and replied with his own. “No, you?” He had definite opinions at staying at school for a second longer than necessary but didn’t want to share them if the younger Gryffindor was going to be stuck there over the holidays.

Carey Baisley [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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With the two legs stripped, the Gryffindor placed them down on his small bread plate before helping himself to a scoop of every dish near him. While piling mounds onto his plate he responded to @Owain Hughes , “Nah, I always go home. My mum makes a big deal about the family all coming home for the holidays. She been bugging my sisters to get the days off, but it's hard for them. They usually at least stop by or spend a night though.”

He picked up the spoon and was scooping a mass of mash while he said.  “I have kinda  thought it would be cool to stay here though.” He shoved the big bite into his mouth. As his mouth worked on that bite, he readied another scoop, before adding, “I aw-ways wondwewd what peopwle do wer," Stopping to swallow, before continuing, "when everyone else is gone. Since there is only a few professors remaining. Like do they got the run of the school?”

He threw a few pigs in a blanket in his mouth while he looked around seeing if there was anyone on the Gryffindor table that might have stayed one year for a Christmas.  Not seeing anyone to ask, his eyes did fall on a first year near him. “Hey Maximilian, are you going home on the train tomorrow?” Carey then remembered that the young wizard was a muggle born so he asked, “So, what does your family usually do for Christmas?”  before shoveling the scoop in his mouth. He was kinda curious if they did something different then the average wizard kid.

Carey was sure there might be differences, between Muggle and Wizard. He new there was some differences in decorations maybe family traditions, for his mother told him that her muggle parents never use magical beasts or enchanted snow as decorations everything. Instead everything was plastic, glitter, and non magical.

@Maximilian Everhart

Pixie Clarke-Trickett [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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Christmas already! Well, nearly Christmas, and Pixie was excited. With a family as large as hers, the holidays were always fun, full of parties and pranks. The third year had so many cousins that being at home for the holidays was scarcely quieter than being at Hogwarts. And just because she was fourteen years old didn't mean she was growing out of the traditions she'd enjoyed five or ten years earlier, far from it! She still loved decorating the tree, wrapping presents, shopping, helping to bake until Mum ordered her out of the kitchen for trying to swap the salt and sugar (okay, that had been when she was eight years old and didn't understand how recipes worked, but Mum still reminded her of it every year) and being so excited she couldn't sleep on Christmas eve and sneaking downstairs to eat all the chocolate decorations from the tree and pretending it was her brother.

Unlike the boys, Pixie was very curious about the ghosts vanishing. Naturally, she'd embarked on a (failed) expedition to find the Grey Lady a couple of months earlier and, while the Bloody Baron was no great loss, it was kind of scary that they were both missing now. "Yeah, but think how cool it would be to ride through solid walls!" she commented after @Carey Baisley 's outburst, which distracted her long enough that she thankfully didn't die of starvation before the food appeared approximately five seconds later. Immediately she began filling a plate with everything within reach and started in on a roasted chicken leg. Mouth full, Pixie prided herself on being slightly more polite than the boys so she just listened to the conversation until she'd finished the chicken and a decent-sized pile of roast potatoes.

"Wouldn't that be cool? Imagine if you could just go anywhere - and no curfew?" she asked, eyes sparkling. In Pixie's mind, staying for the holidays meant that all the usual school rules would be suspended and she would be allowed to stay up all night, play Quidditch at 2am and then head down to the kitchens for hot chocolate. Or...what if the students who were staying behind managed to solve the mystery of the ghosts? She was about to say something else when her eyes lighted upon @Owain Hughes ' plate and she grinned. Turning to the first year next to her, she nodded towards the older boy's plate and asked "Do you reckon he's really going to eat that sprout?"

@Maximilian Everhart

Shea Rotherham [ Gryffindor ]
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Re: [dec mp] do they know it's christmas? [feast]
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"maybe he ran off with the Gray Lady. like a really long game of hide and seek. like he found her, and now they're both hiding and another ghost has to find them?" Shea was busy helping himself to the chicken, a bit of the roast, and several other things he was unlikely to get at home. After all, last time Adelaide had tried hexing one of the wild turkeys for christmas dinner, it had exploded. Really exploded. maybe one of the others would have better luck this time. Serenity always said her twin was too agressive with her spells. not that Serenity could have hit the broad side of a barn, even before she went blind... he wondered if his other sisters were going to come home for christmas, frowing a little. Noire had said she couldn't make it already. she was in America doing her singing thing over there for the next few months. but she did promise she'd be back in time for the end of the school year. Christmas was always more fun when they were all together. all thirteen of them crammed into the cottage. At least he didn't have to share his room, seeing as it was a curtained off alcove rather then a room. But it was his, and only his, so he loved it.

taking a bite of the roast, Shea let out a happy groan. he ate much more politely then the other boys, partly because he'd grown up with a bunch of sisters who had no problems smacking him upside the head for talking with his mouth full.  So he simply listened while the other kids talked, before adding in his own two cents. "I'm going home for christmas too... its the only time my sisters all come home." he too looked over at max and smiled at Carey's question, also wondering what sort of things muggles did. at least in passing. Adelaide had told him at one point that it was basically similar, just without magic. he couldn't imagine christmas without Solange spelling the tree to twinkle and glow like it had little lit candles hiding amongst the branches that danced about the tree.

"we used to get to open one present on christmas eve. but apparently I'm too old for that now, and have to wait..." he added with a bit of a pout, before popping a tiny potato into his mouth whole, and then realizing he was stuck, unable to chew it but not wanting to spit it back out, and settled for trying to crush it with his tongue so he could actually bite into it, going silent for the time being.


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