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[lesson 1] sticks and stones {all years}
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December 2002

With Bouton’s toenails click-clacking softly on the flagstones behind her, Filomena crossed the short distance from her office into her classroom. As usual, it was brightly lit and festooned with various hanging plants and greenery, giving it a rather homey feel. Stacking her notes neatly on her desk (not that she really needed them at this point, after all these years), she leaned against its edge as Bouton took up his usual position on his cushion beside it.

The Italian witch had been teaching long enough that she always had a few go-to topics in her back pocket, though she much preferred her lessons to be fluid and dynamic when she had the opportunity. Each year she had at least two of three brand-new lectures based on the latest literature or a new finding, and at least three-quarters of her lectures changed subtly from year to year as she tailored and edited them based on how the previous year’s session had gone. There were very few lessons that seldom, if ever – changed – and this was one of them.

With the upcoming Quidditch match, Mina felt it was prudent to return to the basics of what to do in the event of an accident. They would review how to actually tend to minor injuries, of course – but first, and arguably more importantly, they would discuss how to identify those that may need emergent help as well as how to stabilize that person until help arrives. Filomena felt strongly that everyone, regardless of age, should be familiar with basic First Aid or at the very least know when and how to get help.

“Good morning, good morning, i miei fiori,” she chirped as the last student got settled, absently directing her wand at the tin of biscotti on her desk. It levitated a few inches off the surface before making its way slowly around the room so people could take one if they so wished. This week’s flavor was mint chocolate chip, as it had won the vote at the end of last week. Mina used to bake biscotti every week, but had since transitioned to every-other-week, occasionally adding in pizzelles here and there if interest was piqued. She was a health care professional and been a Head Healer for nearly thirty years, certainly, but she also held the title of ‘great-grandmother’ – and what sort of grandmother would deprive their temporary charges of sweets? It was nigh on blasphemous.

Once they’d all had a minute to enjoy a bite or two of the treat, she moved in front of her desk and leaned back gently against it to signal she was ready to begin. She flicked her wand, and in looping scrawl the following words appeared in midair:

Emergencies & First Aid

Looking out at the sea of faces before her, she addressed her class.
“A few upperclassmen may recall this subject from years past; I would apologize for the redundancy, but I cannot stress its importance enough. In the decades I have been in practice, I have seen many things go well – and many things go terribly wrong. It is my firm belief that we may prevent or at least ameliorate poor outcomes by educating everyone on the basic first steps when faced with an emergency.”
Bouton ‘whuffed’ softly in his sleep. Mina smiled.

“Now that I have sufficiently dampened the mood” she chuckled “who can tell me what the very first rule of trauma is? In other words, what is the very first thing one should do when a potentially serious accident occurs – before you even lay hands on the patient? There are two answers, here, and in a real scenario you would do both at very nearly the same time.”
She clasped her hands together and let them rest in her lap.
“You may reference your textbook if needed, of course, but bonus points will be awarded to those that do not.”

It was perhaps a bit of a ‘trick’ question, but it was no less important. If they’d glanced through the first section of their textbooks, they’d find what they needed to get through most of the day’s lesson.
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Florian Friedrich [ Papillonlisse ]
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Re: [lesson 1] sticks and stones {all years}
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Florian happily nibbled on a piece of biscotti as he considered the Professor’s question.  First rule of trauma?  He cast his mind over the various techniques and spells he had learnt for dealing with injuries, but nothing immediately jumped out at him.  It all depended on what sort of damage you were dealing with.  Before you could really aid a patient, you needed to figure out what was wrong with them.  Maybe that’s the answer?  Assess the patient’s injuries?  Yet Flo hesitated, suspecting that this line of thought wasn’t quite what his Professor meant.  It seemed too obvious.  Besides she had specifically said ‘before you even lay hands on the patient’.

The seventeen-year-old felt sure he must know the answer.  It was all just a matter of getting into the right frame of mind.  He closed his eyes and tried to picture the scenario.  Ok, so I’ve just arrived at the scene of an accident…  Someone is injured and requires emergency care…  What do I do first?  His stomach clenched with imaginary tension and he tried to find the mental clarity he would need if he was ever faced with an emergency situation in real life. 

“Check for danger.”  Florian inadvertently voiced the thought out loud.  His eyes flew open and he subtly flinched away from the curious gazes of his classmates.  Clearing his throat, he tried to act as though it had been his intention to answer the question.  “That is, you need to assess the scene first.  It’s important to be aware of your environment; where you are, who is there and what is around you.  Identify any hazards and resolve those before attempting to treat the patient.”  It sounded like common sense but Flo was uncomfortably aware he would probably be one of those who would find it difficult not to just rush immediately to the patient’s side.  However, recklessly entering an emergency situation before you understood it could be a recipe for disaster.  Healing someone became pretty redundant if both of you could end up more badly hurt or even killed because no one had bothered to make sure things were safe first. 

“If it was me, that’s what I would do.”  He continued a little more informally.  Flo felt a little sheepish for taking over the class but was fairly confident about his answer.  “I’d make sure things were safe first, using whatever protective equipment and enchantments necessary, and in doing so, I could hopefully figure out what had caused the accident or find some clues as to what kind of trauma the patient may have suffered.”  As he understood it, information was the best thing a Healer could arm themselves with.  “Only then would I be in a position to stabilise and treat the patient.” 

Leaning back in his chair, the Papillonlisse boy stretched languidly and rested his hands behind his head in an intentionally relaxed posture.  Catching the eye of a pretty girl across the classroom, he gave her a cocky wink.  As usual Flo contrived to display a certain level of self-assurance and masculinity that he didn’t necessarily feel at his core.  Trauma response was easy enough for Florian to discuss theoretically; however, he knew that putting such processes into practice would be a completely different story.  He didn’t think he ever wanted to actually be a first responder in an emergency.  His interests lay more in general health and preventative medicine – the sorts of things where he would hopefully deal mostly with old people and little children, not dangerous environments.    (It wouldn't be very manly to say so though.)
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Re: [lesson 1] sticks and stones {all years}
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The young brunette was one of the first to enter the class room as always. It was not necessary her favorite subject, for it tended to be full of gross stuff. It had to be. For how else would you recognize curses or nasty potions effect on people. Aurelia tend to cringe every time she had to open the textbook, for she knew she would likely see some diagrams she would rather not have had. It was her sister, Keichelle who loved the subject. It was no secret that this Bellefeuille much more preferred herbology, even though you also had to handle such gross things too. Still, there was something different about plants.

Yet she still enjoyed the class because the Beauxbatons’ Great Grandma - Professor Bellantoni was a lot more entertaining than the other professors. Besides the biscottis, she had grace and elegance that Aurelia admired. Just watching this professor had inspired the young 14 year old witch to at least momentary think about pursuing a career in teaching. She resolve the thought with the believe that, only if her husband was a Professor, then she might take up a position too. If she ever did, she hoped she was as perfectly composed as Ballantoli.

At the moment she was highly doubtful that her future husband would be a professor. Well unless he worked as one for charitable reasons. The daydreaming girl could imagine that her future husband would of course have  magical talents well beyond normal wizards and he would likely be tracked down and offered a position by Madam Maxine. She gave a sigh and glanced around the filling classroom. It was her fourth year and she was pretty certain her prince charming was not in this school.  Still it never prevented her from looking around for him.

Aurelia was nibbling on her half a piece of biscotti when the professor asked her question. She was a bit confused, Shouldn't they tend to the patient first? What would you do? She liked to always be the first to answer in every class. It helped her to be one of the top point receivers in her house.

Yet before she could come up with a decent enough answer and raise her hand, Florian blurted out an answer.

"Danger?" Aurelia whispered critically to the student next to her. She was sure it was one of the full dun answers that seventh years tend to give. Yet as he continued, it made more and more sense. Until she was utterly frustrated at him and highly disappointed in herself that she did not come up with it first. What was worse was that he knew he got it right… Leaning back and even winking at another girl in the class. Show off The fourth year witch hair fell on her desk in a sheet of fabric, as she leaned forward and put her chin on her palm. She was desperately thinking of something, anything to add.

“Oh,” Aurelia practically jumped when something came to her. She raised her hand excitedly before adding as soon as the Professor Bellantoni's eyes met hers. “What about assessing if other’s need to be called. Like if more are injured or if the injuries are to severe for one person to take care of... For the sooner you call for help… with a patronus or whatever,  the more likely you could save a life.”

Certain she hit on something correct, she flipped the long curtain of hair behind her. She turned and gave a smirk at the seventh year that said, See, you missed that one.

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Re: [lesson 1] sticks and stones {all years}
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As she waited for the first brave response, Mina casually flicked her wand and three more questions appeared on the blackboard behind her. There were spells to assist with all of these, of course, but the Italian witch felt strongly about non-magical assessments as well. As she was fond of saying: “What if you find yourself without your wand? You must still do your job!”

What are the ABCDEs of trauma?
Where is the best place to check for a pulse in a trauma situation?
What are possible injuries to consider, even if nothing appears to be visibly wrong?

Filomena beamed as one of her senior students spoke up first, clapping her hands twice briefly in approval.

“Yes! Precisely, Signore Friedrich, well done – take ten points to Papillonlisse.”
She always addressed her students by the Italian titles as opposed to French, despite the fact that she had spoken mostly French for the better part of the past few decades. It was one of her trademarks, along with the biscotti and her tendency to address her students collectively in Italian as ‘my flowers’ (i miei fiori).
“As a first-responder, your safety is paramount. Yes, yes, you may think: ‘But professor, I thought the patient is the focal point?’ This is also true! But! You cannot hope to help the injured if you become the injured, yes?”
She punctuated each important point with an upward inflection of her tone, and the occasional hand gesture for added emphasis.
“Not only this, but – as Signore Friedrich has said – if you fail to assess the situation appropriately then you risk putting the injured in further or continued danger until you can ameliorate the instability of the environment.”

Right on cue, the youngest Sasseville provided the answer to the second part of the question Mina had posed. Her eldest sister Keichelle had been one of Mina’s strong students who – to the elderly witch’s delight – had gone on to Healing school after graduating this past term. The former Head Healer nodded with enthusiastic encouragement.

“Quite right, indeed, Signorina Sasseville – ten points to Bellefeuille.”
Mina was pleased that these first two answers had been precisely what she’d been hoping to hear; certainly there were other important things, but it was not difficult to get caught up in the excitement and accidentally overlook at least one of these – especially assessing the safety of surroundings – when one was in the thick of an emergency. Unfortunately, that’s often how things went very wrong, very quickly. She felt a flicker of disapproval, however, at the rather smug look the younger girl sent in Florian’s direction; she clasped her hands together and expounded further upon the Fourth Year’s answer, inserting her mild rebuke into the explanation.
“Calling for help is critically important; we cannot hope to do everything at once with perfect accuracy, for we are only human, and so we must utilize all available resources. Oftentimes this may mean looking to others for assistance. Healing is not a competition,” – she added pointedly, her gaze drifting casually around the room but lingering for perhaps a fraction of a second longer on Aurelia – “but rather a collaboration: between Healer and patient, Healer and family, Healer and Healer… it goes all ways. It is especially important in an emergency, and communication is paramount.”

Mina rubbed her wizened hands together briefly, surveying the group with bright eyes.
“Excellent, excellent. Now, does all of this make sense? What questions have you on what we’ve just discussed? Don’t be shy, no need to fret, we’ll have no negative judgement here.”
She paused briefly for anyone who wished to speak up to do so, addressing the questions raised before moving onto her next point.

“Now, please take a moment to read what I have written here” – she gestured to the questions on the blackboard, which now began shimmering slightly for emphasis – “and answer any one you’d like. You may choose the same question as another student, provided that you have additional information to add to the initial response. I do request that those who have already answered give others a chance to participate.”

Leaning back against her desk such that she was still facing her students, Mina rested her hands casually on the front edge of the desk and waited for the next brave soul to speak up. The lesson was already progressing quite nicely.

Just wanted to keep things fresh so people have new things to respond to, but feel free to pop your chars in at any time!! If your chars answered this past round, don't hesitate to post them again and have them reflect on things and/or ask Mina [clarifying] questions! May also add a 1-2 more questions to her current blackboard list, so stay tuned if none of these are appealing.
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